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Topic: Wheat

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In the News (Tue 16 Apr 19)

  Alan Wheat - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation Alan Wheat
Alan Dupree Wheat (born October 16, 1951) is a politician from the state of Missouri.
Wheat was born in San Antonio, Texas and graduated from Grinnell College in 1972.
Wheat was defeated in a landslide by John Ashcroft.
www.encyclopedia-glossary.com /en/Alan-Wheat.html   (201 words)

 Wheat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wheat (Triticum spp.) is a grass that is cultivated worldwide.
Wheat is also planted as a forage crop for livestock and as straw.
Within a species, wheat cultivars are further classified by growing season, such as winter wheat vs. spring wheat, and by gluten content, such as hard wheat (high gluten content) or soft wheat (high starch content).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wheat   (1541 words)

 Wheat   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Wheat is one of the oldest cultivated grains.
Winter wheats are planted in the fall; they lie dormant during the winter, revive to grow again in the spring, and are harvested early in the summer.
Spring wheats are planted in the spring and harvested late in the summer.
www.wholehealthmd.com /refshelf/foods_view/1,1523,78,00.html   (1106 words)

 Annual Wheat Newsletter 38
Dr. Anderson described the new wheat database that is part of the USDA Plant Genome project; wheat is one of four species serving as models for an eventual "superbase" at the National Agricultural Library.
Four regional editors bring news from the various wheat producing regions in every issue; NAWG Foundation Development Committee members contribute a feature article to each publication; and, a recent feature, the wheat quality labs are reporting their current work, projects, problems, and future goals and direction.
While the level of scab infection in soft wheat is almost entirely due to environmental conditions, and the soft wheat is almost entirely due to environmental conditions, and the maturity of specific cultivars at the time of infection, there did appear to be some slight differences in tolerance to the disease within maturity groups.
wheat.pw.usda.gov /ggpages/awn/38   (16522 words)

 Triticum aestivum
Wheat grown for grain crop is also used for pasture before the stems elongate and as a temporary pasturage; it is nutritious and palatable.
Australians figure that methanol produced from wheat stubble is about 7 times as expensive per GJ as Kuwaite oil, but half as expensive as ethanol from wheat grain ($A 1.25 per GJ for oil, 8.8 for methanol from stubble, 14.1–15.4 for ethanol from grain) (Boardman, 1980).
Briggle (1980) adds that wheat is an energy frugal crop, produced with the energy equivalent of less than 5 barrels oil/ha compared to corn at closer to 10 barrels and potatoes at nearly 25.
www.hort.purdue.edu /newcrop/duke_energy/Triticum_aestivum.html   (2547 words)

 Australian Primary Industries - Wheat
Wheat is harvested at the end of its growth, when the seeds have ripened.
When the wheat has ripened in the paddock, machines called header harvesters are used to cut the heads of the grain from their stalks.
Wheat (and to a lesser extent rye) is the only grain that can produce dough capable of holding gases produced by yeast well enough to give well-risen loaves.
www.rochedalss.qld.edu.au /wheat.htm   (629 words)

Wheat is grown in all areas of Virginia.
Wheat has been called the "staff of life" for a long time.
People have been eating wheat and foods made from it for thousands of years.
www.ext.vt.edu /resources/4h/virtualfarm/wheat/wheat.html   (76 words)

 Annual Wheat Newsletter 39
This phenomenon, unknown in wheat and grain sorghum until his research, represents a significant breakthrough that is practical yet simple: a cultural means of control ideally suited for use in present and future sustainable cropping systems.
Five wheat researchers have received $250,000 for mapping efforts in 1991 and $50,000 was made available for coordination of mapping efforts, meetings and workshops, and newsletter.
The wild ancestral genomes of wheat and wild grasses amenable to breeding with wheat are critical sources of new genes for traits such as yield, and pest and stress resistance.
wheat.pw.usda.gov /ggpages/awn/39   (19035 words)

 The World's Healthiest Foods: Feeling Great
A fiber-rich diet, primarily composed of whole wheat breads, cereals high in bran and supplemental “millers bran” was shown to alleviate the symptoms of diverticular disease (pain, nausea, flatulence, distension, constipation, etc.) in 89 percent of patients enrolled in a study which examined the effects of fiber on bowel regularity.
Wheat bran, for example, which constitutes 15% of most whole-grain wheat kernels but is virtually non-existent in refined wheat flour, is rich in minerals, antioxidants, lignans, and other phytochemicals—as well as in fiber.
While wheat was grown in the United States during the early colonial years, it was not until the late 19th century that wheat cultivation flourished, owing to the importation of an especially hardy strain of wheat known as Turkey red wheat, which was brought over by Russian immigrants who settled in Kansas.
www.whfoods.com /genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=66   (4460 words)

 History of wheat
The wheats known today are cereals that evolved in the Middle East through repeated hybridisations of Triticum spp.
This evolution was accelerated by an expanding geographical range of cultivation and by human selection, and had produced Bread Wheats as early as the sixth millennium BC.
Along with Emmer wheat, Spelt was grown extensively in Britain during the late Iron Age and the Roman period.
www.farm-direct.co.uk /farming/stockcrop/wheat/wheathist.html   (428 words)

 ERS/USDA Briefing Room - Wheat
Wheat Backgrounder addresses key domestic and international market and policy developments that have affected the U.S. wheat sector in recent years.
Wheat Situation and Outlook Yearbook provides a summary of the market situation and outlook for wheat.
Wheat yearbook tables include historical data covering domestic and foreign wheat production, trade, use, and prices by class of wheat.
www.ers.usda.gov /Briefing/Wheat   (809 words)

 [No title]
Botonists have identified almost 30,000 varieties of wheat, which are assigned to one of several classifications according to their planting schedule and nutrient composition3--hard red winter, hard red spring, soft red winter, durum, hard white and soft white.
Spring wheat is planted in the spring, and winter wheat is planted in the fall and shoots up the next spring to mature that summer.
Commercial sprouted wheat breads seem to cause the same problems as regular wheat such as celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, miscarriages and headaches to name a few.
www.mercola.com /2003/jul/26/avoid_wheat.htm   (2795 words)

 Wheat (WebBible Encyclopedia) - ChristianAnswers.Net
That which Pharaoh saw in his dream was the Triticum compositum, which bears several ears upon one stalk (Gen.
32:14), and the "finest of the wheat" (Ps.
Parched grains of wheat were used for food in Palestine (Ruth 2:14; 1 Sam.
www.christiananswers.net /dictionary/wheat.html   (126 words)

 Wheat-free.org - wheat free recipes, places to eat, suppliers of ingredients
Living a wheat free lifestyle is not easy, so if you have a wheat allergy or a wheat intolerance this site is for you.
Our recipes are all wheat free but not all are gluten free, however most of these recipes can be adapted fairly easily so there's no need to miss out if you suffer from coeliac disease.
Our wheat and gluten free Chicken Tikka Masala is tasty, safe and healthier.
www.wheat-free.org   (182 words)

 ESPN Outdoors -- Raising wheat & wildlife   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Moisture is the crucial limiting factor in dryland wheat farming on the High Plains.
By using a herbicide for spring weed control in the fallow phase of the DMT system, all that upright residue is maintained on the soil surface during the critical spring months when the potential for soil moisture storage is typically greatest.
Using a stripper header, which harvests grain without cutting the wheat stalk, may be even better, particularly if wheat is relatively short or thin.
espn.go.com /outdoors/conservation/s/c_fea_PF_wheat_wildlife.html   (2138 words)

 Welcome to the Kansas Wheat Commission
All the wheat grown in Kansas in a single year would fit in a train stretching from western Kansas to the Atlantic Ocean.
The Kansas Wheat Commission is a grower-funded, grower-governed wheat products advocacy organization working to secure the future of Kansas wheat in the global market through international trade research, export system studies and continually improved varieties of wheat.
Its mission is to increase wheat producer productivity and profitability through research, education and domestic and international market development.
www.kswheat.com   (231 words)

 Wheat Page
A History of Wheat Improvement at Kansas State University SRL 136 (pdf)
Wheat Watch - Watch another field of wheat grow through the year.
Watch wheat growing in a field and brought to the kitchen table.
www.oznet.ksu.edu /wheatpage   (121 words)

 Thrasher's Wheat - A Neil Young Archives
The music of Neil Young, also known as the Godfather of Grunge and the second most influential singer-songwriter of the 20th century still performing today, is traced from the rusted road to the human highway.
When I first started Thrasher's Wheat back in 1996, I was feeling overwhelmed by the flood of Neil Young information on the Internet.
It was this investigative research on the intersection of Bob Dylan's lyrics and Neil Young's music that jump started the core of Thrasher's Wheat's archives.
www.thrasherswheat.org   (871 words)

 National Association of Wheat Growers
-- Rep. Jo Ann Emerson has been awarded the 2005 Wheat Leader of the Year Award, the highest honor given by the wheat industry, NAWG announced Thursday.
-- This week’s Wheat Quality Council meeting in Kansas City, Mo., featured a panel discussion on adoption of biotechnology in wheat.
Members of state wheat grower associations affiliated with NAWG are eligible for these programs.
www.wheatworld.org   (158 words)

 The Kansas Association of Wheat Growers Home Page
The USDA Market News Service, Greeley, CO, in the closing grain report for Feb. 20, reported in futures trading that Chicago March soft red winter wheat was $3.72 1/2, up 4 1/2 cents; March corn, $2.26, down 1/2 cent; and March soybeans, $5.87 1/2, down 13 3/4 cents.
Wheat was 2 cents lower to 4 cents higher.
Kansas wheat producers who have Conservation Reserve Program contracts expiring this coming Sept. 30 should soon be getting important information on a time-limited offer from the Farm Service Agency.
www.wheatonline.com   (729 words)

 "What Has Straw in Common with Wheat?"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Separating the relevant wheat from the "sheer quantity" of straw is a never ending task, but its neglect, as Ronald Hagler aptly warns, "is the greatest barrier to direct access" [3].
To that end, Robert Howard echoes the Hebrew prophet Jeremiah in giving advice to the next generation of theological bibliographers: "We must have the capacity to separate the wheat from the chaff [or, straw] - not to discard the chaff, for it, too, can yield instructive insight.
But the key will be to be able to understand what is wheat or chaff - and why" [46].
www.firstmonday.dk /issues/issue6_7/abel   (4814 words)

 Wheat   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Wheat is a language and environment for creating dynamic web sites like blogs and portals: Every object has a URI, the virtual machine is a web server, and the development environment is a Wiki!
If you are interested in playing with the system, we'll be putting up a tar ball release on SourceForge before the end of the week.
The Wheat team would like to thank CommerceNet's zLab for ongoing support.
www.wheatfarm.org   (332 words)

 Wheat Mania! Kansas Association of Wheat Growers Educational Web Site
Learn about planting, growing, harvesting and using wheat.
Travel back in time: photos, facts, and memories tell the story of Kansas wheat.
Check out these Kansas landmarks and learn how they are used to store grain and move Kansas crops around the world.
www.wheatmania.com   (109 words)

 World Hunger Education, Advocacy & Training (WHEAT)
Sometime in the afternoon of Tuesday, March 1st, the WHEAT offices were engulfed in flames.
Donations are STILL needed to help WHEAT continue its efforts to end hunge
www.hungerhurts.org   (83 words)

 Triticum species   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Alternative Wheat Cereals as Food Grains: Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt, Kamut, and Triticale—G.F. Stallknecht, K.M. Gilbertson, and J.E. Ranney
Wheat, durum wheat, winter wheat, spelt and triticale in New Crops for Canadian Agriculture—Ernest Small
Hulled Wheat—Promoting the conservation and use of underutillized and neglected crops.
www.hort.purdue.edu /newcrop/nexus/Triticum_spp_nex.html   (188 words)

 Wheat Foods Council - Grain Information Center
It’s time to cut through the fad diets, hype headlines and unproven claims that make it increasingly difficult for the public to distinguish nutrition fact from fiction.
Join the Wheat Foods Council’s Coalition to set the record straight.
The Wheat Foods Council is a national nonprofit organization formed to help increase awareness of dietary grains as an essential component to a healthy diet.
www.wheatfoods.org   (270 words)

 Wheat Outlook Report   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Examines supply, use, prices, and trade for wheat, including supply and demand prospects in major importing and exporting countries.
Contains data and information on U.S. wheat by class.
Of related interest is Wheat Outlook Yearbook tables in spreadsheet format.
usda.mannlib.cornell.edu /reports/erssor/field/whs-bb   (39 words)

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