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Topic: White Defence League

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  Encyclopedia: White Defence League
The White Defence League was a British extreme right-wing political group.
The WDL was vehemently against non-white immigration and used the provocative marching techniques popularised by Oswald Mosley, although with much less support than Mosley had in his heyday.
WDL had offices in both London and Coventry and produced its own newspaper "Black and White News" sporadically between 1958 and 1959.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/White-Defence-League   (188 words)

 JTSA Arendse_The Gospel Defence League
Secondly, the militant activism of the Gospel Defence League demonstrates clearly the ideological orientation of all RWCGs in South Africa.
Dorothy Scarborough was the Cape Town organiser of the Christian League of Southern Africa in the mid-1970s.
Gospel Defence League ideology traces the root causes of this fear and insecurity to the crippling impact of liberalism, secular humanism and Marxism which have infiltrated the churches.
web.uct.ac.za /depts/ricsa/trc/j69arend.htm   (5430 words)

 The President of the Republic of Estonia: The President of the Republic in the Defence League on October 9, 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Defence League had already been re-established by brave and patriotic people, but it needed to be legalised as an organisation of national defence, above all because thus it could also start fulfilling its crucial role in the society.
For this reason, we must also support keeping the national defence budget on the level that would enable us to create a national defence that could be taken seriously, and to demonstrate to the whole world Estonia’s commitment to defend her national statehood and her readiness to jointly guarantee world security.
This means that the Defence League also has the task to participate in the patriotic education of our children, in developing culture and sports, and in engaging women in the tasks of national defence.
www.president.ee /dokument.php?gid=10911   (1211 words)

 Security and defence in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
In December 1996 the Lithuanian Defence Minister, together with his colleagues from Estonia and Latvia, as well as representatives of NATO and/or EU member states in the region and of France, the United Kingdom and the United States, launched the process that was to lead to the formation of the Baltic naval squadron, BALTRON.
He is advised on national defence matters by the National Defence Council, composed of the President of the Parliament, the Prime Minister, the Commander of the Defence Forces, the Defence Minister, the Interior Minister, the Foreign Affairs Minister and the Chairman of the Parliamentary National Defence Committee.
Defence policy is developed in conformity with the objectives of national foreign and security policy: 1) increasing the self-defence potential and capabilities of the state; 2) preparing the National Armed Forces (NAF) for compatibility with, and participation in, NATO.
www.assembly-weu.org /en/documents/sessions_ordinaires/rpt/2004/1861.html   (15976 words)

 The President of the Republic of Estonia: The President of the Republic received the highest award of the Defence League   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Defence League today, on the 13th anniversary of the resumption of their activities, presented to President Arnold Rüütel the 1st Class Distinguished Service Badge of the White Cross.
It was Arnold Rüütel who on 4 September 1991 signed the resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Estonia that declared null and void the decree of 27 June 1940 on the liquidation of the Defence League and reinstated the organisation as a legal entity.
President Rüütel in his word of thanks said that to him, in his capacity as the supreme commander of the national defence of Estonia and a member of the Defence League's Assembly of Elders, it was a great honour to receive a high recognition like that.
www.president.ee /dokument.php?gid=29429   (337 words)

 Tucker/The Funding of Scientific Racism. Chapter 4   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The United States, Garrett had declared on television, was a "white man's civilization" where fls were tolerated merely as "guests," enjoying no claim to equal status with their hosts, the permanent residents.
To safeguard the white purity that had been such an obsession for the Colonel and so many of his successors, to provide a basis for the United States as a "white nation," it was necessary to move beyond differences in intelligence—which were, after all, differences between individuals, not groups—and make race itself the issue.
Two years after Meredith's enrollment, USM remained a white institution; when another fl student applied in 1964, McCain was notified by the Sovereignty Commission that the applicant was a homosexual, so that the president could divulge the information to the press unless the application was withdrawn.
www.press.uillinois.edu /epub/books/tucker/ch4.html   (10051 words)

 Institute for Historical Review
It's a turkey, whose evidence that white phosphorus was fired at Iraqi troops is flimsy and circumstantial.
A Jewish Defense League activist imprisoned for his role in a plot to bomb a Culver City mosque and the office of a Lebanese-American congressman, was killed at a federal prison in Phoenix, an FBI spokesman said Saturday.
The CIA and the White House, citing national security concerns and the value of the program, have dissuaded Congress from demanding that the agency answer questions in open testimony about the conditions under which captives are held.
www.ihr.org /books/ztn/ztn.shtml   (4676 words)

 Red Action Discussion Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Dozens, mainly in London, were destroyed in an orgy of fireraising, and NSM members later received hefty goal sentences for their part in it.
In an earlier period, another small and violent organisation, the White Defence League (WDL), which was also led by Jordan: made a name for itself by its violent intervention in the 1958 race riots in Notting Hill.
Jordans colleague in the WDL was John Tyndall, who by 1968 was prominent in the NF and was to shape its growth for the next ten years.
www.redaction.org /wwwboard/msgs4/4239.HTM   (272 words)

 Racist Acronyms 101   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
It is led by William Pierce, author of the Turner Diaries, a race war novel thought by some to have inspired the Oklahoma City bombing.
JDL - Jewish Defence League, a Zionist organization which strongly backs the Israeli government, and fights against Palestinian autonomy.
NBPPSD - New Black Panther Party for Self Defence, a modern racist offshoot of the original party which belives in homophobic, anti-white, anti-Jewish diatribes, nothing like the image Huey P. Newton and other original Panthers had for the BPPSD in the 1960s and 1970s.
www.antiracistaction.ca /eastcoast/racist_acronyms_101.htm   (484 words)

 Lebanon Cedars Rugby League
The Bartercard Cedars won the Mediterranean Cup last year in Tripoli after a convincing victory over World Cup quarter-finalists France, but the defence of their crown will be tested by the introduction of Serbia and powerful Morocco into the arena, as well as by the return of a French side intent on revenge.
The winger from South Sydney, one of Australian rugby league’s most famous clubs, has had a frustrating time with injuries in what many accept to be the world’s toughest sport.
But the determination of their Australian-based team was epitomised by prop Sami Chamoun, who refused to leave the field despite pulling a thigh muscle as he fell in a tackle and later when he dropped to the ground after suffering a robust slap on the side of the head from Adam Cook.
www.geocities.com /CapitolHill/Parliament/2587/rugby.html   (4628 words)

 White Defence League -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
White Defence League -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
The White Defence League was a (The people of Great Britain) British extreme right-wing political group.
The WDL was vehemently against non-white immigration and used the provocative marching techniques popularised by (additional info and facts about Oswald Mosley) Oswald Mosley, although with much less support than Mosley had in his heyday.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/w/wh/white_defence_league.htm   (175 words)

 Suicide bombers attack mosques in western Iraq, Baghdad hotel; 65 killed   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The first blast - caused by a white van seen on surveillance video - knocked down the blast walls protecting the hotel.
The second, bigger blast was caused by a water truck that tried to enter the hotel compound through the breach but apparently was blocked by the crater and rubble from the first explosion, officials and witnesses said.
The 22-member Arab League has invited some 100 prominent Iraqis for the preliminary meeting ahead of a planned conference, probably to be held early next year in Iraq.
www.cbc.ca /cp/world/051118/w111848.html   (732 words)

 Sunni political party demands investigation into torture in Iraq secret jails   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The party "calls on the United Nations, the Arab League and humanitarian bodies to denounce these clear human rights violations, and we demand a fair, international probe so that all those who are involved in such practices will get their just punishment."
Venable said white phosphorous shells are a standard weapon and are not banned by any international weapons convention to which the U.S. is a signatory.
Use of white phosphorous is not banned but is covered by Protocol III of the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons.
www.cbc.ca /cp/world/051116/w111676.html   (1011 words)

 FT.com / Arts & Weekend / Sport - How English football broke racial barriers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Whenever England’s fl players were abused during a match abroad, in Spain or Slovakia, their white team-mates complained to the media.
In David Winner’s new book about English football, Those Feet, a British Asian describes watching an England match in a pub: “The opening bars of ‘Three Lions’ floated across the bar, and within seconds we were a sea of smiling faces and linked arms.
Whites, Asians and fls joined together, tunelessly and passionately, in this modern anthem to England’s dreaming.
news.ft.com /cms/s/cd600f56-9c81-11d9-b1c2-00000e2511c8.html   (673 words)

 [No title]
And as she so sat she became aware of an aged and beautiful gentleman with white hair, drawing near along the lane; and advancing to meet him, another and very small gentleman, to whom at first she 29) paid less attention.
But for all the hurry of his cowing, these were not the dews of exertion that he wiped away, but the moisture of some strangling anguish; for his face was white and his voice, when he spoke, harsh and broken.
At one table, there were traces of chemical work, various measured heaps of some white salt being laid on glass saucers, as though for an experiment in which the unhappy man had been prevented.
www.gutenberg.org /dirs/etext92/hyde10.txt   (20933 words)

 [No title]
The ANDL was the product of the formation of Britain's National Service League in 1902, the apparent threat posed by Japanese naval and military victories over Russia in mid 1905, Australians' increasing habit of looking to government to solve defence and social problems, and the energy of a Sydney solicitor and militia colonel, Gerald Campbell.
Also recorded at the opening of the register are the names of initial supporters for creating the League around September 1905, and at the close the names of those who attended the league conference and dinner in September 1909.
The ledger charts the league's moment as a mass organisation, the rise and fall of its branches, and indicates the number of members and their gender and geographic range.
www.awm.gov.au /findingaids/process.asp?collection=private&item=andl   (2603 words)

 Last 30 days news overview. Free Online Encyclopedia
Italian state-owned channel Rai News 24 airs a controversial documentary in which Iraqi people and ex-U.S. soldiers report that white phosphorus, a chemical weapon, was used by the U.S. Army against civilians in Fallujah last year.
The Old Bailey in the U.K. has sentenced five white supremacists to jail for 15 years for creating and distributing race hate material.
Rosa Parks, whose famous refusal in 1955 to surrender her bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama triggered a bus-boycott and the beginning of the modern US civil rights movement died at the age of 92.
www.fastload.org /last-30-days-news.html   (4869 words)

 No One Is Illegal
A major, perhaps the major, reason for the implementation of this legislation was the agitation of the British Brothers League.
It is the immigrant communities, especially of the Indian sub-continent and the Caribbean, who from the 1970s launched a direct attack on immigration control by organizing around campaigns against deportations and for family reunion.
He was speaking in 1985 in Tuscon, Arizona at a national sanctuary conference in the USA in defence of the rights of refugees to live in the USA.
noii.blogspot.com   (4648 words)

 Doug Christie: Fascism Under Cover of Free Speech   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The League is well known as a racist and anti-Semitic organization and distributor of hate propaganda.
Doug Christie is the "general counsel" of the Canadian Free Speech League, and one of four of its directors.
C.A.U.S.E. is a US-based international group of white supremacist and fascist lawyers headed by Kirk Lyons, who himself is the lawyer for most prominent neo-Nazis in the USA, including the murderous Aryan Nations and the Posse Comitatus.
bethuneinstitute.org /documents/christie.html   (1692 words)

 Notes on the Middle East   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Living in Montreal, I am exposed to American television that tends to present a fl and white caricature of the news; the Israelis are the goodies and the Palestinians are the baddies.
It is remarkably similar to the system of "bantustans" used by the racist whites to isolate the fl majority for the same purpose under the regime of apartheid in South Africa (compare the two maps).
As the days and weeks pass, it becomes more and more obvious to me, and to a lot of people around the world, that Saddam Hussein's "weapons of mass destruction" are only a pretext to justify an American military intervention to seize the enormous oil and gas reserves of the Middle East.
berclo.net /page02/02en-notes-mideast.html   (7552 words)

 Estonian Defence Forces - Tarmo Kõuts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
In September 2000 RA Tarmo Kõuts was appointed as the Chief of the Estonian Defence Forces.
His appointment as the Chief of Estonian Defence Forces was approved by the Estonian Parliament (Riigikogu) on September 21, 2000.
The White Cross of the Estonian Defence League, 3rd class,
www.mil.ee /index_eng.php?s=tarmokouts   (259 words)

 Socialism on Trial Part 6   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
It is crippling and self-defeating for a defence case, committee and campaign to be conducted in a sectarian or exclusive manner.
Upon joining the Communist League, we continued to be active in the defence field not only as a matter of personal honour but to provide a better model of conducting such work along correct class lines.
By far the biggest defence movement we undertook in the 1930s was the campaign to expose the Moscow Trials which was initiated by the American Committee for the Defence of Leon Trotsky.
www.marxists.org /archive/cannon/works/1941/socialism/ch07.htm   (10741 words)

 British National Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Our fundamental determination to secure a future for white children is restated, and an area of uncertainty is addressed and a position which is both principled and politically realistic is firmly established.
We don't hate anyone, especially the mixed race children who are the most tragic victims of enforced multi-racism, but that does not mean that we accept miscegenation as moral or normal.
The second BNP was formed in 1960 by the merger of the National Labour Party and the White Defence League, two political splinter groups from the League of Empire Loyalists pressure group.
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/B/British-National-Party.htm   (4424 words)

 ipedia.com: British National Party Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The British National Party is a British party formed in 1959 by the union of two far-right organisations, the White Defence League and the National Labour Party.
The office of national statistics states that over 20% of the working population has a criminal record, and the BNP is quick to emphasize this fact in their defence, though many of their critics do not accept this explanation.
However, the official government report into the Burnley troubles showed that the majority of white people living in the town also believed that Asians were receiving preferential treatment to the detriment of the white population.
www.ipedia.com /british_national_party.html   (3982 words)

 dog news2
A three-year-old boxer is being dubbed the most allergic dog in the UK after being found to suffer severe allergies to grass, flowers, cotton, lamb, soya, white fish, and most materials used in bedding.
Rolling in the grass, lying on the sofa and eating whatever she likes are out of the question.
But staff at the National Canine Defence League rehoming centre in Snetterton, Norfolk, are making sure Tia still enjoys her life.
www.dogsonly.org /dog_news2.html   (824 words)

Six Mk V Composite heavy tanks were sent from the UK in 1919.
They were named "Brown Bear", "Brown Bear II", "Captain Cromie", "Deliverance", "First Aid" and "White Soldier".
Two Renault FT-17 tanks were loaned to General Judenitsj's Northwest White army from Finland in October 1919.
mailer.fsu.edu /~akirk/tanks/estonia/estonia.htm   (263 words)

 No Right Turn
The tragedy was that most of the Anzacs were probably just ordinary working class guys who joined up thinking imperialist war was a big adventure, like the characters in Mel Gibson's "Gallipoli", which is actually an OK film in some ways (much better than the stuff he's done in the past 20 years).
After WW1, the RSA was a leading campaigning force (along with the Labour Party and the right-wing nationalist National Defence League) for making the White NZ immigration policy even stronger.
Most RSA branches in the period after WW1 actually had support for White NZ enshrined in their charters.
norightturn.blogspot.com /2005/04/shooting-themselves-in-foot.html   (425 words)

 Rugby League - Australian Rugby League - Fox Sports
THE International Rugby League public relations machine went into overdrive yesterday, forcing battered halfback Paul Deacon to release a statement as fallout from Nigel Vagana's horrendous high tackle grows.
NEW Zealand winger Jake Webster and second rower Frank Pritchard were taken to hospital for brain scans tonight as the Kiwis struggled to Test victory against France.
GREAT Britain enforcer Keiron Cunningham is prepared to sacrifice a $100,000 pay cut to switch hemispheres and become the latest Lions international forging a name for himself in the NRL.
foxsports.news.com.au /league   (451 words)

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