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Topic: White cliffs of dover

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  White Cliffs at Dover v. Elaine Bulman
The district court, however, dismissed White Cliffs’ writ because it failed to rebut the statutory presumption under RSA 540:13-b (1997) that the refusal to renew Bulman’s lease was retaliatory for her complaints about the smell and the snow and ice removal.
On March 12, 2003, White Cliffs sent Bulman a letter informing her that, by placing her garbage in the hallway, she was violating section 25, part (e) of her lease which required tenants to bring their garbage from their apartment to the dumpster.
White Cliffs put up railings on both sides of the stairs to the entrance of her building, tried to establish a schedule for garbage removal from her apartment and tried to employ services of outside agencies to assist her with garbage disposal.
www.nh.gov /judiciary/supreme/opinions/2004/white095.htm   (1691 words)

  White cliffs of Dover: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In geography, a cliff is a significant vertical, or near vertical, rock exposure....
The strait of dover (french: pas de calais) is the strait at the narrowest part of the english channel, just 33 km wide between dover in the county...
Chalk is a soft, white, porous form of limestone composed of the mineral calcium carbonate....
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/w/wh/white_cliffs_of_dover.htm   (1272 words)

 Welcome to the White Cliffs Countryside Project Page - The White Cliffs
The white cliffs stretch from Kingsdown for 8 miles (12 km) to Dover, then a further 8 miles (12 km from Dover to Folkestone).
Rock falls are caused by the sea undermining the cliff, and by freezing of water in the winter.
Stretches of white cliffs that are not protected by sea defences are estimated to have eroded by an average of 0.5 metre (18 inches) per year.
www.whitecliffscountryside.org.uk /index.php?id_sec=1&id_sub=1   (486 words)

 Dover Kent England White Cliffs Country History Pages- White Cliffs of Dover
Dover named from the stream which runs through the town called the Dour a Celtic river name 'dubräs' meaning 'the waters'.
Dover was also known as Hellfire Corner due to the heavy pounding it took not only from the air but also the Long Range Guns on the French coast.
The little narrow crooked town of Dover hid itself away from the beach, and ran its head into the chalk cliffs like a marine ostrich.The beach was a desert of heaps of sea and stones tumbling wildly about, and the sea did what it liked and what it liked was destruction.
www.doverpages.co.uk   (557 words)

 Dover England, White Cliffs Of Dover England, White Cliffs Of Dover, Cliffs Of Dover
Dover England is a town in the United Kingdom located on the seaside.
The white cliffs of Dover England are also notable in the town, and are one of the main attractions for visitors to Dover England.
In addition to the white cliffs of Dover, the town is also noted for the Channel Tunnel opened in 1994, which made the white cliffs of Dover accessible to even more visitors traveling between England and France.
www.destination360.com /europe/uk/dover.php   (492 words)

 White Cliffs of Dover - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
The white cliffs of Dover are located in the South East of Blighty, an island located in between Europe, America and Iceland.
Discovered in 69 BC by notorious butt pirate Benjamin Dover, throughout the early times of history the white cliffs of Dover were commonly thought to have been a very white soft rock.
The White Cliffs of Dover were originally created as a super duper cool hiding place for 'the Gang of super Evil', as they were known then.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/White_Cliffs_of_Dover   (211 words)

 White Cliffs of Dover - tips by travel authority Howard Hillman
Their striking facade of the White Cliffs of Dover has served England as a defensive barrier, a symbol of hope, and a major tourist attraction.
The White Cliffs of Dover is a natural defense wall against sea invasions across the channel from continental Europe.
The cliffs are composed of chalk that was formed from the accumulation of trillions and trillions of marine skeletons over eons of time (the land was once a seabed).
www.hillmanwonders.com /england/white_cliffs_of_dover.htm   (221 words)

 Articles - White cliffs of Dover   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The white cliffs of Dover, immortalized in popular song and verse (by Vera Lynn, Kate Smith, Matthew Arnold, Eric Johnson and others), are cliffs facing the Strait of Dover near the major English port town of Dover, in the county of Kent, and form part of the North Downs.
The cliff face continues to erode at an average rate of one centimeter per year, although occasionally—most recently in 2001—large chunks of the edge, up to several meters at once, will fall into the channel with little warning.
Behind the cliff face are miles of hidden tunnels that were created during the Middle Ages and later played a role in the defense of Britain during the Napoleonic Wars.
www.sewing-center.com /articles/White_cliffs_of_Dover   (450 words)

 The White Cliffs of Dover
Langdon Cliffs from the Prince of Wales Pier.
The cliffs of Dover were mentioned by Julius Caesar in his account of the Roman invasion of Britain in 55 BC.
The top of Shakespeare Cliff for example, consists of nodular upper chalk with flints, the centre of middle white and nodular chalk and the bottom of chalk (glauconitic) marl and grey chalk on a base of gault and greensand.
www.dover-kent.co.uk /places/white_cliffs.htm   (275 words)

 Welcome to the White Cliffs Countryside Project Page - Welcome to the White Cliffs Countryside Project
The White Cliffs Countryside Project was set up to help conserve and enhance the special coast and countryside of Dover and Shepway districts, and make it accessible to all.
The white cliffs are world famous and for centuries have been the gateway to and from England.
The White Cliffs Countryside Project was established in 1989 to develop sustainable tourism that helps to preserve the environment and local distinctiveness of the area, both for visitors and for local people alike.
www.whitecliffscountryside.org.uk   (222 words)

 White Cliffs of Dover
Dover, a seaport and town located on the strait of Dover in England is most famous for its White Cliffs in the mouth of the valley in its chalky uplands.
The cliffs are along the southern coast of England’s shoreline.
From the ancient granite cliffs of Land’s End in the Southwest is a succession of Sandstone of different colors, culminating in the white chalk from Isle of Wight to Dover.
library.thinkquest.org /10898/white.htm   (82 words)

 How the Cliffs Formed - White Cliffs of Dover - Icons of England
Within the white chalk there are horizontal layers of a dark stone called flint, formed of silica from the skeletons of sea sponges and other marine creatures.
The period when the White Cliffs formed is called the ''Cretaceous'' (chalk bearing) - a name suggested in 1822 by the Belgian geologist, D'Omalius D'Halloy, who charted chalk laid down in the same periods in France and Belgium.
The White Cliffs are still eroding today, at a rate of about a centimetre a year.
www.icons.org.uk /theicons/collection/white-cliffs-of-dover/biography/how-they-formed   (601 words)

 White Cliffs Walking Holidays White Cliffs' tour Kent England
The White Cliffs were the first sign of home for travellers, and are a reminder of the barrier that the English Channel has presented to potential invaders during more recent times.
At Dover the view from the summit eastwards, beyond the harbour and the lower part of the town presents views of Dover Castle and the English coast as far as the South Foreland.
The route descends the Cliffs into St Margaret’s Bay, infamous for its links with smuggling and then ascends back onto the Langdon Cliffs, with time to enjoy the White Cliffs Visitor centre and climb to the lamp in the South Foreland Lighthouse that kept ships away from the treacherous Goodwin Sands.
www.walkawhile.co.uk /white-cliffs.html   (850 words)

 National Trust | The White Cliffs of Dover | History
Formed over a period of 80 million years, from the remains of tiny sea-dwelling plants and animals, the cliffs now offer a rich and varied habit for many species of animals and plants and also are of great interest to geologists.
The chalk grassland behind the cliffs support one of Britain's most diverse plant communities and the cliff faces and scrub land offer roosting and shelter for many different species of bird who thrive on the abundance of insects and sea-life which the cliffs support.
The cliffs themselves are still under attack from the sea as its continuous flow eats away at the soft chalk at the base of the cliffs.
www.nationaltrust.org.uk /main/w-vh/w-visits/w-findaplace/w-thewhitecliffsofdover/w-thewhitecliffs-history.htm   (340 words)

 Lifestyle pursuits in Dover, Kent, England, UK
A short walk is to Langdon Cliffs and Cliff Terrace, an intermediate walk is onward to Langdon Hole and Langdon Bay and a longer walk going further east is to the South Foreland Lighthouse — all with spectacular views.
Walk the cliffs, discover their history and natural history, enjoy the landscape and seascape - be inspired and invigorated by their power and their beauty.
The White Cliffs Countryside Project (01304 241806) runs a full program of guided walks and activities throughout the year— a great way to visit the many interesting and attractive areas of the White Cliffs Country and The Garden Coast.
www.stayindover.com /walking.html   (1203 words)

 Untitled Document
Prior to the arrival of William the Conquer, Dover Castle was a Saxon Fort.
The White Cliffs of Dover were created over 200,000,000 years ago, when tiny marine organisms died and fell to the bottom of a warm sea.
With every single German gun blazing at them, the Dover Patrol sank three ships in the entrance of the Bruges canal, trapping a large number of German submarines and warships for the remainder of the war and denied the use of this anchorage and its facilities to the ships of the enemy.
www.cgi-installer-software.com /sites/walkswithmywife/html/Whitecliffs.htm   (4649 words)

 White cliff management project - countryside management project - Management | Kent Downs
In fact the White Cliffs extend to Folkestone to the West and Kingsdown to the east, both stretches of cliff are protected as Heritage Coasts.
The White Cliffs Countryside Project (WCCP) was set up in 1989 to help care for, and manage, these important coastal areas and the inland AONB.
The WCCP is a partnership between, Dover District Council, Shepway District Council, Kent County Council, Eurotunnel, English Nature, The Countryside Agency, The Kent Wildlife Trust, Folkestone and Dover Water Services, Environment Agency, National Trust and Kent Downs AONB Unit.
www.kentdowns.org.uk /white_cliffs.html   (406 words)

 BBC NEWS | Business | Dover puts itself back on the map
Dover's economic marginalisation has been gradual, yet it has been keenly felt by people for whom both earning a living and talking up the town have become equally difficult.
Dover's main shopping street is livelier, but unhappiness about the absence of many household retail names is not far from the surface.
Dover's Harbour Board has plans to significantly expand the port's facilities to meet the long-term growth in the freight market.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/business/5236430.stm   (1028 words)

 Dover, United Kingdom: Things To See & Do
The best place to learn more about the cliffs is at the White Cliffs Gateway Visitor Centre, which is also the base point for a number of trails along the clifftops.
Standing high above the cliffs and known as Guardian of the Gateway To England for obvious reasons, this formidable castle was once a major defensive structure but is now more famous for its vast network of underground passages, which were used to house soldiers during the many wars the country endured.
Located in the heart of Dover, this museum chronicles the history of Dover as a trading centre over the centuries, most delightfully depicted in a series of scale models of the town from the Roman era up to the modern age.
www.holidaycityflash.com /uk/dover_things_todo.htm   (311 words)

Chalk occupies the high cliffs from there to Dover and thence as far as Kingsdown, where the cliffs are lower, obscured by vegetation and set back a short distance from the sea.
Excellent exposures at the base of the cliffs, supplemented by sections provided by cliff paths (Abbot's Cliff, Lydden, Aker's Steps) between Folkestone and Dover, and Langdon Stairs to the east of Dover, permit a composite succession of some 180 m to be logged in detail (Jenkyns et al, 1994, Figs 13a-c).
The White Bed is a unit restricted to the North Downs and the northeast margin of the Paris Basin (Mortimore et al, 1989) comprising extremely soft, poorly fossiliferous, homogeneous white chalk, with regular transverse and vertical joints.
www.geologyshop.co.uk /chalk1.htm   (3055 words)

 BBC - Seven Wonders - White Cliffs of Dover
For almost 1,000 years, Dover Castle, perched on top of the white cliffs, has stared back at those who may have cast an envious eye at England from only 20 miles away.
The sediments built up were gradually lifted to form the chalk cliffs.
But where the sea cannot reach the cliffs because of beach and sea defences, then erosion stops and the cliffs become vegetated with trees and shrubs.
www.bbc.co.uk /england/sevenwonders/southeast/white_cliffs   (186 words)

 White Cliffs of Dover - White Cliffs of Dover - Icons of England
White Cliffs of Dover - White Cliffs of Dover - Icons of England
Celebrated in wartime song and starring in thousands of holiday postcards, the white cliffs of Dover are the iconic reference-point for travellers arriving at or returning to England.
The white cliffs have in recent times become a focus of environmental concerns, as coastal erosion threatens the communities perched near their edges.
www.icons.org.uk /theicons/collection/white-cliffs-of-dover   (226 words)

 The White Cliffs Of Dover
The White Cliffs are made from the shells of sea creatures, the lime shells of dead sea creatures fell to the bottom of the sea.
Vera Lynn brought the White Cliffs of Dover to prominence during the second world war with her song "Blue Birds Over The White Cliffs Of Dover", the White Ciffs on the Kentish Coast are the first thing seen by both Friends and Enemies when landing on the English main land.
In act IV scene I William de la Poole Duke of Suffolk is murdered on the sea shore near Dover, the actual event took place in 1450 when William de la Poole was beheaded at sea whilst crossing the channel.
www.doverpages.co.uk /white_cliffs_dover.htm   (492 words)

 White Cliffs of Dover - Dover - Reviews of White Cliffs of Dover - TripAdvisor
When the ferry from Dover to France was delayed I had the opportunity to wait with a view of the White Cliffs of Dover.
What I found was vivid white cliffs topped by greens and yellow falling steeply into the turquoise sea.
The cliffs and cliff walk are beautiful, the town is interesting (not touristy although services abound), the castle is fascinating (containing everything from a Roman lighthouse to a come-to-life visit to a WWII hospital and mission headquarters) and the beach water quality has been rated excellent.
www.tripadvisor.co.uk /Attraction_Review-g186313-d214772-Reviews-White_Cliffs_of_Dover-Dover_Kent_England.html   (605 words)

 Dover - White Cliffs Country, Walks and Things To Do
The White Cliffs of Dover are recognised across the World and the stunning white chalk cliffs have played a major part in our history and that of our geological past.
The cliffs stretch for ten miles, from Folkestone in the West, to Walmer in the East, with six of these ten miles being owned and looked after by the National Trust.
On one side of the valley of Dover, is The Western Heights, where the most extensive Napoleonic fortifications were built; the Grand Shaft, the Drop Redoubt and the Citadel are amongst the main buildings left and at certain times of the year are open to the public.
www.doveraccommodation.co.uk /index.php?page=cliffs   (434 words)

 There'll Be Blue Birds Over the White Cliffs of Dover
The White Cliffs of Dover, as depicted on the cover of the 1949 tourist guide to Dover.
Nat Burton, the lyricist of their most celebrated song, who improbably put 'blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover', was an American who had not been within 3,000 miles of the place.
'(There`ll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover' is one of the most famous of all the World War II era pop classics.
www.dover-kent.co.uk /words/blue_birds_over.htm   (261 words)

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