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Topic: White slavery

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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  White slavery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
White slavery is a term that is currently used to refer to forced prostitution.
"White slavery" was the focus of a major moral panic at the end of the Progressive Era.
Although sexual slavery did and still does occur, "white slavery" is usually used to refer to this moral panic, where there was a perception that this form of abuse was a danger to every young woman.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/White_slavery   (573 words)

 "'White Slavery' As Metaphor Anatomy of a Moral Panic," by Mary Ann Irwin
The white slavery trope thus structured a dialogue based in social criticism, outlining reformers' vision of the evils caused by an exploitive and oppressive economic system, the injustices countenanced by a heartless and hypocritical society, and the relentless cruelty occasioned by men's oppression of women.
Alternatively, Marxists draw upon the concept of white slavery as a means of blurring the distinction between sexual and economic exploitation; the earliest use of the term actually refers to the exploitation of wage laborers by industrial capitalism.
The rhetoric of sexual slavery operated, in Judith Bennett's phrase, at the critical "intersection of race, class, and gender." It was by tapping into that murky, inarticulate, but highly-charged freight of unexamined fears and prejudices that the white slavery metaphor was able to generate and sustain much of its psychic power.
www.walnet.org /csis/papers/irwin-wslavery.html   (12641 words)

 Three Fifths of a Person - The History of Slaves
Slavery - or forced labor - has throughout history been one of the key drivers behind the importation of foreign races into other lands - this included not only Whites bringing non-White slaves into their lands, but by all races at different times.
White slaves who were captured by non-White nations and who later joined their masters' gene pool through physical integration, did not significantly impact upon those societies: the laws of genetic inheritance are such that the darker genes are always dominant and the lighter recessive: the descendants are virtually always dark in coloring.
The White settlers on the island immediately protested, with the governor general of the island, the aptly named Blanchelande, sending a message to Paris warning that the implementation of such a form of government would result in "a frightful civil war" and the loss of the colony for France.
www.white-history.com /hwr52.htm   (5563 words)

 INTERRACIAL VOICE - Guest Editorial
Lincoln himself made references to slavery "regardless of color." The facts presented in this thoroughly researched text prove that white people were slaves in the American South and that white slavery was indeed a cause of the Civil War.
The defenders of slavery reacted with the usual extremism, claiming that slavery was a good thing regardless of the race of the slaves, often pointing out the allegedly superior material conditions of Southern slaves to Northern laborers.
The slavery of the fl man leads to the slavery of the white man...If the doctrine of treason is true, that Capital should own labor, then their logical conclusion is correct, and all laborers, whether white or fl, are and ought to be slaves.
www.webcom.com /intvoice/powell9.html   (3648 words)

 White Slavery
White slavery to the American Colonies occurred as early as 1630 in Scotland.
Slavery was instituted as early as 1627 in the British West Indies.
Slavery is not something to be proud of but it is a fact that happened to every country, kingdom and empire that has been on this earth.
www.referendum.1hwy.com /custom3.html   (4430 words)

 "White Slavery" as Metaphor: Anatomy of a Moral Panic
The white slavery trope thus structured a dialogue based in social criticism, outlining reformers' vision of the evils caused by an exploit ive and oppressive economic system, the injustices countenanced by a heartless and hypocritical society, and the relentless cruelty occasioned by men's oppression of women.
The rhetoric of sexual slavery operated, in Judith Bennett's phrase, at the critical "intersection of race, class, and gender." It was by tapping i nto that murky, inarticulate, but highly-charged freight of unexamined fears and prejudices that the white slavery metaphor was able to generate and sustain much of its psychic power.[46]
For Butler and those swayed by her logic, the idea of sexual slavery offered a way of thinking about prostitution that shifted the blame from the individual to society, from the victim to her exploiter, and, most importantly, from the prostitute to her p atron-that is, to men.
userwww.sfsu.edu /~epf/1996/wslavery.html   (10980 words)

 The Abolition of Black Slavery, Not White
It was Sharp's prolific campaigning against slavery that caused an Abolition Committee to be established in Parliament in 1787.
Although in the case of African slavery the clergy, rich merchants and political reformers all united in protest at the immorality of the issue, there was no such concerted campaign on behalf of child slaves.
The cause of African slavery was championed, whilst that of the child slaves of Britain was virtually ignored, because of an early form of political correctness.
www.heretical.com /British/slavery.html   (3159 words)

Davis said it is useful to compare this Mediterranean slavery to the Atlantic slave trade that brought fl Africans to the Americas.
Davis said the vast scope of slavery in North Africa has been ignored and minimized, in large part because it is on no one’s agenda to discuss what happened.
Many of the countries that were victims of slavery, such as France and Spain, would later conquer and colonize the areas of North Africa where their citizens were once held as slaves.
www.newswise.com /articles/view/503630   (1213 words)

 white slavery
The amateur divers who found the ship are convinced that research on the wreck is uncovering a largely forgotten history of human misery.
The idea of white slavery, overshadowed by the unarguable brutality of centuries of the trade in fl slaves, is now mainly dismissed as the stuff of Victorian novels, while the "Barbary corsairs" became pantomime figures.
He believes that in the 250 years from 1580 more than a million Europeans were kidnapped for slavery or ransom.
www.rhodesian.net /white_slavery.htm   (712 words)

 Natalie Halloway.......White Slavery??? - # 1 Bargain-Mall Forums
If it was white slavery I think she would be too HOT to keep alive.
I pray they find her alive and through all of this we Americans discover how huge this white slavery ring really is. She is not the first white girl to disappear.
White slavery has been going on since the beginning of time.
www.bargain-mall.com /Forum/forums/114/PrintPost.aspx   (892 words)

 Civil War books
Not all slaves in the South were fl, and this phenomenon of white slaves, whites with a distant fl ancestor, was to have unexpected political consequences.
This posed a direct threat to white people living in the North because under the provisions of the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850, runaway slaves could be reclaimed without due process, which in effect allowed for free whites to be mistakenly seized.
It is very important to point out that white slavery was merely a by-product of fl slavery since there were certainly a great many more fl slaves than white.
scholarspublishing.com   (551 words)

 Chronology on the History of Slavery 1619 to 1789
Free white women who marry fl slaves are to be slaves during the lives of their spouses, Ironically, children born of white servant women and fls are regarded as free by a 1681 law.
Slavery had existed as a human institution for centuries, but the slaves were usually captives taken in war or members of the lowest class in a society.
Slavery in other parts of the world had typically involved prisoners of war, and was considered a humane alternative to being put to death.
www.innercity.org /holt/slavechron.html   (17488 words)

 HARPER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
She writes, "[B]ut slavery had cast such a glamour over the Nation, and so warped the consciences of men, that they failed to read aright the legible transcript of Divine retribution which was written upon the shuddering earth" (14).
Harper's use of white slavery is additionally effective because reformist organizers insisted -- an insistence that again echoed slave women's analysis of agency, force, and coercion -- that a prostitute could not be guilty of "choosing" her "fall"; she could, then, always be redeemed.
Harper's historically situated namings, like her use of the trope of white slavery, took on surplus meanings in her novel, meanings she could be assured that at least overlapping communities of her readers were sure to recognize.
bobcat.cc.oxy.edu /~gforeman/HARPER.htm   (12196 words)

 WHITE SLAVERY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Most of you probably think that fls were the only slaves in the United States but until 1865 not only fls but whites,indians,irish,etc were legal slaves in the U.S. Slavery was particularly prevalent with women.
Below is a documented instance of white slavery, although in Franklin county, Ga., this buyer and seller later became a Forsyth county resident.
of $25.00, conveys all his right, title and claim to a certain white woman named Hannah Norman, hformerly Hannah Andrews, who sold to said Allen by her husband, Sherwood Norman, 21 April 1824.wit.Nimrod Andrews,William Hughes,J.P." Wyatt Allen later moved to Forsyth county and had a large family which prospered here.
www.angelfire.com /ga/whiteslavery   (142 words)

 Salon.com letters | Did white slavery exist?
If he had done so, Talty would know that "white slavery" was an important factor in increasing the tensions between North and South that ultimately led to the Civil War.
The answer is that Northern whites were aware of the fact that slavery was not limited to fls but posed a constant danger to whites as well because of the maternal descent rule of inherited slave status augmented by the kidnapping of "pure" whites.
Northern whites had seen the Fugitive Slave Act shoved down their throats, the mails censored, and the expansion of slavery into new territories.
archive.salon.com /letters/daily/2000/06/19/white_slaves/index1.html   (867 words)

 American Renaissance News: Anti-Slavery, White Supremacy Groups Clash In Marblehead
Participating were about a dozen white demonstrators wearing yokes and chains to symbolize their repentance for the sin of slavery and fl T-shirts that said “So sorry.” Black demonstrators walked behind them as a sign of forgiveness.
The three other members of the white supremacy group, some wearing fl T-shirts that said “Not guilty,” passed out fliers purporting that Jews owned many of the slaves in America, Africans were responsible for selling other Africans into slavery and white colonists were actually the first slaves in America.
It is equivalent to dismissing all non-germanic whites as sub-human.
www.amren.com /mtnews/archives/2004/10/antislavery_whi.php   (6086 words)

 The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The Victorian Age: Topic 1: Texts and Contexts
Later on they surrounded the statue — "we paid for it" they cried savagely — shouting and yelling, and a gruesome story is told that some cut their arms and let their blood trickle on the marble paid for, in very truth, by their blood.
Such is a bald account of one form of white slavery as it exists in London.
Born in slums, driven to work while still children, undersized because underfed, oppressed because helpless, flung aside as soon as worked out, who cares if they die or go on the streets, provided only that the Bryant and May shareholders get their 23 per cent, and Mr.
www.wwnorton.com /nael/victorian/topic_1/besant.htm   (988 words)

 BRAMA's Current Social Issues in Ukraine
She is not a white slave who can be discounted or killed.
In addition to this, they are striving to draw the attention of the society for the necessity of returning these women and girls, with their consent, to Ukraine and also to aid the other victims of this international trade of human beings.
These human rights organizations are looking into the problem of white slavery in the context of gross violation of human rights.
www.brama.com /issues/havrylenko.html   (1745 words)

 Amazon.com: Neither Black Nor White : Slavery and Race Relations in Brazil and the United States: Books: Carl Degler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Carl Degler's 1971 Pulitzer-Prize-winning study of comparative slavery in Brazil and the United States is reissued in the Wisconsin paperback edition, making it accessible for all students of American and Latin American history and sociology.
Rejecting the theory of Giberto Freyre and Frank Tannenbaum—that Brazilian slavery was more humane—Degler instead points to a combination of demographic, economic, and cultural factors as the real reason for the differences.
By comparing and contrasting the two separate, though similar contries, Degler not only provides a world class history of the institution of slavery in both countries, but forces the reader to examine their own prejudices in the matter.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0299109143?v=glance   (1012 words)

 Ummah.com - Report: Israel has the world's largest white-girl slavery market
And this is only once the girls have paid back their purchase price, during which time they are extraordinarily lucky if those who are pimping for them give them a daily allowance of 20 shekels for cigarettes.
These women are told so often that they are the property of their pimps that they do not even stop to think whether or not they have to have sex with them as well.
Modern slavery in it's various forms is a global problem.
www.ummah.net /forum/printthread.php?t=4068   (6537 words)

 "[Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion] could hardly imagine
"White slavery," notes scholar Albert Lindemann, "was a concern of Jewish leaders throughout the world, who recognized it as a special problem." [LINDEMANN, p.
74] The most publicized 'white slavery' trial occurred in 1892, in Lemberg (once also called Lvov, then a Polish provincial capital, today called Lviv in Ukraine), where 27 traffickers -- all Jews -- were prosecuted for ensnaring women to go to Constantinople, Egypt, and India.
The epitome of the 'white slaver,' Hertz was called by one judge the 'godmother for prostitutes.' Another critic considered her 'as much a public feature of the lower East Side...
www.jewishtribalreview.org /10whsla.htm   (5949 words)

 White Slavery - 150,000 eBooks - eBookMall - World's Largest Selection!
White Slavery - 150,000 eBooks - eBookMall - World's Largest Selection!
White Slavery is an explosive story involving the battle of the rich against the poor.
The story depicts a factious well-to-do family that sides with the poor.
www.ebookmall.com /ebooks/white-slavery-hipscher-ebooks.htm   (61 words)

It is worth noting that there is a long history of trafficking in white children along what was once called "the Spanish Main" or the northern coast of South America, which includes Venezuela.
Aruba is very close to Venezuela physically and there are many boats going to and coming from the mainland.
In the early 1700s, and especially in the 1720s, groups of kidnappers known as "Spirits" worked the streets of London, England, finding and abducting homeless or poor children for the white slave traffic on the Spanish Main.
www.rumormillnews.com /cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=73463   (912 words)

 White Slavery - Jerome Hipscher - Adobe Reader PDF eBook
White Slavery - Jerome Hipscher - Adobe Reader PDF eBook
Home > eBook Categories > Literature > Modern Fiction > Adobe Reader PDF eBooks > Jerome Hipscher > White Slavery
The eBook club is continually growing with more eBooks added frequently.
www.ebookmall.com /ebook/143465-ebook.htm   (653 words)

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