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Topic: Wikipedia:Citing sources

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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

 GreenKri » Wikimania 2005
I was taught throughout college to use reputable sources that you are able to cite.
They have teams of editors that look over changes and delete them if the info is not cited or not verifiable - some sources, like personal experience, can’t really be cited, for instance.
As a high school teacher this won’t be a huge problem, but I’ll be training most of my students to go to college when they leave school. /?p=534

 Many-to-Many: situating Wikipedia
Like Clay, i firmly believe that students should cite their sources; nothing is more gut-wrenching than throwing a line of someone’s paper into Google and finding it on the web.
This is not because i want students using the encyclopedia - they’re far more likely to read the 10 page essay than hike up the hill to the library to find an encyclopedia that may or may not give them a clue about what’s going on.
The article that BoingBoing cites tells us explicitly that it is ‘scholars’ that have such authority. /many/archives/2005/03/06/situating_wikipedia.php

 Slashdot Ex-Britannica Editor Reviews Wikipedia
But I wouldn't feel super confident that what I read in a wikipedia article was the complete and total truth (though most of the time it comes close) until I had at least checked out a few other sources.
Now that wikipedia seems to have reorganised it's top levels by deleting the well written and informative top level articles and replacing them with information-barren alphabetic indexes, that sort of learning is not as easy, though it can still be done once you go a little deeper into the articles.
His point was that the millions (well eventually maybe) of junior high students going to wiki as an authoritative source for their school reports would have no way of knowing the article is wrong. /articles/04/11/16/1319242.shtml?tid=95&tid=1

 [WikiEN-l] a new ChuckM's threat and another DW 'personality'
People uploading _new_ images should know better, and ought to be citing sources as they upload.
That kind of behavior is not going to be tolerated, and images under that kind of dispute are almost certain to be deleted on principle.
Yes, we've got a lot of images already here that aren't well documented; and they do need to be gone through and either documented or tossed out, which will be boring and take a lot of time. /pipermail/wikien-l/2003-June/004964.html

He mass-deletes material in articles without discussing it first or citing sources, then turns around and insists that other people justify their edits, repeatedly reverting until people get tired of it and go away.
Furthermore, I maintain that citing something misleadingly is a subset of citing it incorrectly.
I've found the user to be far from "hopelessly disruptive", and would hope as an administrator you would at least allow the parties a week to cool down before passing judgment like this. /WP:PU.html

 ModBlog - Techno Commentary
Give me the Britannica Online, or one of the thousands of other edited and verified sources available to the enterprising researcher that are accessible for free or a tiny subscription fee.
After all, an encyclopedia is built upon the work of experts in their field, and serves as a distillate of generations of research and learning.
There also did not seem to be many references collected into each category, speaking to me of the general lack of referencing on the part of authors.

 Arming of Iraq and the Iran-Iraq War - DemocracyRising.US
The article cites numerous original sources and provides details on the role of each corporation and government entity in arming Iraq.
In August 1989, when FBI agents finally raided the Atlanta branch of BNL, the branch manager, Christopher Drogoul, was charged with making unauthorized, clandestine, and illegal loans to Iraq -- some of which, according to his indictment, were used to purchase arms and weapons technology.
On May 25, 1994, The U.S. Senate Banking Committee released a report in which it was stated that pathogenic (meaning disease producing), toxigenic (meaning poisonous) and other biological research materials were exported to Iraq, pursuant to application and licensing by the U.S. Department of Commerce. /content/view/30/94

 Search: Secondary -
Cite Works, Citing Sources (based on MLA style) Click here to begin Citation Maker... /

 Encyclopedia: Style guide
Style guides used by universities are particularly rigorous in their preferred style for citing sources.
Two of the most widely used style guides in the United States are The Chicago Manual of Style and the Associated Press stylebook.
Some style guides consider or focus on elements of graphic design, such as typography and white space. /encyclopedia/Style-guide

 Style guide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Style guides used by universities are particularly rigorous in their preferred style for citing sources.
Two of the most widely used style guides in the United States are The Chicago Manual of Style and the Associated Press stylebook.
The Oxford Manual of Style: The 2003 work combines The Oxford Guide to Style and The Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors with the latter concentrating on common problems. /wiki/Manual_of_Style   (1383 words)

 Talk:Timeline of agriculture and food technology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
If you are familiar with the subject matter, please check the article for inaccuracies and modify as needed, citing sources.
Copyright Permission to modify and distribute this and other timelines originally developed by Niel Brandt have been granted to wikipedia.
This page was last modified 14:46, 25 September 2005. /wiki/Talk:Timeline_of_agriculture_and_food_technology   (103 words)

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