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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

 Language Log: April 2004 Archives
For example, yesterday's references to Elton John are listed as instances of the name "Sir Elton", and the references to Kofi Annan are listed as instances of "General Kofi Annan" (apparently because the algorithms truncated "Secretary-General Kofi Annan").
He indicates in a footnote that "[t]he hipponactean is named after the Greek poet Hipponax, the only one I know other than Hank Williams (Senior, of course) who writes of buckets of beer." In a later post, he quotes some (translated) verses, though not the one about beer.
Genocide is defined in international law by the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. /~myl/languagelog/archives/2004_04.html   (16110 words)

 Hebrew calendar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As the Hebrew calendar was developed in the region east of the Mediterranean Sea, references to seasons reflect the times and climate of the Northern Hemisphere.
This figure, in a detail of a medieval Hebrew calendar, reminded Jews of the palm branch (Lulav), the myrtle twigs, the willow branches, and the citron (Etrog) to be held in the hand and to be brought to the synagogue during the holiday of sukkot, near the end of the autumn holiday season.
The Hebrew month is tied to an excellent measurement of the average time taken by the Moon to cycle from lunar conjunction to lunar conjunction. /wiki/Hebrew+Calendar   (3743 words)

 Esperanto Wikipedia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article or section does not cite its references or sources.
It also incorporates with permission the content of the 1933 Enciklopedio de Esperanto. /wiki/Esperanto_Wikipedia   (216 words)

 Talk:Polish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For now, there is a lot of content which references Polish when they mean Polish language, Poland and Polish people (the last is currently a redirect to Poles, though this should probably be the other way around).
I suggest that Polish should eventually be a redirect to Polish language.
This page was last modified 12:55, 20 October 2004. /wiki/Talk:Polish   (109 words)

When using citations, one generally uses both a works cited page or section--also called the bibliography, source list or list of references--in conjunction with parenthetical citations (citations which refer the reader to a particular cited work).
Varying rules and practices for citations apply in a science, a law, a theological citing of authority (e.g.
These direct readers to work of the author on the list of works cited, and the page of the work where the information is located (e.g. /en/wikipedia/c/ci/citation.html   (109 words)

 Style guide article - Style guide writers Users Some style guides the English language Academic -
Publication conventions for markup style, such as italicization of book and movie titles, expression of dates and numbers, or the various formats used for citing references.
Authors of books are often asked or required to use a style guide in readying their work for publication.
Literary considerations of prose style, such as best usage, common errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling; and rules or suggestions for precision, fairness and the most forceful expression of ideas. /encyclopedia/Usage   (109 words)

 TCS: Tech Central Station - The Faith-Based Encyclopedia
Unfortunately, a couple of references within the body of the article that mention his age in certain years are clearly derived from a source that used the 1757 date, creating an internal inconsistency that the reader has no means to resolve.
All these arguments aside, the article is what might be expected of a high school student, and at that it would be a C paper at best.
The article is rife with typographic errors, styling errors, and errors of grammar and diction. /111504A.html   (2072 words)

 Wikipedia: Yes or No? Ask MetaFilter
On preview...I've heard about the eternal insider wranglings at wikipedia before - there was a MeFite a few weeks back who selfposted in an FPP and the transcript of her infighting at wikipedia was linked.........but I don't think anecdotal testimony about individual political problems is sufficient to dismiss the whole project out of hand.
Unfortunately, a couple of references within the body of the article that mention his age in certain years are clearly derived from a source that used the 1757 date, creating an internal inconsistency that the reader has no means to resolve.
See how they deal with controversial articles, and decide for yourself if the article that's ultimately produced is the result of honest wrestling with difficult issues, or is just a matter of what undergraduate has the most free time on his hands to hector and kvetch until his version becomes the accepted version. /mefi/17456   (4372 words)

 Main Page - Wikispecies
See the done and to do page for references to very detailed areas and defined future targets
See Wikispecies FAQ for replies to common concerns.
See the Village pump to discuss the project.   (4372 words)

 ModBlog - Techno Commentary
There also did not seem to be many references collected into each category, speaking to me of the general lack of referencing on the part of authors.
After all, an encyclopedia is built upon the work of experts in their field, and serves as a distillate of generations of research and learning.
Give me the Britannica Online, or one of the thousands of other edited and verified sources available to the enterprising researcher that are accessible for free or a tiny subscription fee.   (4372 words)

 Wikipedia:Categorization - Wikipedia
Categories (along with other features, like cross-references) should help users find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible, even if they don't know that it exists or what it's called.
A few categories do only merely subdivide their parent category, but unless the parent category has many potential articles under it, or many potential subdivisions, if you can't think of a second parent category, it might be a better idea to fold your smaller category into the parent.
Categories should be more or equally as broad as the articles they contain; articles should be more or equally specific as the categories they are in. /wiki/Wikipedia:Categorization   (2566 words)

 User talk:Brion VIBBER/NotTodo list - Meta
The problem with the Breton wikipedia is worst than just doesn't existing, there are lots of wrong references to the Belarussian one (code: be) claiming to be Brezhoneg (Breton, which code is br).
There has been some confusion it seems over, I think largely due to a mistake on en:ISO 639 (which gave be instead of br for Breton).
Our request of changing the logo in one featured romanian logo was two times deleted, and never solved, as the istalled logo and the proposed logo are shown below, and there is a big difference between that two. /wiki/User_talk:Brion_VIBBER/NotTodo_list   (537 words)

 Criticism of Wikipedia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some articles are excellent by any reasonable measure – authored and edited by persons knowledgeable in the field, containing numerous useful and relevant references, and written in a proper encyclopedic style.
Some argue that criticisms and commentary on certain topics are systematically excluded, deleted or reverted by self-appointed censors, and that even attempts to make compromises or build up articles to include a variety of views are thwarted by uncompromising "vandal-editors" who simply delete or revert unwanted views that don't fit their agenda.
A more difficult problem to address is that, even when topics are covered, they are covered from what seems to be a neutral point of view to the current participants only, which may not meet the neutrality standards of the current readership as a whole, or of the potential readership. /wiki/Criticism_of_Wikipedia   (4559 words)

 Days of the Week in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese - Web Links
This page shows some of the references and links used in creating this site.
The Life of Kobo Daishi can be found at the Reiki Foundation site, Koyasan and Shingon Esoteric Buddhism, and Columbia Encyclopedia.
The Lunar Calendar in Japan (Steve Renshaw and Saori Ihara): The only English-language site I have found concerning the Japanese days of the week. /Dow/dowlinks.html   (1115 words)

 New York Blade Online
Stuever challenges the gay press to come up with "previously published references by the decedent" about being gay, as if an obituary were merely a collection of statements by the dead person about their own life.
Gay columnist Keith Boykin wrote in January 2002 that Vandross was asked about being gay on the BET show "Journeys in Black," and refused to answer the question.
For years now, we’ve heard from "alarmed" HIV prevention workers about the AIDS "crisis" that demands that everyone, and gay men in particular, be scared by the prospect of a sure and wretched death into using a condom every single time they ever have sex for the rest of their lives. /blog/index.cfm?type=blog&start=6/29/05&end=7/6/05   (2289 words)

 Barney & Friends - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Unlike the previous crownholder of children's television, Sesame Street, every word spoken in "Barney & Friends" is completely accessible to kids and the writers do not throw in witty lines and sophisticated cultural references to amuse the adults in the audience.
Barney & Friends is a children's television show, mainly aimed at preschoolers, starring a large purple dinosaur named Barney.
Aside from many human actors of a highly diverse ethnic mix, Barney's friends include other plush dinosaurs, such as Baby Bop and her brother, B.J.. /index.php?title=Barney_and_Friends&redirect=no   (2289 words)

 Wikispecies:Village Pump - Wikispecies
We are currently still evaluating how to proceed with the project in terms of creating templates to structure our content, but already have a considerable collection of taxonomic names, literature references and links to encyclopaedic articles (at wikipedias in different languages).
Hi, I'm from the french wikipedia and I work a little bit to class some species, one of my principal sources is wikispecies.
If I were in Ecuador as er your example, I'd be searching in a Quechua Wiki to find out what the speces being talked about is, then use that to find the data in Wikispecies and create the appropriate interwiki link back to the Quechua 'pedia. /wiki/Wikispecies:Village_pump   (4391 words)

 Wikipedia talk:Make only links relevant to the context : Rules to consider/Make only links relevant to the context debate
Part of what makes wikipedia so fantastic is ability to explore, to make connections.
There are about 80 hits searching wikipedia for "1503" and there are 19 items (8/5/6 events/births/deaths).
This is after some work on my part to pull into the 1503 page events that I felt should be there, and linking references to 1503 that I found relevant. /ru/rules-to-consider---make-only-links-relevant-to-the-context-debate.html   (3029 words)

 edugadget » Blog Archive » Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
So if you are looking at tsunamis and the entry references “Alaska“, there will be a link to it.
While there sometimes is a problem with people “vandalizing” the wiki, there are people who are notified when changes are made and, if necessary, correct it.
Posts are soley the opinion of the author, Steve Brooks, and should in no way be construed as those of his employer. /2005/01/22/wikipedia-the-free-encyclopedia   (344 words)

 Re: Wikipedia and Topic Maps
Merging means I can work on the map in chunks which makes for a much faster debug cycle, but introduces its own problems of references between modules.
But > the applicability of topic maps to this kind of task is intrigueing > given one might want to index the content that UDDI has into broader > and narrower contexts.
Its really as much about (if not more) about creating useful structures for the management of the services as it is about having some standard interchange / registry mechanism. /xmldev/200412/post50020.html   (772 words)

 Historical Controversy
Are these references as well as their removal based on historical evidence?
the total number of pages to be deleted from these textbooks is just sixteen.
The last two passages referring to Jaats being marauders and the Sikh guru plundering and raping too is highly objectionable to the two communities respectively. /article.cfm/india_probe/86895/2   (772 words)

 Wikipedia talk:Make only links relevant to the context : Rules to consider/Make only links relevant to the context debate
Part of what makes wikipedia so fantastic is ability to explore, to make connections.
There are about 80 hits searching wikipedia for "1503" and there are 19 items (8/5/6 events/births/deaths).
This is after some work on my part to pull into the 1503 page events that I felt should be there, and linking references to 1503 that I found relevant. /ru/rules-to-consider---make-only-links-relevant-to-the-context-debate.html   (3029 words)

 Cite Sources - Military History Wiki
On the other hand, it is often preferable to have a few general references to authoritative overviews of a subject, such as textbooks and review articles, rather than a large number of specific citations for individual facts.
Picking a single person or group as representative of a larger school of thought is fine, as long as they really are representative (you may want to pick more than one source).
The disputed material should generally be moved to the article's talk page, to give an opportunity for editors to identify sources for the material. /wiki/Cite_Sources   (3560 words)

 Slashdot Wikipedia Criticised by Its Co-founder
The "hardcore guy" you are criticizing did the correct thing by citing the references and showing that yes, this is a criticism that's out there.
However, the entire reason that the Rape article has a section on Rape and Sexual Torture is to discuss rape when it occurs not as an act of self-gratification committed at another's expense (as it usually does), but as a method of torture to advance policy.
It is no assurance of that treatment but at this point the U.S. has no ground to stand on in demanding humane treatment of its POW's because it has chosen to unilaterally withdraw from the Geneva conventions using legalistic hair splitting. /articles/05/01/03/144207.shtml?tid=95&tid=1   (9126 words)

 What Wikipedia is - From Meta; discussion about Wikimedia projects
If you wish to add further self-references within wikipedia, please edit that page.
After various moves to meta and back to wikipedia, etc, a more recent version can be found at
Imagine a robot monster that only knows about the world from wikipedia - destroying what we say is bad. /wiki/What_Wikipedia_is   (9126 words)

 Dave's Mormon Inquiry: Books
The reviewer doesn't quite call it a new and improved version, only that it makes the book more readable and easier to follow with better footnotes and references.
Kierkegaard, too, decried the empty forms of worship he observed and preached a deeper and more authentic style of faith.
People of a strongly religious mindset are predisposed to see active and malevolent evil of a supernatural sort at work in the world through human agents, so reading a good account of how witch accusations or similar charges are abused is good preventative medicine. /mormon_inquiry/books/index.html   (9126 words)

 Wikipedia talk:Don't include copies of primary sources : Rules to consider/Do not include primary sources debate
When I look in an encyclopaedia for a reference to William Shakespeare, my expectations of an encyclopaedia is that there will be a biographical outline, his historical context, a list of references, some criticism, and perhaps a few examples of his work and a couple of salient plot synopses.
I say it was because of the constraints inherent with paper, and remember m:Wiki isn't paper!
There is no limit to how big or complete Wiki can be, we don't have to squeeze the sum of human knowledge into 20 expensive bound volumes and excluding primary sources is applying paper era thinking to computer age technology. /ru/rules-to-consider---do-not-include-primary-sources-debate.html   (9126 words)

Regarding the top-down model, Britannica and Bartleby also subscribe to the Great Books theory: Britannica, with its "Syntopicon"; Bartleby, which calls itself "Great Books Online" and is indeed a great source for standard references, from the complete Harvard Classics to Gray's Anatomy.
Although I always thought it was a great idea, I didn't make notes or take a snapshot of the HTML at that moment.
I know that Math World welcomes contributions, but not in the same way a wiki does; I wonder whether Math World would have been as successful or reliable if it had been more like a wiki. /c/c/why?WikiPedia   (730 words)

 The Quack-Files: ChiroLinks - Chiropractic Resources, Articles & Links
references for developing his many published articles and books.
It's not that black and white an issue, and is often based on a lack of understanding of physical medicine.
This list is not exhaustive, as there are plenty of groups, practice-building organizations, websites, journals, etc. /healthbase/chirolinks.html   (730 words)

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