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Topic: Wilhelm Marr

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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  The Holocaust Chronicle PROLOGUE: Roots of the Holocaust, page 41
Marr's conception of antisemitism focused on the supposed racial, as opposed to religious, characteristics of the Jews.
Marr's often-reprinted political tract, "The Victory of Judaism over Germandom," warned that "the Jewish spirit and Jewish consciousness have overpowered the world." He called for resistance against "this foreign power" before it was too late.
Marr thought that before long "there will be absolutely no public office, even the highest one, which the Jews will not have usurped." For Marr, it was a badge of honor to be called an antisemite.
www.holocaustchronicle.org /staticpages/41.html   (678 words)

 Commentary Magazine - Wilhelm Marr: The Patriarch of Anti-Semitism, by Moshe Zimmermann   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Wilhelm Marr: The Patriarch of Anti-Semitism, by Moshe Zimmermann
...Wilhelm Marr, who had been living this new definition of anti-Semitism for the past decade, spelled out the politics of it in a spate of follow-up pamphlets that helped channel the hatred, contempt, and fear of Jews already present in German society into a movement whose terrible consequences he could scarcely imagine...
...Marr had begun his political career in the 1840's as a radical democrat, a self-professed "apostle of freedom" and human equality...
www.commentarymagazine.com /Summaries/V83I4P73-1.htm   (2027 words)

 Biographie: Wilhelm Marr, 1819-1904
In den folgenden Monaten versucht Marr, sich in zahlreichen deutschen Städten niederzulassen, wird jedoch aus allen ausgewiesen.
Herbst: Marr ist einer der drei Vorsitzenden der in Hamburg gebildeten Provisorischen Demokratischen Regierung.
Vermutlich weitgehend aufgrund persönlicher Neidgefühle beginnt ein Streit zwischen Marr und Theodor Fritsch, seinem ehemaligen Schüler und einem der antisemitischen Wortführer.
www.dhm.de /lemo/html/biografien/MarrWilhelm   (892 words)

 Wilhelm Marr - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wilhelm Marr (1819-1904) was a German agitator and theorist, who coined the term "antisemitism" as a euphemism for the German Judenhass, or "Jew-hate".
To prevent this from happening, in 1879 Marr founded the League of Antisemites (Antisemiten-Liga), the first German organization committed specifically to combatting the alleged threat to Germany posed by the Jews and advocating their forced removal from the country.
Nevertheless, Marr was a major link in the evolving chain of German racism that erupted into genocide during the Nazi era.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wilhelm_Marr   (564 words)

 Amazon.com: Wilhelm Marr: The Patriarch of Anti-Semitism (Studies in Jewish History): Books: Moshe Zimmermann   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Wilhelm Marr, the man who introduced the term "anti-Semitism" into politics and founded the first "Anti-Semitic League." Marr (1819-1904) began his political career as a democrat and revolutionary, fighting for the emancipation of all oppressed groups including the Jews.
Marr was a radical revolutionary left wing intellectual who based his philosophy on that of the Left Hegelian Ludwig Feuerbach, advocating atheism and maintaining an anti-Christian and antiSemitic belief system.
Marr generally comes across as a rather despicable individual despite the fact that he would later come to at least partially repent of some of his antiSemitic beliefs (though never of his atheism and anti-Christian beliefs).
www.amazon.com /Wilhelm-Marr-Patriarch-Anti-Semitism-History/dp/0195040058   (1143 words)

The term was first used by a German in 1879, William Marr, who founded the "League for Anti-Semitism." Marr advanced the view that Jews constituted a distinct racial group which was both physically and morally inferior.
The word was first used by Wilhelm Marr a German agitator, who created it to explain the current anti-Jewish campaigns in Europe.
It is generally attributed to Wilhelm Marr, who was called by the Israeli historian Moshe Zimmermann "The Patriarch of Antisemitism." Marr coined the term in the 1870s to distinguish between old-time Jew-hatred and modern, political, ethnic, or racial opposition to the Jews.
astro.temple.edu /~hfreiden/Antisemitism/whatis.htm   (656 words)

 Antisemitism: The Term Itself
German political agitator Wilhelm Marr coined the related German word Antisemitismus in his book "The Way to Victory of Germanicism over Judaism" in 1879.
Marr used the phrase to mean Jew-hatred or Judenhass, and he used the new word antisemitism to make hatred of the Jews seem rational and sanctioned by scientific knowledge.
Marr's book became very popular, and in the same year he founded the "League of Anti-Semites" ("Antisemiten-Liga"), the first German organization committed specifically to combating the alleged threat to Germany posed by the Jews, and advocating their forced removal from the country.
www.pinteleyid.com /the-term-itself.htm   (382 words)

 MARR, Wilhelm
MARR, Wilhelm, Agitator, Publizist und Schriftsteller, * 16.11.
Die Bekanntschaft mit Julius Fröbel, August Adolf Follen und Georg Herwegh und anderen im Schweizer Exil lebenden deutschen Oppositionellen brachte die Wende in M.s Leben, die sich zunächst in den beiden 1843 erschienenen Erstlingswerken, dem Gedichtband »Freie Trabanten« und der staatliche, kirchliche und gesellschaftliche Mißstände kritisierenden Kampfschrift »Gegenwart und Zukunft« abzeichnete.
In Lausanne, wo er bis 1845 lebte, trat M. in engen Kontakt zu den jungdeutschen Führern Hermann Döleke und Julius Standau.
www.bautz.de /bbkl/m/marr.shtml   (1501 words)

 semitism.net » Kahanists Evoke Pulsa D’Nura Death Curse Against Sharon
The latter was introduced by one Wihelm Marr, son of the famous jewish actor Heinrich Marr, at the beginning of the 1880s.
I suggest that Wilhelm Marr gave to these ugly traits the term “semitism” and he did not have any speakers of semitic languages in mind, when doing so.
So when propagating anti-semitism Wilhelm Marr was taking up a fight against the selfish traits encountered in Judaism - but of course also found in certain christian communities like the evangelicals with their obsession with money.
semitism.net /?p=160   (1498 words)

 Liberation Graphics: Antonym/Synonym
Anti-Semitism is a term coined by an angry and confused man. It was invented in 1879 by a German racist, Wilhelm Marr, who formed the League of Antisemites, a failed effort that nonetheless established itself as history’s first popular movement based on antipathy toward Jewish people.
Marr chose the term to infer that Jewish people were a distinct race, even though Jewishness is not a racial category.
In the late 1800s, at the time when Marr invented his pejorative term, hostility towards the Jewish community was primarily economic, emanating from jealousy of the relative success of a few Jewish merchants.
www.liberationgraphics.com /ppp/monograph_antisemitism_a_word.html   (536 words)

 Stephen Roth Institute: Antisemitism And Racism
Marr, who did not actually relate to the Arab nations, apparently chose this term because of its ostensibly scientific ring,[1] and indeed it caught on and has been used worldwide ever since.
The emphasis here is on the struggle against antisemitism originating in the years that have passed since Wilhelm Marr coined the term.
[1] Moshe Zimerman, Wilhelm Marr – The Patriarch of Antisemitism (Jerusalem, 1982; in Hebrew).
www.tau.ac.il /Anti-Semitism/asw2003-4/porat.htm   (6755 words)

 Publisher description for Library of Congress control number 86008349   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This is the first biography of radical writer and politician Wilhelm Marr, the man who introduced the term "anti-Semitism" into politics and founded the first "Anti-Semitic League." Marr (1819-1904) began his political career as a democrat and revolutionary, fighting for the emancipation of all oppressed groups including the Jews.
Drawing on Marr's published and unpublished works, as well as on previously unexamined journals and voluminous correspondence, Zimmermann sets out to discover why an intellectual radical like Marr would become a virulent anti-Semite.
As Zimmermann follows Marr's profound influence in the political, literary, and artistic circles of his day and his collaborations with Karl Marx, Richard Wagner, and other radical founders of modern anti-Semitism, he reveals the diverse ways that anti-Semitism came to permeate German thought and illuminates critical moments in the emergence of the German Reich.
www.loc.gov /catdir/enhancements/fy0603/86008349-d.html   (302 words)

 Wilhelm Goldbaum, b: -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Marr: 29 JUN 1931 - East Dubuque, Illinois
Marr: 21 DEC 1958 - Boscobel, Grant, Wisconsin
Marr: 28 NOV 1959 - Boscobel, Grant, Wisconsin
www.paarplace.com /genealogy/ghtout/gp395.htm   (297 words)

 Stephen Roth Institute: Antisemitism and Racism
Shortly afterwards, his proposal was adopted by Wilhelm Marr, considered the forefather of the racist anti-Semitic movement in Germany.
The alleged international Jewish conspiracy against Germany was, for example, a main theme in Wilhelm Marr’s Der Sieg des Judenthums über das Germanenthum, as well as in some of his other publications.
Moshe Zimmerman, Wilhelm Marr, ‘The Patriarch of Anti-Semitism (Jerusalem, 1982; Hebrew), pp.
www.tau.ac.il /Anti-Semitism/asw99-2000/stauber.htm   (4645 words)

The term "antisemitische" was coined in Germany in 1879 by the anti-Jewish author Wilhelm Marr (1819-1904).
A seemingly minor point crops up from time to time but grows in importance the more you reflect upon it.
/ [by] Linden, Gustav von, of Leipsic ; Marr, Wilhelm.
freemasonry.bcy.ca /anti-masonry/antisemitism.html   (704 words)

 Christian Friedrich Theodor "Fritz" Voss, b: -
Born: 1858, Germany Marr: 1884 Died: 1924, Ohio
Born: 1816, Germany Marr: 1842 Died: 1883, Germany
Marr: 27 Nov 1884 - Garfield Heights, Ohio
home1.gte.net /res02lf7/Ohio/gp10.htm   (145 words)

 The Chosen People
century German journalist Wilhelm Marr, who invented the word “anti-Semitism” as a substitute for “anti-Judaism” because the number of Germans willing to believe that Jews were “in league” with the devil, poison the water supply and make Matzohs with the blood of children had diminished in view of scientific advances which made these accusations implausible.
Therefore, Marr argued that Jews are a race, biologically forced to destroy German culture and incapable of change.
Consequently, Marr argued, Jews must be murdered since nothing else can remove the Jewish “bacillus” from the German body.
www.jbuff.com /c081502.htm   (890 words)

 Anti-semitic or Anti-Judaic passages in the Bible
the word 'antisemitism' was created by an antisemite, Wilhelm Marr [in 1879].
Marr's intention was to replace the German word Judenhass (Jew-hatred) with a term that would make Jew-haters sound less vulgar and even somewhat scientific....
Throughout history, antisemitism has been directed against [the religion of] Judaism and its values.
www.religioustolerance.org /anse_bibl.htm   (617 words)

 Re: Your choice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
> >The term was coined by a german philosopher, Willheim Marr You mean Wilhelm Marr.
There is no such person as Wilheim Marr.
The word "semite" includes Arabs, and it has since before Wilhelm Marr was born.
www.talkaboutinvestments.com /group/sci.econ/messages/222595.html   (202 words)

When you answer to Question 2 for Wilhelm Marr and Karl Duehring, take care to note the differences in viewpoints between the two authors.
Wilhelm Marr, The Victory of Judaism over Germandom (1879), pp.
Karl Eugen Duehring, The Question of the Jew is a Question of Race (1881), pp.
www.csun.edu /~vcoao00r/409SQ8.html   (202 words)

 The Myth of the New Anti-Semitism
In 1879 the German journalist Wilhelm Marr, a former socialist and anarchist, founded an organization that was novel in two ways.
It was the first political party based on a platform of hostility to Jews.
Marr was an atheist, and the Antisemiten-Liga (League of Anti-Semites) was hostile to Jews on the secular grounds that they are an alien "race." However, his account of "Semitism" was not essentially different from the demonic conception of the Jew that had existed in Christian Europe for centuries.
www.thenation.com /doc/20040202/klug   (1019 words)

 sg4online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
1st Reich, Bismark, 2nd German Empire, Wilhelm Marr, Adolf Stocker, Karl Lueger, Heinrich Treitschke, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Henry Ford, 1893 Pan-German Association/League; German industrialization.
In 1871, under Bismarck and Wilhelm I, was established the
In 1871, Jewish emancipation was confirmed, under Bismarck and Wilhelm I, with the establishment of the
www.u.arizona.edu /~shaked/Holocaust/study-guides/SG4.html   (1170 words)

 Question 16.1: Why is antisemitism used to mean anti-Jewish? Aren't Arabs Semites too?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Answer: The word "anti-Semitism" was coined in Germany in 1879 by Wilhelm Marr as a more euphonious way of saying "Judenhass" (Jew-hatred), and has always meant exactly that.
The word has become too sanitized and too easily misunderstood, which is exactly what Marr tried to accomplish with the word's creation.
According to a (now discredited) nineteenth century theory that held that racial groups and linguistic groups coincide, Semites are natives of a group of Middle Eastern nations that are closely related in ethnicity, culture and language.
www.faqs.org /faqs/judaism/FAQ/09-Antisemitism/section-6.html   (492 words)

 BOOK REVIEWS: Jewish Voice for Peace, eds.
He begins with the nineteenth century German linguist Wilhelm Marr, who invented the term “Semitic” to serve as a new anti-Jewish epithet purportedly based on racial characteristics.
The term itself refers to a group of languages that includes Arabic and Hebrew, and Marr found that he could use this obscure linguistic reference to improve upon the current term of opprobrium, Judenhass (hatred of Jews).
The Holocaust, says Plitnick, is the ultimate expression of Marr’s racial anti-Jewishness, particularly because it was so different from the religious anti-Jewishness that characterized life in Christian Europe:
www.mepc.org /journal_vol13/0603_corrigan.asp   (2583 words)

 Vera Gale Goode, b: 1951 -
Born: 1959 - Marr: - Died: - Father: Bobby O'Neal Sturkey Mother: Betty Louise Hartzog Other Spouses: Barbie Dukes
Born: 1959 - Marr: 2 MAR 1984 - Died: - Father: Bobby O'Neal Sturkey Mother: Betty Louise Hartzog Other Spouses: Terry Lyons
Born: 1965 - Marr: 17 OCT 1986 - Died: - Father: Arthur Frances Hiers Mother: Annette Hartzog Other Spouses:
home.mchsi.com /~rdhackett/ghtout/gp1500.htm   (185 words)

 History News Network
by Marc Bacharach on March 13, 2004 at 3:20 PM Wilhelm Marr is credited with coining the German word "Antisemitismus" in 1873, at a time when racial science was fashionable in Germany.
In that year Marr published "Zwanglose Antisemitische Hefte," and Wilhelm Scherer used the term "Antisemiten" in the "Neue Freie Presse" of January.
The word was coined to give a more scientific term to mean the dislike of Jews.
hnn.us /readcomment.php?id=31845   (361 words)

 European Judeophobia Gustavo Perednik
In that year the term anti-Semitism was coined in Hamburg by Wilhelm Marr, whose aim was to disassociate his hatred from any religious stance such as that utilized by Christian Judeophobes.
Three years after Wilhelm Marr coined his neologism, Leo Pinsker described the phenomenon with a more precise, if less utilized term.
In his Autoemancipation (1882) Pinsker uses Judeophobia, of twofold exactitude: It is explicit about the object of hatred, and through its suffix it stresses the irrationality of the phenomenon.
www.zionism-israel.com /European_Judeophobia.html   (2621 words)

 Johann Adam Seitz, b: -
Born: 1769 - Adelshofen, Baden, Germany Marr: - Eva Rosina Rupp Died: 1844 - Adelshofen, Baden, Germany
Born: 1745 - Marr: - Johann Wilhelm Seitz Died: -
Born: 1738 - Adelshofen, Baden, Germany Marr: - Ann Catherine Seitz Died: -
www.sideslines.org /sideped/35141/gp5.htm   (201 words)

 Shofar FTP Archives: people/j/joshua.ricardo/rj.0595
: Antisemitism or, if you prefer, anti-Semitism is a description coined by : Wilhelm Barr in Germany during the late 1800's.
It has, regretably, become : a word of common usage and is now employed exclusively to define : anti-Judaism.
: : Harry W. Mazal in San Antonio, Texas Mazal- The person who invented the term "anti-Semitism" was Wilhelm MARR, a self- hating Jew.
www.nizkor.org /ftp.py?people/j/joshua.ricardo/rj.0595   (370 words)

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