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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Sir William Berkeley - LoveToKnow 1911
He graduated at Oxford in 1629, and in 1632 was appointed one of the royal commissioners for Canada, in which office he won the personal favour of Charles I., who appointed him a gentleman of the privy chamber.
His first term as governor, during which he seems to have been extremely popular with the majority of the colonists, was notable principally for his Berkeley religious intolerance and his expulson of the Puritans, who were in a great minority.
Berkeley sailed in May, but died soon after his arrival, at Twickenham, and was buried there on the 13th of July 1677.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Sir_William_Berkeley   (335 words)

 William Berkeley, Sir Biography | Encyclopedia of World Biography
Sir William Berkeley (1606-1677), English royal governor of the colony of Virginia, was a leading protagonist in Bacon's Rebellion.
William Berkeley was the son of Maurice Berkeley of Bruton, Somerset, and brother of Lord John Berkeley, a proprietor of Carolina.
William was educated at Oxford, where he received a bachelor of arts degree in 1624 and a master of arts in 1629.
www.bookrags.com /biography/william-berkeley-sir   (789 words)

 Berkeley Castle - History
Castle restored to the Berkeley's in the reign of Henry III.
On the death of the Fifth Earl of Berkeley, Berkeley Peerage case contested.
For centuries, the Berkeleys were close to the throne, able administrators and fighters who supported their king or queen (as long as they could), backed the winning side, and married well.
www.berkeley-castle.com /history.html   (936 words)

 Busby Berkeley
But with the decline of musicals in 1931 and 1932 he was thinking of returning to Broadway, when Darryl F. Zanuck chief producer of Warner Brothers called him in to direct the musicals numbers of their newest project, the backstage drama "42nd Street".
Busby Berkeley, as well as, the composer Harry Warren and the lyricist Al Dubin were given a seven years contract.
Berkeley was dedicated to his mother and she lived with him always.
golden_age_films.tripod.com /html/berkeley/buzbio.htm   (521 words)

 Busby Berkeley Biography | Encyclopedia of World Biography
Berkeley reportedly made a stage debut when he was five years old, although he was not raised to be a performer.
Berkeley's creative dance settings combined with the outstanding visual effects that he devised for filming resulted in a hit movie that became a film classic and reportedly brought the studio back to financial solvency.
Berkeley insisted on complete control of camera angles and often constructed scaffolding, drilled holes in ceilings or floors, or rigged mechanical devices such as trams to transport the camera to the appropriate vantage point for filming.
www.bookrags.com /biography/busby-berkeley   (1704 words)

 BERKELEY of Berkeley
According to the Berkeley family pedigree obtained at Berkeley Castle, he was the 11th Baron by tenure and the 1st Baron by Writ, 1394-1463.
William was challenged to battle by Viscount Lisle, heir of the Earl of Shrewsbury.
He left Berkeley Castle and its estates to the crown for 'entail male', which meant that only with the extinction of the Royal male line on the death of King Edward VI did the Castle revert once more to the Berkeley line.
www.tudorplace.com.ar /BERKELEY1.htm   (1644 words)

 Berkeley biography
William Berkeley was a gentleman farmer whose family originally came from Staffordshire in England while Elisabeth Southerne was the daughter of a Dublin brewer.
Berkeley is best known in the world of mathematics for his attack on the logical foundation of the calculus as developed by Newton.
Berkeley's criticisms were well founded and important in that they focused the attention of mathematicians on a logical clarification of the calculus.
www-history.mcs.st-andrews.ac.uk /Biographies/Berkeley.html   (2008 words)

 AllRefer.com - Sir William Berkeley (U.S. History, Biography) - Encyclopedia
Berkeley defeated the Native Americans and the Dutch, extended explorations, and encouraged agriculture, but so persecuted dissenters that many of them left the colony.
Berkeley was deposed by a Puritan force from England in 1652 and lived quietly on his Virginia plantation until the Restoration in 1660, when he was reappointed governor.
At the same time it was charged that Berkeley was showing favoritism toward a small group of friends and depriving the freemen of their rights.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/B/BerkeleyW.html   (350 words)

 The Twickenham Museum : Sir William Berkeley
William Berkeley was the 4th of the five sons of Sir Maurice Berkeley of Bruton in Somerset.
William was knighted for services to Charles I and became Governor of Virginia in 1641 but, as a Royalist offering the colony as an asylum, he was deprived of the post.
Who being conftituted governor general in Virginia in 1660, after the death of Colonel Mathews, wrote a defcription of that country, and collected the laws then in force into one body, and added moft of the beft himfelf, which he procured to be confirmed by the Grand Affembly anno 1661.
www.twickenham-museum.org.uk /detail.asp?ContentID=226   (418 words)

 William Berkeley
Knighted by Charles I in 1639, Berkeley was appointed as governor of Virginia.
Berkeley appointed Nathaniel Bacon to his governing council but the two men soon fell out about the development of the colony.
Frequent complaints of bloodshed were sent to Sir William Berkeley from the heads of the rivers, which were as often answered with promises of assistance.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /USAberkeley.htm   (662 words)

 Jamestown Interpretive Essays - Sir William Berkeley
Berkeley erected Green Spring House on a tract of land west of the capital, where he experimented with alternatives to tobacco.
Berkeley's economic visions failed because he never accepted Stuart colonial policy, especially the navigation system which was designed to regulate trade between England and her colonies, and he chose to ignore as much of it as possible.
Berkeley proclaimed his enemy a rebel once more, but few planters flocked to his standard and he was forced to flee to safety across Chesapeake Bay after Bacon doubled back on him.
www.virtualjamestown.org /essays/billings_essay.html   (1807 words)

 Sir William Berkeley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Sir William Berkeley (1605—1677) was governor of Virginia longer than any other man, from 1642 until 1652 and from 1660 until his death in 1677.
He allowed the two houses of the General Assembly to develop into a responsible and mature parliamentary body that legislated in the interests of the great planter families who dominated Virginia politics throughout much of the colonial period.
Berkeley generally discouraged the persecution of religious minorities and steered a middle course between the factions during the English Civil Wars.
www.lva.lib.va.us /whoweare/exhibits/political/william_berkeley.htm   (138 words)

 Some Unpublished Facts Relating to Bacon's Rebellion on the Eastern Shore of Virginia Gleaned from the Court Records of ...
It is known that Sir William Berkeley, during the short period of the Rebellion, was twice driven from Jamestown, then the seat of government in the Colony, and forced to take shelter among his friends in Accomac, which he considered the last refuge of the loyal cause in Virginia.
All the historians of Virginia agree in stating that Sir William Berkeley on arriving in Accomac, found all the people disaffected towards him except a few fellows of the baser sort, 'longshoremen and adventurers, whom a desire for plunder drew to follow the fortunes of the impetuous old governor; and even Mr.
As Sir William Berkeley was present in Accomac the greater part of the time, he evidently took affairs into his own hands, and adopted such measures as he deemed best adapted to insure his own safety and the ultimate triumph of his fortunes.
www.newrivernotes.com /va/bacon1.htm   (2418 words)

 The Gentry--James River Plantations: A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary
Berkeley also fostered the rise of the General Assembly from a small body into a replica of the Parliament in England, and promoted a separation of power between provincial and county governments.
Berkeley was anxious to keep peace with the Indians, but the Virginia Assembly responded in 1676 by ordering forts to be built in the frontier area.
Berkeley Plantation was used by Union General McClellan’s troops to recover from its wounds in the ill-fated 1862 Peninsula Campaign to take the Confederate capital of Richmond.
www.cr.nps.gov /nr/travel/jamesriver/gentry.htm   (2475 words)

 0-8071-3012-5 cloth - Sir William Berkeley and the Forging of Colonial Virginia by Warren M. Billings - History - LSU ...
Despite his central role in the development of Virginia, Berkeley has been as misunderstood by historians as he was by his contemporaries, his motives and character a source of contention for three centuries.
Drawing on an unrivaled knowledge of Berkeley's papers, many never examined before, Billings depicts Berkeley as a self-made Virginian, a man who sought new opportunities in America and was so swayed by his experiences that Virginia soon gave greater definition to his life and personality than had England.
He is director and editor of the Papers of Sir William Berkeley Project, chairman of the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities' Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeological Project Advisory Board, and historian of the Supreme Court of Louisiana.
s50780.sites40.storefront-hosting.com /detail.aspx?ID=270   (597 words)

 William Berkeley - Search Results - MSN Encarta   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Berkeley, Busby (1895-1976), American stage and motion-picture director and dance choreographer, known for his innovative direction of lavish dance...
Berkeley, Sir William (1606-77), English colonial governor, born in Bruton, Somersetshire, and educated at the University of Oxford.
The 1676 uprising known as Bacon’s Rebellion began chiefly over complaints from Virginia colonists that the colonial government, headed by governor...
encarta.msn.com /William_Berkeley.html   (107 words)

 West Virginia, Berkeley County History - SHG Resources
Berkeley County was created by an act of the House of Burgesses in February 1772 from the northern third of Frederick County (Virginia).
Advocates of Norborne Berkeley note that the other Governor Berkeley (William) was known by some as the “Tyrannical Governor of Virginia” because he ordered the hanging of Nathaniel Bacon's followers for daring to resist his authority.
John Lederer, a German physician and explorer employed by Sir William Berkeley, colonial governor of Virginia, was the first Englishman to set foot in the county in 1670.
www.shgresources.com /wv/counties/berkeley   (926 words)

 Nathaniel Bacon
William Berkeley appointed Bacon to his governing council but the two men soon fell out about the development of the colony.
Bacon captured Jamestown and William Berkeley was forced to flee to the Eastern Shore.
He was critical of William Berkeley who he believed did not do enough to stop attacks by Native Americans.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /USAbaconN.htm   (551 words)

 South Carolina State Library Berkeley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Berkeley County was named for two of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina, Lord John Berkeley (d.
Many of the oldrice plantations are now covered by the waters of Lake Moultrie, which was built in the 1940s as part of the Santee-Cooper hydroelectric project.
Two famous Revolutionary War generals were residents of the area: William Moultrie (1730-1805) and Francis Marion (1732-1795), known as the Swamp Fox.
www.state.sc.us /scsl/berk.html   (193 words)

 Virginians: The Family History of William Lygon (1512-1567)
Elizabeth married William Norwood and it was their grandson Henry Norwood who wrote the historic narrative, A Voyage to Virginia, in 1649.
William Lygon was listed among the loyalists of Lord Oliver Cromwell as preferred to serve Henry VIII in 1538 and was in the vanguard with 10 foot soldiers when Henry invaded France and captured Boulogne in 1544.
William was also a justice of the Hundreds Court of Cheltenham.
www.virginians.com /topics/28160.htm   (490 words)

 Virginians: The Family History of Maurice Berkeley (-1506)
Maurice Berkeley’s mother, Isabel Mowbray, was an ancestor of Frances Dennis, the wife of Thomas Lygon.
The town of Berkeley was one of 5 ancient boroughs in Gloucestershire in the time of King Edward I, who chartered it to be governed by a mayor and an alderman, until annulled in 1885.
Embracing nearly 30 parishes, the manor and was one of the largest in England and conferred the title of earl and baron on the Berkeley family.
www.virginians.com /topics/112646.htm   (567 words)

 SIR WILLIAM BERKELEY (... - Online Information article about SIR WILLIAM BERKELEY (...
WILLIAM (A.S. Wilhelm, O. Norse Vilhidlmr; O. Ger.
Lord Berkeley of Stratton, one of the proprietors of the Carolinas.
Berkeley sailed in May, but died soon after his arrival, at See also:
encyclopedia.jrank.org /BEC_BER/BERKELEY_SIR_WILLIAM_c_1608_167.html   (709 words)

 BHC2553 : Flagmen of Lowestoft: Vice-Admiral Sir William Berkeley, ...
BHC2553 : Flagmen of Lowestoft: Vice-Admiral Sir William Berkeley,...
Flagmen of Lowestoft: Vice-Admiral Sir William Berkeley, 1639-66
The originals of Lawson and of Prince Rupert were retained in the Royal Collection, although William IV presented an extended full-length copy of the latter (BHC2990) to the Hospital in 1835.
www.nmm.ac.uk /mag/pages/mnuExplore/PaintingDetail.cfm?letter=F&ID=BHC2553   (415 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Berkeley
They are named for their founder, physicist Ernest O. Lawrence, who organized the Berkeley laboratory in the early 1930s and the...
Berkeley Systems Builds Internet Advertising Sales Team with New East Coast Rep; John Kerr Joins the Makers of After Dark and YOU DON'T KNOW JACK.
Berkeley Systems to distribute Questar's Comedy Classics; Bringing comic relief to the computer, Comedy Classics is part of Berkeley Systems' growing affiliate labels program.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Berkeley   (959 words)

 The Story of Bacon's Rebellion
Sir William Berkeley had served two long terms as Governor, during which his attractive personality and intellectual gifts had brought him wide popularity, and his home, "Green Spring," some four miles from Jamestown, had become famous for its atmosphere of refinement and good cheer, and as a resort for wandering Cavaliers.
Berkeley was informed of the feeling in that county and told that the settlers there were loyal to him and would support him against Bacon.
Sir William Berkeley, writing of his enemy's illness and death in a tone of great satisfaefion, says that Bacon swore his "usual oath"-"God damn my blood!"- at least "a thousand times a day," and that "God so infected his blood" that it bred vermin in "an incredible number," to which "God added" his sickness.
www.newrivernotes.com /va/bacon.htm   (15316 words)

 George Berkeley
George Berkeley, trained in philosophy at Trinity College Dublin, continues the tradition of the Cambridge Platonists and the 4th Earl of Shaftsbury, who find the mechanical philosophy of Descartes, Gassendi, Locke, Boyle and Newton as dangerous as the complete materialism of Hobbes and Spinoza.
Berkeley calls his alternative to the views he criticizes immaterialism.
March 12, Born the eldest son to William Berkeley, an officer of customs, near Kilkenny in Ireland.
oregonstate.edu /instruct/phl302/philosophers/berkeley.html   (750 words)

 Sir William Berkeley and the Forging of Colonial Virginia [VHS Museum Shop]
Sir William Berkeley and the Forging of Colonial Virginia
Sir William Berkeley (1605–1677) influenced colonial Virginia more than any other man of his era.
Yet Berkeley's increasingly questionable policies also precipitated Bacon's Rebellion in 1676, led by his second wife's cousin.
www.shop-vahistorical.org /swilliamberkeley.html   (385 words)

 Green Spring
Green Spring is the 17th century plantation of Virginia's colonial governor, Sir William Berkeley.
Green Spring allows a unique opportunity to interpret Berkeley's influence on the development of Virginia and America from 1642-1677, the evolution of the plantation system, the expanse of agricultural and industrial experimentation, and the political discord with the emergence of Bacon's Rebellion in 1676-1677 that resulted in the burning of Jamestown, the capital.
Working with our partners, Friends of the National Park Service for Green Spring, Inc. and James City County, Colonial National Historical Park is moving forward in protecting, researching, preserving and interpreting this valuable resource.
www.nps.gov /colo/grnspg/gs_pg1.html   (164 words)

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