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Topic: William Paul Quinn

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  William Paul Quinn   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
William Paul Quinn, the fourth Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, was born on April 10, 1788 in Calcutta, India.
Quinn was admitted to the conference in 1816.
Bishop Quinn was married to Mary Jane Quinn.
home.cfl.rr.com /mtmoriah/quinn.html   (214 words)

 Archived Issues
Quinn's 1990 volume on Titus (Anchor Bible 35) was to have been complemented by this work on 1 and 2 Timothy.
Quinn held the author of the Pastorals wrote in "another's persona with accompanying anonymity" (xiii), which, in a way, Wacker himself has also done ("I know what it is to write in another's name...using source material!" xi).
William Mounce's work is an unfortunate casualty of this simultaneous "publishing event." His book is inevitably compared to the others, not least because he was an Aberdeen student and is influenced by both Marshall and Towner.
www.stone-campbelljournal.com /archive/42/bookreviews/quinn_wacker.htm   (1152 words)

 Pat Quinn Speaker Profile at The Lavin Agency
Quinn was previously the president and G.M. of The Vancouver Canucks.
Quinn has also coached the Philadelphia Flyers, where he led them to the top of the NHL standings in 1980 with a staggering 35 game undefeated streak, which still stands today.
Quinn's hockey smarts and coaching prowess are matched only by his business acumen.
www.thelavinagency.com /canada/patquinn.html   (561 words)

 African American Registry: William P. Quinn was a spiritual leader
*William Paul Quinn was born on this date in 1788.
From Calcutta, India, Quinn was admitted to the conference in 1816.
Bishop Quinn was pastor in Gouldtown, Springtown, and Salem Churches in New Jersey.
www.aaregistry.com /detail.php3?id=800   (182 words)

 [No title]
Paul Quinn College was founded by a small group of African Methodist Episcopal circuit-riding preachers in Austin, Texas, April 4, 1872.
Later under the direction of Bishop William Paul Quinn, A.M.E districts were developed throughout the South and funds became available to improve the College.
In 1990, Paul Quinn College relocated to Dallas, Texas, and, under the direction of a committed Board of Trustees and a visionary President, the College continues to grow and expand.
www.pqc.edu /about.htm   (303 words)

 Quinn, James F., Assignment Record
Quinn was also accused of negligent absence in the 1968 drowning death of an altar boy from the same parish, but a jury found that Quinn and the diocese did not conceal Quinn's role.
Quinn allegedly used alcohol in the abuse, molested Zumpano on CYO trips, and bribed Zumpano to remain silent.
Quinn denies the charges, and the diocese reinstated Quinn after an internal investigation, citing "insufficient evidence." The diocese claims this is the only accusation against Quinn.
www.bishop-accountability.org /assign/Quinn_James_F_SY.htm   (1590 words)

 KWBU Radio and TV - Public Broadcasting for Central Texas || Paul Quinn College campus renovations moving forward
Paul Quinn College, Texas' oldest liberal arts college for African Americans, was originally founded in Austin in 1872 as the Connectional College.
Image 1 Paul Quinn College's marquee seen through the barbed wire fence that surrounds the campus.
Image 3 Paul Quinn College's former auditorium, which is being refurbished into a community center.
www.baylor.edu /kwbu/index.php?id=20279   (449 words)

 Paul Auster (The Definitive Website)
In City of Glass, for example, the protagonist Daniel Quinn is a mystery novel writer who goes by the pseudonym William Wilson.
On the first two nights, Quinn tells the caller he has dialled the wrong number but on the third night, Quinn succumbs to impulse and pretends to be Paul Auster, private investigator.
Thus begins a surreal detective fiction with Quinn (as Paul Auster) assuming the role of his, or William Wilson's, fictional detective Max Work.
www.paulauster.co.uk /indrasatkunasingamtnyt.htm   (959 words)

 Tarot Cards Deal Out Movie Chills and Thrills
But according to Paul Quinn, author of the forthcoming book, “Intuitive Conversations with Life: Tarot for Insight, Guidance and Growth,” the cards’ creepy image is undeserved.
Quinn believes movies and television may play a significant role in the increased interest in the tarot.
Recently listed by Chicago Magazine as a “top talent,” Paul Quinn is a professional intuitive with an international clientele, and is author of the forthcoming book Intuitive Conversations with Life: Tarot for Insight, Guidance and Growth.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/7/prweb418298.htm   (745 words)

 Amazon.com: Quinn's Book: Books: William J. Kennedy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Daniel Quinn, America's foremost Civil War reporter, recalls his adolescent years in and around Albany, New York, and his 15-year pursuit of the mysterious Maud Fallon, a theater star world-renowned for her nude interpretations of Byron and Keats.
I, DANIEL QUINN, neither the first nor the last of a line of such Quinns, set eyes on Maud the wondrous on a late December day in 1849 on the banks of the river of aristocrats and paupers, just as the great courtesan.
Though the fate of the Irish immigrant is not the main theme in the novel, Quinn's background of being a penniless Irish orphan doesn't increase his chances of gaining the hand of Maud, though she declares her love for him upon their first meeting when she is but thirteen to his fifteen.
www.amazon.com /Quinns-Book-William-J-Kennedy/dp/0140077375   (1803 words)

 The Pioneers Page
He became the Senior Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church May 9, 1849, after the death of Bishop Morris Brown and remained the Senior Bishop of the church until his death in Richmond, Indiana, February 3, 1873.
Quinn served as the Senior Bishop for 24 years and 8 months, the longest term a Senior Bishop had served up to that time.
DANIEL A. Daniel Alexander Payne, the sixth Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, was born in Charleston, South Carolina on February 24,1811 to free colored parents, London and Martha Payne.
our.homewithgod.com /jerusalem/four.html   (1132 words)

 Waco's Multicultural Heritage - Waco Convention & Visitors Bureau, Waco, Texas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Saint Paul AME Church, founded in 1875, was for years the largest meeting place for African American groups in Waco.
Paul Quinn College, a historically fl college, was founded in 1872 by the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
The college was named after Bishop William Paul Quinn, an early missionary.
www.wacocvb.com /waco-culture.html   (568 words)

 IQ: Path of Freedom
In 1837, Rev. William Paul Quinn began the Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church in Vigo County to bring African-Americans together within Terre Haute.
William Paul Quinn was born April 10, 1788 in Calcutta, India.
“Paul Quinn and Richard Allen were free slaves who began this church,” Davis said.
web.indstate.edu /iq/Spring_2005/Path_Freedom.htm   (1091 words)

 William Paul Quinn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
William Paul Quinn (1788-1873) was the fourth bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
He became the Senior Bishop of the church in May of 1849 and served until his death in Richmond, Indiana, on February 3, 1873.
Paul Quinn College (founded 1872), the oldest African American liberal arts college in Texas, was named after him.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/William_Paul_Quinn   (161 words)

 Paul Quinn College - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Paul Quinn College is the oldest African-American liberal arts college in Texas.
It was founded in 1872 in Austin, Texas, and was named after William Paul Quinn (1788-1873), the fourth bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
Paul Quinn • Philander Smith • Prairie View AandM • Rust • Saint Paul's • Savannah State • Selma • Shaw • South Carolina State • Southern • Southern (New Orleans) • Southern (Shreveport) • Southwestern Christian • Spelman • St.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Paul_Quinn_College   (256 words)

 Bill Quinn - Memory Alpha - A Wikia wiki
Bill Quinn (6 May 1912 – 29 April 1994) was the actor who appeared as David McCoy, the father of Doctor Leonard McCoy, in the 1989 film Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.
Quinn is best known for his roles on four television series: as Sweeney the bartender on The Rifleman (co-starring Paul Fix); as Dr. Melnitz on The Odd Couple (with Garry Walberg); and as Mr.
Quinn also appeared in numerous motion pictures, beginning with the 1960 war drama The Mountain Road, which starred TOS guest actor Glenn Corbett.
memory-alpha.org /en/wiki/Bill_Quinn   (454 words)

 Handbook of Texas Online:
Paul Quinn College, the oldest African-American liberal arts college in Texas, was founded in Austin in 1872 by several circuit-riding preachers of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
After the 1988 closing of another predominantly fl institution, Bishop College of Dallas, and its 1990 purchase at auction by African-American businessman Comer S. Cottrell, Paul Quinn College was offered the opportunity to move to the Bishop campus in hopes of building its enrollment and facilities.
Paul Quinn College is supervised by a twenty-six-member board of trustees, chaired by the presiding prelate of the A.M.E. Church.
www.tsha.utexas.edu /handbook/online/articles/PP/kbp8.html   (674 words)

 Archives: Story
Quinn Chapel traces its origin to simple services that were held in the home of Henry Harney in December 1856.
It was completed in 1869 and named in the honor of Bishop William Paul Quinn who was the fourth bishop of African Methodist Episcopal Church.
In 1909, a second church bearing the name of Quinn Chapel was built on the corner of Eighth and Adams streets.
www.irontontribune.com /articles/2006/09/04/news/news/news112.txt   (560 words)

 Pat Quinn to coach at Spengler Cup
Pat Quinn will be back behind the bench later this month as coach of Team Canada at the Spengler Cup.
Quinn, who last coached in the NHL with the Toronto Maple Leafs, has agreed to take charge of the Canadian team that's set to compete at the annual holiday tournament in Davos, Switzerland.
Quinn, 63, coached Team Canada to gold at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games and the World Cup of Hockey championship in 2004.
www.cbc.ca /sports/hockey/story/2006/12/01/pat-quinn.html?ref=rss   (1272 words)

 Jacket 12 - Paul Quinn - The surprising survival of Language poetry and poetics
Jacket 12 - Paul Quinn - The surprising survival of Language poetry and poetics
There is even (a somewhat revisionist gesture for so pointedly impersonal a poet) an autobiographical interview, which is, nevertheless, a good introduction to the poet and his preoccupations.
Paul Quinn is a freelance writer and programme maker.
jacketmagazine.com /12/quinn-tls.html   (1575 words)

 Maryknoll Africa - Biography: Richard Quinn
Father Richard James Quinn was born on September 27, 1926 in Passaic, New Jersey, son of William John and Mary Holland Quinn.
Following his ordination, Father Quinn was assigned to the Maryknoll Mission Region in Musoma, Tanganyika, East Africa.
During a Sabbatical year in 1979-1980, Father Quinn participated in two mission renewal programs; one at Maryknoll Seminary and the second at the Vatican II Institute in Menlo Park, California.
www.maryknollafrica.org /BioRQuinn.htm   (520 words)

 Bishop Quinn   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
William Paul Quinn was born in Honduras sometime near the turn of the 19th Century, although some accounts list his birthplace as Calcutta, India.
According to an affadavit issued in 1851, his mother was Egyptian and his father a Spaniard engaged in the mahogany business.
His funeral in 1873 had to be held in the Pearl Street M.E. Church because the Bethel Church was too small to hold the large number of mourners.
www.mrl.lib.in.us /history/biography/quinn.htm   (222 words)

 [No title]
Paul's is the oldest African Methodist Episcopal congregation in St. Louis and the second-oldest fl Protestant church.
The original church was established in 1841 by the Reverend William Paul Quinn, a native of Honduras.
Paul's moved to its present location from the Mill Creek area.
www.umsl.edu /services/library/blackstudies/stanorct.htm   (1028 words)

 The Political Graveyard: Index to Politicians: Quinn
Quinn, Anna — of Manhattan, New York County, N.Y. Democrat.
Quinn, Matt — of Ellsworth, Pierce County, Wis. Democrat.
Quinn, Matthew — of Novi, Oakland County, Mich.
politicalgraveyard.com /bio/quinn.html   (1098 words)

 Showgirls British Premier Article - William Shockley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
"You're an anti-Christ, you're the Devil." William Shockley grins, well, devilishly, as he recalls the public response in LA to his performance in the controversial Las Vegas Sleazefest, Showgirls.
It doesn't help, of course, that the actor's appearance as rock god Andrew Carver centers on the brutal rape of Gina Ravera's costume girl, Molly, in a scene considered so unpalatable that it was hacked to a bare minimum for the film's UK release.
"(Director) Paul (Verhoeven) said, 'It looks like you're faking it,'" Shockley recalls of the filming of the controversial "rape." "I was really hitting (Gina) on the ass over and over again all night, to the point where the make-up person had to come in to hide the welts and bruises.
www.williamshockley.com /showgirls1.html   (294 words)

 All About Romance: Interview with Julia Quinn
You see, Julia's dedication included this clever snippet about her fiance: And for Paul, even though he insisted that the title ought to be Splendid in the Grass.
She adds that, "Soon after, it was pretty obvious that William Dunford.
Dancing at Midnight has a little more conflict in it, but as Julia writes, she tries to make certain she has a good idea who the characters are because their motivations drive the plot.
www.likesbooks.com /quinn.html   (1234 words)

 Quinn, Blue, Nameless - The New York Trilogy
Author Paul Auster takes the conventions and cliches of the genre, and converts them, distorts them, and turns them inside out in this high-falutin', sometimes exasperating literary trilogy that's also a heap of fun.
The hero of first novel, DANIEL QUINN, is a private eye writer whose fiction becomes reality when his life is turned upside down when he answers a mysterious telephone call for help.
And just to further blur the lines, the calls Quinn starts receiving are from someone looking for a P.I. named Paul Auster.
www.thrillingdetective.com /trilogy.html   (416 words)

 William O. Campbell - Memory Alpha - A Wikia wiki
William O. Campbell (born 7 July 1959) played Thadiun Okona in TNG: "The Outrageous Okona." He should not be confused with the William Campbell who played Koloth and Trelane.
Campbell also portrayed The Rocketeer in the film of the same name, which co-starred Paul Sorvino, Terry O'Quinn, Tiny Ron, Ed Lauter, Max Grodénchik, and Clint Howard.
He was the second choice for the role of William T. Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but Jonathan Frakes won the part.
memory-alpha.org /en/wiki/William_O._Campbell   (217 words)

 Aboard the Underground Railroad-- Bethel AME Church, Indiana
The first AME church in Indianapolis, the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church has played an important role in the city's fl community for over 160 years.
Originally founded in 1836 by William Paul Quinn and Augustus Turner, the church, then known as "Indianapolis Station," started with a small congregation that met in Quinn's log cabin.
In 1841 a small house of worship was constructed, and by 1848 the church had 100 members and became active in the antislavery movement, often harboring fugitive slaves en route to Canada.
www.cr.nps.gov /nr/travel/underground/in1.htm   (263 words)

 KWTX | Paul Quinn Celebrates 134th Birthday   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
A small group of African Methodist-Episcopal preachers founded Paul Quinn on April 4, 1872 in Austin.
Five years later Paul Quinn moved to Waco, where it would remain for more than a century.
It was called Waco College, but the name was changed to honor AME Bishop William Paul Quinn when the state chartered the school in 1881.
www.kwtx.com /home/headlines/2564501.html   (158 words)

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