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Topic: Windshield Wiper

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 Windscreen wiper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wipers may be powered by a variety of means, although most in existence today are powered by an electric motor through a series of mechanical components, typically two 4-bar linkages in series or parallel.
Mary Anderson is said to have invented the windshield wiper in the United States, where she patented the idea in 1905.
However, the first designs of the windscreen wiper were actually credited to Józef Hofmann, who curiously had no profession whatsoever in such an occupation - he was one of the most famous pianists of the 20th century.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Windshield_wiper   (416 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The windshield wiper cleaner of claim 3 wherein said cleaning elements along a top row are of a minimum size, and said cleaning elements along a bottom row are of a maximum size, said cleaning elements gradually reducing in size from said bottom row to said top row.
The windshield wiper cleaner of claim 10 wherein said cleaning elements are arranged in a plurality of parallel rows.
The windshield wiper cleaner of claim 12 wherein said cleaning elements along a top row are of a minimum size, and said cleaning elements along a bottom row are of a maximum size, said cleaning elements gradually reducing in size from said bottom row to said top row.
www.wipo.int /cgi-pct/guest/getbykey5?KEY=99/22973.990514&ELEMENT_SET=DECL   (2613 words)

 Windscreen wiper -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Almost all (4-wheeled motor vehicle; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine) automobiles are equipped with windscreen wipers, often by legal requirement.
In 1921 the first British (An official document granting a right or privilege) patent for windscreen wipers was registered by Mills Munitions of (A city in central England; 2nd largest English city and an important industrial and transportation center) Birmingham, England.
However, the first designs of the windscreen wiper were actually credited to (additional info and facts about Józef Hofmann) Józef Hofmann, who curiously had no profession whatsoever in such an occupation - he was one of the most famous (A person who plays the piano) pianists of the 20th century.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/w/wi/windscreen_wiper.htm   (369 words)

 The ‘Humble’ windshield wiper a major player in road safety
Windshield wipers can make all the difference between giving you a feeling of confidence or making you feel vulnerable when you are driving at dusk, at night, or in severe weather conditions, such as pouring rain or on extremely dry, dusty roads.
Windshield wipers and blades are subject to normal wear and tear like any other part on your vehicle.
Experts recommend wiping the windshield and wiper blades with alcohol, or better still, with warm water and detergent and a soft brush or sponge as often as necessary to keep them clean.
www.caymannetnews.com /2005/05/842/windshield.shtml   (727 words)

 The mechanical windshield wiper was invented by Mary Anderson who was issued a patent in 1905   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The mechanical windshield wiper was invented by Mary Anderson who was issued a patent in 1905.
In 1904, she applied for a patent for a mechanical windshield wiper - a swinging arm with a rubber blade.
Mary never sold her invention but by 1913 mechanical windshield wipers were standard equipment on American cars.
local.aaca.org /junior/btw/wiper.htm   (147 words)

 windshield wiper review - Amidst a tangled web
www.wiperbuddy.com.All problems with the windshield wiper are due to spring pressure from the wiper arm and the extreme heat of the windshield.
The wipers are not working in low or normal speeds…only in the high speed (not as fast as usual), even at that sometimes the wipers stop and then start again.
This is due to wiper arm spring pressure forcing the wiper to turn to one side futher causing it to maintain that position and cannot rotate back and forth to properly clean the windshield.
dan.hersam.com /archives/2003/04/11/windshield-wiper-review   (2023 words)

 NSX Prime - windshield wiper lacking pressure!
As far as i know the windshield wiper assembly and wiper blades (metal and rubber parts) are all original.
The wipers haven't been working that well which i figured was due to the fact that the rubber was old.
I finally replaced the wiper blades (metal and rubber part) the other day with Bosch assemblies, but still the top of both the blades don't seem to contact the windshield.
www.nsxprime.com /forums/printthread.php?t=25150   (383 words)

 AAA : Your Car : Windshield Wipers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The rubber blade portion of the wiper is replaceable - either as a rubber refill or a complete blade assembly - and has a limited lifespan of just a few years.
If your car has concealed wipers and you can't get access to the blades when the wipers are still, turn on the ignition switch and the wiper switch until the wipers are about halfway up the windshield.
If you prefer to have your car's wiper blades replaced by a service facility, your periodic inspection will ensure that they are replaced before they cause visibility problems in inclement weather.
www.csaa.com /global/articledetail/0,1398,1004010305|2036,00.html   (407 words)

The adjustable single wiper arm can be supplied in 2 different sizes: model AS from 11" to 14.4" model AL from 15.6" to 18.9".
The twin wiper arm model AD for the parallel wiper is adjustable between 12.1" and 15.5".
Both wiper blades can be fitted to the twin wiper arm in 2 different positions, so that the wiped surface can be adjusted.
www.foreandaftmarine.com /VT-RWBS.htm   (188 words)

 Wiper Motor - Windshield Wiper Arm and Motor - Discount Prices
As a wiper motor is starting to fail you will see the wiper blades intermittently stop across the windshield.
Make sure if you are going to change the wiper motor, that you install the wiper motor without attaching the wiper linkage to the motor until you have turned on the wiper motor and let the motor park.
Having a windshield washer setup is good because it allows you to clean the windshield while driving.
www.drivewire.com /replacementparts/windshieldwiper.html   (320 words)

 Windshield Wiper Valet Service   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Then, twist the end of the wiper arm to change the 'attack' angle of the wiper to the windshield and the cover shield.
First, slide a crescent wrench over the wiper arm near the connection to the wiper itself (but not on the fat end piece that connects to the wiper blade); the wrench should be pointing toward the passenger side of the car.
The resulting new attack angle of the wiper to the windshield should be such that the blade is either vertical or the top is tilted slightly back *away* from the base of the windshield.
www.gnttype.org /techarea/bodygauges/wipers.html   (860 words)

 Repairing Your Windshield Wiper Assembly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The weather was poor with heavy rain and as they headed down the Interstate passing through Tacoma (WA) the windshield wiper on their high-mileage '85 190E came to a stop partway in it's travel arc.
Looking at the visible part of the wiper assembly, there is a large semi-oval cover about the size of the palm of your hand which the wiper arm emerges from.
Now that the entire articulated wiper actuator is in plain view, you will see as I did that the shaft that extends the arm up into the windshield corners (twice per sweep) is very likely no longer lubricated.
electric.articles.mbz.org /wipers   (840 words)

 Electrical System: Wipers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The wiper control switch has several modes to change wiper speed, and in many cases to turn the wipers on intermittently.
Purpose: Wipers, whether located on the windshield, rear window, or headlights, are used to clear rain, sleet, snow, and dirt.
The wiper system was never intended to be an ice scraper and over-stressing the wipers can cause damage to the wipers, the wiper linkages and transmission, and the wiper motor.
www.carcarecouncil.org /Electrical/wipers.shtml   (393 words)

 Juan, Jason, and Tom's Windshield Wiper Report
This wiper, equipped with an extendable arm, will be able to adjust its length to account for the corners of the windshield, which are unreachable by the present two-wiper system.
      The wiper design consists of two parallel blades-- one blade which remains static throughout the wiper motion (it covers approximately the same windshield area as does the modern-day wiper design) and another blade that is free to extend and contract according to the wiper's location on the windshield.
This track was calculated to compensate for the dimensions of the windshield-- the shape of the track was determined by the extension of the wiper as a function of the angle of the wiper from the horizontal.
coewww.rutgers.edu /~jmelli/project/report.html   (1495 words)

 Windshield Wiper
Everblades® Heated Wiper Blades are made with an engineered EPDM rubber compound that maximizes their wiping effectiveness and usable life compared to natural rubber and silicone rubber windshield wipers.
Booted winter wipers are a concept that keep ice and snow buildup from the "works" of the wiper, but do not prevent ice and snow buildup on the squeegee blade.
Heated windshield wiper blades go the next step, actually melting the ice and snow away so that they won't interfere with wipe quality or blade function.
www.everblades.com   (415 words)

 Windshield Wipers - Professional Mechanics OnLine
Wipers will not wash windshield when wipers are on (intermittent, slow, or fast) 2.
My original windshield wipers come on and my park lights come on, not all at one time but usually one or the other.
I have taken the fuses out of the wiper fluid and the windshield wipers and kept them out to stop it from coming on but the park lights still come on when something underneath the hood gets wet and stays on long enough to drain the battery.
www.2carpros.com /topics/wipers.htm   (1382 words)

 Wiper Blades
Wiper blades are replaced using adapters included in the installation kit.
The same properties that enable them to withstand the temperatures generated by the heating element provide superior wiping performance all year long with or without heat.
They're a "shield of heat", protecting against windshield wiper icing.
www.everblades.com /pages/2   (437 words)

 How to Replace Windshield Wiper Blades - eHow.com
Windshield wiper blades are usually packaged with the rubber wiper as well as its support structure.
Remove the windshield wiper blade from the arm at the attachment.
Do not let the windshield wiper arm snap back against the windshield when there is no blade attached; this can crack the windshield.
www.ehow.com /how_107_replace-windshield-wiper.html   (475 words)

 Mustangworld - Moving the wiper arms down
Reader Tip: I have a tip for adjusting the wiper blades on 1994-01 Mustangs so that they are less visible from the driver's view through the windshield.
The factory installed positions allow too much of the wiper blade visible through the lower surface of the windshield when viewed from the driver's seat.
The wiper sweep on the driver's side is reduced ever so slightly but the benefit of seeing the hood surface through the windshield outweighs that.
www.mustangworld.com /ourpics/fcar/wiper1.htm   (694 words)

 Windshield Wiper - Volvospeed Forums
The stopping position on the windshield wipers is not at the bottom of the cycle.
The wiper arms stopping someplace other than the normal position could be caused by a loose locking nut on the wiper motor where the linkage arm attaches to the motor.
If the wiper is reaching the bottom and then parking elsewhere, then my guess would be a relay issue, or that your wiper motor wasnt in the park position when installed.
www.volvospeed.com /vs_forum/index.php?showtopic=3770   (398 words)

 Install A Manual Wiper   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Most states require at least one windshield wiper, regardless of whether or not we roadster drivers will ever actually be driving in the rain.
The Ron Francis windshield wiper bracket is made of stainless steel with urethane blocks in between the two pieces.
Two little tangs on the base of the wiper arm were removed to lengthen the shaft so it would extend through the block.
www.kitcarmag.com /techarticles/74578   (523 words)

 Windshield Wipers & Washer System | Advance Auto Parts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
First, the basics of the wiper system: The power behind the windshield wipers is generated by a small electric motor with a linkage that converts the motor output to the action of the wipers.
The most economical fix-it is to simply replace the wiper refill (figure on doing this at least once a year).
Clean, quiet wiper action is as dependent on solid pressure as well as the condition of the rubber.
www.advanceautoparts.com /english/youcan/html/ccr/ccr20030601ww.html   (978 words)

 Manual Windshield Wiper on The Jeep CJ3B Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
A manually-operated wiper was fitted to the passenger side of the windshield on most CJ-3B's; a second vacuum-operated wiper motor was an optional extra.
Some CJ-3B's have the ventilating windshield and will accept the short-arm manual wiper which is mounted about 1/2-inch from the glass, as seen on Derek's 3B in the photo.
The only manual wiper currently available new from vendors, is designed to work on Jeeps with that foldout ventilating windshield, and is too short to effectively wipe a wide arc on the standard CJ-3B windshield.
www.film.queensu.ca /CJ3B/Tech/WiperManual.html   (1377 words)

 Windshield Wiper
The windshield wiper system is one of the most important safety factors on any piece of equipment.
A typical electric windshield wiper system consists of a switch, motor assembly, wiper linkage and arms, and wiper blades.
The WIPER LINKAGE and ARMS transfers motion from the wiper motor transmission to the wiper blades.
www.tpub.com /basae/60.htm   (650 words)

 JAMAK - Windshield Wiper
Endurance Edge™ silicone wipers are at the pinnacle of the JAMAK "Edge" family of wipers.
JAMAK Global Wipers is a leader in the automotive windshield wiper aftermarket.
New to JAMAK Global Wipers is the Glider Beam Blade, the future in all-season wiper performance.
www.jamakwipers.com   (168 words)

 Halfbakery: Windscreen Wiper Umbrellas
Apparently, a major reason why windscreen/windshield wiper blades wear out (particularly in hot locales) is because when a car sits in the sun, its windscreen heats up and the rubber wiper blades bake onto the glass.
The next time the wipers are activated, the small melted portion of the blade still attached to the windscreen tears off, leaving a ruined area that no longer apposes (not to mention, wipes) the glass.
It was older Amercan cars with concealed wipers that parked their blades, below the bottom edge of the windshield glass, on a raised section of cowl material.
www.halfbakery.com /idea/Windscreen_20Wiper_20Umbrellas   (714 words)

 dooce: The post in which I actually use the phrase "hot forks of displeasure" and I am apologizing for it right now
So he would drive around with all this shit on his windshield — bird poop and water stains and mud and various other fluids of curious origin — and he could barely see out of a two-inch space on the passenger side of the window.
I clean the windshield every time I get into the car, and then three or four times while I’m driving city streets, a couple dozen times if I’m on the freeway.
The first time I saw him reach for that lever to cleanse the windshield I knew that he was a keeper.
www.dooce.com /archives/daily/07_06_2004.html   (551 words)

 Windshield, inventor of windshield wiper, windshield washer pump   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The windshield is the glass panel attached to the windshield panel of a vehicle, covering the front of the driver and front passenger.
A wiperless windshield is a windshield which uses another mechanism than...
Due to its hazardous nature, windshield wiper solution is required to have a...
www.finescooter.com /windshield.html   (1381 words)

 Bad Designs - Windshield wiper controls   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
I reached for the wiper control and turned it forward one notch.
he problem is that the wiper controls on the Ranger and the Taurus do not operate in the same way.
But the Ranger wiper control must be turned backward to change to the INTERMITTENT mode.
www.baddesigns.com /wiper1.html   (226 words)

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