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In the News (Mon 18 Feb 19)

  Wine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wine is an alcoholic beverage produced by the fermentation of the juice of fruits, usually grapes.
Thus, vintage wines are produced to be individually characteristic of the vintage and to serve as the flagship wines of the producer.
Wine is a popular and important beverage that accompanies and enhances a wide range of European and Mediterranean-style cuisines, from the simple and traditional to the most sophisticated and complex.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wine   (6407 words)

 Wine (software) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wine is free software, released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).
The Wine project originally released Wine under the same MIT License as the X Window System, but owing to concern about proprietary versions of Wine not contributing their changes back to the core project, work as of March 2002 has used the LGPL for its licensing.
The Wine developers released the first beta version of Wine (version 0.9) on October 25, 2005 after 12 years of development.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wine_(software)   (1268 words)

 Wine.com - Buy Wine, Wine Clubs, Gift Baskets and more
These wines are made from organically grown grapes from vineyards dedicated to sustainable farming.
These wines will improve from additional bottle age, when properly stored, and may show the greatest potential to increase in value.
These wine ratings are based on a 100 point quality scale, and are selected by each publication's unique criteria.
www.wine.com   (251 words)

 Wine HQ
Wine does not require Microsoft Windows, as it is a completely free alternative implementation of the Windows API consisting of 100% non-Microsoft code, however Wine can optionally use native Windows DLLs if they are available.
Wine provides both a development toolkit for porting Windows source code to Unix as well as a program loader, allowing many unmodified Windows programs to run on x86-based Unixes, including Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Solaris.
The Wine team would especially like to thank Lars Mathiassen and the members of the Party Poker Strategy Guide for their recent donations that sponsored the event.
www.winehq.com   (734 words)

 Wine Whys   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
While this wine is not sweet, the fruit characteristics represent the typical peaches, apricots and honey that Viognier is known for.
A wine, a winemaking region, and a town: Barolo the wine is made in Barolo, a small region in Piemonte consisting of 11 different villages the largest of which are Barolo (the town), La Morra, Castigliano Falletto, Monforte d'Alba, and Serralunga d'Alba.
Wines bought in the fitst "tranche" are the least expensive, but the tradeoff is that wine buyers have to outlay the cash without receiving the merchandise for months to come.
wine.blogs.com   (8182 words)

 Wine is a fermentation of grapes or grape juice.
Wine S.O.S. was developed by two wine-loving pharmacists from America and Belgium.
Wine SOS balances your body’s chemistry so that your moderate wine consumption gives you all the scientifically proven cardiovascular and cancer fighting benefits with none of the negative hangover affects normally associated with wine—GUARANTEED.
Wine S.O.S. guarantees you will not feel a hangover the morning after enjoying a glass of wine at dinner or we will refund you your money back.
www.winesos.com /wine.html   (211 words)

 WineAccess > Welcome to Wine Access
The critically acclaimed, independent bimonthly IWC, covering all of the important wine-producing regions of the world, is read by wine lovers in all 50 states and 30 countries.
We buy our wines at retail and blind taste them so that you get the most detailed and unbiased look at what's best for your table.
This mildly yeast-oriented wine counts freshness and vitality as it biggest virtues, and, if never especially fruity, it is nicely bubbled, slightly creamy in feel and graced with subtle touches of toast scattered along its way.
www.wineaccess.com   (273 words)

 Howstuffworks "How Winemaking Works"
Many Americans enjoy wine with a meal or have wine at social functions.
Wine is an alcoholic beverage derived from grapes by fermentation, much the way beer is derived from the fermentation of grains.
Unlike beer, wines are not carbonated (except champagne and sparkling wines).
home.howstuffworks.com /winemaking.htm   (174 words)

 Wine International - the definitive guide from the essential wine magazine
The home of Wine & Spirit magazine, the new name for Wine International, organisers of the International Wine Challenge.
Search thousands of wines (and where to buy them), our archive and extensive encyclopaedia.
The International Wine Challenge 2006 results are now available in full, with tasting notes, price and stockist details - all you need to know to get hold of the world's top wines.
www.wineint.com   (108 words)

 freshmeat.net: Project details for Wine
Wine is an implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix.
Great to see the effort being put into Wine, it's a really useful piece of software and was fun to learn about (especially with the extensive documentation).
Wine is looking better all the time though.
freshmeat.net /projects/wine   (688 words)

 Wine Lovers' Page / Front Page
Spot these wines on the shelf and you might guess they were Italian, with their simple, old-fashioned labels with a woodcut-look winery scene, a small logo that resembles a blob of red sealing wax, Italian grape varieties and even a winery name that ends in vowels, Pietra Santa.
Pull the cork and taste the wine and you still might wonder, as their earthy, tart and complex and very food-friendly flavors show what seems to be a distinct Italian accent.
Foods and wines are matched in the exact same way as they are tasted: on the palate, where it comes together.
www.wineloverspage.com   (971 words)

 Wine Country Gateway to Pacific Northwest wineries, wines and wine touring in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British ...
Wine Country Gateway to Pacific Northwest wineries, wines and wine touring in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia
acific Northwest wine country, its wineries and its wines can all be thoroughly explored and enjoyed using this website -- a one-stop, interactive tour guide full of touring maps and information about the wines and wine regions within Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia.
Learn which grape varieties are grown in which Pacific Northwest wine regions, and what types of wines are made from those grapes, using our Wine Cellar.
www.winesnw.com   (320 words)

 Wine . Sign On San Diego . com - San Diego Wine Guide : Wineries , Tours , Retailers , Vacations, Resources
Established among the first vineyards planted in the region in 1968, Maurice Car'rie Winery is known in the Temecula Valley as one of the most inviting and warm Wine Country atmospheres.
I love visiting there, because the wineries are easy to find, the wines are tasty, the tasting room servers are friendly and the local restaurants are good.
This segment is about how to fully enjoy your wine tasting experience, whether at home, a wine tasting event, or at your favorite tasting room.
wine.signonsandiego.com   (283 words)

 Wine Business - Home Page for the Wine Industry
With participation increasing every year, the program's function of increasing visibility, as well as regard for Washington wine, is certainly succeeding.
To conclude Washington Wine Month, the WWC recognized retailers statewide for their support and creativity in building retail displays at the Retail Awards Program, held at Salty's on Alki on September 11th.
French wine authorities have been criticised for creating three more appellation contrôlée wine areas at a time when France is trying to simplify its wine offering to consumers.
winebusiness.com   (519 words)

 Wine-Storage Cave Facility...For information call 845-532-3005 ....thanks
We are the first...fine and rare wine storage facility located in a cave on the North American continent.
The purpose of the Wine Storage Cave is to store, educate and develop friendship among the lovers of wine and the collectors who need the very best in the storage of fine and rare wines, cognacs, and armagnac.
At the wine cave we have barrel storage for that merlot, cab, etc.....The storage fee is $20/mo for 55 gallon barrel for one year minimum.
www.wine-storage.com   (628 words)

 INTO WINE Main Page
Wine for Dummies makes understanding wine easy and fun as one of the top NYC wine directors shows you everything from how wine is created to how to pair it with food.
You normally wouldn't choose fortified wines to accompany a meal because of their high alcohol content.
Wine is one of the first things Man created.
www.intowine.com   (396 words)

 Wine&Dine : Welcome
A restaurant which is Provence in spades, superb food and wines.
Wine & Dine bring you a free wine course in three parts.
The Elephant's Udder is steam rolling the poor wine farmers.
www.winedine.co.uk   (216 words)

 About Wine - Basics - Answers to questions about wine by Wine.com
A masterful collection of kings of red wines assembled from all over...
Wine comes in a flavor or style to please anyone on your list
People tend to serve white wines too cold and red wines too warm.
www.wine.com /aboutwine   (412 words)

 Tesco.com - Wine
New Zealand is synonymous with world-class Sauvignon Blanc but Pinot Noir and sparkling wines from the country are equally impressive.
Wines in our mixed cases may, on occasion, be out of stock.
If the replacement wine is not acceptable to you, you may return the complete case according to our returns procedure.
www.tesco.com /winestore   (301 words)

 Get Answers to Your Wine Questions
Still, I was stunned to learn, the first time I visited my husband’s parents in Bordeaux, France, that the people who live there drink the region’s famous reds with almost everything—not just lamb, beef, duck and rabbit, but also roast chicken, and even fish, from the delicate rouget to the lusty sardine.
The Tuscans love to drink their own great local wines, and they know that dogmatic rules stipulating that you must drink this or that wine with this or that dish are just plain silly.
Scan the shelves in search of your potential wine purchase and your eyes may glaze over due to the sheer number of choices available.
www.wineanswers.com   (317 words)

 Lisa Shea's WineIntro - Basic Wine Tips, FAQS, Information
My mission is to help all levels of wine drinkers find fresh enjoyment and interest in the fascinating world of wine.
There are thousands of wines in the world, from the typical Cabernet and Chardonnay to the more rare Bull's Blood and Ice Wine.
Nowadays we are far wiser about wine, and know that each of us has our own, personal palate of taste combinations we enjoy.
www.wineintro.com   (360 words)

 Wine | Wines.com guide to wine online
Also not to be missed are their highly praised Chardonnay, dessert wines and port wines.
Check our wine education page to open a variety of tools to learn wine terms, pronunciation, wine tasting tips and much more.
Fritz Hatton, Director of Christie's U.S. Wine Department, outlines the five elements of a professional wine appraisal.
www.wines.com   (565 words)

The site provides the fastest and easiest way to find who is selling a wine, to compare prices between wine stores, and to value wines.
Enter the "Wine Name" and select "Show: Exact Match" and a list of possible wines will be returned to you.
Select the specific wine which you are looking for.
www.wine-searcher.com   (144 words)

 Tom Cannavan Wine Pages
the Northeast of Italy is an exciting region of wine experimentation and change.
Andrew Stevenson reports on the white wines of Friuli...
The 'Super Whites' project was inspired by the Slow Food movement, to bring to wider attention the quality of the white wines made in Friuli by artisinal producers'
www.wine-pages.com   (274 words)

 Welcome to Beer-Wine.com
We have many beer kits and wine kits for all skill levels, and a full assortment of equipment as you gain more experience.
If you are a home brewer or wine maker, you will find all the beer supplies and wine equipment you need right here.
We have hundreds of kits for all flavors of wine and beer, plus individual wine and beer ingredients.
www.beer-wine.com   (214 words)

 CodeWeavers - Services
Not only is Wine in all of our commercial products, but it is also the focus of our professional services capabilities.
Chief among these is Alexandre Julliard, the long-time maintainer of the Wine Project itself.
Feel free to take a moment to read over our introduction to Wine, as well as a description of our service engagements.
www.codeweavers.com /technology/wine   (286 words)

 Wine Country Wine, Wineries, Wine Reviews, and Wine Information
Virtually sit at the tasting bar and learn about wines from tasting rooms throughout California and across the country.
If you are interested in the personalities behind the wine you are enjoying, WineCountry.com provides great interviews and profiles and leading winemakers and wine professionals across the country.
Subscribe to our feed for information and commentary about wine, wine tasting, wineries and the business of wine.
www.winecountry.com /wineries   (399 words)

 Wine, Sommeliers, wine pairings, wine club, wine tips and expert wine advice on Star Chefs
Few New World wine regions have such an intimate relationship with one grape as South Africa and Pinotage, a native product of the country, developed in 1925 by a professor of Viticulture at the University of Stellenbosch.
By 1524, Cortez had put in place a law which required every recipient of a Mexican land grant to plant 1,000 vine shoots each year until they reached 5,000 vines.
Wine for the Holidays: From the Four Corners of the World
www.starchefs.com /wine/html/index.shtml   (211 words)

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