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Topic: Wine making

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  Winemaking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Red wine is made from the must (pulp) of red or fl grapes that undergo fermentation together with the grape skins, while white wine is usually made by fermenting juice pressed from white grapes, but can also be made from must extracted from red grapes with minimal contact with the grapes' skins.
The grapes are usually harvested from the vineyard in the fall, in the northern hemisphere from the middle of October until the beginning of November, or the middle of February until the beginning of March in the southern hemisphere.
For red wine, the broken skins stay in contact with the juice (maceration) throughout the fermentation process, while for white wines, the crushed grapes are pressed to ferment the wine without the skins.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wine_making   (1224 words)

 Enology and Winemaking | Wine 101 | Professional Friends of Wine
For most red wines, winemakers crush, sulphite and inoculate the grapes and allow the juice to ferment in contact with the skins and pulp for 2 to 5 days at temperatures between 70° and 80° F (pinot noir is often allowed to go to 95° F).
Wine was sold by the measure and then bottled, with the customer providing the bottles which were often identified with a personal seal.
Wines that are intended for early consumption, where freshness and fruity, floral characteristics are of prime importance, may be kept for extended periods in large refrigerated tanks where these qualities are best preserved.
www.winepros.org /wine101/enology.htm   (3943 words)

 Wine Making With Grapes: E C Kraus
When making wine from wild grapes you may only be dealing with 20 to 40 pounds to end up with 5 gallons of wine.
When making wine with European wine grapes the amount is more in the neighborhood of 60 to 80 pound for 5 gallons.
Wine filters come in different sizes based on the amount of wine you are filtering and how fast you want to filter.
www.eckraus.com /wine-making-grape.html   (2161 words)

 Jack Keller's Glossary of Winemaking Terms
A wine's bouquet, captured in the bottle the wine is aged and distributed in.
The process of a wine becoming clear, which occurs when all of the yeast and microscopic bits of pulp from the base ingredients of the wine settle to the bottom of the secondary, leaving a clear wine without haze.
One-quarter to one-third of the oldest wine is drawn off for bottling and replaced with the next oldest wine, which in turn is replaced with the next-yet oldest wine, and so on until the youngest wine is being used to replace the next youngest wine.
winemaking.jackkeller.net /glossary.asp   (13594 words)

 Wine Club's Grape Wine Making Process
Without fruit there would be no wine, and no fruit other than grapes can produce annually a reliable amount of sugar to yield sufficient alcohol to preserve the resulting beverage, nor have other fruits the requisite acids, esters and tannins to make natural, stable wine on a consistent basis.
However, if a winemaker is to make white wine, he or she will quickly press the must after crushing in order to separate the juice from the skins, seeds, and solids.
Essentially, white wine is allowed very little skin contact, while red wine is left in contact with its skins to garner color, flavor, and additional tannins during fermentation, which of course is the next step.
www.winemonthclub.com /winemaking.htm   (1141 words)

 Florida Grape Growers Association - Wine Making Tips
Wine consumption in Florida grew from 1.4 gallons to 2.5 gallons per capita during the period from 1970 to 1981.
Contrary to tradition, cork stoppers and aging in wooden casks are not essential in wine making, particularly for the beginner.
Wine making is thousands of years old and an impressive body of knowledge exists on the subject.
www.fgga.org /homewinemaking.html   (2286 words)

 Wine Making: Beer-Wine
Wine was, as it is today, recognized as a social drink for the people of ancient Egypt.
At the height of the Roman Empire, wine slowly started to become a drink of the common man. Throughout Europe, citizens took favor with the art of wine making, emphasizing the originality of brews flavored with everything from fruit to fish to vegetables.
Our home wine kits provide a great introduction into the winemaking process for those looking to learn how to make their own wine.
www.beer-wine.com /wine-making.html   (583 words)

 The Wine Making and Home Brewing Beer Resource
Wine MakingComplete hobbyist source for wine making supplies, kits and equipment.
The wine making process was a lengthy and ceremonious event.
The vintners' wine makers use special machines, with very different purposes and methods depending on the grapes, to crush the grapes and/or remove the seeds, stems and skins.
www.winemakingandbeerbrewing.com   (457 words)

 Wine Making
Wine could be safely stored to within a degree or two of freezing, but it would take decades to develop.
The wines become richer, as the fruit mellows and the astringent tannins relax and contribute to the body and character.
Wine kit companies will not warrantee their kits against spoilage if sulphites are not added.
www.myhomebrew.com /winemaking.htm   (4243 words)

 Wine making supplies - Beer making supplies - Home wine making supplies - Winemaking supply   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Wine making supplies and beer making supplies for home wine making and home brewing.
The art of wine making and beer making at home is enjoyed and experienced by wine making and beer making enthusiasts everywhere.
Using our wine making supplies and beer making supplies ~ home wine makers and home brewers are able to experiment, and perfect their favorite wines and homebrews.
www.homebrewit.com   (1866 words)

 WinePress.US  The Internet's Largest Home Wine Making & Grape Growing Discussion Forum
Here the wine will sit for about 2 weeks after it settles out and we will then rack it again to remove any dead yeast, etc. Note the color change in just a week from the fermentation process.
I racked the wine and as you can see, the lees were pretty thick on the bottom of the carboy.
I've since decided to use one carboy to make apple cinnamon wine, and the other will be blended with my cranberry wine to make a cranberry apple wine.
www.winepress.us /apple.htm   (803 words)

 Wine Making Discussion Forums - Powered by vBulletin
Forum for threads about wine making equipment and the sanitation of said equipment.
If you are new to wine making and have questions about how to get started or simple questions now you are started ask here.
For topics related to wine making but not covered by any of the other forums.
www.winemakingtalk.com   (271 words)

 Howstuffworks "How Winemaking Works"
It has even been reported that a glass of red wine per day can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.
Wine is an alcoholic beverage derived from grapes by fermentation, much the way beer is derived from the fermentation of grains.
Unlike beer, wines are not carbonated (except champagne and sparkling wines).
home.howstuffworks.com /winemaking.htm   (194 words)

 Wine Making   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The first 7 chapters describe the basic procedures for the fermentation of both red wines and white wines.
The book is devoted entirely to fermentation, with no effort having been made explore different wine regions, wine appreciation or wine lore in general.
Who should have this book Focused beginners who want to make delicious wines from the very start will find the straightforward layout of this book easy to use.
www.wine-storage.com /WINEMAKING.html   (352 words)

 Welcome to Beer-Wine.com
We have many beer kits and wine kits for all skill levels, and a full assortment of equipment as you gain more experience.
If you are a home brewer or wine maker, you will find all the beer supplies and wine equipment you need right here.
If you are under 21 it is illegal for you to make or consume beer or wine in the United States.
www.beer-wine.com   (214 words)

  Wine Making Radio
In this episode of Wine Making Radio Uncorked, a show that features a one-subject theme, we re-present these interviews to give you a primer or a reminder of how to make sure your wine is in balance for the success of your vintage.
Episode four of Uncorked is an audio documentary on one month in the making of wine.
Robert Linder offers plenty of wine making tips as he and friends crush and de-stem, press and begin fermentation of the Chardonnay grapes.
www.winemakingradio.com /archiveduncorked.html   (375 words)

 Wine Making
We carry a full-line of wine making supplies, winemaking equipment and concentrate juices for the home wine maker.
If you are an experienced wine maker or new to the fast growing hobby of wine making, we have everything you need.
In addition to wine making supplies, we also have a large selection of beer brewing items, wine racks, cellaring solutions, and lots of wine related items.
www.letsdowine.com   (314 words)

 Wine Making
When transferring the wine to the storage bottle, care must be taken not to disturb the lees so the clarifying wine starts as free from sediment as possible.
Ferment the wine on the pulp for one week, stirring one or two times a day with a wooden spoon.
The wine temperature list is a very good guideline but as there are young and older, light and heavier wines one should in most cases have a margin between lowest and highest serving temperature.
www.starhaven1.net /Wine.htm   (1807 words)

 Wine Making Kits - Smith's Wine Kits
Absolutely the finest quality wine at the most economical price.
You will find a wide selection of wine kits, juice kits and wine making equipment in our online store but if you are looking for a "hard to find something " please email us and if we don't have it, we'll help you find it!             
Smith's wine making proprietors have a deep knowledge of U-Vin stores and wine kits.
smithswinemaking.com   (108 words)

 Wine Making - Beer Making Supplies
County Wines, Inc. has been providing world class quality wine and beer making supplies since 1978.
Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania we are able to provide the region with the supplies they need for award winning wines and beers.
Brew your own beer at a fraction of the cost for store bought beer.
www.countrywines.com   (61 words)

 Home wine making supply and home brew supply available on-line at Midwest Homebrewing Supplies. Search for wine recipes ...
Home wine making supply and home brew supply available on-line at Midwest Homebrewing Supplies.
We do this to make sure that our prices and selection are competitive with other homebrewing and winemaking companies.
Our employees have years of homebrewing and wine making experience from extract brewing to all grain brewing.
www.midwestsupplies.com   (1245 words)

 - Beer Making Kits, Wine Making Kits and Supplies
If you have never made beer or wine before, a Beer Making Starter Kit or a Wine Making Starter Kit will contain all the equipment you need to get started.
If you've been fermenting for a while and prefer the convenience of a complete ingredient kit, take a look at our Beer and Wine Kits.
If you're looking for ingredients and equipment, visit our Beer Making Supplies or Wine Making Supplies categories.
www.homebrewers.com   (212 words)

 The Winemaking Home Page
This is a very solid, useful and readable handbook on making your own wines.
The focus is mostly on bunch table grapes and wine grapes, but there is some information on muscadines and grapes for cooking, juice, and raisins.
Watermelon wines can be difficult to make well, but when successful they elicit awe and genuine respect....
winemaking.jackkeller.net   (1294 words)

  Wine Making Radio
The expanded selection of witty winemaking sayings on different types of apparel and gadgets will be available for only a few more weeks.
With the growth of episodes of WineMaking Radio, make sure you use the Google Toolbar on the Program and Archived Program web pages to type in a word or string of words that might be of interest to you.
If their is an episode of WineMaking Radio that covers that topic, you'll find out which episode it is and if their is supporting web pages to add more information about the wine making segment.
www.winemakingradio.com   (495 words)

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