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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

 Three wishes joke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Typically, a person finds an old lamp, rubs it and is granted three wishes by the genie in the lamp.
The person makes their first two wishes and finds that all is well.
There are many variations of the three wishes joke.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Three_wishes_joke   (266 words)

 WTOV9.com - News - Three Wishes In Town
Finding out who's wish will be granted won't happen for some time though, stay tuned to News9 for updates on wishes granted and a special behind the scenes tour of the making of "Three Wishes," where you'll meet the cast and crew and find out how the whole process works.
New Philadelphia made for a popular place to hang out after news hit that the cast and crew of Three Wishes was coming to town.
The new hit show "Three Wishes" grants wishes to people from all over the country.
www.wtov9.com /news/5103753/detail.html?rss=steu&psp=news   (233 words)

 9 out of 10 people surveyed said it would be one of their three wishes...
9 out of 10 people surveyed said it would be one of their three wishes...
members.toast.net /tgreer   (15 words)

 ABC - The Reality Network - Three Wishes
In episode one, a hobo's three wishes are for a new car (which turns out to have been stolen from the chief of police), a hot meal (which is poisoned and also undercooked), and a home (which is haunted by the ghost of a serial killer).
In a show that promises heartwarming fantasy appeal for the whole family, Samuel L. Jackson grants three wishes to a gentleman who is down on his luck.
In Three Wishes, Samuel L. Jackson (as the Genie) makes everyone's wishes come true.
www.teevee.org /archive/2003/04/01/shows/threewishes.html   (176 words)

 Nine Lives and Three Wishes
Nine Lives and Three Wishes is an entrancing, well written fantasy tale completed with a plot presenting a perfect blend of realism and fiction sure to enchant the target audience of strong middle grades readers to young adults.
Tib, Tiberius, is a being only the cat can see, offers Misty three wishes and he disappears when he touches the bottle.
So when a bottle shows up in a puddle one day, and the perhaps-genie inside it offers Misty three wishes, his first wish is that Carla won't have to worry about money anymore.
www.twilighttimesbooks.com /NineLives_ch1.html   (3419 words)

 Three Wishes December 11 &12, 2004
Three Wishes is a ballet enjoyed by audiences of all ages.
www.gbyballet.org /threewishes.htm   (60 words)

 Variety.com - Reviews - Three Wishes
There are three big wishes granted, three smaller ones indulged, two songs by Grant, innumerable bouts of crying, several shameless plugs for sponsor Ameriquest plus Ford and Yamaha, and enough look-at-me grandstanding by the talent to make Geraldo Rivera resemble a shrinking violet.
Singer Amy Grant hosts NBC's new reality show, 'Three Wishes'
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
www.variety.com /review/VE1117928219?categoryId=32   (575 words)

 "Three Wishes" (TV reality series) REVIEW (TV Spotlight) - Christian Spotlight on Entertainment
THREE WISHES doesn’t stop at the heart wrenching drama of the true stories containing the wishes they grant, but also has incorporated the ‘fun’ aspect of giving to others.
Each wish will involve a deeply personal story, and the viewers will follow deserving ‘wishers’ as Grant and her team of experts help revive those wishes and make them come to life.
Its catch phrase is “...if you had a wish, what would it be?” At first thought many of us would say, “Win the lottery” or “World peace,” but THREE WISHES asks us to go deeper than the surface.
www.media.christiananswers.net /spotlight/tv/2005/threewishes-ri.html   (1296 words)

 Three Wishes - News, Recaps, Gossip, Photos, Commentary and more from Reality TV Calendar
All of that really doesn't matter because she is warm hearted, attractive and seems sincere as the host of "Three Wishes" which is shown on NBC Friday evenings.
Three separate stories are told and are interwoven with one another throughout the episode.
This is tragic, yes, but the family is so positive and supportive that Bill's wish is for their needs to be met after he is gone.
realitytvcalendar.com /commentary/caligirl/acg-3w-10-10-05-p1.html   (823 words)

 Three wishes joke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The second man wishes that he were in Hollywood, and with a snap of the genie's fingers, he finds himself on a Tinseltown movie set.
A parable about a man granted three wishes by a fish
Typically, a person finds that some supernatural being is willing grant them three wishes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Three_wishes_joke   (475 words)

 Three Wishes Movie: Three Wishes DVD is available from Bestprices.com
THREE WISHES screened at the 1995 Denver Film Festival.
Three Wishes Movie: Three Wishes DVD is available from Bestprices.com
In 1955, Jeanne Holman (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and her sons Tom and Gunny (Joseph Mazzello and Seth Mumy) are struggling to survive on their own, after Jeanne's husband is pronounced missing in the Korean War.
www.bestprices.com /cgi-bin/vlink/026359129124IE   (351 words)

 Soccer articles
No, my three wishes would be used to give every spectator, parent and coach on the field a clear understanding of three problem areas involving the Laws of Soccer.
As a coach, if I were ever given three wishes, I know what I would wish for.
I wish I had a penny for every time a player or parent who shouted "hand ball!" when they thought the referee "missed" a call.
www.thepitch.org /text/a11.htm   (1729 words)

Three Wishes is a solidly written paranormal romance short story.
three wishes: a successful business, to love the woman that would be his perfect
You will not want to miss Three Wishes by Ms.
www.coffeetimeromance.com /BookReviews/ThreeWishes.html   (226 words)

 NBC show ’Three Wishes’ seeking local participants
"Three Wishes" is trying to find people in Otsego and Delaware counties who want to have desires fulfilled, said Bryan Stinson, a supervising casting producer with Glassman Media.
The producers of a reality show for NBC said they want to come to the area and grant wishes here — if communities are interested.
The company is producing "Three Wishes" for NBC.
www.thedailystar.com /news/stories/2005/09/27/wishes10.html   (385 words)

 Reality TV Magazine: Special Two-Hour Three Wishes
His wish is granted when "Three Wishes" flies to the epicenter of the destruction and meets a family of four who has lost everything and evacuated to Houston.
While in Brookings, the "Three Wishes" team also grants a special wish for a 13-year-old girl who dreams of becoming a professional singer, giving her special training and a recording session in Nashville plus another big surprise.
In Brookings, the "Three Wishes" team meets the Mayor, who wishes on behalf of the whole town to help a family displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
www.realitytvmagazine.com /blog/2005/10/special_twohour.html   (619 words)

 FAME Review: Erica Wheeler - Three Wishes
Three Wishes is one of my picks among the best of this year's independent recordings.
Three Wishes has a lot going for it.
Instead, Wheeler is given just the right amount of support on bass and drums, with a bit of mandolin, country-flavored pedal steel and fiddle to round out the sound.
www.acousticmusic.com /fame/p01090.htm   (465 words)

 Three Wishes
The concluding sentence of paragraph three should summarize, restate, or make a comment about all three wishes.
Wishing for more wishes or money is NOT allowed.
The third wish must be a place that you would like to visit.
www.teachersdesk.org /topics/wishes_paw.html   (204 words)

 CBN.com -- Amy "Grants" Three Wishes
While only three large wishes (and a few smaller ones) are chosen to be granted, Grant said the show’s presence in a town often causes a “ripple effect” of people pitching in to help their friends and neighbors.
In each new town crowds of people stand in line for hours to explain their wishes to the hosts, with the hope that they will be chosen.
Unlike other reality shows, on which several of "Three Wishes’" crew members have worked previously, the situations and emotions are not contrived, said Glassman.
cbn.com /entertainment/screen/elliottb_amygrant.asp   (790 words)

 Three Wishes by Cynthia Millar (1995)
Three Wishes deserves unreserved praise, and gratitude to Elmer Bernstein for convincing Millar to use her talents for film music.
Three Wishes is a delightful movie about ordinary people given extraordinary help.
Three Wishes is a spectacular musical accomplishment that models the best in film scores.
www.cinemusic.net /reviews/1995/3wishes.html   (299 words)

 TF Extreme - Three Wishes
Wish for no consequences, then you have free reign on the other 2 wishes.
I was going to say that I'd wish for more 'internal' acquisitions, such as, for example, tolerance, courage, etc. But, even then, I believe that those are qualities that must be earned and deserved, and actually acquiring them would be of far greater value than simply clicking your fingers.
It's very tempting to think how much easier it would be to simply be able to wish for things to be true, but, at the end of the day, earning things, and getting there in the first place, is, in my mind, just as, if not more important.
www.tfextreme.com /forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=699   (1599 words)

 The Times-Reporter
But on Monday, Bausch heard the voices of her choir students loud and clear for the first time, thanks to the cast and crew of NBC’s “Three Wishes,” who granted the teacher a wish that was requested by her students.
The “Three Wishes” crew videotaped at Tuscarawas Valley Middle School where Nicole Donant, who began collecting books for the project two years ago, is a student.
Claymont choir director Liz Bausch is surprised as she walks with Amy Grant for the taping of the television show “Three Wishes” in Claymont High at Uhrichsville Monday.
www.timesreporter.com /left.php?ID=46854   (489 words)

 Three Wishes Reviews
And when the world enters a magic cloud for a month, during which time everyone gets three wishes granted, there is something sadly familiar about the couple's accidentally voiced desires: I wish she could be different, I wish we'd never met.
Flip Lemon, the sparky girlfriend in Three Wishes, is typical - only this time we get to see her for ourselves.
The Earth enters an area of the galaxy engulfed by a cloud that warps reality in such a way that all Earth's inhabitants are granted three wishes.
www.spesh.com /ben/wishespress.html   (1019 words)

 Kathie's Three Wishes, ch. 1
I wish I was a fairy for your sake.
A little while ago she was wishing to be a fairy, one of the working kind it must be.
Wishing for purses of gold and mines of jewels would n't bring about any result) but being cheerful and industrious might.
www.readseries.com /kath-ch1.html   (2662 words)

 E-Katha : Three Wishes
The sage had to grant my wish for he was compelled to do so, but at the same time he was aware of the great truth that –one who comes to birth has to die.
The fisherman was scared at first and wanted to run away, but then as he took a second glance at the small attractive fish with golden fins, he gently lifted it and put in his carry-bottle which he always carried along with his food.
I was also granted three boons by one sage and the last boon I asked for was immortality.
www.ekatha.com /threewishes.htm   (1222 words)

 Local company plays big part in TV's ‘Three Wishes
“Three Wishes” host Amy Grant surprised Terry with a replacement ring during her community concert – a standard part of every episode.
Lester Building Systems became involved with the television show “Three Wishes,” which airs Friday nights on NBC, when it was realized the company would be able to meet the show’s tight production schedule.
Local company plays big part in TV's ‘Three Wishes
www.herald-journal.com /archives/2005/stories/wishes.html   (463 words)

 All-Reviews.com Movie/Video Review: Three Wishes
THREE WISHES is a totally non-offensive family movie about nothing much of anything, but one that provides a pleasant, dreamy time at the local Bijou.
Some of the early scenes are of the Hallman family going to visit the military graveyard where the father is not buried.
The mother, Jeanne Hallman (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), and her two sons, nine year old Tom (Joseph Mazzello) and three year old Gunther (Seth Mumy) live in a new tract housing development in California.
www.all-reviews.com /videos-3/three-wishes.htm   (1134 words)

 Three Wishes and a Wardrobe Birthday Parties
All images on this website are property of Three Wishes and a Wardrobe and may not be copied without permission.
Three Wishes and a Wardrobe delivers magic throughout Dane County, Wisconsin.
Three Wishes and a Wardrobe is proud to announce the addition of our
www.3wishesandawardrobe.com   (635 words)

 I, Cringely . January 28, 1999 - Make Three Wishes and Call Me in the Morning PBS
Only by tricking the jinni into returning to captivity could it be tamed, ransoming itself with three wishes.
This week in San Francisco, Sun Microsystems unleashed its own jinni, and all three wishes appeared to be the same: Kill Microsoft, kill Microsoft, kill Microsoft.
So if it does work as McNealy says, there are engineers at Sun who will know their wishes have been granted.
www.pbs.org /cringely/pulpit/pulpit19990128.html   (1205 words)

 NBC 2005 Program Grid and Highlights from All Info About the Family Screen Scene
Three Wishes, hosted by Amy Grant, is accepting Applications to benefit small town do-gooders.
You may wish to visit the All Info About As seen on TV site, where they share their test results of the tempting gizmos and gadgets you see on television, and the All Info About Video Games site where you'll find news of new systems and releases.
I have written that I wish someone in New York and L.A. would recognize that as bad as some urban areas are, country folk are in a worse predicament.
familyscreenscene.allinfoabout.com /tv/nbc.html   (2107 words)

 NBC Grants 'Three Wishes' To Promote New Series
The sticker will drive recipients to a Three Wishes section on the NBC Web site NBC.com/Three_Wishes and encourage consumers to use the marked dollars to fulfill another person's wish to coincide with the show's theme.
In Three Wishes, Amy Grant will lead a team of experts to small towns across the country to help make people's dreams and wishes come true.
Following the campaign, NBC plans to track how consumers are using their Three Wishes dollars.
promomagazine.com /news/breakingnews/nbcthreewishes_090805/index.html   (446 words)

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