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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

  Witness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
If several witnesses witness a crime it is probative to look for similarities in their collective descriptions to substantiate the facts of an event, keeping in mind the contrasts of individual descriptions.
A certain number of witnesses are legally required to be present at weddings and certain other official events, and may have to sign a register as evidence of the event having taken place.
Witnesses and their testimony in these events are extremely valuable, as scientists and meteorologists rarely have the needed equipment to record these events from an up-close-and-personal perspective.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Witness   (669 words)

 Expert witness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An expert witness is a witness, who by virtue of education, or profession, or experience, is believed to have special knowledge of his subject beyond that of the average person, sufficient that others may officially (and legally) rely upon his opinion.
The use of expert witnesses is sometimes criticized in the United States because in civil trials, they are often used by both sides to advocate differing positions, and it is left up to a jury of laymen to decide which expert witness to believe.
The earliest known use of an expert witness in English law came in the 1782, when a court that was hearing litigation relating to the silting-up of Wells harbour in Norfolk accepted evidence from a leading civil engineer, John Smeaton.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Expert_witness   (567 words)

Witnesses are employed in various ecclesiastical matters, as in civil, in proof of a statement, fact, or contract.
Witnesses of a marriage sign no ecclesiastical document, though they may be called upon by the state to attest by their own hand certain civil records.
Ecclesiastical documents are attested or witnessed as circumstances require, e.g., by the chancellor, clerk of the court, prothonotary apostolic.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/15677a.htm   (511 words)

 Witness (1985 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Witness is a 1985 movie released by Paramount Pictures and starring Harrison Ford, Kelly McGillis, and Lukas Haas.
While changing trains in Philadelphia with his mother, Rachel Lapp (McGillis), an Amish widow, Samuel (Haas) witnesses a murder of a police officer in the bathroom of 30th Street Station.
These tours have been criticized by many Amish defensive groups, who claim that it is another exploitation of a community who wishes to be left alone, and called for boycotts.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Witness_(1985_movie)   (484 words)

 Witness - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
Important legal agreements required the attestation of witnesses, as in the case of the purchase of property, or a betrothal (Ruth 4:1-11, where we are told that the ancient form of attestation was by a man drawing off his shoe and giving it to his neighbor).
In the case of a person condemned to be stoned, all the witnesses had to lay their hands on the head of the condemned (Leviticus 24:14).
In Acts 22:20; Revelation 2:13; 17:6 the word martus, "witness", seems to be beginning to acquire the meaning of "martyr," as in the King James Version, although the Revised Version (British and American) translates "witness" in the first two passages, retaining "martyr" only in the third with "witness" in the m.
www.studylight.org /enc/isb/view.cgi?number=T9220   (693 words)

 village voice > screens > Witness by Joy Press
Other Witness films are intended to be used as evidence in an international court, or as a deterrent to abuse.
Witness has roots in the vérité documentary tradition, and Caldwell herself first got involved with the organization when she filmed an undercover investigation of the Russian mafia's involvement in prostitution and human trafficking in the mid '90s.
And Witness is allowing people around the globe to post their message in a bottle for all to see.
www.villagevoice.com /screens/0549,tv1,70730,28.html   (723 words)

 Witness Lee, bondslave of Jesus Christ
Witness Lee (1905-1997), a bondslave of Christ Jesus, labored selflessly throughout his entire life and poured out his being for his Lord's interest.
In 1949, Witness Lee was sent by Watchman Nee and his other co-workers to Taiwan to insure that the things delivered to them by the Lord would not be lost.
Witness Lee's ministry emphasizes the experience of Christ as life and the practical oneness of the believers as the Body of Christ.
www.witnesslee.org   (382 words)

 Welcome to the Witness Virtual Walkthrough
Witnesses play a vital part in society by helping to solve crime and stop injustice taking place.
This means that, in some cases, witnesses who originally give information to the police can be asked to give evidence for the defence in court.
The procedures described apply to all witnesses, whether you are a witness for the prosecution or for the defence.
www.cjsonline.gov.uk /witness/walkthrough   (462 words)

 A Lens on the World: Musician Peter Gabriel Provides Human Rights Activists With Cameras for the Cause   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Witness is at the forefront of this revolution of micro-documentaries, as I call them, or digi-documentaries, putting documentaries up on the Net, so they're not only available to the North American community of activists, but in theory to anybody who wants to log on."
The ensuing letter-writing campaign, along with Witness footage used as part of an investigative television broadcast and as evidence presented to the country's National Bureau of Investigation, resulted in a government probe and the filing of homicide charges against three people.
Witness is also auctioning choice seats for the concert, as well as signed posters and T-shirts, from its Web site at www.witness.org.
www.changemakers.net /library/temp/washpost112102.cfm   (2149 words)

 HSC Online
Witness is an American film made in 1985 by Australian film maker Peter Weir.
By describing Witness to audiences as 'a crime film' or a 'romantic film’, critics inform potential audiences of what to expect when they go to see the film.
In writing about Witness, Marie Saeli states that the film shows that the 'two cultures meet, but never merge.' It is this contrast of the two worlds, conveyed to the audience mainly in visual terms, that is the one of the most important and memorable aspects for the spectator.
hsc.csu.edu.au /english/standard/close_study/witness/EngStandard1236witness.htm   (2647 words)

 Witness: New Poetry and Fiction
Witness is distributed nationwide to subscribers, libraries, and bookstores, but we also direct our issues to specific audiences when it’s appropriate.
Stuart Dybek: "From its inception, the vision that distinguishes Witness has been consistent: it is a magazine situated at the intersection of ideas and passions, a magazine energized by the intellect, yet one in which thought is never presented as abstraction, but rather as life blood.
Witness is the only literary magazine I've seen that is utterly clear of low-key, self-centered, mewling memoire.
www.webdelsol.com /Witness/w-info.htm   (1043 words)

 Witness - Exploring & Sharing Your Christian Faith
Witness is a 25-week study to create a culture of vital Christian witness by helping individuals and congregations prepare to share their faith as they become more excited about Christian witnessing.
Witness is a life-changing adventure — a trek — for both participants and congregation.
Witness is about making discoveries — about self, about God’s purpose for all creation, about being a child of God, and about being a disciple of Jesus Christ.
www.evangelismwitness.org   (416 words)

 Augsburg Fortress | Sunday School
Witness helps learners grow to be disciples and share their faith with the world.
Witness builds learners' understanding of the salvation story with different age-appropriate Bible stories each week so they receive a rich survey of God's word through interesting and engaging art, music, and activities.
Witness Sunday school curriculum teaches kids to "Learn from the Bible to Live the Good News." Witness Goals: Know, Grow, Show Every Witness session is easy to use and has three goals - know, grow, and show - that carry out the theme and broaden both teachers' and learners' understanding of the story.
www.augsburgfortress.org /witness   (403 words)

 Step 7 - Witnessing
And I believe that among that number may be some of your own family members, a neighbor or a co-worker or a person you do not yet know to whom God may lead you.
When it comes to witnessing, we have the specific commandment from Jesus Christ to go into all the world with the Good News.
Witnessing will stimulate your spiritual growth, lead you to pray and study God's Word and encourage you to depend on Christ.
www.basicsteps.org /english/witnessing/step7l1.htm   (1760 words)

 Gillian Caldwell / WITNESS in Sierra Leone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
To do this, we’ll be screening the video “Witness to Truth”, which WITNESS has made as a vivid summary of what happened during the war and how the TRC process seeks to prevent a recurrence.
They were not attacked in their homes and subjected to the ghastly range of abuses depicted in “Witness to Truth”, nor were they displaced, abducted, enslaved or forced to fight.
Working with WITNESS and CDHR in the Northern Region entails all those rewards, as we begin to achieve a groundswell of support for the TRC recommendations at a local level.
witness.typepad.com /gillian_in_salone   (7879 words)

 DEV-WITNESS :: See it. Film it. Change it. - WITNESS Awarded Skoll Foundation Grant   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In partnership with local organizations, WITNESS brings often unseen images, untold stories and seldom heard voices to the attention of key decision makers, the media, and the general public.
WITNESS is one of 13 organizations receiving $7.3 million from the Skoll Foundation through an open competitive process that identifies social entrepreneurs who have piloted innovative programs and are ready to take the next steps toward systemic social change.
Founded by musician and activist Peter Gabriel, WITNESS (www.witness.org) uses the power of video to open the eyes of the world to human rights abuses.
dev.witness.org /News_and_Events/Press_Room/WITNESS_Awarded_Skoll_Foundation_Grant   (493 words)

 Secret Witness - See A Crime, Call The Line - (775) 322-4900
Secret Witness was created to provide an avenue for community members who wanted to provide information on a crime, while remaining anonymous.
Secret Witness is offering a reward in the amount of $2,000.00 for information leading to the arre...
Secret Witness is offering a reward in the amount of $2,500.00 for information leading to the arre...
www.secretwitness.com   (334 words)

 WITNESS :: See it. Film it. Change it.
WITNESS announces the launch of a fine art print edition with internationally known visual artists.
The project will promote awareness of the WITNESS website as a global meeting place for people interested in promoting human rights.
Partnership announcement: WITNESS seeks partnership applications from Europe, Central Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.
www.witness.org   (158 words)

A select a cappella group comprised of five students representing Cascade College, Witness tours all throughout the Pacific Northwest, along the West Coast and across the western United States, having traveled as far east as Texas and south as Arizona and New Mexico.
Witness is not only dedicated to musical excellence, entertaining audiences with contemporary Christian a cappella music, but their first priority is always sharing the message of the Gospel - the joy and hope of our salvation in Christ Jesus - all while promoting Christian education at Cascade College in the Pacific Northwest.
If you are interested in booking Witness to sing for your church or special event, please send an e-mail to witness@cascade.edu and include your phone number and the date(s) you would like to book along with a brief description of the event in your message.
www.cascade.edu /index.asp?id=107   (206 words)

 Chapter 11 of Was Christianity Too Improbable to be False?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Even where the Talmud says women were sometimes disqualified as witnesses, it never says why--except in one case: there, the rabbis conclude that a woman's testimony is to be trusted when she actually saw what she testifies to, but is not to be trusted when she only inferred that something had happened (b.
Since normally two witnesses are required in a court of law--even when they are men--Johanan is asking whether a child (normally disqualified) can count as a second witness, especially in conjunction with a woman (probably a relative, and the testimony of mutual relatives is sometimes not admitted).
Josephus lists their qualifications the same way he would for a male witness: one is an elder, the other is famously sensible and well-educated with respectable connections (we can assume the five children who survived would not have made useful witnesses even if they were trusted).
www.columbia.edu /~rcc20/christianity/women.html   (5012 words)

WITNESS was a big step in a completely new direction for him, one that didn't entail special effects or space travel.
He has one of the most expressive faces in the business, which is put to poignant use here in this quiet romantic thriller.
He becomes an unwitting witness to a brutal murder of an undercover cop in the mens' room.
crazy4cinema.com /Review/FilmsW/f_witness.html   (1233 words)

 Dave Douglas : Witness - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect
The New York-based trumpeter has made a point of exposing himself to a wide variety of music -- everything from Lester Bowie's innovations to classical to East European folk -- and his willingness to be influenced by so many different things has made for a lot of fresh, adventurous albums.
Witness is no exception; this 2001 release finds the jazzman being affected by classical as well as Middle Eastern and North African music.
Witness is yet another album that Douglas can be proud of.
www.artistdirect.com /nad/store/artist/album/0,,1485051,00.html   (404 words)

 About The Witness
In the award-winning documentary THE WITNESS, Eddie Lama explains how he feared and avoided animals for most of his life, until the love of a kitten opened his heart, inspiring him to rescue abandoned animals and bring his message of compassion to the streets of New York.
THE WITNESS has been an official selection in 28 film festivals and received nine awards, including six Best Documentary awards, one Best of Festival award, and most recently, a Best Short Film award from the 2005 Artivist Film Festival in Hollywood, CA.
THE WITNESS has received extraordinary support from everyday people, who have thus far organized several hundred community screenings in nearly every U.S. state and all over Canada, in venues ranging from libraries and churches to college campuses and movie theatres, often with theatre owners donating the space for the events.
www.tribeofheart.org /wit1.htm   (381 words)

 Witness Movie Rewind «
Witness is one of the examples that prove that the 80's was just as much an era of beautifully crafted, thoughtful movies as any other.
A young Amish boy called Samuel, stunningly played by Lukas Haas in his debut, is the only witness to the murder of a Philly undercover detective at a train station and Ford is the investigating officer.
Maurice Jarre's original synthesized score for the film is a very unusual and brave choice for the film, but it is also impossible to imagine the movie without it.
www.fast-rewind.com /witness.htm   (2092 words)

 Welcome to the witness section of CJS Online
Witnesses play a vital role in helping the Police to solve crimes and deliver justice.
You know one of the people involved in the case (in which case you could be called as a character witness).
Many people are unsure about what happens in a criminal case and may feel anxious about coming forward or giving evidence in court.
www.cjsonline.org /witness   (158 words)

 Witness Ministries - Leading the Way out of homosexuality
We are so grateful to God because 2006 ushers in the tenth year of service for Witness Freedom Ministries.
Whether you are overcoming ssa or have been confronted with it in some way, Dee and I are asking that you fight back with a tangible financial pledge to Witness.
The Lord has laid on our heart several major projects for 2006 which will increase the visibility of ministry thereby helping to attract more workers into the harvest field.
www.witnessfortheworld.org   (317 words)

 DVD Talk > Reviews > Witness: SE
Witness in particular is a shining example of how it all comes together sometimes, and Paramount has decided to reissue the film in a new special edition.
Witness does a fantastic job of combining the perfect blend of romance, drama, action and suspense with some interesting characters in a unique setting that it all just falls into place.
Some mild edge enhancement can be seen in a few spots as well as a few minute instances of shimmering here and there but neither of those issues are too severe and they don't detract from this otherwise exemplary transfer at all.
www.dvdtalk.com /reviews/read.php?ID=17221   (1759 words)

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