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Topic: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mozart was born to Leopold and Anna Maria Pertl Mozart, in the front room of 9 Getreidegasse in Salzburg, the capital of the sovereign Archbishopric of Salzburg, in what is now Austria, then part of the Holy Roman Empire.
Mozart in 1767 as an 11-year-old boy was fleeing from Vienna due to a smallpox epidemic and wrote his Sixth Symphony in F Major in Olomouc.
Mozart was much taken by the sound of Benjamin Franklin's glass armonica, and composed two works for it: an Adagio in C (K. 617a [K. 356]) and an Adagio and Rondo for armonica, flute, oboe, viola, and cello (K. 617), both composed in 1791 after he heard the instrument played by the virtuoso Marianne Kirchgaessner.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wolfgang_Amadeus_Mozart   (4976 words)

 SPECTRUM Biographies - Wolfgan Amadeus Mozart
Leopold Mozart was a successful composer and violinist and served as assistant concertmaster at the Salzburg court.
Mozart and his older sister Maria Anna "Nannerl" were the couple's only surviving children, and their musical education began at a very young age.
Mozart was buried in an unmarked grave, as was customary for those of his social standing, in Vienna.
www.incwell.com /Biographies/Mozart.html   (779 words)

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Wikiquote
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (January 27, 1756 - December 5, 1791) was a composer and musician.
Mozart has the classic purity of light and the red ocean; Beethoven the romantic grandeur which belongs to the storms of air and sea, and while the soul of Mozart seems to dwell on the ethereal peaks of Olympus, that of Beethoven climbs shuddering the storm-beaten sides of a Sinai.
Mozart began his works in childhood and a childlike quality lurked in his compositions until it dawned on him that the Requiem he was writing for a stranger was his own.
en.wikiquote.org /wiki/Wolfgang_Amadeus_Mozart   (2370 words)

 Island of Freedom - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang began composing minuets at the age of 5 and symphonies at 9.
Later the Mozart children displayed (1763-66) their talents to audiences in Germany, in Paris, at court in Versailles, and in London (where Wolfgang wrote his first symphonies and was befriended by Johann Christian Bach, whose musical influence on Wolfgang was profound).
In 1772, von Colloredo retained Wolfgang as concertmaster at a token salary.
www.island-of-freedom.com /MOZART.HTM   (955 words)

 Internet Public Library: Music History 102
Mozart finally achieved an unceremonious dismissal from the archiepiscopal court in 1781, and thereafter became one of the first musicians in history to embark upon a free-lance career, without benefit of church, court, or a rich patron.
Mozart is probably the only composer in history to have written undisputed masterworks in virtually every musical genre of his age.
The intensity of Mozart's music in the penultimate scene of Don Giovanni, in which the title character is dragged down to hell, unrepentant, at the hands of an avenging spirit, might even be said to have helped usher in the Romantic era.
www.ipl.org /div/mushist/clas/mozart.htm   (1020 words)

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, christened Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, was born in Salzburg on 27 January 1756.
Mozart was given many gifts by royalty, but the principal goal, the acquisition of a permanent, lucrative post by Wolfgang in one of the principal European courts was not acheived.
Mozart's remains were thrown into a pauper's grave and one week later, when Constanze returned with flowers she could not find the grave.
www.citychoir.org.uk /Mozart.htm   (886 words)

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:find mozart,composer,period,wolfgang
At fifteen, Mozart was installed as the concertmaster in the orchestra of the Archbishop of Salzburg.
Mozart was a master of counterpoint, fugue, and the other traditional compositional devices of his day; more than this, he was perhaps the greatest melody writer the world has ever known.
What the recent Mozart vogue has created for the good, however, is increased awareness of his music, which must be counted among the absolute wonders of the world.
members.tripod.com /donlevi/mozart.html   (676 words)

 The Music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
However, Mozart’s fame is based on two different frames of reference: firstly, being the most famous child prodigy in music history (as both a performer and a composer) and secondly, his unquestioned brilliance as an adult composer of Classical symphonies, operas, chamber music, sonatas, church music, and concerti for various instruments.
Mozart's initial success as a free-lance performing artist, composing nearly all of the music he played, eventually faded since the Viennese tired of his novelty, and their generous support of his work wore off.
Mozart, however, in poor health and greatly depressed, was shaken by the experience and obsessed by the idea that this was to be his own Mass for the Dead.
www.carolinaclassical.com /articles/mozart.html   (3330 words)

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Questionz.net , answers to all your questions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Mozart was born in the city of Salzburg, part of the independant clerical state Erzfürstbistum Salzburg, Holy Roman Empire (in that time not part of Austria) and christened Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, after his grandfather on his mother's side and after the Saint on his date of birth, Johannes Chrysostomus.
Mozart lived much of his life in Salzburg but traveled Europe extensively and spent his final years in Vienna, where one of the apartments he lived in is still to be visited at Domgasse 5 behind St. Stephen's Cathedral.
Mozart's distinction as a genius and prodigy has sometimes operated as a cause of confusion and distraction in the estimation of his music, since Mozart's greatness as a composer derives from what many regard as the transcendent beauty, unfathomable profundity, expressive and emotional subtlety, highly individual imagination, and dramatic grandeur of his music.
www.questionz.net /Mozart.html   (1064 words)

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - an overview of the classical composer
Mozart was born in Salzburg (where his house can still be viewed today, not too far from some of the locations used in The Sound of Music!).
Although Mozart is frequently thought of as composing the most beautiful music effortlessly, he studied hard under his father to learn the techniques of the established masters including Bach, Handel and Haydn.
The triumvirate of Haydn, Mozart and the early Beethoven are frequently thought of as being at the core of the classical era where the forms we know today (including the Symphony, Sonata and Concerto) were consolidated and stretched.
www.mfiles.co.uk /Composers/Wolfgang-Amadeus-Mozart.htm   (942 words)

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [1756-1791], , Legends, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [1756-1791] profile, He is widely regarded as ...
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [1756-1791],, Legends, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [1756-1791] profile, He is widely regarded as the greatest composer who ever lived.
Wolfgang was summoned by von Colloredo to Vienna in 1781 and after a series of violent arguments was dismissed from the archbishop's service.
Mozart's career in Vienna began promisingly, and he was soon (1782) commissioned to write The Abduction from the Seraglio, a SINGSPIEL, for the Court Opera.
www.4to40.com /legends/index.asp?article=legends_mozart   (1199 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang at the age of three was wont to spend whole hours at the piano, discovering, to his great joy, consonant intervals, and was not yet four when he began to receive from his father systematic training in piano-playing and in the theory of music, improvising even before he could write notes.
Mozart was now in full maturity of his powers, creating with astonishing rapidity works which will remain classic for all time: operas, symphonies, quartets, concertos, etc., all of which increased his fame, but did not ameliorate his material condition.
Mozart had but little knowledge of the masters of the sixteenth century, and consequently his style of writing for the Church could not have been influenced by them.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/10623a.htm   (1189 words)

 onlinekunst.de: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart im COMPUTERGARTEN am 27. Januar<
Mozart wuchs mit der fünf Jahre älteren Schwester Maria Anna, genannt Nannerl, auf.
Mozart wurde aufgrund seiner hervorragenden musikalischen Leistungen vom Papst zum Ritter vom Goldenen Sporn ernannt.
Bach - Brahms - Bartok - Britten - Chopin - Händel - Haydn - Heinichen - Hindemith - Liszt - Mozart - Rimsky-Korsakov - Scarlatti - Schubert - Schumann - Smetana - Vivaldi
www.onlinekunst.de /januar/27_01_Mozart.htm   (428 words)

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Symphony 40
Mozart's last three symphonies date from the summer of 1788, a trying time for the composer.
As a consequence, Mozart's income dropped; he and his family were forced to seek less expensive lodgings in the suburbs of Vienna.
Given the gloomy days that Mozart was enduring, his selection of a dark and brooding key seems predictable.
w3.rz-berlin.mpg.de /cmp/mozart_sym40.html   (646 words)

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart was then summoned from Munich to Vienna, where the Salzburg court was in residence on the accession of a new emperor.
In these years, too, he wrote six string quartets which he dedicated to the master of the form, Haydn: they are marked not only by their variety of expression but by their complex textures, conceived as four-part discourse, with the musical ideas linked to this freshly integrated treatment of the medium.
Mozart was buried in a Vienna suburb, with little ceremony and in an unmarked grave, in accordance with prevailing custom.
w3.rz-berlin.mpg.de /cmp/mozart.html   (890 words)

 The Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Link Page on Classic Cat
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Filmography at IMDb from 1922 to the present lists some 300 movies and television programs which have used or featured his music.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) - Biographical sketch, caricature, and summaries of various types of his music, including operatic, church, vocal and choral, orchestral, chamber, piano, and organ.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) - Research bibliography, books and links to 1,000 other interdisciplinary entries, including the Library of Congress and the Library of Canada.
www.classiccat.net /mozart_wa/links.htm   (887 words)

 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Minuet sheet music - 8notes.com
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Four Horn Concertos And Concert Rondo (French Horn and Piano) Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791).
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Flute Concertos Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791).
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sonatas and Fantasies (for the Piano) Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), edited by Nathan Broder.
www.8notes.com /scores/2740.asp   (481 words)

 Anthony and Jennifer's Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Homepage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in the year 1756 in Salzburg, Austria.
Wolfgang, his father Leopold, and his loving sister Nannerl all were respected musicians in their specific genre.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was considered the prodigal child of music due to his early start in composition.
filebox.vt.edu /users/anyoung/mozart.html   (264 words)

 :: The Flying Inkpot :: An Introduction to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ::
Initially, Mozart had a good time in Vienna, moving with the jet set, and was highly popular as a pianist and composer.
Mozart died a pauper at the age of 35, from a combination of overwork, kidney failure and typhus.
Mozart's favourite instrument was the piano, and he is arguably the master of piano concertos.
www.inkpot.com /classical/mozart.html   (1083 words)

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The youngest child and only surviving son of freemason, Leopold Mozart, Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus was born in Salzburg in 1756, He showed early precocity both as a keyboard-player and violinist, and soon turned his hand to composition.
Mozart and some of his masonic friends," Herbert Bradley.
Thus, Wolfgang Mozart was raised as a Master Mason sometime between January 7, 1785 and April 22, 1785."'
freemasonry.bcy.ca /biography/mozart_a/mozart_a.html   (240 words)

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Biografie)
Zusammen mit seiner fünf Jahre älteren Schwester Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia ("Nannerl"; 1751 - 1829) wurde Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart schon früh von seinem Vater unterrichtet, vor allem in Musiklehre.
Leopold Mozarts Hoffnung, seinem Sohn eine Anstellung in Italien verschaffen zu können, erfüllte sich nicht.
Bis heute ist ungeklärt, an was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart starb.
www.dieterwunderlich.de /Wolfgang_Amadeus_Mozart.htm   (853 words)

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Austrian Composer
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg Austria.
Mozart is considered one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time, authoring over 600 works before his premature death at 35.
Mozart, the son of orchestra leader Leopold Mozart, showed remarkable musical aptitude early in life.
www.lucidcafe.com /library/96jan/mozart.html   (639 words)

 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791)
Mozarts Wiener Tätigkeit als freier Künstler läßt sich vielversprechend an; die ersten Wiener Jahre brachten Mozart eine Fülle von Aufgaben; er gab Klavierstunden, spielte in Konzerten und veranstaltete eigene "Akademien".
Mozart tritt in die Freimaurerloge "Zur Wohltätigkeit" ein, für die er mehrere Kompositionen schreibt; er konzertiert oftmals in öffentlichen Sälen und Adelshäusern.
Mozart reist nach Prag, wo sein "Figaro" hohe Anerkennung findet; er leitet diesen dort selbst einmal als Gastdirigent, erhält einen Opernauftrag und kehrt nach Wien zurück; sein Vater Leopold stirbt in Salzburg; er wird zum "Kaiserlichen Kammermusikus" an Stelle des verstorbenen
www.karadar.com /Worterbuch/mozart.html   (727 words)

 Essentials of Music - Composers
And Mozart himself, who always felt that his talents were never adequately recognized, was often difficult.
The difficulties of Mozart the man, however, are eclipsed by the enormous power of Mozart the musician.
Like Haydn and Beethoven, Mozart was just as comfortable writing simple, direct melodies as he was writing complicated contrapuntal works.
www.essentialsofmusic.com /composer/mozart.html   (526 words)

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