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Topic: Woman imam

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In the News (Wed 12 Dec 18)

  Sexy Arab Woman | بنات سكس
The injury is magnified by the added assumption that the Arab woman began her struggle yesterday-as if she was somehow born whole out of a newly tapped oil well-a veiled, uncivilized non-entity.
Islam projected a woman as being parallel to a man and embodied the philosophy of being both equal and different.
Prior to the year 1000, recognition of a woman as a human being was still in dispute.
www.arab-woman.org /sexy-arab-woman.htm   (1484 words)

  Temporary Marriage in Islam (Part VI)
Imam al-Ridha (AS) was asked: "Is it possible for a man to contract a temporary marriage with a Jew or a Christian?" He (AS) answered: "I would prefer that he engage in Mut'a with a free Muslim woman." (Wasa'il al-Shia, v14, p452).
The waiting period of a temporarily married woman is equal to that of slave-girl which is different from the permanent married woman since temporary marriage is a "weaker" marriage much the same as marriage with slave-girl is a "weaker" marriage.
But the woman only came to me for part of the month, and part she stayed away." The Imam replied: "An amount should be held back from her dower equivalent to the amount she avoided you, except for the days of her menstruation, for those belong to her." (Wasa'il al-Shia, v14, p481).
al-islam.org /encyclopedia/chapter6a/6.html   (4220 words)

 [No title]
Analysis: When imam is on minbar for friday sermon, it is commanded that, he must be listened to and nothing distracting from this job is allowed.
Suggestion: The prayer lead by a woman to the women folk only are not haram and forbidden in Islam and the person may join to them even if it is against her madhhabs's view.
Case: Since imam stands in the front of a row of people, he may be located in the center or casual point.
www.iant.com /imam/issk.txt   (22464 words)

 Progressive Muslim Union: Laury Silvers' Reflections on Woman-led Prayer
Hina Azam and Imam Zaid Shakir’s essays demonstrate that the prohibition is in part based on the lack of a clear, specific permission for a woman-led public mixed-gender congregational prayer.
Imam Zaid Shakir argues that there is a lack of clear permission for a woman-led public congregational prayer in general.
Azam and Imam Zaid to uphold the prohibition.
www.pmuna.org /archives/2005/04/laury_silvers_r_1.php   (2235 words)

Woman has been playing her role with all the brilliance around her from the very inception of the creation of the world.
Woman is given the first honour as a daughter, the second honour as the wife, third honour as the mother and forth honour as the important member of the social organization.
Imam Khomeini (RA) says, "the greatest personality of all ages, Hazrat Fatima Zahra (SWA) was born at a time when women were not given even the minimum recognization as human being even the respectability of her tribe was tarnished by the different ingenious tribes due to Hazrat Fatima Zahra having born on as woman.
www.irib.ir /worldservice/imam/zan/me8.htm   (888 words)

 itsIslam - Articles - Islamic Scholars - Imam Malik
Imam Malik was highly attracted to the study of law, and devoted his entire interest to the study of Fiqh.
Imam Malik was famous for his piety and integrity and courageously stood up, and was prepared to suffer, for his convictions.
Imam Malik died in the year 795 AD at Madina and is buried in the famous Al-Baqie cemetery in the city of the Prophet.
www.itsislam.net /articles/imam_malik.asp   (573 words)

 Mutual Rights in Islam || Imam Reza (A.S.) Network
Imam Sadiq (a.s.) said: Had there been anything lighter by uttering ugh to parents God might have prohibited even its utterance as we have explained it is the Safest way of expressing disgust and it is the least indication of disrespect and opposition the ones parents.
Imam Sadiq (a.s.) also said: Every woman who goes to bed when her husband is displeased with her that is she has not respected his right, her prayer remains unaccepted until she pleases him.
Imam Sadiq (a.s.) says: The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) gave a sermon in Mina wherein he asserted: The value of the blood of Muslims is equal for all.
www.imamreza.net /eng/imamreza.php?id=3158   (7075 words)

 Character of Woman || Imam Reza (A.S.) Network
The issue of the woman's character has a leading role in recognising the woman in every creed and religion, and every thought course can, through the portrait it displays for the woman's character, give its opinion and lay bare its stance in respect of other affairs of the woman.
The question arises here being: Does the woman have any difference in essence and nature with the man, and is her human cause and background like that of the man or that the difference being not in essence and nature, but they differ in the dimension of human perfections affected by outer circumstances.
For example, a woman in a locked society may be confined at home never comprehending so many of social affairs, with her social conscience being not shaped.
www.imamreza.net /eng/imamreza.php?id=4003   (9365 words)

 Women as Imams
In such a case, the woman stands among the congregation in the front row, instead of alone in front of the congregation.
The imams and all the congregants are women and men are not allowed into the mosques.
When sat on the minbar just before she was to deliver the khutbah, some worshippers realised that the new imam was a woman in disguise.
www.irfi.org /articles/articles_351_400/women_as_imams.htm   (1995 words)

If the congregation is composed of two men and one woman, the imam stands in the front and the other man a little behind and to his right, while the woman stands behind them.
If the congregation is composed of one man, one boy and one woman in addition to the imam, the imam stands in the front and the other man to his right and the boy to his left while the woman stands behind.
All scholars agree that a woman may not be the overall president or a ruler of a Muslim state or community, where she becomes the final authority on all affairs of the state.
www.ourdialogue.com /w9.htm   (2096 words)

 IslamiCity.com - Woman Imam Leading Men and Women in Salat
Leading Salat, however, is restricted to male Imams only when the congregation consists of men and women both, whether the prayer is performed in the mosques or outside mosques, whether they are daily Salat or Friday and Eid Salat.
The Imam should stand in front of the congregation and should make ruku' and sajdah before the congregation and they should follow the Imam.
Prophet's wife 'Aishah and his Companion Ibn 'Abbas are reported to have said that a woman leading other women in prayer should not stand in front of them like a male Imam, but in their midst.
www.islamicity.com /articles/Articles.asp?ref=IC0503-2646   (1180 words)

 The Telegraph - Calcutta : Nation
March 20: She is being called the ?shock Imam?, having stunned Muslim clergy across continents.
Amina countered that Prophet Mohammed had granted permission to a woman called Umm Warraq to lead her family in prayers.
Imam Malik and Imam Abu Hanifa, famed commentators of Islam, considered it an exception.
www.telegraphindia.com /1050321/asp/nation/story_4518116.asp   (407 words)

She was such a faithful woman that she gave all of her wealth to her husband, Prophet Mohammad, in order that he has financial security whilst delivering the Message.
Imam al-Redha said that the Prophet said, “On the night of my ascension to heaven, Jibrael took my hand and lead me into Paradise, then he handed me dates from which I ate; those dates were formed into sperm.
She replied, “that the best thing is that the woman does not see any foreign men or that she allows any foreign men to see her.” Imam Ali went back to the Mosque and gave that answer to the Prophet.
www.aljaafaria.com /m3at01F2.htm   (4460 words)

 Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada - www.mihpirzada.com
The wisdom behind this is explained that if a woman stands in the first rows, or if she stands shoulder to shoulder with men, then by seeing the postures of the woman bowing or prostrating, or by touching her body, naturally sexual desires and thoughts will be aroused that cause interruption and hindrance in worship.
But if a woman appears as the Imam or the Khatib (deliverer of the sermon), then due to her feminine voice and sexual appeal, it is quite natural for satanic temptations to be aroused in some minds and this causes anxiety and disarray in worship.
Therefore, it is not correct for the woman to be the Imam or Khatib of the men.
www.mihpirzada.com /articles/canwomanbecomeimam.html   (3259 words)

A woman is allowed to be an Imam of women and she can lead the congregation of females only in Salah, but a woman is not allowed to lead the Salah for a mixed gathering of males and females.
The woman Imam should not stand in the front of the line like the male Imam, but she should stand in the middle of the line of the women who are praying under her Imamah.
If a woman were to become the Imam of a mixed gathering of worshippers then she would have to stand in front of them or women have to stand in front of men and she as their Imam would have to stand among them.
www.pakistanlink.com /religion/97/re07-25-97.html   (981 words)

However, there is a minority of scholars who consider it permissible for a woman to lead members of her own household including men in Prayer, on condition that she is old and well-versed in the Qur’an and that she stands behind, not in front of them.
A woman is allowed to lead other women in Prayer, in which case she is to stand along with them in the row, not in front of them.
It is reported by Imam Ahmad, Abu Dawud, and others on the authority of Umm Waraqah, who said that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) appointed a muezzin for her, and ordered her to lead the members of her household (who included both men and women) in Prayer.
www.al-islamforall.org /Misc/wimam.htm   (2251 words)

 Women cannot lead men in prayers, The Milli Gazette, Vol.6 No.13, MG131 (1-15 July 05)
Man and woman cannot be equal because of their different physical structures and mindsets as bestowed on each of them by Allah.
The Imam in Muslim society is appointed for a stipulated term and the success of Muslim society in both worlds in based on the role played by the Imam.
A woman becomes ritually unclean and physically weak when she experiences such condiditions which require her to abstain from entering a mosque or offer prayer and keep fast.
www.milligazette.com /Archives/2005/01-15July05-Print-Edition/011507200568.htm   (1317 words)

 Interview - Asra Nomani
Yet, too many people are ready to throw a whip across a woman's back for being an unwed mother or pummel her with stones.
There is a fundamental flaw in interpretations of sharia that say a woman - and for that matter, men - should be punished for sex outside of marriage.
The bottomline is this: as a woman, she led men and women in prayer.
www.newsline.com.pk /NewsApr2005/bookapr.htm   (2118 words)

 Some Current Issues
Indeed, man was not made from woman, but woman was made from man. Neither was man created for the sake of woman, but woman for the sake of man.
Let a woman learn in silence with full submission, I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she is to keep silent.
The argument is that if a woman leads in prayer she will stand in front of men and thus violate the sunnah that women should stand behind men.
www.islamicperspectives.com /CurrentIssues.htm   (2737 words)

 Women lead prayers, revolution in China-Rest of World-World-NEWS-The Times of India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
However, occasional attempts by women to become imam are suppressed with a heavy hand elsewhere on the globe.
In 2004, a 40-year-old woman was reportedly arrested when she tried to deliver a "Jum'ah khutbah" (Friday sermon) in Bahrain.
In stark contrast, Wang Shan and another woman imam, Jin Meihua, did not face much resistance from the men and the traditional clergy when they took up their positions.
timesofindia.indiatimes.com /articleshow/1678957.cms   (280 words)

 Fatwa by Dr. Abou El Fadl: On Women Leading Prayer
I believe that given the small size of the group the imam can be in the center with girls on one side and boys on the other with no one behind.
Rather, the imam should be able to provoke the love of learning in the community, and should set an example as to how the teachings of Islam should and can inform and affect real-life challenges.
There is evidence that the Prophet on more than one occasion allowed a woman to lead her household in prayer--although the household included men--when the woman was clearly the most learned in the faith.
www.scholarofthehouse.org /onwolepr.html   (1271 words)

 Prayer (Salah)
Likewise, a person who has performed ablution can be imam for people who have performed tayammum, as can be a person who has performed tayammum for people who have performed ablution, a traveler for the resident, a resident for the travelers, and a less qualified person for people who are more qualified.
If a woman is present with the group, then she is to stand in a row by herself behind the men and she is not to join them in their rows.
The wisdom behind having such people close to the imam is that they can correct him if he makes a mistake and it is easy for the imam to appoint one of them in his place if he needs to leave.
members.tripod.com /~arabicpaper/fiqh/p28.html   (6484 words)

 Fiqh-us-Sunnah, Volume 2: Congregational Prayer
It is allowed for a follower to follow the imam, even if there is a barrier between them, as long as he or she can tell the imam's movements either by his sight or hearing.
If the imam must leave during the salah due to some reason, for instance, he remembers that he is in need of making ablution or he loses his ablution during the salah, then he should appoint another to lead the remainder of the prayer.
It is preferred for the imam to stand in the center of the rows and the people closest to him should be the people of intellect and understanding.
www.muhammad.net /ebooks/Fus/fus2_26.html   (6747 words)

 The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Islam in China: no longer insulated
A class taught by a woman Imam, Yang Yu Hong, in progress at the Tai Zi mosque in Ling Wu town of Ningxia province.
She is one of about 200 certified women Imams in the province.
While the women are granted the title of Imam they are still not allowed to lead men in prayers.
www.hindu.com /2006/09/02/stories/2006090205661100.htm   (1290 words)

 Zawaj.com's Ask Bilqis: Common sense Islamic marriage advice and family advice.
I don't want to marry a woman in her thirties because of the risk of birth defects.
I recently committed a lesbian act with another young woman and I wish to know if this is definitely haram.
I am getting married to a Muslim woman but her ex-husband is saying she is not properly divorced.
www.zawaj.com /ask.html   (1378 words)

Therefore it is justice which demands that men and women should have some rights that are similar and some rights which are different, because their natures have both similarities and differences.
It does not clearly give an opinion on whether in your opinion it is right for a woman to lead prayers while men are in the congregation.
She has accepted that man is the standard, and thus a woman can never be a full human being until she becomes just like a man-the standard.
www.icbh.org /topics/femaleimam1.htm   (1916 words)

 Approaches on Women
In the Islamic Classical Reading on woman, woman has been considered as the second gender and her most important duty is giving different kinds of services to man. In this approach, woman is the passive member of both family and society, and man has the main and central role in both.
In most of the social aspects, they say that both sexes should be given “equal” opportunities for Job, Education, social positions and etc. “woman is equal to man; she is free like man to choose her social activities and destiny”.
A lot of jurists and hadith specialists have sacrificed the principle of equality in Islam to endorse a set of theories resting on assumption that is no longer valid but still remain part of fiqh.
www.geocities.com /islamifeminist/appwomen.htm   (1697 words)

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