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  MySpace.com - Womb - London - Alternative / Punk / Rock - www.myspace.com/womblondon
MySpace.com - Womb - London - Alternative / Punk / Rock - www.myspace.com/womblondon
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next to my mother's, this is my favorite Womb
myspace.com /womblondon   (225 words)

womb began in the summer of 1996, a solo project on the part of greg ferrari, based in london, uk.
the album, titled unclean, demonstrated a progression in the womb sound and was warmly received.
womb cds are also available from resurrection records (uk), nightbreed recordings (uk), ende/radio luxor (italy) and state laughter records (germany).
www.geocities.com /womb_hang   (558 words)

 Endometrial cancer
Womb cancer is also more common in women who are overweight, have no children, and who suffered from a condition called polycystic ovaries in the past.
There is no screening test for womb cancer but early presentation to a doctor when abnormal vaginal bleeding occurs normally results in it’s detection at an early stage.
It is diagnosed by examining a sample of the womb under a microscope and presents with similar symptoms to womb cancer.
www.womb.org.uk /endometrial_cancer.htm   (648 words)

 The End of Pregnancy
While the plastic womb is still only a prototype, Kuwabara predicts that a fully functioning artificial womb capable of gestating a human foetus may be a reality in less than six years.Others are more sceptical, but say we will probably see the mass use of artificial wombs by the time today's babies become parents.
Artificial wombs will most likely first be used as intensive care units for foe- tuses in cases where either the mother is ill and can no longer carry the child or where the foetus is ill and needs to be removed from the mother's womb and cared for where it can be easily monitored.
Armed with the artificial womb, asexual cloning technology and stem cells to produce all the extra body parts they need, men could free themselves, once and for all, from their dependency on women.
www.commondreams.org /views02/0117-05.htm   (1354 words)

 CNN.com - World's first womb transplant - March 7, 2002
The experiment showed a womb transplant is technically achievable -- and was immediately hailed as a breakthrough bringing hope to tens of thousands of childless couples whose only chance of a baby at the moment is through surrogacy.
The transplant, using the womb of a 46-year-old post-menopausal woman who had to have a hysterectomy, was performed April 6, 2000, on a 26-year-old Saudi woman who had lost her uterus because of excessive bleeding after childbirth.
Hormone treatment was given to thicken the womb's lining and it grew to 18 millimetres thick, indicating that hormones were getting through and that blood supply was good, the researchers reported.
archives.cnn.com /2002/HEALTH/parenting/03/07/womb.transplant/index.html   (775 words)

 Peace in the Womb
This wondrous creature is testimony to the peace and harmony that existed in the womb, or the egg, prior to its entering the world.
The endocrine system is so fine-tuned that it depends upon hormones in concentrations as little as a tenth of a trillionth of a gram to control the womb environment, as inconspicuous as one second in 3,169 centuries.
In our ignorance we assumed that the womb was inviolable, while at the same time we produced more and more synthetic chemicals to improve the quality of our lives.
innerself.ca /Essays/peace_womb.htm   (836 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Science -- Spare womb
They say their pursuit of an artificial womb is not meant to perpetuate or promote racial or social division, but to save unborn children and offer a new avenue to motherhood.
Liu announced that she and colleagues had removed cells from the lining of a woman's womb then induced them, using hormones, to grow atop a biodegradable matrix that resembled a human uterus.
While a few feminist philosophers view a futuristic artificial womb as a sort of liberating device – writer Shulamith Firestone says it would allow women to avoid the health risks of pregnancy –; there is no shortage of opponents to the idea.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/science/20040225-9999-mz1c25womb.html   (2610 words)

 BBC - Health - Womens health - Womb cancer
Cancer of the womb (uterus) - also known as endometrial cancer - affects around 5,200 women every year in the UK and is most common between the ages of 50 and 70.
A condition called endometrial hyperplasia, where the lining of the womb is abnormally thick, also increases the risk, as does a family history of certain cancers including those of the bowel, breast, womb and ovary.
If he or she is concerned about uterine cancer you may be referred to a specialist who'll carry out further tests including a biopsy of the womb tissue, an ultrasound scan and blood tests to look for chemical clues of the tumour.
www.bbc.co.uk /health/womens_health/issues_wombcancer.shtml   (605 words)

 Online Etymology Dictionary
"from the same womb," from copulative prefix a- "together with" + delphys "womb," perhaps related to dolphin (q.v.).
cases a refashioning of conceit (perhaps to avoid negative connotations); conception in the womb sense was c.1300.
from PIE *gelb(h)-, from base *gel- "to swell," hence, "womb, fetus, young of an animal." Elliptical sense of "leather made from the skin of a calf" is from 1727.
www.etymonline.com /index.php?search=womb&searchmode=none   (996 words)

 The womb
The cervix is the neck of the womb.
The vagina is the tube that connects the neck of the womb with the outside of the body.
In endometriosis, the lining of the womb (the endometrium) begins to grow on the outside of the womb and on the nearby organs.
www.cancerhelp.org.uk /help/default.asp?page=4667   (701 words)

 Womb | English | Dictionary & Translation by Babylon
Womb The productive and reproductive powers of nature have often been symbolized by peoples in world history; and as production or reproduction is perhaps most familiar in the sacred function of motherhood, to many minds the womb has seemed an especially suggestive emblem in the small of nature's reproductive principles on the macrocosmic scale.
Hence both moon and womb are considered to have been, or to be, the containers and nourishers of the seeds of life.
In a somewhat less clear application, nature's womb is considered to be the waters of space, as found for instance in Genesis, for the manifested universes are conceived and nourished therein.
www.babylon.com /definition/Womb/English   (403 words)

 PROTECT YOUR WOMB   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The womb must be kept pure and holy for the nurturing of the "godly seed" that God desires.
The womb is a holy place and the entrance to the womb is holy.
The hymen, the protection to the womb, should only be broken by one man. God’s plan is that on the wedding night, two virgins come together and the hymen (the veil) is broken by the one who will become her husband – the priest of her home.
www.aboverubies.org /articles/Womb.html   (4548 words)

 Surgery to remove womb cancer
Most women will just have their womb removed, possibly with some lymph nodes taken from around the womb as well.
This is not common in womb cancer, but it is sometimes removed along with the womb, as it can be a site of cancer spread.
Usually, this is done when womb cancer grows back in the middle pelvis after it has been treated with radiotherapy or surgery.
www.cancerhelp.org.uk /netscape/help/default.asp?page=4696&order=2137   (1324 words)

 Doctors to perform first womb transplant - Breaking News - World - Breaking News
It is hoped the chosen woman could then go on to have babies before the womb is removed again, allowing her to stop taking powerful drugs to stop her body from rejecting the organ.
It's hoped womb transplants could one day help women with a range of problems, including those born without wombs, or with malformed organs.
In the experiment with a rhesus monkey, a womb was successfully transplanted and connected to the animals blood supply.
www.smh.com.au /news/World/Doctors-to-perform-first-womb-transplant/2006/11/10/1162661882269.html   (387 words)

 BibleGateway.com - Keyword Search: womb
He will bless the fruit of your womb, the crops of your land—your grain, new wine and oil—the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks in the land that he swore to your forefathers to give you.
The fruit of your womb will be blessed, and the crops of your land and the young of your livestock—the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks.
The fruit of your womb will be cursed, and the crops of your land, and the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks.
www.biblegateway.com /keyword/?search=womb&version1=31&searchtype=all&limit=none&wholewordsonly=no   (900 words)

 Sleep of the Womb CD or Cassette Tape
Sleep of The WOMB is a CD or Cassette Tape for anyone that has stress.
Scientist have discovered that one of the methods nature uses to keep an infant asleep are sounds inside the womb.
Sleep of The WOMB is NOT a subliminal or hypnosis tape that works by supposedly repeating suggestions to you while you sleep.
www.thewoman.com /Products/sleep_of_the_womb.htm   (922 words)

 Respect Life Sunday, Excerpts of Pro-Life Homilies, Growth of Baby in the Womb
This account of the miracle of life growing in a mother's womb leads us to ask are expectant mothers so busy that they do not give enough time to contemplating the miracle within them.
Just because a baby in the womb has not yet grown to become knowledgeable does not mean that we can snuff it out like a candle.
As the baby grows in the womb the pain experienced by the woman can also grow, especially when she feels the baby's movements.
www.frtommylane.com /homilies/life.htm   (2680 words)

 A Womb for the Soul - High Holidays with Aish
Just as emergence from the womb constitutes corporeal birth, detachment from the body is the birth of the soul.
Just as the eight or nine months in the womb are the period of gestation preceding earthly birth, the 70 or 80 years on earth are the gestation period preceding heavenly birth.
Like a womb its value is not what it is but rather what it brings into existence.
www.aish.com /hhRosh/hhRoshDefault/A_Womb_for_the_Soul.asp   (1628 words)

 What's it Like in the Womb? on MedicineNet.com
Thanks to ultrasound and other high-tech tools allowing a peek inside the womb, scientists have discovered a virtual sensory playground in which your baby is living.
Instead of the womb being the quiet place scientists once assumed, it is actually awash in sounds, particularly the whooshing of your blood and digestive system, the thumping of your heart and your voice, which sounds louder than it would transmitted through the air since it reverberates through the bones and fluids in your body.
Some studies have shown that babies after birth will recognize -- and be comforted by -- a story read repeatedly to them while in the womb or even by particular songs, like the theme from a television show watched regularly during pregnancy.
www.medicinenet.com /script/main/art.asp?articlekey=51723   (1008 words)

 The first remarkable close-up pictures of animals in the womb | the Daily Mail
A dolphin swimming in the womb, just as it will have to swim in the ocean the moment it is born.
The images were created for the programme Animals In The Womb, a two-hour show to be broadcast on the National Geographic Channel in America next month and on Channel 4 and the National Geographic Channel in the UK next year.
During the next few weeks, it develops flippers, a tail and a blowhole before being born after a year, and must be able to quickly swim to the surface to take its first breath of air.
www.dailymail.co.uk /pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=417909&in_page_id=1770&ico=Homepage&icl=TabModule&icc=picbox&ct=5   (904 words)

 Artificial Womb
The scientists who developed it say they are working on a model that can be used for human fetuses, but that the technology is ten or more years away.
The womb is a plastic box filled with amniotic fluid and attached to a number of devices that monitor vital functions.
Currently a goat fetus can stay in the womb a maximum of three weeks, but scientists are working to extend this time and to solve the problems when the goat fetuses are removed from the artificial womb.
www.mhhe.com /biosci/genbio/biolink/student/olc2/g-bioe-17.htm   (333 words)

 Peace in the Womb
This wondrous creature is testimony to the peace and harmony that existed in the womb, or the egg, prior to its entering the world.
The endocrine system is so fine-tuned that it depends upon hormones in concentrations as little as a tenth of a trillionth of a gram to control the womb environment, as inconspicuous as one second in 3,169 centuries.
In our ignorance we assumed that the womb was inviolable, while at the same time we produced more and more synthetic chemicals to improve the quality of our lives.
www.innerself.com /Essays/peace_womb.htm   (849 words)

 The womb : Cancerbackup   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The womb, or uterus, is a muscular, pear-shaped organ at the top of the vagina.
Cancer that starts in the muscle layers of the womb is called uterine sarcoma; this type of cancer is discussed in our section about soft tissue sarcomas.
The lower part of the womb is called the cervix, or sometimes 'the neck of the womb'.
www.cancerbackup.org.uk /Cancertype/Wombuterus/General/Thewomb   (258 words)

 Womb - New Music - Peoplesound   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Womb was born in the summer of 1996, a solo project on the part of Greg Ferrari, based in London, England.
The year 2000 saw Womb consolidate themselves as one of London''s most easily recognisable goth/alternative live acts, as well as appearing in a number of underground publications, which served to promote the band''s interests.
It is the CD to push Womb to the forefront of the alternative scene.
www.peoplesound.com /artist/womb/?score=4&rateID=17175   (332 words)

 News - Survival Rates Improving for Cancer of the Womb But Its Incidence Climbs in the Over 60s   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In the 60-79 age group, incidence of womb cancer has climbed from 48 cases per 100,000 in 1993 to 63 in 2001.
The standard treatment for womb cancer is surgery in the form of a hysterectomy.
The endometrium is the lining of the womb and womb cancer is also known as endometrial cancer.
www.docguide.com /news/content.nsf/news/852571020057CCF68525710D004DBAA0   (832 words)

 Belly & Womb Conference 2006
As you can see the Belly and Womb Conference has a wide “birth” of reasons why it is important for us as women to gather and as women we have a distinct journey with our belly and womb.
By remembering what you understood in the womb you may experience healing between you and your mother, healing of birth fears, and a greater knowing of your life patterns.
The Women's Belly and Womb Conference is dedicated to three women whom I loved and whose lives were taken from cancer that grew in their beautiful bellies.
members.aol.com /alisastar/BellyWombConf2005.html   (2756 words)

 BBC NEWS | Health | US doctors plan womb transplant
A womb transplant has been tried once before, in Saudi Arabia in 2000, but then the womb came from a live donor, and was rejected after three months.
If the New York team are successful, it could bring new hope of becoming a mother to millions of women worldwide, many of whom have had their wombs removed due to illnesses such as cancer.
The New York surgeons have been running trials over the last six months which they say have confirmed that it is possible to remove the wombs of deceased donors in the same way as hearts, kidneys and livers are taken for transplant.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/health/6269791.stm   (449 words)

 Design Within Reach - Womb Chair - Classic Boucle
When Florence Knoll challenged Finnish-born architect and designer Eero Saarinen in 1948 to create a chair that she could curl up in, she had found an apt candidate for the task.
The Womb Chair's enveloping, lap-like form continues to be one of the most iconic and recognized representations of mid-century Scandinavian organic modernism.
By applying foam molded over a fiberglass shell, Saarinen was able to create a single-piece form that perfectly facilitated a relaxed sitting posture and a sublime feeling of security.
www.dwr.com /productdetail.cfm?id=7205   (249 words)

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