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Topic: Wonder Woman

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  Wonder Woman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wonder Woman's "magic lasso" was forged from the Magic Girdle of Aphrodite, which Queen Hippolyta (Wonder Woman's mother) was granted by the Goddess.
Wonder Woman's Silver Age past is restored, and it is revealed that she has also served as a founding member of the Justice League.
Wonder Woman has at her disposal a small lightweight disc of alien (Lansinar) technology that, when triggered by her thoughts, transforms into a transparent version of whatever object or vehicle is appropriate for her needs.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wonder_Woman   (6585 words)

 Wonder Woman (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wonder Woman's first appearance on TV screens in live-action form was via a television movie made in 1974 for the ABC Network, starring athlete-turned-actress Cathy Lee Crosby as a blonde non-superpowered Amazon, pitted against a debonair villain played by Ricardo Montalban.
Wonder Woman herself was occasionally defeated by the Nazis, but she always came back in the second half of the show to save the day.
Wonder Woman's magic belt is stolen by the rustlers, who lock her in an abandoned jail cell, and the orphan kids retrieve her belt and come to her rescue.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wonder_Woman_(television_series)   (6707 words)

 JSA Members: Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is the daughter of Hippolyte, immortal queen of the Amazons of Paradise Island.
During the 1980s, Wonder Woman tended to be an active member of the Justice Society, taking part in a number of cases, including answering a call from Superman that resulted in her drowning in the river of Koehaha, the Stream of Ruthlessness.
Wonder Woman was aging at a much slower rate due to her Amazonian physiology, insuring that she would outlive Trevor by decades.
my.execpc.com /~icicle/WONDERWOMAN.html   (2245 words)

 Wonder Woman - Nostalgia Central   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Wonder Woman is able to unravel their plot and intercept the Nazi bomber before rescuing the kidnapped Major Trevor.
Wonder Woman was brought to life by an educational consultant who believed the comic world was dominated by male heroes.
Wonder Woman's image also fit best in the era in which she was created - the early 1940s so the network decided to just do a live-actor version of the original comic strip and find a dark-haired girl who looked like the girl in the strip.
www.nostalgiacentral.com /tv/drama/wonderwoman.htm   (663 words)

 Seanbaby's Super Friends Page - Wonder Woman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Wonder Woman's unofficial job on the team was giving Aquaman a ride to any place that wasn't along the water.
One thing about Wonder Woman, is that whoever did her voice couldn't disguise it.
On a regular day, it sounded like Wonder Woman was pulling the switch on an orbital death ray, and on a bad day, it sounded like she was capturing herself.
www.seanbaby.com /superfriends/wonderwoman.htm   (440 words)

 Don Markstein's Toonopedia: Wonder Woman
She wasn't quite the first superhero woman in comics (that honor could belong to Invisible Scarlet O'Neil, The Woman in Red or any of several others), but she was certainly the most successful.
Wonder Woman became a member six months after her introduction, beginning a tradition that persisted until the 1970s, that every superhero team has a token female member.
Wonder Woman was briefly, during the mid-1940s, the subject of a newspaper comic strip.
www.toonopedia.com /wonderwo.htm   (634 words)

 Reading Wonder Woman:   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Wonder Woman emerges to call attention to the price wartime women had to pay for admission to the man-made world: a fractured sense of self and the duplicitous social practices necessary to negotiate the maintenance of submissive femininity while participating in the public sphere of wartime society.
Wonder Woman appeared on newstands again in all her original glory, striding through city streets like a colossus, stopping planes and bombs with one hand and rescuing buildings with the other.
Wonder Woman is often shown bound by ropes and chains, and on some occasions by her own magic lasso.
www.d.umn.edu /~memad/ReadingWonderWomanPaperFinal.htm   (6623 words)

 In2TV: Wonder Woman - AOL Television
Wonder Woman, the greatest female super hero of all time, takes on assorted bad guys in stilettos and a bathing suit.
Wonder Woman must use all her cunning and prowess when confronted by her evil Nazi counterpart.
Originally, the show steered away from Wonder Woman punching or kicking people but by the time the third season rolled around, the network eased up and she was free to kick criminal butt.
television.aol.com /in2tv/wonder_woman_tv   (789 words)

 Wonder Woman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Although the Bionic Woman was basically the same show, She even had a rematch with the fembots in the third or fourth episode, Wonder Woman had undergone drastic changes.
The episodes were great, but Wonder Woman's need to be wearing her magic belt in order to have any powers at all left a bad taste in my mouth.
But Wonder Woman was too much of a goody-two-shoes, and she always seemed to be losing her powers, which made it difficult to accept her as a superhero.
www.jumptheshark.com /w/wonderwoman.htm   (6710 words)

 Salon.com Arts & Entertainment | "Suffering Sappho!"
Wonder Woman debuted in All-Star Comics No. 8 in December 1941, but was inexplicably unable to prevent the Pearl Harbor invasion.
And now, a few months shy of her 60th anniversary, Wonder Woman has a new artist guiding her destiny at DC Comics: a devoted fan whom she inspired to escape a life in the slums.
Wonder Woman -- a defiant Amazon from a female Utopia called Paradise Island -- was created by a pop psychologist named William Moulton Marston, who wrote under the pseudonym Charles Moulton.
archive.salon.com /ent/feature/2000/12/13/wonder_woman/index.html   (968 words)

 The religion of Wonder Woman, Princess Diana
Wonder Woman could be said to be a "pagan" in the word's contemporary religious sense, although this does not appear to be a word she regularly applies to herself.
As the Golden Age Wonder Woman, Queen Hippolyta was as prayerful and as religious as she was in modern times when her daughter was Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman's Greek gods, who have their own traditions about the creation of the Earth and the rest of the universe, don't jibe well with the pseudo Judeo-Christianity that the Spectre or Ollie Queen's afterlife, or an angel superhero imply.
www.adherents.com /lit/comics/WonderWoman.html   (6932 words)

 Wonder Woman
I was quite proud of the origins I came up with for the Amazons and Wonder Family which incorporated everything in the comic, fit neatly into mythology, and formed the basis for future plotlines.
Among them was Robert Rodi, author of What They Did to Princess Paragon, a hilarious send-off of comics fans and Wonder Woman and comics publishers that have no idea what to do with their characters.
Wonder Queen, Wonder Tot, Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman and the whole Wonder Bunch are copyrighted and probably trademarked as well by DC Comics, Inc. Buy their comics.
hometown.aol.com /linastrick   (776 words)

 Amazon.com: Wonder Woman - The Complete First Season: DVD: Leslie H. Martinson,Don McDougall,Dick Moder,Ivan ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Furthermore, when the forces of evil threaten the nation, Diana would spin to transform into Wonder Wonder, armed with a magic belt giving her tremendous strength, bracelets that can stop any bullet, a tiara that can be thrown as a returning weapon and a unbreakable magic lasso that can force anyone to tell the truth.
Carter is wonderful in the title role, and she grew more comfortable in the part as the season went on.
Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman (Princess Diana aka Diana Prince), Norman Burton as Joe Atkinson (1977), Beatrice Colen as Etta Candy (1976-1977), Richard Eastham as General Phil Blankenship (1976-1977), Tom Kratochvil as Voice of I.R.A.C. Saundra Sharp as Eve (1977-1979), Lyle Waggoner as Major Steven Leonard "Steve" Trevor (1976-1977)/Steve Trevor, Jr.
www.amazon.com /Wonder-Woman-Complete/dp/B0001ZMWYG   (3380 words)

 Comic Book Movies -- Wonder Woman
September 12, 2005: Australia's ABC Radio National talked to Joss Whedon about his next project, the Wonder Woman movie: "We'll meet a Wonder Woman who is similar to the one from the original comics and from the TV series to an extent," said Whedon.
His work on Buffy makes him uniquely qualified to handle the Wonder Woman character.” “There’s no one better than Joss to adapt the legendary Wonder Woman comic book character created in the 1940s into a dynamic feature film for 21st century audiences,” producer Joel Silver added.
When Joel and I began discussing the character, I realized there is a woman behind the legend who is very fascinating, very uncompromising, and in her own way, almost vulnerable.
www.efavata.com /CBM/WonderWoman.htm   (776 words)

 Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman 21 provides a good example of the bizarre, fanciful stories written by Marston and illustrated by long-time associate Harry G. Peter in the 1940s.
As Part 1, "The Mystery of the Atom World," ended, Steve Trevor is surprised by the sudden reappearance of Wonder Woman and the Holliday Girls in Paula's lab.
Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor rescue them by towing a massive steamer to the island with the Amazon's invisible plane.
www.uky.edu /Projects/Chemcomics/html/ww_21_b7_h.html   (393 words)

 "Wonder Woman" (1976)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Actress Debra Winger was offered her own "Wonder Girl" series, but opted out as she wanted to perform in more serious roles.
I have heard that there is going to be a movie produced in about two years of WONDER WOMAN.
That would be the best passing of the torch to have the original Wonder Woman and the new one in the same movie.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0074074   (503 words)

 Wonder Woman TV Show
The Wonder Woman TV show was a fantasy series.
On television, Wonder Woman lost her powers if her belt was removed.
Well, in the first episode on CBS, "The Return of Wonder Woman", she told Steve Trevor that she would be 2,527 years old on her next birthday.
www.crazyabouttv.com /wonderwoman.html   (714 words)

 Wonder Woman, DC Archives
Wonder Woman was an Amazon princess and the daughter of Queen Hippolyte.
Wonder Woman, the creation of William Moulton Marston, was clearly the star feature of this issue.
Illustrated by Harry G. Peter, Wonder Woman was based on Greek mythology and had the beauty of Aphrodite, the strength of Hercules, the wisdom of Athena, and the speed of Mercury.
www.kenpiercebooks.com /ww.htm   (449 words)

 BBC - Science & Nature - Hot Topics - The Science of Superheroes - Wonder Woman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Armed with the twin weapons of truth and the American way, Diana spends her life as a hospital nurse, tending those injured in the fight against evil.
But at the flick of her lasso, she is transformed into Wonder Woman, champion of women's issues - "fighting for her rights in her satin tights".
An early proponent of the polygraph was the psychologist William Marston, who is also credited with creating Wonder Woman.
www.bbc.co.uk /science/hottopics/superheroes/wonderwoman.shtml   (667 words)

 Wonder Woman: Lesbian or Dyke?
It is generally accepted that Marston created Wonder Woman for girls, as an alternative to the male-oriented superhero comics of the time; however, I could find no actual statement on his part saying that.
The original Golden Age Wonder Woman comics had no letters pages, but as late as the early 1960s, when Robert Kanigher was writing and editing the book, the letters page reveals the demographics of his readers.
Whether Wonder Woman's creator really intended any hidden lesbian agenda in his comics, or whether suspicions of Sapphism were simply products of Wertham's McCarthyist mentality, William Moulton Marston provided a safe place for girls in the pages of his comics, away from Man's World.
girl-wonder.org /papers/robbins.html   (2940 words)

 Wonder Woman: Yesterday, Today & Beyond
DC has announced the beginning with issue 3 of the current Wonder Woman series, the title will be shipped bimonthly.
Wonder Woman #2 has been delayed ever since its original relealse date of July 19, but DC Comics has announced that it will arrive in stores on August 23.
Nothing this week in the Wonder Woman venue, but 52 continues to heat up as Booster Gold meets Super Nova in the battle of the two name heroes.
www.wonderwomanytb.com   (686 words)

 Amazon.ca: Wonder Woman: The Complete First Season: DVD: Leslie H. Martinson,Don McDougall,Dick Moder,Ivan Dixon,Stuart ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Season One of Wonder Woman (the Pilot Movie and 13 regular episodes) retains the World War II era of the super heroine's early comic book adventures.
Also captured is the exuberant tone of a comic book come to screen life as the warrior princess, empowered by her sense of a woman's worth and by the mysterious substance Feminum that's found only on her remote native isle, battles a succession of Nazi baddies.
Constantly called on to help, Wonder Woman must use her super strength, bullet stopping bracelets, and unbreakable lasso of truth to stop the Nazis from taking over the world.
www.amazon.ca /Wonder-Woman-Complete-First-Season/dp/B0001ZMWYG   (1412 words)

 The Wonder Woman Pages: Dr. William Moulton Marston   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Seeing all these male heroes, Marston was left wondering why there was not a female hero.
Marston was the creator of the systolic blood-pressure test, which lead to the creation of the polygraph(lie detector).
Following this exposure in what was the second largest selling comic in DC's line, Wonder Woman appeared in her own berth in Sensation Comics #1(January 1942), and six months later in her own self-titled book(Summer 1942).
www.wonderwoman-online.com /marston.html   (335 words)

 Wonder Woman - Comics2Film
Synopsis: Bryce Dallas Howard has dismissed rumours she'll star as 'Wonder Woman' in a forthcoming movie remake, insisting she hasn't got the right physique for the part.
Wonder Woman is a lot more to figure out.
This is, of course, utter nonsense and stems from an earlier TV Guide article in which an interviewer asked her if she ever thought of playing the Amazon princess in a movie.
www.comics2film.com /ProjectFrame.php?f_id=27   (940 words)

 Wonder Woman TV Show - Wonder Woman Television Show - TV.com
This is the third attempt at bringing Wonder Woman to the small screen.
Finally, in 1975, the athletic and stunning Lynda Carter was pefectly cast as the amazonian princess who leaves the island of Themyscira to fight for justics in man's world.
The first season took place during World War II with Wonder Woman fighting the Nazis.
www.tv.com /wonder-woman/show/128/summary.html   (463 words)

 Wonder Woman The Complete Third Season DVD -- Official Site
With the Warner Bros. DVD release of “Wonder Woman: The Complete Third Season,” the gorgeous superhero leaves the World War II era of the first season behind and jumps into the ‘70s world of disco, still miraculously young and still using her wits, wiles and astonishing powers to fight evil.
Beginning with the Third season, this widely popular adventure series was brought forward 30 years and introduced Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) to a new America of nuclear power and computers.
DC BULLET LOGO, WONDER WOMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.
www.wonderwomandvd.com   (303 words)

 Wonder Woman - Moviefone
Wonder Woman - Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments, Discussion,...
Wonder Woman - Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments, Discussion, Taglines, Trailers,...
Wonder Woman - Cast & Crew, movie showtimes, plot, synopsis, exclusive features, trailers, clips, theater listings, reviews, message boards, dvd, videos, rentals and more on Moviefone.
movies.aol.com /movie/wonder-woman/25840/main?ncid=AOLMOV00120000000001   (142 words)

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