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In the News (Fri 22 Mar 19)

 Wonderfalls On DVD Petition
Such is the case with the cancellation of Fox's 'Wonderfalls', the most inventive show to come down the pipe in years.
'Wonderfalls' was one of those shows and in the hearts of many, will continue to be.
The Wonderfalls On DVD Petition to Twentieth Century Fox was created by and written by Keith Kuramoto.
www.petitiononline.com /goodtv/petition.html   (453 words)

 Wonderfalls (2004 TV series) - A Hollywood Jesus Movie Review
Wonderfalls is rife with religious ideas and from the outset lets us know that religious belief is its subtext.
Wonderfalls, the best of them all (along with Arrested Development), is one of the best shows that no one is watching.
Wonderfalls is going to suffer by comparison to both Joan of Arcadia and Tru Calling, mostly because it is the last to show up to the party.
www.hollywoodjesus.com /wonderfalls.htm   (1372 words)

 Wonderfalls - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The DVD set includes commentary by the producers and cast members on half the episodes, a behind-the-scenes documentary, an examination of the show’s visual effects, and one of the two music videos produced for the theme song, “I Wonder Why the Wonder Falls” by Andy Partridge.
Episodes of Wonderfalls currently air on Logo, a cable channel geared toward gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender viewers.
Wonderfalls was co-created by Bryan Fuller, who also created Dead Like Me, and as a result both series have similarities.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wonderfalls   (1169 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Wonderfalls at Epinions.com
To the left I spotted the Wonderfalls and was not too clear on the function of this toy since the box lists this for Newborns, Birth and Up.
Wonderfalls stands on its own with the red knob to turn in the bottom right corner.
One strap is for left and another for right with the last one for the middle of the Wonderfalls to fasten two ways onto the crib.
www.epinions.com /content_8618282628   (904 words)

 TeeVee.org: What's the Use of Wonder-in'?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
It’s perfectly possible to build a series around a main character who’s flawed and a little damaged and not especially likable; it’s just not a good idea to build a series around someone who, in addition to being flawed and a little damaged and not especially likable, is also irretrievably boring.
Wonderfalls is cold and dead and has been for nearly a month and a half now.
Minear threw out the ceremonial first bleat when he announced at the above link board that Wonderfalls is history and concluded with an interview in the New York Times in which he beat his breast, cursed the fates, and joined the Times reporter in bemoaning the unfairness of it all.
www.teevee.org /archive/2004/05/11/index.html   (1872 words)

 Zap2it - TV news - 'Wonderfalls' Will Try to Make Friday Splash
Although its tone is generally lighter, "Wonderfalls" is similar to CBS' "Joan of Arcadia," which features a teenager who talks to God and airs at 8 p.m.
While FOX has found a place for "Wonderfalls," the same can't yet be said for "The Ortegas" and "Still Life," two shows the network introduced to critics last summer.
Six episodes of each show are finished, and there's a chance they could see the light of day in the summer, but Berman gave the standard "no decision has been made" response to questions about their fate.
tv.zap2it.com /tveditorial/tve_main/1,1002,271|85780|1|,00.html   (340 words)

 USATODAY.com - Take the 'Wonderfalls' plunge while you can   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Her inescapable destiny is to be the unwilling handmaiden of fate — which speaks to her through the various toy animals she sells at a Niagara Falls souvenir shop.
We, however, had better prepare ourselves to fight for this lovable oddball of a series, which seems predestined to be remembered as the wrong show in the wrong season on the wrong night on the wrong network.
Wonderfalls is such an unexpected treat, it might even remove that nasty aftertaste that hideous Fox trash like Forever Eden leaves in your mouth.
www.usatoday.com /life/television/reviews/2004-03-11-wonderfalls_x.htm   (505 words)

 Spoiler Slayer: Wonderfalls - Spoilers Archives
In other 'Wonderfalls' news, I do have more detailed spoilers to pass along, just haven't got the time to collate and get them out.
'Wonderfalls' is what 'Buffy' was over 8 years ago, this is our chance to get a new show off to a good start.
Jaye meddles in, muddles up, and ultimately betters the lives of herself, her eccentric family of overachievers, and the eclectic variety of strangers that cross her path.
www.spoilerslayer.com /archives/cat_wonderfalls_spoilers.php   (3731 words)

 tvdvdreviews.com -- Wonderfalls: The Complete Viewer Collection DVD Review
Even the most flattering of magazine pieces about Wonderfalls included quotes in which Joan's creators sniffed that wasn't as purely Joan of Arc-driven as their show (as if either series would feature their main characters leading a crusade and getting burned at the stake).
Plus Wonderfalls aired immediately after a stinkbomb reality series called Playing it Straight in which a clueless bachelorette had to determine which of her suitors were gay and which were straight.
"Greetings from Wonderfalls" (22:58), a featurette on disc one about the creation of the show, is as infectiously funny as the series itself.
www.tvdvdreviews.com /wonderfalls.html   (1868 words)

 Whedonesque : Comments on 3496 : Wonderfalls cancelled.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
As Tim had said Wonderfalls did not test well with women and so actually I don't think they knew what demo the advertisers would be able to target with the show and at the end of the day it's all about the money.
Regarding the unaired episodes, it's more than likely that Wonderfalls will be picked up by one of the satellite/cable channels in the UK and all 13 episodes will be shown.
Wonderfalls for the type of show it, quirky, light and fun was a very good show that I do think would've gotten better and better.
whedonesque.com /?comments=3496   (5262 words)

 Whedonesque : Comments on 1981 : Wonderfalls - "The Season's Best Show".   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Wonderfalls does sound very intriguing and with Tim Minear behind it, it's more of a must see for me than Tru Calling.
I don't see how Tru Calling, Joan of Arcadia or Wonderfalls are any less formulaic or any more trendy and foolish than Look Who's Talking variations.
Whether it's dead people or inanimate objects, or in the case of Joan normal appearing people talking as if they're manifestations of God, it's all a weird trend toward trying to do something unique for unique's sake, and the result is like a goth bar.
whedonesque.com /?comments=1981   (508 words)

 Amazon.ca: Wonderfalls: The Complete Series: DVD: Peter O'Fallon,Jamie Babbit,Michael Lehmann,Peter Lauer,Jeremy ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
The premise may sound a bit too off-the-beaten-path, but Wonderfalls' meddling with the ethereal was grounded in a keen awareness of post-college life and the travails befalling young twentysomethings who had no idea where their life was going.
And instead of being sanctimonious or inspiring, the show was instead a complex mix of the heartfelt and the angsty, and Dhavernas was one of the most cynically hopeful heroines to grace the small screen.
The rest of the cast was also topnotch, including Kate Finneran as Jaye's high-strung sister, Diana Scarwid as her caustic mother, and Tyron Leitso as bartender Eric, whose tentative romance with Jaye was both affecting and hilarious.
www.amazon.ca /Wonderfalls-Complete-Peter-OFallon/dp/B0006GAO18   (1646 words)

 Letter From Tim Minear
Some of the folks at the network are telling me that "Wonderfalls" is the best reviewed new series they've had in ages -- maybe ever.
Fact is, I have no power over network promotion, I can't force Fox to air "Wonderfalls" on Monday nights, I don't have a Nielsen box or know anyone who does.
The next new episode of "Wonderfalls" airs Friday, March 19th at 9:00pm on Fox.
www.buffistas.org /faq/LetterFromTim.php   (823 words)

 Amazon.com: Wonderfalls - The Complete Series: DVD: Peter O'Fallon,Jamie Babbit,Michael Lehmann,Peter Lauer,Jeremy ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
More than this, it was as if FOX were determined for the show to fail, first placing it on Friday evenings (the worst night of the week for attracting viewers) for three weeks, before putting it on Thursday night opposite a host of the most popular shows on TV, therefore dooming it to low ratings.
As most who have heard of the show know, WONDERFALLS is the story of Jaye, a slacker living in Niagara Falls, NY (though most of the footage at the Falls is from the Canadian side) and working in a menial job in a souvenir gift shop.
"Wonderfalls" was one of those outstanding cult shows that burn bright and briefly -- it lasted only four episodes before being yanked, with nine more as yet unaired.
www.amazon.com /Wonderfalls-Complete-Peter-OFallon/dp/B0006GAO18   (2942 words)

 Trinkets are spirit guides in Fox's brilliant 'Wonderfalls'
In "Wonderfalls," that person is ultra-slacker Jaye Tyler (Caroline Dhavernas in an Emmy-worthy, "It Girl" star turn), who talks with inanimate objects, like a wax lion, a brass monkey -- an assortment, in fact, of animal figures.
Same with "Wonderfalls." Maybe the country won't swoon over the whimsical, endearing travails of Jaye, sent scurrying on missions of kindness she doesn't really want to undertake by inanimate animals that talk to her, making her feel deeply insane.
Yes, maybe the underlying intellectual vibes of "Wonderfalls" will go unfelt, or an appreciation for a snappy 45 minutes of televised illuminism will be lost on some people.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2004/03/12/DDG6B5HL391.DTL   (1073 words)

 Zap2it - TV news - 'Wonderfalls' Cancelled, Exec Producer Says
Although it was the subject of generally glowing reviews, "Wonderfalls" drew only meager ratings.
In three airings on Friday nights, the show averaged about 3.8 million viewers, while the lone Thursday airing of an original episode on April 1 drew even fewer than that.
Thirteen episodes of "Wonderfalls" have been completed, and Minear says he and creators Todd Holland ("Malcolm in the Middle") and Bryan Fuller ("Dead Like Me") will try to find a home for the remaining shows, either on DVD or at another network.
tv.zap2it.com /tveditorial/tve_main/1,1002,271|87284|1|,00.html   (315 words)

 Wonderfalls on WVAH Fox 11
Created by Bryan Fuller and Todd Holland, and executive-produced by Fuller, Holland and Tim Minear, Wonderfalls focuses on Jaye as she meddles in, muddles up and ultimately betters her own life and the lives of herself and the eclectic variety of strangers who cross her path.
Whatever the outcome, one thing is for certain - Jaye will discover that the world around her is a magical place and that the seemingly random events in her life are actually all part of something much greater.
WONDERFALLS is produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Regency Television.
www.wvah.com /programs/wonderfalls   (363 words)

 TimMinear.net 5.0
This past year, the lives of the Wonderfalls producers, writers, cast and crew have been dedicated to the making of this series.
XTC principal Andy Partridge has contributed the theme song to the new Fox series "Wonderfalls." Beginning with the show's second episode, 39 seconds of Partridge's "I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls" -- one of six ideas he presented to the show's producers -- will be heard through the opening credits....
FOX has found a place for the dramedy WONDERFALLS on its midseason schedule, although it may not be the easiest sell for the quirky show....
www.timminear.net /archives/cat_wonderfalls.html   (739 words)

 "Wonderfalls" (2004)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Fresh, intelligent, insightful and hysterically funny, Wonderfalls is a show you'll come back to time and again.
The series has oft been criticised as a cheap Joan of Arcadia carbon copy, but Wonderfalls is by far the superior of the two.
It is sad that Wonderfalls -- by far the better of the two shows in every aspect -- was the one to get the axe, but at least we can console ourselves with the promised DVD release later this year/early 2005.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0361256   (526 words)

 MSN - News - 'Wonderfalls' Spills Torrent of Wit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
In the wonderful "Wonderfalls," the fresh and instantly addictive comedy-fantasy series Fox introduces on Friday, March 12, Jaye Tyler (Caroline Dhavernas) is, like the title character in CBS' "Joan of Arcadia," a disaffected young woman who finds herself the reluctant focal point of something greater than herself.
And when Jaye follows their usually cryptic instructions, someone's life is improved: Sharon's, in the pilot; a stranger, in many episodes, and even Jaye herself, especially in connection with Eric (Tyron Leitso), a local bartender nursing his own romantic trauma.
Viewers who are able to buy into the quirky concept at the heart of "Wonderfalls" are the ones who are most likely to love the show, since the FOX series isn't really about why this weird phenomenon has unexpectedly entered Jaye's life.
entertainment.msn.com /tv/article.aspx?news=151951   (360 words)

 TWIZ TV | Wonderfalls Shooting Scripts [Season 1] - Episode Guide
The scripts are in.pdf format so make sure you have Acrobat Reader installed to read them.
"Wonderfalls" and other related entities are owned, (TM) and © by 20th Century Fox Television in association with Regency Television.
This website, its operators, and any of its content relating to "Wonderfalls" are not officially authorized.
www.twiztv.com /scripts/wonderfalls   (500 words)

 UGO Screenwriter's Voice - DVD Review/Interview by Joanna Topor -- Wonderfalls
Trying to find her place in the world, among her overachieving and overbearing family, Jaye spends her time hanging out at the local watering hole where her best friend is a waitress and the cute bartender has existential angst of his own.
For a while it looked like FOX was on board, they made plans for Wonderfalls to debut after American Idol (a trick that has worked well for the catchy, but lack luster Point Pleasant) and they talked about making Caroline Dhavernas the new face of the network.
Wonderfalls came along at a time when FOX "had made an active decision not to pursue niche cult shows," and were instead turning their efforts to commercially viable exploits (aka the bikini clad women of North Shore).
screenwriting.ugo.com /reviews/wonderfalls_dvdreview.php   (959 words)

 village voice > news > Wonderfalls by Joy Press
Wonderfalls' visual grammar shouts "Zany!"—something it shares with a number of recent screwball dramedies like Keen Eddie, Lucky, Nip/Tuck, even Las Vegas.
Wonderfalls covers the dysfunctional family angle with the cartoony fervor of Arrested Development, while also applying Freaks and Geeks-style hipster detachment to Jaye's twentysomething quandaries.
I'm smitten with Wonderfalls, but it seems like it's built on a precariously whimsical foundation that could easily topple over into cutesiness.
www.villagevoice.com /issues/0409/tv.php   (951 words)

 DVD Empire - Item - Wonderfalls: The Complete Series / DVD-Video
Although a recent graduate of Brown University, Jaye Tyler decides to ignore her degree, live in a trailer and work at a tourist gift shop near Niagara Falls called Wonderfalls - much to the despair of her well-to-do family.
Too smart and creative for Fox TV execs (known for prematurely cancelling other 5-star shows such as Firefly), this gem of a series is a great find for those of us who look for good dialogue, great acting, and a touch of mysticism in our entertainment.
Wonderfalls can be described as Amelie meets Joan of Arcadia, offering the best attributes of each.
www.dvdempire.com /Exec/v4_item.asp?item_id=640909   (237 words)

 AfterEllen.com - Interview with Wonderfalls Co-Creator Bryan Fuller
Bryan Fuller is the co-creator of the new series Wonderfalls, premiering tonight at 9pm on Fox.
We were in his kitchen talking about this, and he had a couple of salt and pepper shakers with a cow head and a bull head, and we thought “wouldn’t it be interesting if the higher power was speaking through these?”
The three of us are very well versed in genre storytelling, and there’s a different quality to the way we tell stories on Wonderfalls than the way they tell stories on Joan of Arcadia.
www.afterellen.com /People/bryanfuller-interview.html   (503 words)

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