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  Custom Furniture and Handcrafted Wood Art — Wood Artists Gallery
Wood Artists Gallery is your single source for custom wood furniture and other handcrafted wood art for your home, office, or business.
From understated modern wood furniture to fanciful handcrafted wood art worthy of the best galleries in the country, Wood Artists Gallery offers fine furniture and gallery furniture for your home or office that responds to your needs today and tomorrow.
Wood Artists Gallery is your single source for custom wood furniture and other handcrafted wood art for your home and office.
www.woodartistsgallery.com   (512 words)

  Wood - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Since the late wood of a growth ring is usually darker in color than the early wood, this fact may be used in judging the density, and therefore the hardness and strength of the material.
In ring-porous woods the vessels of the early wood not infrequently appear on a finished surface as darker than the denser late wood, though on cross sections of heartwood the reverse is commonly true.
Wide-ringed wood is often called "second-growth", because the growth of the young timber in open stands after the old trees have been removed is more rapid than in trees in the forest, and in the manufacture of articles where strength is an important consideration such "second-growth" hardwood material is preferred.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wood   (4182 words)

 Wallace Wood Biography
Wood, now a grizzled veteran of 25 and the acknowledged master of futuristic sf ships and monsters, produced eight or nine weekly eight-page episodes of classic sf art from scripts and breakdowns by Jules Feiffer before the strip came to an end.
Wood was unstinting in his support for young artists trying to break into the field.
Wood, who actually was considered as a replacement for Hal Foster on Prince Valiant (and actually had his trial page published on November 15, 1970), was reduced to creating x-rated parodies of Valiant, Flash Gordon, Tarzan and even Alice in Wonderland for publications like National Screw.
www.bpib.com /illustrat/wood.htm   (1520 words)

 JTR: Commodities - Wood
Prior to 1990, there was limited recycling of wood waste (e.g., urban wood waste, woody debris from suburban land clearing, and rural forestry residuals) in the United States.
Wood waste from construction and demolition activities is attractive as a fuel because of its low moisture content.
A major barrier to increased wood recovery, however, is the lack of grade standards for recovered wood.
www.epa.gov /epaoswer/non-hw/recycle/jtr/comm/wood.htm   (341 words)

 ArtLex on Wood
The innermost wood in a tree's trunk is called the heartwood, while the outermost is the functional sapwood.
Wood that is broken down into fibers is called wood pulp, which can then be made into paper.
The wood from conifers (e.g., firs and pines) is called softwood, and the wood from broad-leaved trees (e.g., oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany) is called hardwood.
www.artlex.com /ArtLex/wxyz/wood.html   (1592 words)

 Handbook of Texas Online:
Wood County (D-21) is in northeastern Texas between Interstate highways 20 and 30.
The Sabine River drains the southern part of Wood County and forms its southern boundary, and a tributary of the river, Lake Fork Creek, drains the central portion of the county.
Wood County remained during the years 1870 to 1920 as it was during the antebellum years, overwhelmingly agricultural and rural.
www.tsha.utexas.edu /handbook/online/articles/view/WW/hcw15.html   (1357 words)

 WEC Survey Of Energy Resources 2001 - Wood (including charcoal Resources
The target of Finland’s Wood Energy Research Programme is to increase small-scale use of wood by 45% between 1995 and 2010, and by 70% by 2025.
Wood was the primary space-heating fuel in some 3 million houses and 140 000 apartments; 2.2 million houses and 100 000 apartments regularly used wood as a supplementary fuel.
Wood is the basic fuel for 3.2 million rural households, providing approximately 65% of their energy needs.
www.worldenergy.org /wec-geis/publications/reports/ser/wood/wood.asp   (5609 words)

Marquetry is a method of cutting thin sheets of different colored woods (veneers) and cutting shapes from them to inlay a design on a wooden surface, such as a table, cabinet, or box.
The piece of wood is spun while being held in the lathe, and a knife or shaped cutting tool is held against it as it turns, resulting in symmetrically curved forms.
Wood has also been used for the creation of shelter since prehistoric times.
char.txa.cornell.edu /media/wood/wood.htm   (733 words)

 Wood   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Normally a wood fence consists of treated pine posts and rails and either treated pine or cedar pickets.
A custom wood fence is preferred where a specific effect is desired such as to blend with the architectural style of the home or to complement landscaping.
Because this wood naturally resists rot and termites, it is ideal as an outdoor wood for fence applications.
dcfence.com /wood.htm   (392 words)

 Comic creator: Wallace Wood (Wally Wood)
In 1950, Wood joined EC Comics and became known as the "Dean of the Comic Book Science Fiction." His earliest works were often in cooperation with Harry Harisson, who later moved on to become a successful science-fiction writer.
Wood worked mainly on the Weird Science and Weird Fantasy comics, although his work for Shock SuspenStories is known as his best.
Wood's artwork also appeared in Tales from the Crypt, Frontline Combat and Haunt of Fear.
lambiek.net /artists/w/wood_wallace.htm   (418 words)

Wood that he might come to her home any evening but he never did.
Among those inheriting part of Andrew's farm were Jesse Wood and Mary, his wife, who sold their share to Andrew Wood in 1854; also Samuel Wood and Christiana, his wife, and John Williams and Lucinda Williams, his wife, who sold their share to Andrew and William Wood.
Administration of the estate of John Wood of Essex Co, NJ was granted to Daniel Smith Wood, 25 Aug 1789.
www.popenoe.com /NYfamilies/Wood.htm   (8049 words)

 Category:Wood - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wood is a material found as the primary content of the stems of woody plants, especially trees, but also shrubs.
This category contains wood related articles including notable trees used for supplying wood.
The main article for this category is Wood.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Category:Wood   (99 words)

 Wood County Human Resources Department
Wood County Human Resources Department business hours are 8:00 a.m.
Wood County updates its listings with the Job Center as necessary to keep the information current.
Wood County is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
www.co.wood.wi.us /hr.asp   (298 words)

 Derick WOOD (PhD, Leeds, 1968)
Professor Wood received his BSc and PhD degrees from the University of Leeds, England, in 1963 and 1968, respectively.
Wood and D. Ziadi, A Characterization of Thompson Digraphs, Discrete Applied Mathematics 134, (2004), 317-337.
Wood, The Regularity of Two-Way Nondeterministic Tree Automata Languages, International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science, 13 (2002), 67-81.
www.cs.ust.hk /~dwood   (515 words)

 Sculptor.Org - Wood Carving, Wood Sculpture, Wood Sculptors
Reflecting the movement of both water and time, “Morning Pond” captures the feeling of motion and energy contained in a pond at sunrise.
Carved from contrasting woods, whose colors and shapes create an animated form, Edmonds’ work is...
John Evans' Contemporary wood and bronze sculpture is exhibited and sold in art galleries across the United States for residential and corporate environments.
www.sculptor.org /Wood/Default.htm   (355 words)

 National Wood Flooring Association - Consumers Source For Wood Flooring Professionals
Wood flooring enhances the d├ęcor of any room, and provides timeless beauty.
Whether you are looking for information about prefinished wood floors, job site finished wood floors, or even tips on refinishing wood floors, the NWFA can provide you with the resources you need.
You'll even find information on wood floor maintenance and how to care for different kinds of wood floor finishes.
www.woodfloors.org /consumer   (174 words)

 Fishing Lake Wood
Maps are available at Lake Wood Recreation Area or the GBRA headquarters (830) 379-5822.
It is dominated by the main river channel, which provides steep dropoffs in the upper portion of the reservoir and deeper holes in the lower portion.
Many shallow areas in the lower portion of the reservoir, adjacent to the river channel, concentrate baitfish and provide excellent feeding areas for largemouth bass and catfish.
www.tpwd.state.tx.us /fishboat/fish/recreational/lakes/wood   (471 words)

 National Wood Flooring Association - Consumers Source For Wood Flooring Professionals
No matter what your lifestyle, wood floors add value and comfort to any décor, but with all the choices available today, how do you know which kind of wood flooring will be right for you?
Whether you are looking for information about prefinished wood floors, job site finished wood floors, or even tips on refinishing wood floors, the NWFA can provide you with the resources you need.
You'll even find information on wood floor maintenance and how to care for different kinds of wood floor finishes.
www.woodfloors.org   (174 words)

 Wood Badge, Advanced Training for Scout Leaders
History of Wood Badge in the United States Here is where the previous course information resides.
The Wood Badge for the 21st Century encompasses these five themes with the supporting content in each theme gives the participant the contemporary leadership models for today's leaders.
Ceremonies for presentation of the Wood Badge regalia.
www.woodbadge.org   (325 words)

 Wood Surname History and Family Tree
Mattham was the Great grandfather of Jesus and his hebrew trade name translated to English "Wood".
The English surname of Wood is usually borne by settlers who came from England to Ireland and Wales.In the 17th Century Irish families were compelled to change their Gaelic name of Coill to Wood.
The Authentic Coat Of Arms of Admiral Sir Andrew Wood Of Largo Scotland and Laird of MacDonald Clan.
web.ukonline.co.uk /footstepsofwood   (378 words)

 Wood Craft Photo Gallery - WoodCrafting.org
This was made from a single piece of wood turned on a lathe then hand carved.
I have been into wood for about five years now.
Once again the challange came down- Mike Illicth wanted (2) two theme bikes built for his hockey town cafe One for the detroit Red wings and one fo...
www.woodcrafting.org   (403 words)

 wood floor - wood craft - wood carving - Wood World
Wood World was established as a world wide trading site for information to promote trade in the Wood Industry.
Logging, Wood Chipping Mills, Tree Farms, Nurseries andSeedlings
Wooden Pallets and Skids, Firewood, Pellitized Wood Fuels
www.woodfibre.com   (134 words)

 Woodworking Information at WOODWEB
Late-breaking news from all sectors of the wood industry
An extensive, always-growing collection of woodworking articles from wood industry magazines and experts, and the best discussions from our Interactive Forums, arranged in the categories listed below.
E-Mail us and let us know what you think.
www.woodweb.com   (603 words)

 WOODTV.com & WOOD TV8 - Grand Rapids news, weather, sports and video - Home
WOODTV.com and WOOD TV8 - Grand Rapids news, weather, sports and video - Home
Authorities say six teenagers, all riding in one vehicle were injured when that car was struck by a semi truck.
For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
www.woodtv.com   (223 words)

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