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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Wool - from Sheep, Llama, Alpaca, Angora Goat, Kasmir Goat, Camel
Wool is the only fiber with such serration’s which make it possible for the fibers to cling together and produce felt.
Wool will not only return to its original position after being stretched or creased, it will absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp.
Wool is also dirt resistant, flame resistant, and, in many weaves, resists wear and tearing.
www.fabrics.net /wool.asp   (1155 words)

  No. 1739: Worsted Wool
Irish and American sheep are typically shorthaired, and Irish wool is known for its softness.
Wool made from non-worsted yarn can be felted -- washed in hot water until the fibers cling to one another, regardless of the weave.
The reason wool shrinks so badly in hot water is that its fibers ratchet up along one another.
www.uh.edu /engines/epi1739.htm   (828 words)

  Wool - MSN Encarta
Wool, common name applied to the soft, curly fibers obtained chiefly from the fleece of domesticated sheep, and used extensively in textile manufacturing.
Wool may be differentiated from hair mainly by the nature of the scales that cover the outer surface of each fiber.
Wool from the shoulders and sides of the sheep is usually superior to that from other parts of the body.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761560402   (882 words)

Wool is the fibre derived from the fur of animals of the Caprinae family, principally sheep and goats, but the hair of certain species of other mammals such as alpacas and rabbits may also be called wool.
The quality of fleece is determined by a technique known as wool classing, whereby a qualified woolclasser tries to group wools of similar gradings together to maximise the return for the farmer or sheep owner.
In Roman times, wool, linen and leather clothed the European population: the cotton of India was a curiosity that only naturalists had heard of, and silk, imported along the Silk Road from China, was an extravagant luxury.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/w/wo/wool.html   (1573 words)

 David Morgan: Discover the Warmth of Wool
The amount of water vapor in the air within the wool fabric is a function of the temperature and the amount of water in the fibers, and affects the heat conductivity of this air.
This felting is possible because of the wool fiber scales, which, when separated from the skin and facing opposing directions, catch on to one another, permitting the felting of wool into a strong mass of fibers held together by the interlocking action of the scales.
Wool may be thoroughly cleaned and mixed so that the fibers are not preferentially oriented relative to nearby fibers and then spun into woolen yarn, that is a bulky yarn where the crimp of the fibers is developing the maximum amount of insulating air space.
www.davidmorgan.com /wool.html   (2135 words)

 HighBeam Encyclopedia - wool   (Site not responding. Last check: )
WOOL [wool] fiber made from the fleece of the domestic sheep.
Wool consists of the cortex, overlapping scales (sharper and more protruding than those of hair) that may expand at their free edges causing fibers to intermesh; elasticum, the inner layer; and a core.
Wool is warm because its fibers are nonconductors of heat and its crimp permits it to enmesh still air.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/section/wool_historyofwoolproduction.asp   (1167 words)

 Wool - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wool felted and treated with lanolin is water resistant, air permeable, and slightly antibacterial, so it resists the buildup of odor.
The recycled wool may be mixed with raw wool, wool noil, or another fibre such as cotton to increase the average fibre length.
The term virgin wool distinguishes wool that has been spun for the first time from shoddy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wool   (1828 words)

 Textiles: Wool
Wool fibers are judged not only on the basis of their strength but also by their fineness (diameter), length, crimp (waviness) and colour.
Fine worsted wool can be used in the making of athletics attire, because it is not as hot as polyester, and the weave of the fabric allows wool to absorb perspiration, allowing the body to "breathe".
Wool may also be dyed at various stages of the manufacturing process and undergo finishing processes to give them the desired look and feel.
library.thinkquest.org /C004179/wool.htm   (659 words)

For example, "virgin wool" is wool which has not been spun or woven previously; it comes directly from the fleece of a live sheep, or it is "fell" or "pulled" wool off a dead animal.
In fine merino wools, for instance, the individual scales are in the form of cylindrical cusps, one somewhat overlapping the other;...In some varieties of wool, on the other hand, two or more scales occur in the circumference of the fibre, e.g.
The breed of the sheep influences the character of the wool grown on it, and governs to a large extent the length and diameter of the fibres, and also the other points to be considered, such as strength, elasticity, shrinkage, color, luster and waviness.
www.rugreview.com /83wool.htm   (3016 words)

Australian fine merino wool thermal underwear, merino skins sports thermals, wool union suits, cotton thermal underwear, merino wool clothing, merino wool long johns, merino wool socks, merino wool underpants, merino wool pantees, merino wool blankets, wool quilts, merino wool throws, wool reversible underblankets, sheepskin boots, sheepskin slippers.
Babies wool under blankets, baby wool quilts which can be machine washed and tumble-dried, merino wool nursery cuddle blankets.
Wool reversible under blankets, cotton encased for summer, turn it over for warm winter nights on luxurious thick wool pile.
www.wool-underwear.com   (232 words)

 Jamieson and Smith Shetland Wool Yarn Fleece and Knitwear Brokers
Jamieson and Smith Shetland Wool Yarn Fleece and Knitwear Brokers
Our local knowledge suggests that this figure is probably in excess of 90% of Shetlands total raw wool production and we appear to be on target to meet or exceed this level for the 2007 season.
Using only Shetland produced wool, we carefully grade, sort and blend it before it is spun into a superior quality 'Pure Shetland' yarn.
www.shetland-wool-brokers.zetnet.co.uk   (435 words)

 FloBeds.com: Wool
Wool bedding is the safest choice both at home and in hospitals, hotels, schools, and other institutional settings.
The wool in wool filled comforters, mattress toppers and pillows can be recarded (re-fluffed) for generations of lasting use.
A wool comforter lasts for decades and when the comforter finally gives out, because it is wool, it can be returned to the earth for natural recycling, or custom recycled (recarded) at the St. Peter Woolen Mill and returned to you for decades of comfort.
www.flobeds.com /wool.htm   (1421 words)

 Blue Wool Scale Encyclopedia Articles @ ColorFool.com (Color Fool)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Blue Wool Scale measures and calibrates the permanence of colouring pigments.
Normally two identical pigment samples, often of blue wool, are created.
One is placed in the dark as the stable original and the other is placed in the equivalent of sunlight for a 3 month period.
www.colorfool.com /encyclopedia/Blue_Wool_Scale   (290 words)

 The Seattle Times: Living: Bully for wool: What you're itchin' to know about a favorite fabric
Merino is made of the finest grades of wool, grades of 23 microns or finer, and extra-fine merino is 19 microns or less.
A micron is equal to a thousandth of a millimeter; microns are used to measure the diameter of wool fibers.
Lambswool: Wool from the first shearing of a lamb that is approximately 7 months old, it's known for being fine and soft.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/living/2003495693_wool27.html   (1019 words)

 Australian Primary Industries - Wool
Wool is a natural fibre which grows on sheep, and is a bit like hair.
Wool has a great ability to absorb moisture and because of this ability, it is relatively free from static electrical charges.
Their wool is coarser and has a lot of natural grease to protect it.
www.rochedalss.qld.edu.au /wool.htm   (1668 words)

 PETA Media Center > Factsheets > Inside the Wool Industry
Wool was once obtained by plucking it from sheep during their molting seasons.
This unnatural overload of wool causes animals to die of heat exhaustion during hot months, and the wrinkles also collect urine and moisture.
The demand for alpaca wool has increased, so much so that herds numbering in the tens of thousands are now raised in the United States and Australia.
www.peta.org /mc/factsheet_display.asp?ID=55   (1086 words)

 Organic Wool Fact Sheet - Organic Trade Association
In order for wool to be certified as "organic," it must be produced in accordance with federal standards for organic livestock production.
Responses to the survey indicated that 19,152 pounds (8,705 kilos) of organic wool were grown in the United States and Canada in 2005.
Specifically, 18,852 pounds (8,551 kilos) of grease wool (shorn, without any cleaning, scouring or further processing) were produced in six U.S. states and 300 pounds (136 kilos) were produced in Ontario (see Tables 1 and 2).
www.ota.com /organic/woolfactsheet.html   (487 words)

 Wool Market
The 2008 Wool Market workshops will be held Thursday, June 12th and 13th.
If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please call the Events Department at 970-586-6104 or e-mail your mailing address to events@estes.org.
The Wool Market continues with two exciting days of exhibits, demonstrations, competitions and vendor booths.
www.estesnet.com /events/woolmarket.htm   (281 words)

 Product Description: Wool-Ease® yarn
It has the feel, warmth and softness of wool and the easy care of acrylic.
Wool-ease is a 4-ply worsted-weight yarn that is so beloved by knitters and crocheters that it inspired an entire family of yarns.
Sprinkles, Wheat, Mushroom, Rainbow Mist: 86% acrylic, 10% wool, 4% rayon
www.lionbrand.com /yarns/woolease.htm   (423 words)

 Knitting yarn - knitting yarns and knitting wool by Noro yarn - Colinette yarn - Debbie Bliss yarn.
Knitting yarn - knitting yarns and knitting wool by Noro yarn - Colinette yarn - Debbie Bliss yarn.
Sorry, for your protection: We cannot accept exchange or refund/return on yarn/ wool, books or pattern, charts, JP Latch Hook Yarn, latch hook kits, DMC Floss, Tapestry-wool, yarn, wool, specialty threads and accessories (including stands).
knitting yarn,yarns, Noro yarn, Colinette yarn, Debbie Bliss yarn, Sirdar wool.
www.woolneedlework.com   (285 words)

 Home | Australian Wool Innovation Limited
AWIS Wool market review - 23rd November 2007
AWIS Wool market review - 16th November 2007
Driving the global demand for Australian Merino wool is dependent on: understanding what consumers want, developing new fabrics to address consumer needs and providing marketing support to ensure sales on the shop floor.
www.wool.com.au   (154 words)

 Zeilinger Wool Co. - Natural Fiber Processing into Yarns, Socks, Batts & Rovings - Welcome!
Zeilinger Wool Co.'s history spans over four generations.
Zeilinger Wool Co. processor of sheep wool, angora goat hair (mohair), rabbit hair (angora), llama, alpaca, dog hair, and other exotic animal fibers.
We can turn your own fibers, such as wool, into comforters, mattress pads, bed pillows, quilts, batting for felting and crafting.
www.zwool.com   (422 words)

 Philosopher's Wool Company Home Page
Our mission is to support sustainable agriculture,with about 25% of web sales devoted to that purpose.We have always been a fair trade company, producing
wool yarn that is as natural and organic as possible.
Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of The Philosopher's Wool Company is strictly prohibited.
www.philosopherswool.com   (79 words)

any of various substances used commercially as substitutes for the wool of sheep or other animals.
He was a real friend, all wool and a yard wide.
The boy thought that by hiding the broken dish he could pull the wool over his mother's eyes.
www.infoplease.com /dictionary/wool   (153 words)

 WOOL 100.1FM Bellows Falls, VT
WOOL 100.1FM Bellows Falls, VT WOOL is a low power fm (LPFM) station broadcasting to the Great Falls area of Vermont and New Hampshire.
Congress has the opportunity to take action to allow for the expansion of the LPFM service, thus opening up the airwaves to many more communities nationwide.
www.wool.fm   (390 words)

 NBC11.com - Health Encyclopedia - Hypothermia
Wear proper clothing in cold temperatures to protect your body.
Two pairs of socks (cotton next to skin, then wool)
Scarf and hat that cover the ears (to avoid major heat loss through the top of your head)
www.nbc11.com /encyclopedia/6859226/detail.html   (708 words)

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