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Topic: Work song

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 Folk music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Work songs are composed; they frequently feature call and response structures, and are designed to enable the labourers who sing them to coordinate their efforts in accordance with the rhythms of the songs.
Sometimes these performers would locate scholarly work in libraries and revive the songs in their recordings, for example in Joan Baez's rendition of "Henry Martin," which adds a guitar accompaniment to a version collected and edited by Cecil Sharp.
Enthusiasts for folk music might properly consider this song to be pastiche and not parody, because the tune is pleasant and far from inept, and the topic being lampooned is not balladry but the medieval heroic tradition.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Folk_music   (5701 words)

 Privateering History:   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-21)
Two or three songs would be tried, one after the other, with no effect;—not an inch could be got upon the tackles—when a new song, struck up, seemed to hit the humor of the moment, and drove the tackles “two blocks” at once.
While the ballad and the shantey are indeed a little different, one is for work and one for entertaining, in the 20th century the term "shantey", is usually applied in the modern sense to include both types of songs.
A song is as necessary to sailors as the drum and fife to a soldier.
privateer.omena.org /seashanty.htm   (6105 words)

 Jazz Standards Books: (Song by Song: The Lives and Work ...)
Song by Song is a great introduction to some of the top lyricists whose songs have become jazz standards.
Song by Song: The Lives and Work of 14...
Song of the Hawk: The Life and Recordings...
www.jazzstandards.com /Bookstore/Book055.htm   (672 words)

 lyrics for the song the anthem by good charlotte
Song Lyrics »Good Charlotte »The Young and Hopeless Album »The Anthem Lyrics.
POWER OF SONG Music transcends words in expression of faithplease suggest short, 2- or 3- word hammer-style main hed and drop hed (both upper/lower case) and leave atop story in BOLD, yep, BOLD By...(Continue Reading)
lyrics to the song sing for the moment
www.jolietpages.com /lyrics-for-the-song.html   (425 words)

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However, her debut album for Bad Boy contains at least three other songs that deserve to keep her on the charts.
Orlando Gibbons: Hymns and Songs of the Church
www.allmusic.com   (216 words)

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