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Topic: World government

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  World government - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
World government is the concept of a political body that would make, interpret and enforce international law.
Inherent to the concept of a world government is that nations would be required to pool or surrender (depending on your point of view) sovereignty over some areas.
World Federalist Movement (WFM) is a global citizens movement with 23 member and 16 associated organizations around the globe working towards the establishment of a federated world government.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/World_government   (3520 words)

 Memorandum on World Government
Based on a solemn pact The World Government is based on a solemn pact between the people of the world and their dialectical counterpart in the form of a wise lover of humanity representing the general good of humanity as a whole.
Territorial jurisdiction The territorial jurisdiction of the World Government is the surface of the Earth.
World banks and world currencies exist already without the regular consent of the people of the world and what is called a loan to one country from another is not really a loan, but a long term commercial deal.
www.worldservice.org /memor.html   (7438 words)

 Future of UN and world governance, Inayatullah, ProutWorld
The future world is a mixture of sensate and ideational civilizations; an integrated world that is holistic, wherein there is economic balance between regions, between city and rural areas, between genders, and within the minds of each person.
But world governance must be based on more than a theory of collective security, it must be fundamentally cultural, humanitarian, a belief that local cultures combined can create a new global human culture and retain their own individual aesthetics.
Less concerned with grand issues such as world government, political scientist Coral Bell, writes in "The Fall and Rise of the UN" that a new ethic is needed to justify why a young man from X country should die in a UN peacekeeping operation elsewhere.
www.proutworld.org /ideology/leadership/futunandwg.htm   (6178 words)

 WorldNetDaily: Hillary, Cronkite call for world government
Under the world government scheme embodied in the Charter for Global Democracy, any individual nation could wield only the power assigned to it by the U.N. National armies would be disarmed to the level of a national police force.
To finance this expanded world government, the U.N. would be given the authority to impose taxes on the exchange of currency, on the use of resources, including the air, outer space, and the seas.
World government is no longer the exclusive domain of the "fl helicopter crowd." Finally, the sinister plans to rule the world are being exposed by those who expect to rule.
www.worldnetdaily.com /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=18808   (881 words)

 New World Order (conspiracy) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
New World Order (Novus Ordo Mundi) refers to a conspiracy theory in which a powerful and secretive group (Illuminati, Freemasons, etc.) has created a secret plan to eventually rule the world via a unitary (as opposed to federal) world government.
In 1946, Bertrand Russell supported the Baruch Plan for establishment of a world government based on international control of atomic weapons, and advocated that the United States and the United Kingdom should use their atomic monopoly to compel the assent of the Soviet Union if necessary for the sake of achieving permanent world peace.
The understanding of some believers is that the New World Order will be created by a military coup, using UN and American troops, against all the nations of the world to bring about a singular world government.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/New_World_Order_(conspiracy)   (4263 words)

 American Movement for World Government
In a world torn by anarchy, national governments are unable to deal effectively with the most crucial threats to our survival: environmental pollution, the population explosion, disease, hunger, starvation, and weapons of mass destruction.
The control of all weapons of mass destruction by the world government with the disarmament of all nations, under careful inspection, down to the level required for internal policing.
All power not expressly delegated to the world government to be reserved to the nations and their people.
www.americanmovementforworldgovernment.org   (3498 words)

 Einstein | American Museum of Natural History
During World War I, Einstein supported the formation of the "United States of Europe." He later endorsed the League of Nations and its successor, the United Nations.
The devastating world wars of the 20th century prompted leaders of many Western countries to agree to increased international cooperation as a way to prevent future hostilities.
One of the most controversial aspects of Einstein's position on world government was his suggestion that the United States share its nuclear technology with the Soviet Union.
www.amnh.org /exhibitions/einstein/global/world.php   (697 words)

 World Government Awareness Campaign
The section called "WORLD PEACE WRITINGS" is a collection of writings by Sanderson Beck on the history of world government and his support for world peace through a federal world government.
This is a proposed constitution for a world government by Scott F. Rausher.
This is a proposed constitution for a world government by Martin Alpert.
government.faithweb.com /list.html   (2121 words)

 WORLD PARLIAMENT - How World Government Works
WORLD ADMINISTRATION, of about 30 departments, each headed by a Cabinet Minister or Vice President; coordinated by a Secretary General chosen by the Presidium and confirmed by the Cabinet.
Collegium of World Judges is nominated by House of Counsellors and elected by Parliament, headed by a Presiding Council of 5 members which assigns judges to the several Benches.
WORLD OMBUDSMUS, to protect human rights and ensure proper government functioning, is headed by a Council of 5 World Ombudsen nominated by House of Counsellors, and commission of 20 Regional World Advocates, all elected by the Parliament.
www.worldparliamentgov.net /how_works.html   (443 words)

 World Television - Government
World Television understands that governments can use television actively to sow a deeper, broader understanding of key policies and ideas.
World Television is experienced at establishing news production units anywhere in the world, and distributing daily news stories to broadcasters globally.
World Television also produced Towards Freedom Television on behalf of the UK Government.
www.world-television.com /index.php?id=23   (242 words)

 The New World Order in Bible prophecy
World leaders are excited at the prospects for peace and there has been much talk about entering a "new era" and about the establishment of a "New World Order."
Mikhail Gorbachev was the first world leader to come out publicly with talk of a "new world order," and he did so nearly two years before George Bush caught the vision.
With the son of the man who introduced the New World Order to America now in place, George W. Bush's mandate was to further his father's agenda of extending government control over American citizens and empowering the tentacles of a One World Government into foreign lands.
www.jeremiahproject.com /newworldorder   (2643 words)

 World Government Party
While the idea of world governance is shared by many, none has been able so far to move it to a reality.
The world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place, and we feel that genuine world unity is the only solution.
The central platform of this party will be to seek world peace through the development of a new world government.
www.world-gov.org   (602 words)

These federations, operating under the aegis of a globally representative world government, are mandated to serve the collective interests of all the communities of the world by providing a most comprehensive charter of human rights and constitutional guarantees.
This book can serve as a valuable teaching and research resource for a multi-stage road-map towards a world government system, for the unification of all the communities of the world into one global cooperative.
The combined system of socio-economic democracy (involving knowledgeable and conscientious governance executives elected by and directly representing the various functional sectors of FSCs) and World Government will help transform the current undignified north-south socio-economic order into a democratic and equitable globalisation order, towards achieving sustainable peace.
www.worldscibooks.com /economics/5353.html   (549 words)

 A Declaration of the Value of Global Governance
While the intent of this declaration is evident on its face, the links on the left explain integral philosophy and describe the kind of government envisioned by the integral worldview.
As you become familiar with integral philosophy you will begin to see how an integral world government is desirable, achievable, and inevitable.
of world peace, justice, and prosperity, it is necessary to institute a new form
www.integralworldgovernment.org   (450 words)

 www   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Moreover, if such a military action is finally undertaken, it should be led by a world body, such as a reformed UN, or a World Militia under the auspices of a World Government.
What we need instead is a World Government with a militia, and a global economic system that fosters economic democracy, or people's democracy.
There will thus be demands for a world authority governing from a higher moral ground than both the UN and, especially, the US is currently operating on.
www.worldproutassembly.org /economic_democracy_world_government.htm   (1528 words)

in collaboration with the Government of Kazakhstan, the e-Government Practice has organized a series of Videoconferences connecting experts from around the world, to discuss topics related to the design and implementation of e-government.
Government of Andhra Pradhesh, India, has set up an E-Procurement Marketplace, in an effort to reduce the time and cost of doing business with government, as well as the inherent corruption associated with the traditional manual process.
Please note that the case studies presented reflect the findings, interpretations and conclusions of their authors, and are not endorsed by the World Bank.
web.worldbank.org /WBSITE/EXTERNAL/TOPICS/EXTINFORMATIONANDCOMMUNICATIONANDTECHNOLOGIES/EXTEGOVERNMENT/0,,menuPK:702592~pagePK:149018~piPK:149093~theSitePK:702586,00.html   (272 words)

 WorldNetDaily: World government in action
Editor's note: The May edition of WND's monthly Whistleblower magazine — titled "THE NEW WORLD RE-ORDER" — is a stunning expose of the attempts by globalist organizations, secret societies and others to subjugate American sovereignty to the rule of international law administered by the United Nations.
And they really operate in near-total secrecy as the world press sits on its collective duff.
The Bilderberg Group has been described as "50 people who run the world and 20 hangers-on." It's actually a slightly bigger conspiracy.
worldnetdaily.com /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=32606   (741 words)

 World Government Page
World government is a theme that plays a large role in many eschatological scenarios.
World Government and the Roman Catholic Church (This essay is about the role of the international system in Catholic social theory.
Spengler's system strongly suggested a world government would occur in the future, probably in the second half of the 21st century.
www.johnreilly.info /wgp.htm   (507 words)

government is the only solution to our many and varied problems.
The Third World War is to be fomented by using the so-called controversy
In the final phases of the conspiracy, the one world government is to
members.aol.com /truelovelives/ONEWORLDGOVERNMENT.html   (2553 words)

 Coalition for a World Government   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Coalition for a World Government, is a world wide coalition for a World Government.
The President of the CWG will be responsible for the organization its self, dealing with national and international media, and talking to elected leaders world wide about the setup of a World Government.
When the membership of the CWG reaches 100,000 members world wide, members will be voting on who the President of the CWG will be.
www.worldgovernmentcoalition.org   (476 words)

 PSI | Bolivian government announces World Water Forum position
There should be profound change in the organization of the World Water Forum to allow majority and decisive participation in the negotiations by the poorest and those who most need water.
The demand for water to be excluded from all free trade agreements and the call for the right to water to be inscribed in the official declaration of the World Water Forum is central to the Bolivian Government’s decision to propose an alternative vision for water management.
Abel Mamani said: “Many speakers at the World Water Forum have said that this Forum is not about promoting privatization, however including water in free trade agreements make the shift towards privatization and the treatment of water as a commodity inevitable.
www.world-psi.org /Template.cfm?Section=Home&CONTENTID=11798&TEMPLATE=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm   (2016 words)

 Column: One world government?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Driving through the countryside during the late 1950s and the 1960s, it was not uncommon to see a billboard proclaiming "Get the US out of the UN," reflecting, in part, the concern that US sovereignty might be compromised by decisions made at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.
The sponsors of this billboard wanted to make sure that no world government would be able to impose its decisions on the citizens of the U.S. The UN was seen as a harbinger of a coming One World Government.
If the court were to rule in favor of Methanex, it is possible that a decision of an international trade disputes body could force California to rescind a decision that was made to protect the health of the people of California.
westernfarmpress.com /news/3-21-05-one-world-government   (627 words)

 A Call to Establish God's Global Government
Zion is a society of individuals whose hearts have been changed by God, who helps them realize and accomplish their unique missions in life for the betterment of all mankind.
Insider reveals satanism and mind-control practices in the inner reaches of the world's most powerful religion for purpose of becoming the church of supreme power in the New World Order.
The Council of Fifty as Established by Joseph Smith [back-up copy] - A political arm of the Mormon Church, fizzled when Utah became a state, believed to be destined to be restored.
www.greaterthings.com /WorldGov   (758 words)

 The New American - World Government by Design - February 25, 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
America's subservience to the United Nations and transformation into the world's policeman is not accidental but is part of a grand design to establish world government.
The Council on Foreign Relations aspired to nothing less than creating conditions favorable for the establishment of a world government — although in recent decades, globalist elites have generally avoided using that politically risky phrase.
With the outbreak of World War II, internationalists in the CFR and elsewhere had another chance to convince a reluctant American Congress (and public) of the wisdom of a world order.
www.thenewamerican.com /tna/2002/02-25-2002/vo18no04_design.htm   (1397 words)

 Welcome to the World Citizen Government Web
Information on World Government, World Law and the World Service Authority.
Late breaking news from around the world concerning human rights and the evolution of world government.
A dialogue on human rights and world citizenship, law and government.
www.worldgovernment.org /index2.html   (223 words)

 Vote Democratic World Government
people have voted, and so far, the votes are 97.46% in favor of creating the democratic world government.
on whether you want democratic world government (or click the "summary" tabs above if you want more information first).
The organization sponsoring the global referendum is Vote World Government, registered as a non-profit in Quebec, Canada (registered in law as "VWG.org").
voteworldgovernment.org   (363 words)

 Freemasons and Illuminati set up Apparatus for the Establishment of One-world Government
Abraham asserts that one of the primary reasons these Illuminati worked behind the scenes to forment WWI was to create in its aftermath a world government to control resources of the world.
The ultimate aim would be to establish an one-world economy, one-world government, one-world monetary system, and one-world religion.
It is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interest by seizing control of the political government of the United States.
www.cephasministry.com /history_of_masonry_6.html   (3096 words)

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