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Topic: World Tourism Rankings

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  Tourism - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
Tourism is the act of travel for the purpose of recreation, and the provision of services for this act.
For a century, domestic tourism was the norm, with foreign travel being reserved for the rich or the culturally curious.
Space tourism is expected to "take off" in the first quarter of the 21st century, although compared with traditional destinations the number of tourists in orbit will remain low until technlogies such as space elevator make space travel cheap.
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/t/o/u/Tourism.html   (2510 words)

 France Encyclopedia Article @ 2WeekVacations.com (2 Week Vacations)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
It is a World Health Organisation with the sixth-largest economy in the world.
The Guinea-Bissau was established after World War II, and struggled to maintain its economic and political status as a dominant Lithuania.
According to the Clovis I, in 2004 France was the world's fifth-largest exporter of manufactured goods, behind the Europe, [3], South America, and Trinidad and Tobago, and ahead of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
www.2weekvacations.com /encyclopedia/France   (5083 words)

Tourism can be defined as the act of travel for the purpose of recreation, and the provision of services for this act.
For a century, domestic tourism was the norm, with foreign travel being reserved, as before, for the rich or the culturally curious.
Regional tourism Tourism bundle of few country in the region, using one of the country as the transit point.
en.mcfly.org /tourism   (2401 words)

 News & News - World (April / May 2001)
World coffee production estimates for 1999-2000 have been revised upward to record high of 113.3m bags and is projected to further increase to 113.7 million bags in 2000-01 due to a recovery in Colombian output though there is a downturn in Central America.
The 2001 ranking by International Data Corp and the World Times new spaper showed Norway rose from the number four spot to number two, while Finland was ranked third.
With an wary eye to an inexorably again EU population a growing portion of which would not be working, the council set a target for increasing the employment rate among men and women in the 55-56 age group to 50 percent by 67 by 2010.
www.fncci.org /newsletter/2001/aprilmay/world.html   (1135 words)

 [Fractional and Shared Ownership in France] : Languedoc and Paris, property growth
Tourism is still the largest industy in France with over 70 million visitors each year, so obviously the popular tourist areas can be crowded in the summer and deserted in the winter.
Tourism into France has declined since 2001 and accommodation units have increased in the same period so buying to rent to the leisure industry needs to be carefully researched.
Importantly, the huge numbers of visitors to France are not as relevant as the actual revenue from tourism, France is in fact no longer number one having lost this position to Spain, a weaker dollar and cheap flights to new and novel destinations suggest that there is unlikely to be growth in tourism to France.
www.nizas.com /french_property/New-article,19.html   (1236 words)

 New Page 2
This organisation represents public sector tourism bodies from most countries in the world and the publication of its data makes possible comparations of the flow and growth of tourism on a global scale.
After World War II, it was renamed the World Tourism Organization.Internarly the following year at the invitation of the Spanish government, which provides a building for the headquarters.
The purpose of this day is to display awareness that tourism is vital to the international community and to show how it affects the social, cultural, political and economic values worldwide.
www.freewebs.com /onusflowindia/world.html   (588 words)

 The Worldly World of Tourism
Since the Amish believe strongly that they must be separate from the world and be nonconformist, this intrusion by worldly people has the potential for a great deal of problems.
Since the idea of being humble is meant to help with group cohesion, these rankings threaten to create an environment where people begin to compete over which city is the friendliest or the nicest.
Perhaps if they were to become involved in the presentation of Amish life as it truly is, half of the Disneyland atmosphere would go away and maybe half of the tourists along with it.
www.missouri.edu /~rsocjoel/rs150/papers/t1timmfs02.html   (1540 words)

 Travel Bulletin Continued...
World airports are poised for a strong economic performance in 2004 after seeing a two percent increase in passengers and three percent in cargo last year, said the head of the industry's global body ACI.
National carrier Qatar Airways is to participate in the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) Berlin, one of the largest travel and tourism exhibitions in the world, to be held in the German capital from March 12 to 16.
Ranked number one by the publication were JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts in the upper upscale category, Courtyard by Marriott in the mid-price with food and beverage category and TownePlace Suites by Marriott in the upscale extended-stay category.
www.worldroom.com /pages/travelnews_more032004.phtml   (5399 words)

 World Tourism Organization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The World Tourism Organisation is undoubtedly the most significant global body concerned with the collection and collation of statistical information on international tourism.
After World War II, it was renamed the International Union of Official Travel Organisations (IUOTO) and moved to Geneva.
The frequent confusion between the two WTOs – World Tourism Organization and the Geneva-based World Trade Organization – officially ended on 1 December 2005, when the General Assembly approved to add the letters UN (for United Nations) to the start of abbreviation of the leading international tourism body in English and in Russian [1].
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/World_Tourism_Organization   (497 words)

 Finance Choices - Personal Finance Wiki
In the 19th and 20th centuries, its global colonial empire was the second largest in the world behind the British Empire.
With over 75 million foreign tourists in 2003, France is ranked as the first tourist destination in the world, ahead of Spain (52.5 million) and the United States (40.4 million).
The football team is regarded as one of the most skillful teams in the world with one FIFA World Cup victory in 1998 and two European Championships in 1984 and 2000.
www.financechoices.co.uk /personal-finance-wiki.php?title=France   (5153 words)

 Vacation, Tourism and Travel Information Portal @ VacationCove.com (Vacation Cove)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
In the rest of the English-speaking world the word "holiday" is used, whereas in North America, holiday normally applies to a specific national holiday or long weekend related to such a day.
Most countries around the world have labor laws mandating a certain number of days of time off per year to be given to a worker.
The distance between a place of origin and a tourism destination is immaterial to this definition, and it covers both the differing senses of the words vacation and holiday between Commonwealth English and North American English.
www.vacationcove.com   (1533 words)

Tourism brings in roughly 8.3 million US dollars annually, compared against gold’s approximately 6.6 million dollars.” The industry has continued to see a 4-6% year-on-year growth, she continues.
She continues: “We have entered a new era in tourism, an era of incredible opportunity amidst the challenges of strong international competition, ensuring that our destination is safe and secure, economic challenges and the urgency of increased access and yield to Cape Town and South Africa.
The world is hungry for real and meaningful experiences and wants to engage face to face and heart to heart with a destination and its host communities.
www.talkingtourism.co.za /archives/2005/12/cape_town_touri_3.html   (921 words)

 WWF | Fishing | Publications
The U.S. was second to last in the report rankings, demonstrating a lack of sufficient progress, in areas of minimum distance from salmon rivers, exclusion zones, fish husbandry (health), standards for design and deployment of equipment and standards for fish containment, monitoring and enforcement.
However, with more and more pressure on the world's dwindling fisheries and vulnerable ocean habitat, there is an urgent need to create additional MPAs to conserve fish and other marine life for future generations.
Even as fish stocks dwindle, some of the world's richest nations are paying billions of dollars to keep flagging fishing industries afloat.
www.worldwildlife.org /oceans/pubs.cfm   (1429 words)

 Tourism Department, Himachal Pradesh, Paragliding
The last World Cup was held in five legs: France, Italy, Turkey, Mexico and Korea.
The competition is being held in the backdrop of the snow-clad Dhauladhar ranges.
Among the top world ranking pilots who have already confirmed their participation are Scotty Marion (World No. 2), Norman Lausch (World No. 5), Americo Sousa (World No. 16) and Stephane Andre (World No. 17).
himachaltourism.nic.in /parahome.htm   (362 words)

 EcoWorld - People Articles
People in Japan enjoy the highest life expectancy in the world at approximately 84 years for women and 77 years for men.
Kuwait enjoys the lowest death rate in the world, with approximately 2 deaths per 1000 people in 1995-96.
The United States holds the record for being the world's largest consumer of both fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) and of commercial energy (nuclear and hydro power).
www.ecoworld.com /People/EcoWorld_People_Home4.cfm   (333 words)

 The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - World
He stressed that the message conveyed to North Korean leader Kim Jong Il that the world was united in its opposition to the nuclear tests.
However, in last week’s rankings by THES on overall global excellence, IIT had slid to number 57, seven places lower than in 2005.
The main sticking points that have blocked a deal in the previous three rounds of talks in a week between Mr Koirala and Prachanda were disputes over the disarming of the rebel army and the future of the monarchy in the impoverished Himalayan nation.
www.tribuneindia.com /2006/20061016/world.htm   (1399 words)

 City Mayors: The largest cities and urban areas in the world
City Mayors ranks the world’s largest as well as richest cities and urban areas.
London is the most expensive city in the world due to the UK capital’s high cost of renting accommodation.
Many of the cities, initially chosen for the series, are World Heritage sites or contain historic institutions and monuments, which have contributed to social, political, cultural and architectural achievements in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.
www.citymayors.com /sections/rankings_content.html   (1652 words)

 France   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Though ultimately a victor in World War I, France had suffered enormous losses both human and material that weakened it for the decades to come.
A member of the G8 group of leading industrialised countries, it ranked as the sixth largest economy in the world in 2005, behind the United States, Japan, Germany, The People's Republic of China and the United Kingdom.
The football team is regarded as one of the most skillful teams in the world with one FIFA World Cup victory in 1998 and two European Championships in 1984 and 2000.
www.zdnet.co.za /wiki/France   (5417 words)

 World Development Indicators 2005
The indicators presented in World Development Indicators are the fruit of decades of work at many levels, from the field workers who administer censuses and household surveys to the committees and working parties of the national and international statistical agencies that develop the nomenclature, classifications, and standards fundamental to an international statistical system.
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is an international organization dedicated to helping to ensure that the rights of creators and owners of intellectual property are protected worldwide and that inventors and authors are thus recognized and rewarded for their ingenuity.
The World Tourism Organization is an intergovernmental body entrusted by the United Nations with promoting and developing tourism.
devdata.worldbank.org /wdi2005/Partners.htm   (4735 words)

 Travel Fad - Lowest rates anywhere!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Hunziker and Krapf, in 1942, defined Tourism as, " Tourism is the totality of the relationship and phenomenon arising from the travel and stay of strangers, provided that the stay does not imply the establishment of a permanent residence and is not connected with a remunerative activities."
Tallest The tallest Hotel in the world is the Burj al-Arab in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at 321 meters (1,053 feet).
In 2000, the First World Hotel, in Genting Highlands, Malaysia, claimed that it was in the process of developing a 6,300-room Hotel complex; however, it appears that only about 3,000 rooms have been built and opened to the public.
www.travelfad.com /index.html   (8295 words)

 Tourism, Travel, and Hospitality : UTSA Library
In addition to entries on tourism, this encyclopedia has information on hospitality topics, such as food service and hotel management.
This three volume set is divided by region of the world and then by country.
Provides company and industry intelligence on thousands of companies around the world from a variety of sources including periodical and news articles, press releases, investment reports, industry and company rankings and company histories.
www.lib.utsa.edu /Research/Subject/tourismguide.html   (914 words)

 The Rising Nepal
KATHMANDU, Sept. 17: Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Pradip Kumar Gyawali presided over a meeting held today in connection with making preparations for celebration of the 27th World Tourism Day on 27th September, 2006.
The meeting set the plan of awarding Letters of Appreciation to different hotels ranging from one-star hotels to five star hotels, travel agencies, trekking agencies, domestic airlines and the airlines providing services by carrying the largest number of passengers to the remote areas and earning the highest amount of foreign currency in Fiscal Year 2005/2006.
The meeting, likewise, discussed and decided on various other programmes to mark the World Tourism Day with the active participation of different tourism related organisations.
www.gorkhapatra.org.np /content.php?nid=3393   (407 words)

 Map of World - World Atlas - MSN Encarta
World War Memorial Park (city park), St. Louis, Missouri, United
World Trade Centre Singapore (business center), Singapore, Singap
Worlds of Fun (amusement park), Kansas City, United States
encarta.msn.com /encnet/features/mapcenter/Map.aspx?name=World   (71 words)

 For Germany, a Cup of Plenty?
Less than three months before the soccer World Cup kicks off in Germany on June 9, the nation's football fans are biting their nails over the recent poor performance of their team.
When France hosted the World Cup in 1998, French private consumption grew by a strong 1.5% in the quarter ahead of the tournament, driven in part by a surge in consumer-goods purchases, such as televisions.
While onshore earnings in the tourism sector are expected to rise by about 5% to 7% in 2006, to €24 billion to €25 billion, growth from travel abroad is expected to rise by only 2% to 4%, to €58 billion to €59 billion.
www.businessweek.com /investor/content/mar2006/pi20060322_314120.htm   (1853 words)

 BT Research - France   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
France is also the most energy independent Western country due to heavy investment in nuclear power, which also makes France the smallest producer of carbon dioxide among the seven most industrialised countries in the world.
With an estimated population of 61 million people, France is the 23rd most populous country in the world.
France has hosted events such as the 1998 FIFA World Cup, and will host the the upcoming 2007 Rugby World Cup.
www.breathittteens.com /research.php?title=France   (5366 words)

 Tokyo Sports & Recreation
Those who win more than they lose go up through the rankings, with the yokozuna at the the top of the heap.
Tokyo Ski Dome SSAWS (which stands for spring, summer, autumn, winter snow) is the world's first indoor ski park.
Opened in 1993 and built at a cost of US$300 million, the climate-controlled Tokyo Ski Dome is the world's largest indoor ski facility.
www.worldroom.com /pages/wrntky/leisure/tky_rec.phtml   (1546 words)

 Leading Business Cities of the Muslim World: Dinar Standard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Dubai has a high international profile and large expatriate population attracted by the relatively liberal social norms and multi-glot population in the Emirate.
Emaar Properties has revealed a strong response from international, regional and local businesses from across the corporate spectrum to its recently launched Business Hub which is to be completed in 2007 and will be housed within the Burj Dubai Development.
The Business Hub is ideally positioned close to the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the World Trade Centre to meet the needs of medium to large businesses.
www.dinarstandard.com /rankings/cities/leading_cities_11.htm   (542 words)

 Travel Search Engines For Immediate Sale
The world's leading specialized travel, accommodation and tourism search engines have this week been released for sale from US$2,500 each to $153,500.
Commenting on the release of these 40 search engine groups for sale, Tourism Headquarters’ Marketing Director, Tony Young said “We defy anyone in the world to have any such group of travel search engines as good as these.
The types of businesses most likely to purchase these travel and tourism data base directories of the world are, travel agencies, hotel and accommodation groups, tour operators, regional tourism organizations, tour operators, airlines, conference organizers and venues, internet reservation businesses, or existing major general search engines.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/9/prweb435869.htm   (664 words)

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