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Topic: World soul

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Soul of the World: Rafael Trénor: Arts
The energy and scope of the initial expression of the Soul of the World is opening many other possibilities for the diverse languages of art.
His role in The Soul of the World project is website designer and as a co-producer of the proposed television series.
He is co-creating and co-directing, with Rafael Trénor, the Hawaian vertex of The Soul of the World.
www.souloftheworld.com /arts.html   (679 words)

 The Over-Soul
The soul requires purity, but purity is not it; requires justice, but justice is not that; requires beneficence, but is somewhat better; so that there is a kind of descent and accommodation felt when we leave speaking of moral nature, to urge a virtue which it enjoins.
For the soul's communication of truth is the highest event in nature, since it then does not give somewhat from itself, but it gives itself, or passes into and becomes that man whom it enlightens; or, in proportion to that truth he receives, it takes him to itself.
Souls such as these treat you as gods would; walk as gods in the earth, accepting without any admiration your wit, your bounty, your virtue even, — say rather your act of duty, for your virtue they own as their proper blood, royal as themselves, and over-royal, and the father of the gods.
www.emersoncentral.com /oversoul.htm   (5579 words)

 Care Of The Soul - The World and I Magazine
Care of the soul is a continuous process that concerns itself not so much with "fixing" a central flaw as with attending to the small details of everyday life, as well as to major decisions and changes.
Care of the soul may not focus on the personality or on relationships at all, and therefore it is not psychological in the usual sense.
Soul coalesces into the mysterious philosophers' stone, that rich, solid core of personality the alchemists sought, or it opens into the peacock's tail-a revelation of the soul's colors and a display of its dappled brilliance.
www.worldandi.com /public/1992/july/bk2.cfm   (4763 words)

 Soul and Body
It is this soul which, in Christian mystics, ascends towards the Godhead, sparking the debate as to whether it remains intact during mystical union (as a sense of identity) or whether it is, finally, dissolved in, or subsumed by, God.
From the perspective of soul, spirit is many perspectives - all contained within soul itself and yet always trying to break free and impose one or other of its perspectives on soul as it were from outside.
It creates a correspondingly delusional world for itself which, deprived of its connection with a personal and personified counterpart, opens on to the soul's depths, as abysmal as deep space and as impersonal as the subatomic realm.
deoxy.org /soulbody.htm   (6382 words)

 Soul of the World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Astrology, the science of seeing the soul of the sky, is part of a greater vision: that eye that opens each thing like a poetic treasure, perceiving at work within it the divine imagination that animates the world.
According to Hillman the anima mundi or soul of the world is to be perceived directly in the "inherent intelligibility" of forms in the world.
According to Hillman, this expressiveness of physical forms is the presence of soul in the world, and it is as much present in architecture, technology, and designed interiors as it is in the places and organisms of the natural world.
www.innerself.com /Astrology/astrology_soul.htm   (953 words)

 Sardello Review Essay
The imaginal worlds are not simply in the mind but within the multilayered world where imagination is an organ of perception that can open to the world-soul to Sophianic depths and draw the individual to new maturity and insights.
For Sardello, world and soul must be brought continuously into relationship such that soul infuses all aspects of world and world infuses all potential of soul.
Soul is thus a capacity to perceive through the heart; it is that capacity which allows the world to be experienced in its emblematic, symbolic, hieratic, inter-relational character (LandS 177).
www.esoteric.msu.edu /VolumeIII/HTML/Sardello.htm   (3968 words)

 Philosophy, Cosmos, and Culture
This paper will survey the history of the idea of the World Soul in Western thought, the epistemologies associated with it, how it went into eclipse with the rise of the mechanistic worldview of the Scientific Revolution, and how it is now reemerging as a cosmological, psychological, and cultural idea.
But in addition to the cosmological dimension, the idea of the World Soul suggests an "epistemology of sameness" in which we are able to know the universe only because we are an embodiment of living nature itself.
In this sense, the harmony of the World Soul points toward an inclusive worldview in which aesthetics, ecology, ethics, mathematics, economics, science, art, and epistemology are not separate, but inherently related areas.
cosmopolis.com /files/world-soul.html   (1879 words)

 Soul of the World (2)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
For them, the world is not only a physical location, a structure in which they exist, it is always also a place in the imagination.
Rather, living as they did in a cosmos in which imagination and world were fused in an indivisible unity, I believe that the Chaldean astrologer-priests were probably capable of directly attuning themselves to the stars, just as we, at a cruder level, are capable of sensing the quality of a particular tree, place, or person.
Astrology — the science of seeing the soul of the sky — is part of a greater vision: that eye that opens each thing like a poetic treasure, perceiving at work within it the divine imagination that animates the world.
www.innerself.com /Astrology/astrology_soul_2.htm   (1478 words)

 The Soul
Sometimes the rational soul as a whole is identified with the "unfallen" soul.
The Irrational or Animal Soul, which is limited to the bodily or animal passions and desires; the equivalent perhaps of the Catholic "seven deadly sins".
The soul is thus an "amphibian", belonging to both the physical and the intelligible (noetic) worlds.
www.kheper.net /topics/Neoplatonism/Plotin-Soul.htm   (661 words)

 Soul, The Soul World - Chapter 9
The latter is of and for the earth, the former is of and for the Soul itself.
The spiritual world, as it is generally mapped out to us, appears but a few degrees in advance of this one, on the same general plane, if we are to believe the tales told us concerning it, while the fact is, that world is not like this in any respect.
A Soul is immaterial, as of the nature of Think, hence needs no stomach to digest food, lungs to breathe air, legs for locomotion, and so forth, for all these are principles of the Soul, with mere out-created organs.
www.denverspiritualcommunity.org /Wisdom/SoulWorldChpt9.htm   (3785 words)

 Esoteric Publishing / World of the Soul
Finding out about the soul is only the beginning of our discovery of the inner world that the soul reveals.
World of the Soul takes us on a journey to these inner worlds of spiritual unfoldment, realization, and initiation.
When we identify ourselves with the soul, the inner worlds unfold for us, and we become one with that joy and freedom.
www.esotericpublishing.com /world_soul/world_of_the_soul.html   (357 words)

 The Golden Sufi Center
This was understood by the ancient philosophers and the alchemists who referred to the spiritual essence of the world as the anima mundi, the “Soul of the World.” They regarded the World Soul as a pure ethereal spirit diffused throughout all nature, the divine essence that embraces and energizes all life in the universe.
The World Soul is not a fixed or defined substance, but a living substance made out of the hopes, dreams, and deepest imaginings of humanity and of all creation.
And because we have denied the world its divinity, it is slowly dying.
www.goldensufi.org /A-AnimaMundi.html   (5553 words)

 Soul Society - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Soul Society consists of two portions, the cities where most people live, called Rukongai; and the walled castle where the spirit world nobility and the shinigami live, known as Seireitei (lit.
A soul that dies in Soul Society is reincarnated on earth as a new human.
Soul Society is ruled by a royal family, which is protected by a royal guard.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Soul_Society   (816 words)

 World Soul Retrieval 2004
As we approach the work of World Soul Retrieval Day what I have been encouraging people to do is really consider their world altar--which is an altar separate and distinct from your mesa, teallach, or other altars you may work with--as an altar that is a "transpersonal" altar, rather than a personal or cultural altar.
Instead, the invitation of World Soul Retrieval Day is to align your individual or community shamanic practice to a spirit, and to carry this spirit with you into your traditional ceremonies; to hold and work with these energies how you see fit.
This may be an actual altar in the natural world that becomes a shrine, an altar in the center of your ceremonial room, or simply an altar that one "builds" and consecrates within one's inner vision and heart.
www.blueskywaters.com /page_25.htm   (3175 words)

 The Eighth Gate: The Mithraic Lion-Headed Figure and the Platonic World-Soul
In the Chaldaean cosmology the highest world is beyond the cosmic sphere (hyperkosmios or hyperouranios)[12] and is called the fiery cosmos or the "Empyrean" realm (kosmos pyrios or empyrios).[13]
The World-Soul of Plato became the object of extraordinarily complex and far-reaching speculations in subsequent Platonic and other Greek philosophy, but it always retained its role as the boundary of the cosmos and the mediator between the cosmos and the realm beyond.
And, conversely, the fact that in Mithraic iconography Oceanus-- the boundary of the world-- is entwined by a serpent provides remarkable support for my claim that the serpent-entwined leontocephaline also symbolizes the cosmic boundary-- and hence the Platonic World-Soul-- as indicated by the Barberini painting.
www.well.com /user/davidu/eighthgate.html   (2512 words)

 World Soul Inc.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
World Soul Inc. is a house and hiphop dance company in New York City lead by Brian "footwork" Green.
Right now, World Soul put their emphasis on house dance because house is the least known dance style.
World Soul has currently their own dance classes at a studio "Fazil" in Manhattan.
www.msu.edu /user/okumurak/dancers/worldsoul.html   (244 words)

 Saudi Aramco World : The Soul of Kazakhstan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Kazakhs, as bearers of the knowledge of their own heritage, are once again entering the arena of world history, and they are worthy of the interest and attention of the world's mainstream cultures.
Thus the world of people and the world of objects were bound inseparably in the yurt and by the yurt.
Musical instruments are an acoustical embodiment of the traditional "three worlds" of the Kazakh spiritual universe: upper, middle, and lower.
www.saudiaramcoworld.com /issue/200303/the.soul.of.kazakhstan.htm   (2799 words)

 The World Soul
Even as the Ideal World which environs the sensible world fills this last with the plenitude and universal variety of forms, so also the sun, enfolding all in his light, accompanies everywhere the birth and development of creatures, for these are many and diverse, and their number corresponds to that of the stars.
The forty "Assessors" who stand in the region of Amenti as the accusers of the Soul before Egyptian Osiris, belong to the same class of deities as the Lipika, and might stand paralleled, were not the Egyptian gods so little understood in their esoteric meaning.
From Gods to men, from Worlds to atoms, from a star to a rush-light, from the sun to the vital heat of the meanest organic being -- the world of Form and Existence is an immense chain, whose links are all connected.
www.wisdomworld.org /additional/ListOfCollatedArticles/TheWorldSoul.html   (1948 words)

 Love and the World By Sheridan Hill
Along the way, he debunks popular notions of soul (he has been known to say, "It is not a pet that we care for.") He carefully dismantles pervasive, romantic notions of spiritual love and leads the reader into a new way of imagining individual nature and soulful relationships.
Intimate relationships are transformed when what connects two people is felt as the soul of the world and not memories nor fantasy.
This gap is bridged in the best possible way through meeting the other person, not soul to soul, but through coming together in the place of the World Soul as mediator.
www.sheridanhill.com /loveworld.html   (828 words)

 For The Neshama.com, Elevate the soul of a loved one in the Next World through our learning and prayer services. You ...
The departed has an iluy neshama- his soul is elevated in the next world raise his soul in olam habaah.
The biggest iluy neshama elevation of the soul neshama is learning gemara to merit the loss.My father passed away and as Hebrew tradition we say Kaddish for the deceased for a year after the death of a loved one and every year on his yorzeit.
The biggest iluy neshama elevation of the soul neshama is learning gemara to merit the loss.kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish kaddish
www.fortheneshama.com /contactus.html   (1581 words)

 world soul. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
While many early Greek philosophers saw the world as of one principle, Plato was the first to state that this concept held the same relation to the world as the human soul did to the body.
Friedrich Wilhelm Josef von Schelling used the term as a unifying principle, coordinating the organic and the inorganic in life.
Hinduism is a religion whose theoretical basis is a world soul, called Brahman (see Upanishads; Vedanta).
www.bartleby.com /65/wo/worldsou.html   (143 words)

 CD Baby: SOUL: A World Without End
I'm Soul, and this is my dream: A nice tune on a jazz funk influenced day.
A World Without End, my first full length offering, was birthed from this sound.
Got Me Holdin' On, an infectious love song with sultry female vocals infusing warmth into the 70's style guitar and bass instrumentation, is ironically followed up by the hard edged Love is Gone, a hard knocking tune that takes a sharp look at our society and the realization that everything aint alright.
www.cdbaby.com /soulmusic   (354 words)

 Soul SirkUS - World Play - Reprise Records - CD
Soul SirkUS - World Play - Reprise Records - CD Home
On World Play, Schon and the boys can be as rock n roll as they wanna be.
But it is “Soul Goes On” that makes the bid for radio play.
www.musictap.net /Reviews/SoulSirkUSWorldPlayCD.htm   (656 words)

 PlayStation 2 Games - Game Rankings
Soul Nomad & World Eater for the PlayStation 2 was released on 9/25 from NIS America.
PALGN AU Soul Nomad & the World Eaters
9/25 Soul Nomad & World Eater - PS2
www.gamerankings.com /itemrankings/defaultPS2.asp   (242 words)

 Lisa Germano is ‘In the Maybe World’ : Soul Shine Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Her latest album In the Maybe World is set for release on July 18th.
The multi-talented musician played guitar, keys and violin on the new disc as well as arranged and produced the record.
Soul Shine is not responsible for the opinions expressed by those who post on Members Comments.
www.soulshine.ca /news/newsarticle.php?nid=3473   (214 words)

 New Worlds Article: Waking Up the World Soul
Based on the tribal and prehistoric art from around the world, and rooted in the wisdom and tradition of the Tarot itself, The Shining Tribe Tarot grows from an earlier deck called Shining Woman.
They appeared to those most ancient of ancestors all over the world as were known everywhere as the Shining Tribe.
Their greatest gift came when they touched certain people with the power to see and understand the world as a parade of images and stories.
www.llewellyn.com /bookstore/article.php?id=103   (954 words)

 CD Baby: WORLD SOUL PROJECT: the World Soul Project
The World Soul Project is a group of musicians who celebrate the wealth of music traditions from around the world by blending them into a brilliant collage.
The result is - at times exhilirating, at other times soothing - but always soul stirring music that draws heavily from Brazil, Africa and the Southern US.
Aware of the unrest and exploitation suffered across the globe, the World Soul Project raises it’s voice in a message of optimism -
www.cdbaby.com /cd/worldsoulproj   (313 words)

 World Soul Gallery: Giclées of Original Oil Paintings
World Soul Gallery: Giclées of Original Oil Paintings
I am painting my vision of the world in archetypal imagery that reflects a deep relationship I have with a Conscious Cosmos.
Taken together as a body, my paintings express a mythos – a meaning for our zeitgeist to form a qualitative leap in consciousness, a world view.
www.world-soul-paintings.com   (95 words)

 NPR : Zap Mama: New World Soul
Morning Edition, October 28, 2004 · The music of Zap Mama was once known for bringing pure, a capella sounds from Africa.
That evolution was marked by the move of Marie Daulne, the project's Zairian mastermind, from Europe to Philadelphia.
From member station WXPN, host David Dye welcomes acts from the worlds of blues, rock, folk and alternative country.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=4117476   (236 words)

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