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Topic: Wowee Zowee

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  Pavement: Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition: Pitchfork Record Review
In 2006, that's not a crazy notion: Wowee Zowee was Pavement's White Album, a little bit of everything thrown together, and as with the Beatles' double, its adherents prefer the band at its loosest, funniest, and most willing to do whatever pops into their heads.
But Wowee Zowee was scattered, jokey, maybe even trivial; the band had tipped its hand and some were seeing a bluff.
Wowee Zowee was also the first and only time Spiral Stairs had a song ("Kennel District") that, though much more conventional, was every bit as good as anything Malkmus managed.
www.pitchforkmedia.com /article/record_review/39532-wowee-zowee-sordid-sentinels-edition   (829 words)

 Pavement: Wowee Zowee - Playing God - Stylus Magazine
Wowee Zowee was the first Pavement I ever heard, and by the time I got to “Half A Canyon” (originally track 17), I didn’t know what to think.
My version of Wowee Zowee shears off most of the noisy, amateurish bursts of sloppy songcraft, which means on the whole this would be their most mellow album.
The transition from the last song to this one is the only sequence of tracks on this version of Wowee Zowee that exists on the original, but it’s so perfect I couldn’t help but keep it.
www.stylusmagazine.com /articles/playing_god/pavement-wowee-zowee.htm   (1336 words)

  Pavement: Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition [2006] Shaking Through.net: Music: Review
Wowee Zowee is far and away Pavement’s loosest, loopiest release.
Wowee Zowee itself is usually pegged as the hip Pavement album to name-check in pointless but engaging "most-favored" debates.
Wowee Zowee is a testament to what can be accomplished when a group follows a creative, rather than a corporate, muse.
www.shakingthrough.net /music/reviews/2006/pavement_wowee_zowee_2006.html   (451 words)

 Wowee Zowee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wowee Zowee was the third studio album by Pavement.
The album showcased a more experimental and spontaneous side of the group, returning them to the clatter and unpredictability of their early recordings after the classic rock vibe of 1994's Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain.
Matador Records released an expanded 2CD edition of this album under the title Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition on November 6th 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wowee_Zowee   (253 words)

 Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition is a double album by Pavement released on November 7, 2006.
It contains the band's third album, Wowee Zowee (1995) in its entirety, as well as 32 of the band's other songs from that era, 18 of which were previously unreleased.
Those who chose to pre-order the album received a code redeemable on the Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition website for a rare recording of a live Pavement show at the Palace in Los Angeles on April 21, 1994.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wowee_Zowee:_Sordid_Sentinels_Edition   (215 words)

 Pavement : Wowee Zowee (Sordid Sentinels Edition) - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect
The non-LP material Pavement put out in the year following the spring 1995 release of Wowee Zowee was on par with the album.
Finally, there's a previously unreleased alternate mix of "We Dance" and "Dancing with the Elders," an acoustic version of "We Dance" with a rocking coda that was originally released as Pavement's half of a split single with Medusa Cyclone.
For those who already have the singles and tribute albums, perhaps even the bootlegs, this is a handy way to round up the rarities, and for those that have never heard this stray slack, they're in for a treat: this is Pavement in its prime.
www.artistdirect.com /nad/store/artist/album/0,,3817371,00.html   (533 words)

 Waterloo Records - Pavement : Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels *
Pavement's third full-length, WOWEE ZOWEE, split the difference between the wry lo-fi art-pop of their 1992 debut, SLANTED AND ENCHANTED, and that album's more polished follow-up, CROOKED RAIN CROOKED RAIN.
In 2006, Matador Records gave WOWEE ZOWEE the deluxe treatment, adding an additional 30 tracks--including an entire second CD of b-sides, radio sessions, compilation tracks, and live cuts--and an extensive booklet with photos and liner notes.
The deluxe "Sordid Sentinels" edition captures Pavement in their prime as players and at their most progressive as artists, making this reissue a must-have for fans and a nice bonus for those who missed the album the first time around.
www.buymusichere.net /rel/v2_viewupc.php?storenr=13&upc=74486107222   (311 words)

 rock-city.co.uk ::: PAVEMENT — Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition
When ‘Wowee Zowee’ was first unleashed on an unsuspecting public nearly eleven years ago to the day, audiences on both sides of the big Atlantic pond weren’t exactly best positioned to appreciate its eclectic, often nonsensical but utterly ambitious sentiment for what it really was.
Many called it career suicide at the time, and yet as history shows, ‘Wowee Zowee’ was quite possibly the record that helped Pavement escape the slacker niche and actually introduced them to a wider audience.
Now, Domino have chosen to re-issue the album in its entirety as part of a 2 CD set that features — wait for it — no less than 32 extra tracks recorded around the same time and many of which haven’t seen the light of day as far as a general release is concerned beforehand.
www.rock-city.co.uk /content/EEyFuFpyFFBmSidUzf.shtml   (196 words)

 Pavement: Wowee Zowee Sordid Sentinals Edition Out Now. - Sonic Youth Gossip   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
not as good as the first 2 editions because of the depth and scope of the original wowee zowee lp in itself, which was nearly a double LP (or was it actually?), yet still interesting for what you get for the price of one cd.
Zowee is not one of my Pavement faves however.
Yea--- but malkmus himself said that zowee was the last 'great' pave album and he didn't expect the last two to get a DE treatment.
sonicyouth.com /gossip/showthread.php?p=226533#post226533   (1086 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Wowee Zowee: Music: Pavement
Their most willfully oblique and bizarre release, Wowee Zowee sees Pavement eschewing the noisy pop aesthetic of Slanted And Enchanted and straight-forward songs of Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain to delve deeper into the warped psyche of their deliciously odd music.
WOWEE ZOWEE is a knowing, minor-key discombobulation of heavy post-punk and rock experimentalism amidst a slew of expansive country-rock songs.
Wowee Zowee is a beautiful mess,but by some distance is Pavements best album.
www.amazon.co.uk /Wowee-Zowee-Pavement/dp/B00007GZFH   (1622 words)

 Pavement To Re-Release ‘Wowee Zowee’   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Whilst the finer details (release date, extras) are all yet to be finalised, Matador have announced that the re-release will feature twenty album covers by Steven Keene, who designed the original artwork.
The album will also include unreleased and alternate tracks, as well as live tracks from the ‘Wowee Zowee’ tour.
‘Wowee Zowee’, Pavement’s third studio album, is considered a favourite among fans and the band themselves.
www.undercover.com.au /news/2006/jul06/20060726_pavement.html   (134 words)

 Be wowed by 'Wowee Zowee' - The Stanford Daily Online
Now, listening to the re-release of Pavement’s 1995 classic album, ‘Wowee Zowee’ I get the same feeling.
If you’ve heard “Slanted & Enchanted” and “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain,” and liked them, you should certainly try “Wowee Zowee.” And even if you haven’t heard any Pavement before, “Wowee Zowee” is worth a listen, though the band’s first two album’s might be a little more accessible.
And then, when you do finally hear ‘Wowee Zowee,’ you’ll be glad you did, because you’ll be reliving history.
www-daily.stanford.edu /article/2006/11/17/beWowedByWoweeZowee   (818 words)

 Amazon.com: Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition: Music: Pavement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Where most bands redo the sound a little, throw on a few demos, maybe a live track or two and then expect you to buy it for thirty dollars, Pavement continue to re-release their back catalog with excellent books, a plethora of bonus tracks and excellent packaging.
The only reason I give this four stars is because I don't think "Wowee Zowee" is a five star record.
Wowee Zowee is one of the most impressionistic rock albums that I have ever heard.
www.amazon.com /Wowee-Zowee-Sordid-Sentinels-Pavement/dp/B000IOMXXA   (1332 words)

 Treble: Pavement - Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition
While this may be a case of pointless allegiance outside the mainstream, Wowee Zowee does have its moments.
But the thing that still surprises and, probably is the reason for Wowee Zowee's special place in the hearts of devotees, is the sheer freedom that Pavement exudes on this release.
Where debut Slanted and Enchanted sounded brilliantly spasticated and like a bear squashed into a jam jar, Wowee Zowee is that same bear frolicking in a much wider open space.
www.treblezine.com /reviews/1760.html   (480 words)

 NME.COM - News - Pavement re-issue 'Wowee Zowee'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Pavement are re-issuing a special version of their third album 'Wowee Zowee'.
The now defunct five-piece's 1995 LP is being released in a double disc format and will feature over 50 tracks, 18 of which are previously unreleased.
The re-issue, entitled 'Wowee Zowee - Sordid Sentinals', includes a remastered version of the original album, six unreleased live tracks and outtakes, nine b-sides, four period compilation tracks from the 'Schoolhouse Rock!
www.nme.com /news/24734   (196 words)

 Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition by Pavement on Rhapsody
Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition by Pavement on Rhapsody
Stray Fire (Previously Unreleased Wowee Zowee Session Outtake)
Soul Food (Wowee Zowee Jam Session W/Doug Easley On Piano)
www.rhapsody.com /pavement/woweezoweesordidsentinelsedition?tstart=20   (300 words)

 Amazon.com: Wowee Zowee: Music: Pavement
Sort of an indie rock White Album, Wowee Zowee throws in just about everything but the kitchen sink in a frazzled collective inspired by rock, pop, country, soul, folk, jazz,...
Wowee Zowee is often left in the shadow of Pavement's more famous albums---Slanted and Enchanted, and of course the critically acclaimed Crooked Rain.
Like many of the other reviewers here, I am somewhat bemused by this album's reputation for being one of Pavement's weaker efforts - in fact, I put Wowee Zowee at nearly the same...
www.amazon.com /Wowee-Zowee-Pavement/dp/B00000JHAL   (948 words)

 Matador Records Bulletin Board - Will Wowee Zowee get the deluxe reissue treatment as well?
However, in a recent SM interview he said that he didn't think there would be enough extra material for a wowee zowee 2, but for Brighten there will be cause in Bighten's case there are tons of songs that are actually better than the original album.
Even if there is a lack of extra studio material like SM says, they'd probably just include a live concert from that era to fill disc 2, like they did for Slanted and Enchanted.
Matador better get cracking on the wowee reissue though, since the original came out only a year or so after crooked rain.
matadorbb.bway.net /showthread.php?t=2501   (1033 words)

 Nude as the News: Pavement: Wowee Zowee
Depending on who you talk to, Wowee Zowee is either one of Pavement's greatest masterstrokes, or a bastard child they sent down the river to their unsuspecting fans.
Taken purely as a musical artifact to be dusted off and examined though, Pavement's Wowee Zowee stands as the purest testament to the warped kaleidoscope of Steven Malkmus' mind.
In the end, Wowee Zowee stands as the least immediately accessible work of Pavement's discography, and consequentially one deserving of repeated listens.
www.nudeasthenews.com /reviews/697   (487 words)

 Punknews.org | Pavement "Wowee Zowee" deluxe details
Matador has announced details on the third in their series of Pavement reissues which will appropriately feature the band's third album, Wowee Zowee.
Due out in November, the double CD release will feature 50 tracks including a cover of the Descendents track, "It's a Hectic World" and the usual complement of B-sides, live performances and much more.
We Dance (alternate mix) [previously unreleased Wowee Zowee session outtake]
www.punknews.org /article/19754   (707 words)

 Slant Magazine - Music Review: Pavement: Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition
Über-fans often declare the band's third full-length, Wowee Zowee, to be their finest moment—if not because it's Pavement's weirdest record, than almost certainly because it's the longest.
Plowing through 18 songs and nearly as many genres like The White Album on whippets, Wowee is an ungodly album with the band's finest and weakest songs portioned out in equal measure; Pavement would never again be as transcendent as "Grounded," nor would they be as dull as "Fight This Generation."
Pavement's songs are incredibly well captured on record, meaning the live tracks on the Slanted, Crooked, and Wowee deluxe editions display what a train wreck of a stage act they were.
www.slantmagazine.com /music/music_review.asp?ID=1009   (333 words)

 Matador Records | Pavement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
When a customer pre-orders "Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition" from a participating store, they will receive information and a unique code via email to download an entire live Pavement show.
Not one, but two mp3s are posted in connection with Pavement's upcoming deluxe release "Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition." The first, for those new to Pavement, is "Rattled By The Rush," the first single off the album way back when, newly remastered and sounding better than ever.
On November 6 we will be releasing the third in our biannual Pavement deluxe reissue series: Pavement's third album, 'Wowee Zowee,' expanded per our previous deluxe double packs, with a thick perfect-bound booklet and much, much more to be announced shortly (along with a complete track listing and a special surprise).
www.matadorrecords.com /pavement   (2331 words)

 » Pavement reissue ‘Wowee Zowee’   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Wowee Zowee, originally released in April 1995 on the eve of Pavement’s infamous mud-bespattered mainstage appearance at Lollapalooza, began life as a controversial release.
Fresh off the success of Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain with its charttopping Modern Rock hit “Cut Your Hair,” the band went into the studio and came out with a deliberately chaotic and eclectic album that sounded nothing like its predecessor.
A return to their pre-Crooked cacaphony, the songs have a darkness that now seems appropriate, and with Bryce Goggin at the mixing desk, the production was the band’s most rocking to date.
www.betweenplanets.co.uk /2006/11/20/pavement-reissue-wowee-zowee   (374 words)

 Message Boards - MP3 music downloads at eMusic
unless, like me, you already have the original wowee zowee on cd.
Then again, this has been remastered so Wowee Zowee could sound even more incredible than it did when it came out 10 years ago.
I guess that would be a 'pro' for downloading the original album her or another 'pro' for getting the CDs.
www.emusic.com /messageboard/viewTopic.html?topicId=7460   (290 words)

 Trigger Cut: Pavement's "Wowee Zowee" Reissued   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
(from Goldenfiddle): "Patrick from Matador recently informed me of some details about the upcoming (Fall release) Wowee Zowee Reissue.
As of now I must remain vague, so here is what I can tell you: * Multiple album covers [like...
"Patrick from Matador recently informed me of some details about the upcoming (Fall release) Wowee Zowee Reissue.
www.triggercut.com /2006/07/pavements_wowee_zowee_reissued.html   (142 words)

 Channel4.com - SlashMusic - Wowee Zowee   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
WOWEE ZOWEE is a knowing, minor-key discombobulation of heavy post-punk and rock experimentalism amidst a slew of expansive country-rock songs.
Production-wise, it's a clean record, a step closer to the mainstream.
When they combine such insight with guitar sounds of the future, this best of all post-Nirvana, American rock bands flies in directions others haven't even pondered.
www.channel4.com /music/music-core/album.jsp?albumId=465230   (216 words)

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