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Topic: Xanthippe

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  Acts of Xanthippe, Polyxena, and Rebecca - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Xanthippe then prays that her husband will fall asleep at dinner, which he does, so she is able to escape the house by bribing the porter.
On her way to Paul, Xanthippe is attacked by demons wielding fire and lightening, from which she is saved by a vision of Jesus (as a beautiful youth) and Paul finding her.
Xanthippe's younger sister, Polyxena, later has a dream in which she is swallowed by a dragon but then rescued by a beautiful youth.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Acts_of_Xanthippe,_Polyxena,_and_Rebecca   (931 words)

 Xanthippe | Outcyclopedia, the free and queer encyclopedia
Xanthippe, or Xantippe, was the wife of Socrates.
Xanthippe is usually portrayed as a shrew, chastising Socrates for ignoring his responsibilities as a father and husband and his unwillingness to seek "real work" instead of spending his days debating in the Agora.
Xanthippe rode the philosopher to the market in hopes of shaming him, but Socrates turned the tables on her by braying loudly and even chewing grass, drawing the laughter of the crowd and humiliating her.
outcyclopedia.0catch.com /xanthippe.html   (542 words)

 The Acts of Xanthippe, Polyxena, and Rebecca   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Xanthippe said to him, But thou sufferest these things by thy own free will, since thou hast not neglected thy preaching even to scourging, but this again I tell thee, that thy bonds shall be the defeat of the prompter, and thy humiliation their overthrow.
Xanthippe seeing him cried out and fell to the ground as if dead; but he being pitiful and kind, changing immediately into the shape of Paul, raised her up, saying, Arise, Xanthippe, and fear not, for the servants of God are thus glorified.
Then Xanthippe, being greatly rejoiced, began in the house toward evening together with her husband to give good cheer to all those in the house, and to prepare a feast, and when they came, after flying orders for the supper to be magnificent she herself went up to the chamber.
gbgm-umc.org /UMW/corinthians/xanthippe.stm   (9740 words)

 Shauna McKenna, Xanthippe at Home, Sweet Fancy Moses   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Xanthippe hears male voices, her husband's and anothers, undulating in the warm summer evening.
Xanthippe easily has more to talk about with him than with her affable, aging husband.
Xanthippe perks up and gives her friend a squeeze on the arm.
www.sweetfancymoses.com /mckenna_xanthippe.htm   (885 words)

 [No title]
Xanthippe is Queen, however, and the mother of the Kingdom’s heir.
Xanthippe recalls the woman she knew, all ambition and pride, wilful, demanding, quick to arouse.
Xanthippe almost made that mistake at the time, assuming the woman was driven by greed and planning to use it against her.
www.academyofbards.org /fanfic/m/marymorgan_kingdomofhorses.html   (19481 words)

 Xanthippe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Sokrates married Xanthippe close to the age of 50, and he did that probably more because of wanting children than wanting a wife.
His three sons were still kids and Xanthippe, who visited him in jail, was still holding the youngest in her arms.
Xanthippe was mostly angry about Sokrates not to talk to her often: he being talkative with his friends on the streets of Athens, the more he remained silent at home.
user.cs.tu-berlin.de /~xantippe/xantippe_e.html   (291 words)

 Xanthippe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, Petruchio compares Katherina "As Socrates' Xanthippe or a worse" in Act 1 Scene 2.
Additionally, in Greek Mythology, Xanthippe/Xantippe is a daughter of Dorus who bore Agenor to Pleuron son of Aetolus.
There is also a Xanthippe who is the lead character in an anonymous work of New Testament Apocrypha entitled the Acts of Xanthippe, Polyxena, and Rebecca.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Xanthippe   (181 words)

 "Who Was Socrates?", pages 39 to 46, end of Part I.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
But as she is represented carrying a little child and as Socrates was 70 and Xanthippe must have been nearly as old, we are forced to a certain uneasiness about the literal veracity of Plato.
The dramatic value of the scene, however, is great; Socrates' disregard for ordinary human family ties, his brutal dismissal of the lady, contrast vividly with his passion for transcendental notions and his tender caresses for the lovely locks of Phaedo.
Xanthippe's name was perhaps so familiar as being the wife of Socrates that Plato forgot the second marriage with Myrto when introducing the wife in the death scene, at which he himself had not been present.
www.chss.montclair.edu /english/furr/socrates/wpages39toendpt1.html   (2331 words)

 SynthPoP For The Masses - Interviews
Xanthippe was found in 1985 and is one of few Austrian SynthPoP bands.
I know Xanthippe was the name of Socrates wife.
It is very hard to find a suitable label, but we will not give up searching for such a label until we find one.
members.vol.at /synthpop/interviews/xanthippe.htm   (614 words)

 Xanthippe - Shrew or Saint?
We had begun the Phaedo (which I'm sure that you know is one of the very few references to Xanthippe in all of Plato's works), and we briefly touched on Xanthippe, more as the professor's attempt to validate that Xanthippe's shrewish reputation was about all summed up in that scene.
I protested on Xanthippe's "behalf" because I had read the passage for class very differently.
All she lacks is strength and judgment; and that should be an encouragement to those of you who have wives, to teach them whatever you would want them to know.
home.pacbell.net /zadekia/xanthippe.html   (627 words)

 Palaeos Vertebrates 460.000 Insectivora Overview
Xanthippe is a fascinating study -- part myth, part academic tradition, part literary figure and in part, undoubtedly, a real person.
But the point of this abstruse discourse is that Xanthippe's name is now firmly welded to her epithet, "the Shrew." We are, in fact, looking for early shrews and we will do so in a thoroughly shrewish and intemperate way.
Thus, you see, we will search for the real Xanthippe, and will also do so in such a manner as to render due homage to her reputation.
www.palaeos.com /Vertebrates/Units/460Insectivora/460.000.html   (4892 words)

 Socrates - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He was married to Xanthippe, who bore him three sons.
Socrates himself attested that he, having learned to live with Xanthippe, would be able to cope with any other human being (supposedly), just as a horse trainer accustomed to wilder horses might be more competent than one not.
He also saw military action, fighting at the Battle of Potidaea, the Battle of Delium and the Battle of Amphipolis.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Socrates   (3418 words)

 "A Houseboat on the River Styx" Part Six
"The women of my day," retorted Xanthippe, "in matters of dress were the equals of their husbands--in my family particularly; now they have lost their rights, and are made to confine themselves still to garments like those of yore, while man has arrogated to himself the sole and exclusive use of sane habiliments.
Xanthippe and Ophelia followed close on her heels, and shortly they found themselves, open-mouthed in wondering admiration, in the billiard-room of the floating palace, and Richard, the ghost of the best billiard-room attendant in or out of Hades, stood before them.
Xanthippe, amid the greatest applause, moved that every male member of the organization be expelled for conduct unworthy of a gentleman in attending a prize-fight, and encouraging two such horrible creatures as Goliath and Samson in their nefarious pursuits.
www.geocities.com /nuelow/fichouseboat6.html   (1770 words)

 Xanthippe, Socrates wife   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Sokrates merried Xanthippe, when he was nearly 50 years old.
And Xanthippe, who visited him in jail, hold the youngest son in her arm and whimmered so long, until Sokrates sent her home upruptly.
The most angry fact for Xanthippe was, that her husband nearly never spoke to her: As much he talked to friends on the streets, as silent he stood at home.
www.n0by.de /2/rst/xanthipp.htm   (187 words)

 Remembrance: Episode 15 - GODWyrm
At this point, Padira and Xanthippe wake up and the entire group watches the caravan (and all of its tied up prisoners) head off to the capital and they begin their journey up Blackwinter mountain.
There's discussion over who has to stay behind; there are several volunteers, but Xanthippe insists that it be her, because she's not leaving without Padira, and Padira can't make a door for anyone else.
Then Eva says goodbye, Xanthippe opens a door for her, and the last of the crew is gone but Xanthippe and Padira.
www.mit.edu /~boojum/Oath/Mirris/rem15.html   (5983 words)

 Socrates Lecture Notes
His wife was Xanthippe, whose reputation as a difficult woman was probably invented by the misognist Cynic Antishenes, who said that she was "critical of everything present, past, and future." Cato admired Socrates because he remained with a shrew wife and half-witted kids (old Classics I, p.
Xanthippe was from an aristocratic background, so this may explain the fact that Socrates survived without working.
In the Phaedo 60 Xanthippe is portrayed sympathetically and agrees to leave so that Socrates can talk with his friends.
www.class.uidaho.edu /ngier/soclec.htm   (3421 words)

 In The Kingdom Of The Horses
Polybos was her consort." Unbidden, an image of Xanthippe strides into her mind, eighteen years younger, tall, outrageous in garments woven with gold, cascades of fl hair gleaming blue.
Xanthippe suppresses a shudder, straightens her spine, hearing footsteps approaching.
Hesiod mutters, "What's up with the boy?" Neither Xena nor Xanthippe move, but Gabrielle is sure she has seen both grow more tense.
www.forevaxena.com /fanfictiondelights/fanfic/mmorgan/inthekingdomofthehorses.html   (17677 words)

 Xanthippic Dialogues
In this brilliant and witty exposé, the mask of abstraction is lifted, to reveal the truth that lies beneath.
And the truth is Xanthippe: wife of Socrates, teacher of Aristotle, and Founding Mother of the Western world.
has ‘discovered’ the long-lost dialogues of Xanthippe, wife of Socrates, in which, among other things, she explains to an embarrassingly inept Plato how he got her husband’s thought, such as it was, all wrong.
www.staugustine.net /xanthippicdialogues.html   (271 words)

 Thin Red Line
This leads to a discussion of what, if anything, Xanthippe had done to tidy her affairs, and if anything needs to be done by the party now that she's unavailable.
It seems that the Traveling Cavalcade of Wonder was pretty much all of her doings, except for the secretive past that no one knows about, so there's not really much to be done on her behalf at the moment.
Max explains how Xanthippe lost her family - well, not her family family, but people she was close to - at Pierogi, and is now in something of retirement.
www.mit.edu /~boojum/Oath/Logs/Season2-Reclaim/reclaim5.html   (3511 words)

 Whistle Stopper Political Forums - Frank Herbert's Dune   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Deathmonkey: I know what you mean, when I was reading the second and third book I was getting a bit confused when all those political factions like the Bene Gesserit, Tleilaxu, Corrinos etc came into play.
Xanthippe: No haven't read them yet, maybe I'll try them next.
Dune was way too politically charged for me to read it and enjoy when I was in high school.
www.whistlestopper.com /forum/showthread.php?t=6621   (543 words)

 Medieval Sourcebook: Acts of Xanthippe, Polyxena, and Rebecca
When Xanthippe saw the blessed Paul walking quietly and equally, and adorned with all virtue and understanding, she was greatly
And straightway the vision of the demons disappeared, and Paul said to her, Arise, daughter Xanthippe, and behold the Lord desired by thee, by whose flame the heavens are
But she thinking it to be the actor that she ordinarily had, said in anger, Many a time have I said to him that I no longer care for toys, and he despises me as being a woman; and straightway seizing an iron lamp-stand, she hurled it at his
www.fordham.edu /HALSALL/basis/xanthippe.html   (9486 words)

 Midguard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
But to be fair, the Xanthippe are to come down to Windfall and play against the PCs on their home turf.
During the events a Decados spy infiltrates the Xanthippe station, and sabotages various parts of the games to incriminate the PCs with endangering the Xanthippe (this is supposed to be a friendly competition after all).
Rebels of Yggdrasil attack the Xanthippe when they come to Midguard, hoping to show their defiance to Duke Skald and noble rule; not only must the PCs capture the Rebels responsible, but they must appease the enraged Xanthippe athletes.
comp.uark.edu /~sbabb/fs_mstyle.html   (2139 words)

 Caveat Lector » Xanthippe speaks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
I suspect some of the uneasiness in the Xanthippe stereotype has to do with its transgressiveness.
Xanthippe takes on jobs that properly belong to Socrates.
That it’s by necessity, because Socrates has nothing better to do than ponce about the agora gassing with young men, doesn’t matter; her type must be discouraged.
cavlec.yarinareth.net /archives/2003/04/04/xanthippe-speaks   (831 words)

 EbooksLib, Your source for quality eBooks!
Xanthippe is with them, and I'll warrant you that when that cherished spouse of mine has recovered from the effects of the sea, say the third day out, Kidd and his crew will be walking the plank, and voluntarily at that.
Xanthippe always compelled me to dilute it at the rate of one quart of water to the finger.
« Well, we didn't all marry Xanthippe, » put in Caesar firmly, « therefore we are not all satisfied with the situation.
www.ebookslib.com /?a=sa&b=3232   (2124 words)

 Xanthippe - www.ezboard.com
And don't explain who she was and what she did because I know that already.
And since you're not identical with the thread, it must follow as the night the day that you're not Xanthippe.
No, don't see Xanthippe as a name but as a process, as a mechanism, even as an institution.
p221.ezboard.com /felegyfrm4.showMessage?topicID=261.topic   (635 words)

 truepenny: Xanthippe
And I think that the perceived "problem" with Xanthippe isn't so much that she's a competent woman, managing a household and a woefully impractical spouse, as it is that she calls attention to her competency.
If you accept that premise (and I don't know enough to accept or reject it), the analogy to Xanthippe and her sisters throughout history should be fairly evident.
Oh, sorry, I was reading stupidly and somehow things got twisted around in my head so I thought you were advancing the African-American Matriarch stereotype as a counter-example to shrewishness extending across race- and class-based divides.
www.livejournal.com /users/truepenny/70143.html   (3586 words)

 Truth - Xanthippe Vaanes
Xanthippe Vaanes, Domina of Truth, is an eternal born of an ancient line of kings that would one day found Byzantium.
She had a child, Sophia, with the Dominus of Mystery, and together they brought Wisdom to the Earth.
If you wish to comment on any of this material, or seek permission to reproduce it elsewhere, feel free to email us.
users.chariot.net.au /~amaranth/articles/nobilis/Dominus/truth.htm   (152 words)

 Socrates. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
It is said that in early life he practiced his father’s art.
In middle life he married Xanthippe, who is legendary as a shrew, although the stories have little basis in ascertainable fact.
It is not certain who were Socrates’s teachers in philosophy, but he seems to have been acquainted with the doctrines of Parmenides, Heraclitus, Anaxagoras, and the atomists.
www.bartleby.com /65/so/Socrates.html   (743 words)

 Amazon.ca: Books: Xanthippic Dialogues: Comprising Xanthippe's Republic; Perictione's Parmenides; And Xanthippe's Laws; ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Xanthippic Dialogues: Comprising Xanthippe's Republic; Perictione's Parmenides; And Xanthippe's Laws; Together with a Version, Probably Spur
Those familiar with the Symposium, the Laws, the Parmenides, and the Republic will find Scruton's versions delightful and reasonably faithful to the ideas of the originals.
Two of the dialogs presented here are ostensibly written by Socrates' wife Xanthippe?not the shrewish, nagging Xanthippe of the original but rather a bright, articulate, and creative woman.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/1890318949   (410 words)

 XANTHIPPE - Online Information article about XANTHIPPE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Attempts have been made to show that she has been maligned, notably by E. See also:
Zeller (" Zur Ehrenrettung der Xanthippe," in his Vortrdge and Abhandlungen, i., 1875).
Highlight the code below, right click, and select "copy." Then paste it into your website, email, or other HTML.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /WIL_YAK/XANTHIPPE.html   (110 words)

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