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In the News (Mon 25 Mar 19)

  Intel Ships Multi-Core Server Platforms
The Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 7000 sequence for multi-processor servers is expected to run at speeds up to 3.0 GHz and includes a new chipset, the Intel®; E8501, to support an 800 MHz system bus and support for the existing Intel®; E8500 chipset.
The Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 2.80 GHz is available for $1,043 in 1,000-unit quantities.
Intel, Itanium and Intel Xeon are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.
www.intel.com /pressroom/archive/releases/20051010comp.htm   (891 words)

 Intel® Xeon® Processor - Integration Overview for Boxed Intel® Xeon® Processor-Based Systems
In addition, boards that support the boxed Intel Xeon Processor directly attach through the processor retention mechanisms (supplied with the boxed processor) to the chassis back plate (see Selecting a Chassis).
Systems based on the Intel Xeon Processor must use chassis that comply with the SSI specification (revision 3.0 or later) and have the Intel Xeon Processor specific mounting support.
The Intel Xeon Processor is a completely different micro-architecture from Intel's prior microprocessors that were based on the P6 micro-architecture.
support.intel.com /support/processors/xeon/sb/CS-007757.htm   (4174 words)

  A first look at Intel's quad-core Xeon processors - The Tech Report - Page 1
In the enterprise world, the cost of a processor is more than the price tag of an individual chip; it also takes into consideration the air conditioning needed to cool it, the electricity consumed by running it, and the real estate cost associated with the rack where it will live.
Quad-core Xeon 5300 series processors share the same 65nm manufacturing process and dual-die design as Intel's Core 2 Extreme QX6700 desktop chip, but there are several key differences.
Xeon processors also have access to a faster 1,333MHz front-side bus than their desktop counterparts, and they're available in more configurations than Intel's desktop quad-core part.
www.techreport.com /etc/2006q4/clovertown/index.x?pg=1   (1255 words)

  Xeon - a definition from Whatis.com
Xeon is designed for Internet and large transactional database servers as well as for engineering, graphics, and multimedia applications that require moving a lot of data around quickly.
Xeon is the high end of the Pentium line (Celeron is the low end).
Xeon is based on the Pentium microprocessor's P6 architecture.
whatis.techtarget.com /definition/0,,sid9_gci213400,00.html   (357 words)

 Get ready for the Xeon server parade
Xeon is more flexible than the current Pentium II in that vendors can combine up to four Xeons in a server.
The 32-bit Xeon chip announcement comes in the wake of news that Intel's 64-bit chip, code-named Merced, will be delayed for at least six months.
Xeon attributes include support for 512M bytes or 1M byte of cache; later this year, the maximum cache will expand to 2M bytes.
www.networkworld.com /news/0629xeon.html   (683 words)

 Xeon Information
The first Xeon processor was released in 1998 as the Pentium II Xeon as the replacement of the Pentium Pro.
The Pentium II Xeon was based on the P6 microarchitecture and used either a 440GX (a dual-processor workstation chipset) or 450NX (quad-processor, or oct with additional logic) chipset, and differed from the desktop Pentium II in that it had a full-speed, off-die L2 cache.
A new server chipset, E7500 (which allowed the use of dual-channel DDR SDRAM) was released to support this processor in servers, and shortly afterwards the bus speed was boosted to 533 MT/s (accompanied by new chipsets; the E7501 for servers and the E7505 for workstations).
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Xeon   (1659 words)

 CNN - Intel goes inside the workstation with new Xeon chip - August 21, 1998
Xeon -- Intel's replacement for the Pentium Pro -- is a new version of the PII designed for servers and workstations.
Xeons are essentially turbocharged Pentium IIs with a dedicated bus, located between the main processor and the secondary cache chip(s), that runs at the same speed as the processor.
However, the Xeon system convincingly dusted the conventional workstation when we ran Indy 3D and ViewPerf, two industry-standard workstation benchmark suites.
www.cnn.com /TECH/computing/9808/24/xeonstation.idg/index.html   (1129 words)

 Intel's Xeon to tip price scales | CNET News.com
By branding Xeon as a separate product line, Intel can price these chips without regard to the desktop prices and take a portion of the incremental profit associated with these more expensive machines.
Xeon is an effort by Intel to cash in on [this marketing strategy]," he added.
While Brookwood, Peck, and Kumar did not confirm exact pricing on the Xeon chips, all three said the prices were in line with their projections.
news.com.com /2100-1001-211198.html   (859 words)

 Intel To Launch Low-End Xeon At Developer Forum - Technology News by InformationWeek
Intel is expected to launch a low-end version of its Xeon processor based on the Core 2 Duo at the fall Intel Developer Forum, which kicks off this week.
Expected to be branded Xeon 3000, system builders said the CPU effectively will replace the Pentium D that some system manufacturers—including top-tier vendors such as Dell and IBM—have been using to power entry-level servers for small businesses.
The chip maker also recently shipped two new processors, Xeon 5100 Woodcrest, which is based on Intel's new Core microarchitecture, and Xeon 5000 Dempsey, a low-cost server CPU based on Intel's older architecture.
www.informationweek.com /story/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=193004900&cid=RSSfeed_IWK_News   (448 words)

 ISP-Planet - Equipment - Intel Releases Xeon MP
Previously known by the codename "Foster," Intel's Xeon MP was developed for servers with 4-way processors and up.
While the Xeon DP was designed for servers addressing front-end and general-purpose needs, Xeon MP is aimed at midtier and back-end servers.
Xeon MP is available in three speeds: 1.4 GHz, 1.5 GHz, and 1.6 GHz.
www.isp-planet.com /equipment/2002/xeonmp.html   (432 words)

 An illustrated Guide to 6th generation CPUs
Xeon is a line of CPUs for use in servers.
The Xeon is a Pentium II in a new cartridge fitting into a new connector called Slot Two.
The Xeon chip is for high performance servers.
www.karbosguide.com /hardware/module3e06.htm   (424 words)

 Aspen Systems, Systems With The Intel Xeon Processor
While the Intel Xeon DP (dual-processor) CPU is designed for dual-processor server and workstation platforms, the Intel Xeon MP (multi-processor) family is designed specifically for mid-tier servers performing key business functions such as collaboration, application serving, enterprise resource planning, and business intelligence.
The Intel Xeon DP processor is now available with larger amounts of cache which allows headroom for peak workloads.
The Xeon DP is designed specifically for multitasking environments, and provides outstanding performance for several multi-threaded applications through Intel's innovative Hyper-Threading Technology.
www.aspsys.com /features/xeon   (611 words)

 Xeon Definition
The first Xeon was introduced in 1998 when the Pentium II was mainstream.
Intel used the Pentium brand with the Xeons with the Pentium II and III (Xeon Pentium II, Xeon Pentium III), but dropped it with the Pentium 4, calling it the Xeon CPU or Xeon MP (multiprocessing) CPU.
Xeon introduced the System Management Bus (SMBus) interface, which includes a Processor Information ROM (PIROM) that contains data about the processor and an empty EEPROM that can be used by manufacturers or resellers to track their own information such as usage and service information.
www.pcmag.com /encyclopedia_term/0,2542,t=Xeon&i=55009,00.asp   (784 words)

 CNN IDG.net - Intel Pentium II Xeon CPU - July 16, 1998
The Dell Precision 610 with a single 400-MHz Xeon CPU outperformed a similarly configured 400-MHz Pentium II by 5 percent, and surpassed a similarly configured 333-MHz Pentium II by 22 percent.
The HP Kayak XU, configured with two 400-MHz Xeon CPUs, outperformed a similarly-configured 400-MHz Pentium II by 9 percent and a similarly-configured 333-MHz Pentium II by 25 percent.
Comparing the two Xeon units, I found that the two 400-MHz Xeon processors were faster than one by 4 percent.
www.cnn.com /TECH/computing/9807/16/xeon.idg/index.html   (595 words)

 Intel close to releasing large cache 3.06GHz Xeon
This processor is a regular Xeon processor and not one of the very much more expensive Xeon MP chips.
The large cache Xeon is slated to be released in the third quarter of this year, and looks like it will be the last of the Xeons based on the current 130 nanometer core.
The next 533MHz Xeon in the regular, non-MP line will be a 3.46GHz Nocona microprocessor, which uses a 90 nanometer manufacturing process, and is slated for release in the fourth quarter of this year.
www.theinquirer.net /?article=9765   (465 words)

 ITworld.com - Intel may release new Xeon processor in 2004
Intel Corp. appears to be readying a new Xeon processor code-named Potomac that should arrive in late 2004.
Potomac will be the next chip in the Xeon MP family, which is used in servers with four or more processors.
The Xeon processors usually have similar speeds to Intel's Pentium 4 desktop chips but include some higher end features such as larger caches that make them more suitable for use in servers.
www.itworld.com /Comp/2087/030115xeon   (671 words)

 Xeon 3000 Gets Quiet Rollout At Intel Developer Forum - Server Platform, Processor - CRN
With little fanfare, Intel on Wednesday launched its entry-level Xeon 3000 server platform for small and midsize businesses, rounding out the company's aggressive Xeon rollout this year.
Although Gelsinger devoted more time to extolling the successes of the Xeon 9000, Xeon 7100 and Xeon 5100 processors released this summer, other Intel executives took time to tout the benefits of the entry-level Xeon 3000 processor to customers and partners.
The Xeon 3000 is available now and shipped to distribution in recent weeks, he said.
www.crn.com /showArticle.jhtml?articleID=193006305   (583 words)

 Intel Releases Xeon MP
While the Xeon DP was designed for servers addressing front-end and general-purpose needs, Xeon MP is aimed at midtier and back-end servers.
Xeon MP is available in three speeds: 1.4 GHz, 1.5 GHz, and 1.6 GHz.
Servers running the Xeon MP were also found to perform 30 percent faster than those with a Pentium III processor.
www.internetnews.com /ent-news/article.php/7_989821   (699 words)

 IBM plans 64-Xeon server for 2005 | Tech News on ZDNet
Xeon processors are 32-bit chips, limiting the amount of memory they can handle easily--in contrast to Intel's 64-bit Itanium processors.
But IBM believes Xeon is up to the task, and the company values the fact that--unlike Itanium--Xeon can gracefully run the vast majority of existing software for Intel chip-based servers.
HP's largest Xeon system is an eight-processor machine; beyond that, it pushes Itanium systems with as many as 64 processors.
news.zdnet.com /2100-9584_22-5141258.html   (1234 words)

 Xeon - Gizmodo
When Intel released its Xeon 5100 processors last summer, they were already faster, cooler and more efficient than their predecessors, and now Intel's doing it again with even more-efficient quad core processors that rolled out yesterday.
The company's 5300 series server chips were already 50% more efficient than those 5100 dual-core Xeons from last summer, and now Intel says its Xeon L5320 and L5310 use between 35 and 60% less electricity than its existing 5300 series quad core processors, which suck up 80 and 120 watts.
The L5320 and L5310 Xeons, running at 1.86GHz and 1.6GHz respectively, probably won't be the ones showing up on those Apple machines that are said to be debuting on April 15 in Las Vegas at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention.
www.gizmodo.com /gadgets/xeon   (989 words)

 Dual Xeon Duo: What Good Is the L3 Cache? | Tom's Hardware   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As opposed to the 64 bit rocket, the Itanium 2, the Xeon is sold in comparatively high quantities and used in servers along with workstations.
The current Xeon, codenamed "Prestonia," is similar in structure to the Northwood core of the P4 and has additional registers for multiprocessor capabilities.
This means the bandwidth between the processor and the chipset in the Xeon is significantly limited, compared to the P4 (4.2 GB/s vs. 6.4 GB/s).
www.tomshardware.com /2003/08/11/dual_xeon_duo   (509 words)

 Enterprise Mac | InfoWorld | Xserve Xeon review Part 1: Introduction | October 25, 2006 05:51 AM | By Tom Yager
At the other extreme, Xserve Xeon will boot to a UNIX text console or to the server's serial port, it can be administered and configured entirely from the command line and nearly all of the non-user-facing pieces of OS X Server are available as Apple-supported open source.
Xserve Xeon is not flawless--there are design challenges presented by compact rack servers than even Apple hasn't overcome--and the above is nothing near representative of the case that Xserve Xeon makes in its favor.
Xserve Xeon is not Xserve as you've known it, and if you're well familiar with x86 1U (one rack unit = 1.75 inches tall by 19 inches wide) servers, you'll find that Xserve Xeon is unlike any x86 server you've seen or used.
weblog.infoworld.com /enterprisemac/archives/2006/10/xserve_xeon_rev.html   (1183 words)

 Apple (UK and Ireland) - Mac Pro - Intel Xeon
Yet, because Intel designed this dual-core Xeon to be more efficient, it consumes less power than similar workstation-level processors, so your system fans don’t have to work as hard to keep them cool.
Ideal for scientific applications, the 64-bit Intel Xeon processors can express the extreme precision needed for floating-point mathematics and to express integers up to 18 billion billion.
Capable of delivering 128-bit vector computations in a single cycle, the SSE3 vector engine accelerates data manipulation by simultaneously applying a single instruction to multiple data — ideal for transforming large sets of data, such as applying a filter to an image or rendering a video effect.
www.apple.com /uk/macpro/intelxeon.html   (662 words)

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