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Topic: Xiuhcoatl

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In the News (Sun 24 Jun 18)

The Xiuhcoatl was a Aztec fire serpent with a segmented body and snout which can turn sharply backwards.
The Xiuhcoatl was associated with fire and the solar heat.
Xiuhcoatl was also associated with the Central Mexican God of Fire.
www.paralumun.com /xiuh.htm   (51 words)

 Xiuhtecuhtli, Lord of the Year
With Chantico as his feminine counterpart, he is seen as a representation of Ometeotl.
His nagual is the Xiuhcoatl, the Fire Serpent.
Xiuhtecuhtli is the central deity in the New Fire ceremony, held every 52 years in year 2 Acatl (Ome Acatl, which is also a name for Tezcatlipoca).
www.azteccalendar.com /god/Xiuhtecuhtli.html   (223 words)

 Hispanic Business Forums - Anti-HR 4437 Movement
Rich A. I believe Xiuhcoatl is from the Mexica movement.
Posted - 04/18/2006 : 05:36:05 AM Xiuhcoatl, questions have been asked yet you are silent.
Xiuhcoatl, questions have been asked yet you are silent.
www.hispanicbusiness.com /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=5760&SearchTerms=aztlan   (3129 words)

 XIUHCOATL : The deity from Aztec Mythology
XIUHCOATL: The Turquoise Fire Serpent and God of Drought.
XIUHCOATL is very serpentine and is often portrayed as a jade figurine with a head at each end.
Whatever XIUHCOATL used to do in the way of drought and burning earth has now been forsaken in the interests of publicity.
www.godchecker.com /pantheon/aztec-mythology.php?deity=XIUHCOATL   (149 words)

 sandiego.indymedia.org | Video Game Genocide   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This article was originally written for Mexica Tlahtolli, the voice of the Aztlan Mexica Nation / Harmony Circle.
Xiuhcoatl is an independent writer from South Modesto, CA.
Please, when posting comments, be respectful of others and ignore those trying to interrupt or discourage meaningful discourse.
sandiego.indymedia.org /en/2006/05/115929.shtml   (879 words)

 Paragon City Hall
Xiuhcoatl is the size of tank with four massive legs.
The Xiuhcoatl turn, just as Vartan is getting under their body, he draws out the rocket launcher with a quick move, and fires the rocket into the belly of the Xiuhcoatl one right and closest to him.
The Xiuhcoatl explodes into a shower of sparkles, Vartan rolls clear, pulling the rocket launcher up, quickly jamming a second rocket into chamber.
www.rpgplanet.com /cityofheroes/fanfiction/ff_14.shtml   (4493 words)

Representation of the head of a xiuhcoatl or "fire serpent." This is a complex mythological being of confusing origins.
The head of Xiuhcoatl that you are seeing was found in 1901 in the house of the Marquis del Apartado at Argentina and Donceles streets.
The monumentality of this sculpture and the power of its expression make clear the importance of this fantastic serpent for the Mexicas.
archaeology.la.asu.edu /tm/pages2/mtm41.htm   (90 words)

 STL is hannering me flat - in need of assistance - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums
I am getting to like STL but am by no means an expert - thank you in advance for a solution or just a direction to help me figure this out.
Posted - 5/1/2002 12:49:03 AM Judging from the info that you have given, I'd bet that one of your problems is with your declaration of the vector.
The typedef for the MODE_VECTOR is properly done - I didn't format my post correctly and the chevrons got removed.
www.gamedev.net /community/forums/viewreply.asp?ID=479543   (979 words)

 The Aztec Calendar:The Spatial Divisions
In order to comprehend the distribution of space within the design of the Aztec Calendar, we searched its image for a distinct pattern that might not follow the 8-segment circle which is so obvious to its design.
Consider the tails of the serpents (Xiuhcoatls), which appear to represent a break in the overall circular design:
These two mythical and celestial serpents are thought to be in a constant struggle between themselves.
www.earthmatrix.com /aztec/spatial/division.htm   (397 words)

 Mutants and Masterminds: Ultra Teens are GO!
Victor Munoz, Uncle to Maria "Calliente" and Juan "Fuego Negro" Munoz, hoping to gain the power and favor of the Aztec fire demon Xiuhcoatl, attempted to sacrifice his neice and nephew during a solar eclipse.
The Aztec god Ometecuhtli saved the children, and instead of gaining power, Victor became possessed by the evil Xiuhcoatl.
Now Victor seeks revenge against his neice and nephew while Xiuhcoatl seeks to conquer the world.
www.mecha.com /~conkle/mm/pages/xiuhcoatl-1.html   (82 words)

 Mexican Assault rifle FX-05 ''Xiuhcoatl''( Update w/Picture) - Military Photos
After waiting for a picture for a long time we finally got one from the magazine ''ARMAS''.
Also we found out that the real meaning of ''Xiuhcoatl'' is ''Fire Serpent''.
The rifle will be officialy presented in the military parade the 16th of September, probably in the hands of the Special Forces and Airbone Brigade.
www.militaryphotos.net /forums/showthread.php?t=82106   (251 words)

 Hispanic Business Forums - Anti-HR 4437 Movement
Edited by - Oscar Garcia on 04/24/2006 11:19:10 PM Xiuhcoatl
Edited by - Oscar Garcia on 04/25/2006 12:27:26 AM Xiuhcoatl
The reason I let it go long enough is because i wanted others to see what you really are.
www.hispanicbusiness.com /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=5760&whichpage=4&SearchTerms=aztlan   (3280 words)

 Jonathon Dalton .com
Click this box to read the whole comic so far.)
You can find out where Northwind is taking the Xiuhcoatl next week.
Lords of Death and Life is now 3/4 done!
www.jonathondalton.com /mycomics.html   (295 words)

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