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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

 Y-intercept - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The y-intercept in 2-dimensional space is the point where the graph of a function or relationship intercepts the y-axis of the coordinate system.
For example, one may speak of the I-intercept of the I/V-characteristic of, say, a diode.
The notion may be extended for 3-dimensional space and higher dimensions, as well as for other coordinate axes, possibly with other names.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Y-intercept   (291 words)

 Intercept - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Interception by government or military agencies such as the National Security Agency is known as signals intelligence or SIGINT.
Look up intercept in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
Mathematics, an intercept is the coordinate of the point at which a curve intersects an axis.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Intercept   (180 words)

 Intercept Shield
The man primarily responsible for developing Intercept Technology is John P. Franey, a longtime employee of Bell Labs and Lucent who headed the team that discovered it and now serves as project manager for its many applications.
This invention, using corrosion intercept technology developed by Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Innovations provides owners of coins a way to further protect their investment and/or collections.
Intercept technology halts that oxidation and keeps them in the same condition indefinitely.”
www.interceptshield.com /pressrelease.html   (2445 words)

The x-intercept of a line or curve is the point where it crosses the x-axis, and the y- intercept of a line or curve is the point where it crosses the y-axis.
www.math.com /school/glossary/defs/intercept.html   (32 words)

 Intercept Shield
Intercept has an extremely high sticking coefficient for reactive gas molecules due to the type of Copper used, and the minimum of 2 times the surface area of Copper present on the surface of Intercept as compared to the surface area of the same dimensional size piece of Copper, or other metal.
Intercept provides extremely long, stable effective life that is not affected by temperature or humidity.
Copper has the highest sticking coefficient of metals, which is one of the reasons why Copper is used in the Intercept Technology.
www.interceptshield.com /faq.html   (1406 words)

 PPG Residential Glass
Intercept® spacers are so energy efficient they keep the edges of the window glass warmer, so your home feels more comfortable in the winter.
Compare the performance of windows using the Intercept® I.G. system versus conventional I.G. Aluminum spacers.
The latest PPG unit technology is the Intercept® Warm-Edge Spacer System commercialized in 1992.
www.ppg.com /gls_residential/share/res_ins.htm   (495 words)

 Intercept Shield
The Intercept Shield reacts with the gases in a permanent and irreversible chemical reaction, thus actually cleaning the environment around the coin.
Before Intercept technology was developed, the three available methods of corrosion protection were volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs), activated charcoal and protective oils.
The way Intercept Shield works is by acting as a sacrificial corrosion agent.
www.interceptshield.com   (262 words)

Intercept is a coaching process that works on Intercepting roadblocks to your personal and business success.
When you work with your Intercept coach, you get to validate this by rating it out of 10 as a reflection of you at the time you filled it out.
Intercept is not a personality profile or psychometric tool that predicts behaviour.
www.coaching-businesses-to-success.com /intercept.html   (384 words)

 TCP Intercept
In intercept mode, the software actively intercepts each incoming connection request (SYN) and responds on behalf of the server with an ACK and SYN, then waits for an ACK of the SYN from the client.
The TCP intercept feature implements software to protect TCP servers from TCP SYN-flooding attacks, which are a type of denial-of-service attack.
TCP packets matching the access list are presented to the TCP intercept code for processing, as determined by the ip tcp intercept mode command.
www.cisco.com /univercd/cc/td/doc/product/software/ios112/intercpt.htm   (3431 words)

 Operation Intercept: The perils of unilateralism
This new Electronic Briefing Book on Operation Intercept -- the Nixon government's unilateral attempt in 1969 to halt the flow of drugs from Mexico into the United States -- is the second to appear based on a collaboration between Proceso magazine and the National Security Archive and launched on March 2, 2003.
By mid-October Intercept was called off, replaced by a new anti-drug agreement between Mexico and the United States called "Operation Cooperation," in which both countries collaborated on designing a shared strategy to reduce the production of narcotics inside Mexico and its movement across the border.
Operation Intercept served United States interests in several ways.
www.gwu.edu /~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB86   (4588 words)

 DoD News: Missile Intercept Test Successful
The intercept took place approximately six minutes after the interceptor was launched, at an altitude in excess of 140 miles above the earth, and during the midcourse phase of the target warhead's flight.
Although the radar was not integrated into the battle management system for the intercept, it did gather important data on the capabilities of the radar against a long-range ballistic missile.
This system-level test successfully demonstrated "hit to kill" technology to intercept and destroy a long-range ballistic missile target.
www.defenselink.mil /news/Oct2002/b10142002_bt520-02.html   (464 words)

 Terms & Conditions - Intercept Investigations
Intercept Investigations will, upon request, provide all available information on any piece of equipment, and if requested, will provide to the best of our ability, advice concerning that equipment, but cannot be held responsible for situations of any type or manner caused by any Client that disregards any or all of our advice.
Intercept Investigations assumes no liability for damage to persons or property, or for consequential damages or loss of income, production or good will resulting from the use or misuse or inability to use the equipment by the purchaser or others.
Exceptions to this policy may include any demand for information received by Intercept Investigations which is made by means of a lawful subpoena, or the provision of information to the appropriate law enforcement agency upon the reasonable determination of Intercept Investigations that a crime has been or may be committed.
www.interceptinvestigations.com /Terms.html   (2521 words)

Informational [Page 13] RFC 3924 Architecture for Lawful Intercept October 2004 In general, all interfaces should have the capability of providing strong cryptographic authentication to establish the identity of the principals, and be able to correlate the identity of the principal with the action they are attempting to perform.
Introduction For the purposes of this document, lawful intercept is the lawfully authorized interception and monitoring of communications of an intercept subject.
Service providers are being asked to meet legal and regulatory requirements for the interception of voice as well as data communications in IP networks in a variety of countries worldwide.
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc3924.txt   (4462 words)

 Ground-Based Midcourse Intercept Flight Test History - CDI
The failure to intercept is directly traceable to the cryogenic cooling system of the EKV, which failed to cool the IR sensors down to their operating temperatures in time because of an obstructed cooling line.
Once the EKV realized that the balloon’s IR signature did not match up with the target data it had received prior to the test, the interceptor shifted to the nearby target.
Non-intercept fly-by to assess the performance of the Boeing-built EKV seeker, collect target phenomenological data, and evaluate (post-test) target-modeling and discrimination algorithms.
www.cdi.org /missile-defense/tests-gmd.cfm   (1839 words)

 Kyocera Migrates to Intercept Software
Intercept will be demonstrating their products including Mozaix, Pantheon, and INDX, at the IPC Printed Circuits Expo in Anaheim, CA, February 22-24 at booth 1470 and at PCB West 2005 in Santa Clara, CA, March 8-9 at booth 50.
Intercept's mission to provide responsive customer support and rapid software enhancements also assisted in the decision to migrate Kyocera Wireless' PCB designs from a third-party format to Intercept's non-proprietary database.
The Intercept software suite is available at a purchase and maintenance cost not available elsewhere in the industry for a software application with such flexibility and functionality," stated director of marketing Craig Yano at Intercept's Atlanta, Georgia headquarters.
www.intercept.com /html_files/news/news_sub_pr_kyocera.htm   (934 words)

 Intercept Security Corporation
Intercept carries this listing and performs fire alarm monitoring services with our new technology products and innovation of services we are also very competitive in this market.
Intercept Security Corporation commenced operations on April 1992, and quickly became one of the largest installers of alarm systems in Alberta.
Intercept Security provides the Alberta fire code required certified fire alarm monitoring equipment installations, and monitoring services.
www.protected.com   (275 words)

The classification is used in INTERCEPT to identify the key interfaces where demonstrated applications can most effectively be applied and to clearly identify the tools to be applied in each case.
Fundamentally, INTERCEPT will prove that the concept of Intermodality is not only achievable for urban travel management but that it is a desirable approach to implementing intelligent systems.
These applications are shown in the next figure in four groups relating to 4 key INTERCEPT strategies:
btsa.es /intercept   (707 words)

 Chris Linfoot - Hats off (and a medal) to Raymond Neeves
Intercept can interrogate DNSBLs and local lists of blocked IPs and cause blocking, tagging or whitelisting both during the SMTP protocol phase of message delivery and afterwards (so it even works with Domino 5 servers).
Hope he gets them and makes contact with me, because the Intercept addin that I am now testing is very good and with a couple of minor tweaks would be perfect (I would even pay for it).
Raymond Neeves posted to LDD about his Intercept addin for Domino servers again last week.
chris-linfoot.net /linfoot/blogsphe.nsf/plinks/CWLT-5RECFT   (829 words)

 About Us - Intercept Investigations
Intercept Investigations was incorporated in state of Nevada on February 26, 1997, and possesses a valid Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Nevada Secretary of State's Office.
Intercept Investigations is licensed by the State of Nevada, Office of the Attorney General, Private Investigator's Licensing Board, and has been issued Private Investigator Agency License # 847.
Intercept Investigations maintains investigators and a large network of affiliated offices in every state, in every major city, most other locations throughout the United States, and in numerous other nations.
www.intercept-spytech.com /About.html   (1838 words)

 Tax Intercept Program
If your intercepted refund is more than the support amount owed when the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund processes your intercepted refund, the rest of the tax refund will be sent to you immediately.
The $100 of state tax intercept left after paying current support is used to pay the past-due support owed to the families.
The collection from a state tax intercept is first used to pay the current support due in that month.
www.dwd.state.wi.us /dwd/publications/dws/child_support/dwsc_801_p.htm   (2341 words)

 intercept. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.
The interception of a missile by another missile or an aircraft by another aircraft.
To stop, deflect, or interrupt the progress or intended course of: intercepted me with a message as I was leaving.
Middle English intercepten, from Latin intercipere, intercept- : inter-, inter- + capere, to seize; see kap- in Appendix I. in
www.bartleby.com /61/25/I0182500.html   (185 words)

 Intecept Keepsafe
Static Intercept ® and Corrosion Intercept ® were developed by Lucent Technologies Bell Labs in order to combat the effects of atmospheric gases and corrosion on sensitive metals.
Before the Intercept Technology ® was developed, the three available methods of corrosion protection were volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI's), activated charcoal and protective oils.
Scientists found that paper and cloth were two of the other materials that the Intercept Technology ® benefitted.
www.interceptkeepsafe.com   (257 words)

 Visual Intercept: More than simple bug resolutions - ADTmag.com
The architecture of Visual Intercept is considered an asset, not only in the efficiency it affords users, but also in the promise of easier upgrades should the ever-morphing software industry outgrow the product's present layout.
Visual Intercept's value as a company-wide utility really begins to shine in practice once the projects and objectives have been defined and incidents can be reported.
The product sports a three-tiered design: the ODBC API for data storage, the actual Visual Intercept engine and the overlying GUIs (Elsinore has future plans to devise different GUIs geared toward different user types; for now, the Visual Intercept Manager serves as the universal interface).
www.adtmag.com /article.asp?id=4065   (1156 words)

 USATODAY.com - N. Korean jets intercept U.S. spy plane
The interception fit a pattern of recent North Korean actions that could be an effort to pressure the United States into negotiations on chief Northern aims: a nonaggression treaty and aid for its dilapidated economy.
The type of plane that was intercepted, nicknamed "Cobra Ball," is loaded with electronic receivers and features large circular windows in the fuselage for the photography of foreign ballistic-missile tests at long range.
WASHINGTON (AP) — The interception of a U.S. reconnaissance plane by North Korean fighter jets heightens tension on the Korean Peninsula amid fears that the North could make nuclear bombs within months.
www.usatoday.com /news/world/2003-03-04-korea-spy-plane_x.htm   (931 words)

 Intercept UK
The Intercept process is simple and once you have worked through it with your coach you will have a clear picture of where you are now.
Intercept and the Intercept logo are registered trademarks of eCoach Pty Ltd, Australia.
Intercept is unique to you - to identify your uniqueness.
www.intercept-uk.com   (214 words)

I'm not sure why myspace is claiming that Intercept's birthday is on the 31st...
In addition to that, youll be eligible to earn points towards your Intercept Underground account for doing things like hanging up fliers in your home town, for attending a show, getting us on your local radio station or for
Intercept is an up and coming rock band from Southern California.
www.myspace.com /interceptmusic   (980 words)

 Boost-Phase Intercept
Along with attack operations, Boost Phase Intercept (BPI) concept is the only means of destroying hostile missiles in enemy territory.
The most important technologies for capable BPI engagements are airborne surveillance and fire control radar, target detection and classification algorithms, and interceptor kill vehicles capable of high velocity endo- and exo-atmospheric intercepts.
This advanced concept technology demonstration (ACTD) assessed the feasibility of intercepting ballistic missiles before they could deploy submunitions or other countermeasures.
www.fas.org /spp/starwars/program/bpi.htm   (689 words)

 Intercept - Intercept Inc. - Home Page
The intercept took place approximately 10 minutes after the interceptor was launched Only system generated data was used for the intercept after the EKV
Intercept Investigative Agency was formed to fill a need for a truly professional, highly skilled and well trained investigation team that
CORROSION INTERCEPT® is a revolutionary, patented technology which uses Corrosion Intercept® provides a unique and effective protection for copper,
intercept.searchedfor.com   (187 words)

 odbctrac, odbcspy, odbc, intercept, ,trace, odbcintercept, odbctrace, software developement - ODBC Intercept
ODBC Intercept is an odbtrac and odbcspy alternative that exposes all bi-directional ODBC communications between your application(s) and their ODBC drivers.
ODBC Intercept may be freely redistributed with your app.
odbctrac, odbcspy, odbc, intercept,,trace, odbcintercept, odbctrace, software developement - ODBC Intercept
www.perfectdownloads.com /software-development/other/download-odbc-intercept.htm   (106 words)

 Air Defenses Stood Down On 911 AFTER ATC Alerts Given
IF, at the time of interception, it was determined the aircraft were under hostile control and likely to impact targets, high-level air defense commanders at the Pentagon's National Military Command Center (NMCC) are FULLY AUTHORIZED under existing and established regulations and procedures to authorize a shoot-down,.
the story clearly establishes that F16's were scrambled to intercept this bizjet within 25 minutes of its failure to report to controllers upon its reaching its cleared alttitude of 39,000 ft. These F16's were scrambled ONLY upon the loss of a radio communication: the transponder never ceased to function.
the way i view the intercept, the F16 out of Eglin, 500 miles behind the lear 35, travelling at its posted max speed, mach 2+, caught the lear 35 in 30 minutes.
www.rense.com /general18/atcd.htm   (1829 words)

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