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Topic: Yaghan

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  Yaghan language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Yagán, also known as Yámana, Yaghan, and Háusi Kúta, is one of the indigenous languages of Tierra del Fuego, spoken by the Yagán people.
In addition to normal serialization Yaghan also exhibits complex verb stems of a type relatively common in western North America, where the main verb is flanked by instrument/body part manner of action prefixes and pathway/position suffixes.
There is little or no reduplication evident on the Yaghan verb, and sound symbolism of the augmentative/diminutive type appears to be largely lexicalized.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Yaghan_language   (779 words)

 List of Indigenous languages in Argentina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Yaghan, Yámana, Háusi-Kúta or Yagán is a language spoken by indigenous peoples of southern shores and islands of Tierra del Fuego.
In Argentina Yaghan became extinct at the beginning of 20th century, but lexicons and early recordings remain.
It is recognised in a number of well known toponyms as Ushuaia, Lapataia, Tolhuin, etc. Some elder speakers (between 1 and 5) remain in Chile, where the language is nearly extinct.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_Native_American_languages_in_Argentina   (1044 words)

 Caucasus Foundation
Yaghan states that she feels very well and is able to carry garden work in her village Hodz.
Yaghan stated that she perfectly remembers all developments during the 1917 Revolution which took away all the wealth of her family including gold and livestock.
Kits Yaghan continues to enjoy the life with her daughter and grandchild and with children of her grandchild.
www.kafkas.org.tr /english/ajans/2003/subat/20.02.2003_Outstanding_Adyghei.htm   (151 words)

The white masks were worn to represent a perch, the spirit of the sea, in the wasenim-yaka dance and in the lepalus-yaka dance (small red fish).
The Yaghan used this type of mask in the initiation rites during the Kina ceremony.
According to the primordial myth of the Yaghan, the original supremacy of the women was followed by an inversion of roles, periodically sanctioned by the rite itself.
mv.vatican.va /3_EN/pages/x-Schede/METs/METs_Sala04_01_01_029.html   (196 words)

 What Does Yaghan Have to Do with Digital Technology?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Before moving to the case of Yaghan and Ona, however, it is necessary to consider why the dissemination of large quantities of collected data has never become the routine practice of linguists and anthropologists.
He compiled a large Yaghan (Yamana) dictionary, which to date is the most comprehensive lexicon of the language ever published, as far as we know.
The Yaghan here is presented in a simplified version of Gusinde’s transcription; he followed the Ellis system of transcription, which uses a number of diacritics omitted here for readibilty on HTML.
journals.dartmouth.edu /webobjbin/WebObjects/Journals.woa/1/xmlpage/1/article/101?htmlOnce=yes   (5104 words)

 Kap Horn
The purpose of putting Yaghan on the web was that we needed to learn how to create and run a website prior to a future circumnavigation.
Yaghan was the name of a tribe (the correct spelling is in fact yahgan but we discovered that to late) on the islands around Cape Horn in the old times.
This problem is not so big on a modern yacht like Yaghan with five GPS on board and electronic charts fore the entire world in three different computers.
hem.passagen.se /yaghan/forstasidan_english.htm   (1474 words)

 Tierra del Fuego, Missionaries and Catechists
In the mid-19th century, British Anglican groups attempted to establish Christian mission stations among the Yaghan, a nomadic canoe-people living in the southernmost channels of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago.
Together with Hunziker, he built a hut at Weddell's Bluff, near the mouth of the Santa Cruz River (on the Atlantic seaboard); however, relations with the local natives were difficult and unproductive, and the project failed.
Little by little, the new community prospered, and by the end of six months a small group of natives were practising the rudiments of vegetable and livestock farming, learning to erect buildings and being instructed in the Christian way of life.
patbrit.org /eng/sams/main.htm   (1717 words)

 11/4/2004 -- CHILE: Climate changes may tip delicate balance in Patagonia
Disease took its toll among the Yaghan tribes, and by the 20th century their culture had basically ceased to exist.
Modern-day research has proven that the Yaghan culture was incredibly complex; their vocabulary had at least 35,000 words, far more than any of the European languages.
Today only two Yaghans who speak the language are still alive, according to the New York Times, and I was privileged to meet one of them, Emelinda, an elderly, snaggle-tooth woman, during a brief stop at her tiny village in Puerto Williams.
www.climateark.org /articles/reader.asp?linkid=30831   (1112 words)

 The Dictionary in Bruce Chatwin's In Patagonia
Later in the chapter, Chatwin relates to the reader his knowledge of the Yaghans' lifestyle and suggests the culture and its people are superior to the Western existence he and his readers know.
Chatwin conveys the message that the Yaghan Indians must be understood in their own right and not held to Western ideals and standards.
While he proposes that if one looks at the Yaghan Indians with a culturally relativistic eye, the Yaghan's superiority will become clear, he also insinuates that the way in which this tribe views outsiders is quite similar to the way Westerners themselves view peoples outside Europe.
www.postcolonialweb.org /uk/chatwin/gorman10.html   (616 words)

 Tierra del Fuego Culture
The Yaghan (or Yamana), Alacaluts, and the Ona peoples once roamed the desolate area, enduring rough climatic conditions and finding little competition for the wildlife and marine resources upon which they relied for survival.
The Yaghan people constantly had a fire stoked to keep themselves warm; they even chanced the demise of their transportation by starting fires within their bark canoes, providing warmth while they traveled the chilly waters.
Distinctive from their coastal counterparts, these people were gigantic in stature and survived by hunting guanacos and tuco-tuco, a type of rodent, using a bow and arrow as a weapon.
www.adventure-life.com /articles/patagonia-culture-92.php   (651 words)

 Yaghan Dissertation Help, Write a Dissertation on Yaghan Thesis
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www.phd-dissertations.com /topic/yaghan_dissertation_thesis.html   (776 words)

 Polaris Images: a selection of images by Diego Goldberg
Along with Yaghan, Kawesqar is the last native language of southern Chile still spoken.
Along with Yaghan spoken only by two women who live on Puerto Williams, Kawesqar is the last native language of southern Chile still spoken.
Fire blazed continuously in canoes and on the wet land causing the first European explorers to marvel at the sight of so much fire in a wet and cold climate, and the Spanish named the southernmost archipelago the land of fire, Tierra del Fuego.
www.polarisimages.com /Portfolios/Photographers/Diego_Goldberg   (3098 words)

 Article archive for Linguistic Discovery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
This editorial suggests that linguists need to be more aggressive in exploting the technology so that information about language is spread more rapidly and in a more efficient format.
To make this point, the case of fieldwork on Yaghan is examined.
Though early fieldwork was carried out on Yaghan very little about the language is known because of the way the data was collected and reported.
journals.dartmouth.edu /webobjbin/WebObjects/Journals.woa/2/xmlpage/1/archive?t_abstract=1   (1643 words)

 The School of Panamerican Unrest - Pablo Helguera
Calderón is the last speaker of Yaghan, a native language of Argentina.
Calderón es la última hablante de Yaghan, una lengua nativa de Argentina.
En cada una de sus paradas le EPD ofrecerá un número de programas al público en colaboración con su sede anfitriona.
www.panamericanismo.org /index.php   (2502 words)

 Extinction of the Yámana: Interesting Thing of the Day
One of these, whom the English had dubbed “Jemmy Button,” was implicated decades later in leading a massacre of European missionaries.
But still the missionaries and other settlers came, and still they persisted in their attempts to bring civilization to the Yámana, to whom they gave the name Yaghan (or Yagan).
The Museo Mundo Yámana (Museum of the Yámana World) in Ushuaia recounts the rise and fall of the race.
itotd.com /articles/470/extinction-of-the-yamana   (1105 words)

 June 2, 2000
Three hundred pages into it, the author is finally living his dream of leaving the land of the Yaghan and living among the Ona (a much fiercer tribe of hunters compared to the Yaghan who are coastal and live by fishing).
This is a fascinating autobiography in that it starts well before its author and subject was born with the adventures of his missionary father, and it's full of really well observed anthropological, cultural, and linguistic information about both the Yaghans and the Ona people.
He doesn't get to the flora and fauna much until the later chapters and I've had to discipline myself not to read ahead.
world.std.com /~jegan/0602mm.htm   (469 words)

Tierra del Fuego, for those reading this name for the first time, may evoke an image of an area full of volcanoes, with relaxingly warm thermal waters, however, the fire lies only in the name of this remote and cold island, sharing sovereignty between Chile and Argentina and surrounded by the Antarctic, the "White Continent".
The reason for the name has nothing to do with the climate or the smoking, active volcanoes, but rather with the bonfires which were lit five centuries ago by the Ona and Yaghan tribes, who were the owners and masters of this island.
Due to its globally remote location, it has up to 23 hours of sunlight every day in summer, but this does not warm it up much.
www.enjoy-chile.org /tierra-del-fuego-chile-tierra-del-fuego.php   (377 words)

 Nonesuchinfo: Tschiffely's Patagonia
Bridges' was able to give the traveller a good snapshot of their situation.
In one example alone Bridges could see how the Yaghan had dropped from two to three thousand people in the late 19th century to fewer than 30 in 1933.
Intrusion by settlers such as sheep farmers and gold prospectors was responsible for the decline together with introduced diseases.
www.nonesuchinfo.info /features/tschiffely/tschiffely.htm   (2054 words)

 Magazine Beingindigenous
It is the story of two languages that are extinct, or very close to it.
Source: Extract from the interesting article " What Does Digital Technology Have to Do with Yaghan?" published in in Linguistic Discovery, Volume 1, Issue 1; by Lenore A. Grenoble and Lindsay J. Whaley : http://journals.dartmouth.edu/webobjbin/WebObjects/Journals.woa/1/xmlpage/1/archive
When Rapa Nui (the big island) was discovered by white outsiders
www.beingindigenous.org /magazine/tierra_fuego.htm   (593 words)

 yaghan's Profile:
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 The Pedestal Magazine
Help us to continue serving the literary world.
The Pedestal Magazine -Laura Crews - Death of the Yamana or Yaghan
Cries bleed from the cut of her mouth;
www.thepedestalmagazine.com /Secure/Content/cb.asp?cbid=4039   (110 words)

Yaghan von der Bocksleite was the third male we importet.
Yaghan is the father of our P- and Q- litter.
Boarhunters Magnum was the only puppy in the M- litter,
www.boarhunters.se /males.htm   (150 words)

 Yaghan info here at en.browseblog.info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Extinction of the Yámana / The end of the race at the end of the world But still the missionaries and other settlers came, and still they persisted in their attempts to bring civilization to the Yámana, to whom they gave the name Yaghan (or Yagan).
Idag kastar Arne Mårtensson loss Idag kastar styrelseproffset och Handelsbanksfärens starke man Arne Mårtensson loss för sin jordenruntsegling med båten Yaghan.
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en.browseblog.info /deck-estimate/Yaghan   (99 words)

 DM-MP-Yaghan][ ( UT ) - BeyondUnreal Forums
So I can't release this map and I don't want to release another buggy map (my first one had massive lightingproblems, not all surfaces are lit).
Maybe I build a new Yaghan map (same theme), but not at this time.
Hm, I don't know what I can do to have a better performance.
forums.beyondunreal.com /showthread.php?t=127210   (1727 words)

The whole cannot be so much as the work of an hour, and it is only used for a few days."
Yamana, science, research, ecosystem, ecology, aborigine, Yamaná, Yaghan, whale, tribe, Tierra del Fuego, Shleknam, seal, Ona, Native American, Indian, extinction, culture, archaeology, anthropology, Yamaná
Please contact Kevin for pricing and usage rights on images.
www.kevinmoloney.com /stock/source/14pianab.html   (314 words)

 yaghan's Profile - Man Looking For Women for casual dating, a serious relationship, marriage, an activity partner or a ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
yaghan's Profile - Man Looking For Women for casual dating, a serious relationship, marriage, an activity partner or a pen pal
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 The Spark That Kindled The Flame   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Hazrat Mohiyuddin Ibnularabi relates that one of his kith and kin, by name Yahya bin Yaghan, was the king of Tilmsan.
In his kingdom there lived a great soul known as Abu Abdulla Tonsi who having renounced the world was leading an ascetic life far removed from the haunts of men.
Who knows I may have failed in such an ordeal!"
www.avatarmeherbaba.org /erics/kingyah.html   (481 words)

 Songsearch: Buy Dario Domingues Music CDs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Who Wants To Go On A Discovery Journey To The Origins Of The Indianischen Music, Will Be Inspired By This Admission.
Dario Domingues - Die Reise Der Yaghan Ist
Dario Domingues - End Of The Yahgan's Journey (Die Reise Der Yaghan Ist)
www.songsearch.com /catalog/d/dario_domingues.html   (289 words)

 [No title]
Share your time, enthusiasm and skills to make a difference on our Planet!
Yagan (Also known as Yagán, Yamana, Yámana, Yaghan, Tequenica and Háusi Kúta)
Chile: south of the Strait of Magallanes, in the region of the Beagle channel, Navarino island and its surrounding islands
www.nativeplanet.org /indigenous/ethnicdiversity/latinamerica/chile/indigenous_data_chile_yagan.shtml   (98 words)

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