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Topic: Yajirobe

In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  Absolute Anime / Dragon Ball Z / Yajirobe
Both Goku and Yajirobe are eager to fight him, but Yajirobe wins a game of paper-scissors, so he gets to fight.
Yajirobe is far from being the coward he's portrayed as in the English version.
Yajirobe later rescues Goku from his first encounter with Piccolo Daimaou and takes him to Karin to drink the Super God Water, (and get healed with a Senzu).
www.absoluteanime.com /dragon_ball/yajirobe.htm   (234 words)

  Yajirobe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Yajirobe is a fictional character from the manga Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z and the anime Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. He is a human.
Yajirobe is typically found on the sidelines, helping occasionally but prefers to avoid major skirmishes.
Yajirobe is a samurai mountain man with an insatiable appetite, and his first appearance is a confrontation between him and Goku.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Yajirobe   (459 words)

 Yajirobe's Tale - by Teari - Chapter 3
Yajirobe shook his head as he walked out the door, and leaned on it once it was shut.
Neither were talking very much to Yajirobe either, and once it was clear that he was trying to be nice and show Khan respect, their faces immediately looked more relived, although Yucari was keeping a close eye on the two of them.
Yajirobe was suddenly struck at how...robotic, and how much like a mannequin she seemed.
www.miaskywalker.net /contests/fanfics/20010915/teari_yajirobe_03.html   (8579 words)

 sugoiweb.com | Forget Bushido   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Yajirobe wasn’t stupid enough to be taken in by such a shift in behaviour; he was certain now, that something odd besides the possibility of Oumono-sama’s life being in danger was going on---and that the head retainer was in the centre of it.
Yajirobe was unable to gain the advantage on his opponent, but nor was he purely outmatched; every move that Kobushi made was something that Yajirobe remembered from his countless training sessions with the man, and it seemed as though he were being tested to see if he’d been paying attention.
Yajirobe’s eyes flared open as he heard a strange gurgle to see the point of a slender, blood-dripping sword protruding from the elder warrior’s stomach; Kobushi was looking down at it in pure shock, some of the crimson life-liquid gouting forth from his lips.
www.sugoiweb.com /fandom/DBZ_fan/bushido.php   (4211 words)

 Chubbs DBZ RPG | Character Vault | Yajirobe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Yajirobe is a short human about 5'3" with a solid metal arm.
Yajirobe begins by gathering ki, when he charges an acceptable amount he channels it through his body.
Using but a small orb of hauntingly yellow ki, Yajirobe can completely stop an opponent in their tracks for nearly ten seconds, allowing him to immediately gain the upper hand while his adversary is not moving.
cdbzrpg.dracondev.com /forum/thread.php?threadid=6861&sid=   (793 words)

 Son Gokuu's Counterattack!?
Yajirobe tells how he's heard that long ago, Piccolo was a real terror to the world.
Yajirobe recognizes that name, and that it means all seven balls have been gathered, as Karin Tower comes into view.
Yajirobe thinks this is ridiculous, the stuff is just ordinary poison if nobody's survived, but Gokuu says he'll drink it anyways.
magikarp46.dyndns.org /dragonball/manga/13.html   (4370 words)

Yajirobe is hesitant but eventually pulls through and cuts off Vegeta's tail.
Yajirobe is then forced into going with Master Roshi, ChiChi, Puar and Oolong to Planet Namek to help the others, but he never actually goes because Gohan, Bulma and the others arrive back on Earth before the leave.
Yajirobe is sleeping but is woken up because Marron sticks her foot in his mouth during her sleep.
members.tripod.com /nappa-vegeta/yajirobe.htm   (535 words)

 Pojo's Dragonball   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Yajirobe yells "Why are following me?!" Goku replies that he wants Yajirobe's Dragonball so he could revive Kuririn.
Yajirobe however breaks one of the rocks with his heel, causing Goku to fall into the river and down a waterfall.
Yajirobe laughs at Goku saying "I told you not to follow me!" Elsewhere, Tambourine finds the cinders of wood from Goku and Yajirobe's feast and grows curious.
www.pojo.com /dragonball/EpisodeSummaries/japdb/JapDBEpisode107.shtml   (846 words)

 Yajirobe: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Yajirobe first appeared near the end of Dragon Ball Dragon Ball quick summary:
Yajirobe is a mountain man, EHandler: no quick summary.
He demands Yajirobe gives up his Dragon Ball if he wants to live, EHandler: no quick summary.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/y/ya/yajirobe.htm   (288 words)

 Yajirobe information - Search.com
Yajirobe is a fictional character from the manga Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z and the anime Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. He is a human.
Yajirobe is typically found on the sidelines, helping occasionally but prefers to avoid major skirmishes.
Yajirobe is a samurai mountain man, and his first appearance is a confrontation between him and Goku.
www.search.com /reference/Yajirobe   (435 words)

Yajirobe is a fat warrior who meets Goku after he is defeated by Tambourine.
Yajirobe is strong, for never trying, he hates to fight someone stronger than him.
Only when it is the last resort will Yajirobe join in on a fight, and sometimes he even pulls though for the others.
members.tripod.com /ss1goku5000/id614.htm   (111 words)

 Night of the Babysitter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Yajirobe started making a dinner...not a very good one at that...Bra followed him around the kitchen smiling her face off.
Yajirobe got up off the floor and stubbled to greet the large group.
Yajirobe started again; "A guy with yellow hair came and broke down the door and said that he was a sayjian sent to take over the Earth and,..and,..I-I-I.." "YOU WHAT?" screamed Vegeta.
www.deadend-detour.com /writing/dbzgt/NotB_01.htm   (1293 words)

 Dragon Ball: Here comes Yajirobe - TV.com
Yajirobe says that he found it 3 years ago in the jungle.
Yajirobe doesn`t give up his dragonball and fights him.
Right when Cymbal was going to use his killer attack Yajirobe grabs his sword and cuts Cymbal in half.
www.tv.com /dragon-ball/here-comes-yajirobe/episode/243557/summary.html   (225 words)

 Dragonballtoys.com Discussion Boards - Yajirobe Questions Which Prove I'm A Dubbie
This one is regarding Yajirobe and his age.
The Yajirobe voice is big and burly in the funi dub...
Yajirobe appears to be the same size as he is around the time of the later Z sagas, but yet he is the voice of a child.
www.dragonballtoys.com /forums/showthread.php?t=9018   (634 words)

 Dragonball Episode Guide: 122. The Final Attempt
Below, Yajirobe stands at the edge of the crater, realizing he is too late to see the battle.
Back at the former battlefield, Yajirobe says he would've killed Piccolo Daimaoh if he had the chance, and Goku jokes that he is all talk.
Yajirobe tells them to get into his car, so he can take them to heal their wounds.
www.dbzgtlegacy.com /episode/jap/db122.shtml   (910 words)

 Yajirobe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Yajirobe is often delegated the position of comedy relief (and he serves that purpose quite well), but he's more significant than that.
Yajirobe also fulfills another vital function: he helps Karin grow the sensu beans, which the Z-Senshi use constantly to rapidly cure even life-threatening injuries.
And several times in the series, Yajirobe drops in to make sure the team has enough beans to get through a really tough fight virtually unscathed.
www.100megsfree4.com /abcsofdbz/yajirobe.html   (262 words)

 Yajirobe's Tale - by Teari - Chapter 1
They weren't the best-the floor was sticky, the seats were old, full of holes, and the smell of stale cigarette smoke and gasoline filled his nostrils.
are you sure?" Yajirobe moved his foot from the floor, and was rewarded with a Velcro-like sound coming as he lifted his foot off the floor.
There is a difference, ya know." The old man gave Yajirobe a brilliant yellow smile, pointed his finger at Yajirobe, and shook it.
www.miaskywalker.net /contests/fanfics/20010915/teari_yajirobe_01.html   (1240 words)

 Elysian Anime
One of them was Yajirobe, who was whining loudly at Bulma, who shouted back angrily for him to shut his mouth.
Yajirobe backed off a bit, but it wasn’t Baby Trunks who had made him uneasy.
Trunks, Yamcha and Yajirobe had no idea what the hell Bulma was talking about, plus they were too busy gaping at the TV.
www.elysian-anime.net /main.php?ea=fans/fanfic2ch3   (2734 words)

 Yajirobe's Shrine | The Ultimate Shrine To Lord Yajirobe
I hope you enjoy your visit to this site, I am dedicated to creating a place where Yajirobe can be respected as he deserevs to be.
We have many things about Yajirobe that you can enjoy so...do just that....enjoy.
I just added a Links section to the site where I have Links to 3 other great Yajirobe Shrines.
www.freewebs.com /yajirobe/index.htm   (170 words)

 Dragonball Z episode 131 title Jijitsuha miraiyori osoroshii!? Trunks no giwaku aired 1992
Buruma was in the air car with Yajirobe and baby Trunks, heading toward the battle.
But Yajirobe was too heavy and Gohan was flying very slowly.
Meanwhile, Buruma, baby Trunks, Gohan, and Yajirobe were resting by a river.
www.skepticfiles.org /en001/db131140.htm   (5710 words)

 Goku's Composure!? Just Relax and Wait for the Cell Game
The high wind generated by the power up blows so hard on Karin and Yajirobe that one would just as soon think they were standing next to a nuclear blast, rather than Son Goku.
Karin and Yajirobe struggle to keep from being blown away as they stand, screaming into the wind.
Yajirobe loses his grip and flies all the way back, but managed to catch the final railing.
zaph.freeservers.com /sagas/cell/169.html   (2181 words)

 YAJIROBE   Yajirobe is one good guy that is not interested in fighting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
YAJIROBE Yajirobe is one good guy that is not interested in fighting
Yajirobe is one good guy that is not interested in fighting.
Yajirobe does come through in the end when he sneaks up behind the Giant Vegeta Monkey and cuts off his tail.
www.fernstone.com /dbzrealm/yajirobe.htm   (102 words)

 Learn more about all of Toonami's great shows -DRAGON BALL
Yajirobe was once a chubby warrior who lived alone in the woods, until running to Goku one day.
When Goku found out Yajirobe held one of the Dragonballs, he would not be denied it.
Yajirobe tried outrunning Goku but it was no use.
www.toonami.co.uk /shows.jsp?id=6&character_id=93   (200 words)

 Go For It! The Planet Nameck
Yajirobe is pissed that he's not a patient, and Karin-sama says his real goal is hospital food.
Kuririn then tells how when Yajirobe thought he was done for, he apologized and tried to join sides with the Saiyan, and Karin-sama laughs as Yajirobe gets pissed.
Yajirobe says he'd go, but he can't, and Karin-sama says nobody'd wanna go with him anyway.
magikarp46.dyndns.org /dragonball/manga/21.html   (8013 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
They sprint towards Goku, but Yajirobe emerges, startling them, and tells them that they don't know what they are getting into.
His tail hits the ground and Yajirobe lands on the ground, sword drawn; he cut his tail off.
Yajirobe runs off and leaves the "dirty work" to Kuririn and Gohan.
www.dbzsc.com /epguide/episode_033.html   (332 words)

 Pojo's Dragonball   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Yajirobe head butts Goku in the forehead, sending him to the ground in pain.
Yajirobe asks who Goku is, and he introduces himself.
Yajirobe refuses, saying he wants to make this monster his breakfast.
pojo.com /dragonball/EpisodeSummaries/japdb/JapDBEpisode105Jolly.shtml   (650 words)

 Assassins - Day Two   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Yajirobe plastered one of the most false, sugary-sweet smiles on his face (as sweet as he could ever manage) and began to speak.
Yajirobe smirked and drew his hand out of the box, water gun at ready.
Oolong and Yajirobe sweatdropped and proceeded to the Capsule Corp. Maybe their targets will be there later on.
www.gokugirl.com /fanfics/gokugirl/assassins2.html   (1592 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Moving at a blazing 1 MPH, or in metric terms, 5 zillion macrograms per gigawatt, we were often yelled at by the locals.
Apparently, Yajirobe was doped out of his gourd by this time.
The players are: yours truly, Mercury Crusader, with a tire iron as a weapon; X-Box correspondant, Yajirobe, with a sword as a weapon; SpaceWorld security, Officer Bubba, with a gun as a weapon; and a random hobo we found in the parking lot, with a shopping cart.
neshorsemen.myrmid.com /article/sw2001.html   (2137 words)

 Yajirobe's Place-- A shrine ta me, Yajirobe!
No flames regarding me, Yajirobe, or this site will be allowed.
They will either be ignored or be eaten up by me. So if ya gotta problem with that, too bad.
Yajirobe, and Dragon Ball Z are created by Akira Toriyama and produced by Bird Studio/TOEI Animation/Shueisha
www.yajirobesplace.com   (363 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Yajirobe’s main purpose is to deliver Senzu Beans from Karin.
Yajirobe rarely fights, but his most memorable battle was when he cut Vegeta’s tail off on Earth, to even out the battle.
He ends up breaking up with Buruma part way through Dragon Ball Z. He is a formidable fighter throughout most of the series, up until Dragon Ball Z, when he cannot contend with some of the strong fighters in the universe.
www.animedat.com /Dbz/Bios/y.html   (147 words)

 Amazon.com: Dragonball Z 5" Figure Series 15: Yajirobe: Toys & Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Also included is the feline martial arts expert Korin, Yajirobe's master and the grower of the magic beans that help the Z warriors in battle.
Yajirobe and Korin are two characters they just sit all day above Kami's lookout.
Yajirobe is cool he comes with Korin(Korin is the guy that grows senzew beans).
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00004S5IP?v=glance   (531 words)

 A Forgotten History: Chapter 2
Back inside the deli shop Yajirobe was busily gobbling down his pile of sandwiches while people nearby were making disgusted faces and trying to move as far away from him as the room would permit.
Yajirobe was well into his third helping when two tall strange looking creatures walked in.
They turned to see what was going on and saw Yajirobe chasing two tall, dangerous looking aliens down the street with a giant salt shaker.
www.buruma.net /FanFiction/History3.html   (1625 words)

 [No title]
You'd be better off tracking down the ones responsible and getting a cure from them," Yajirobe stated simply, and they looked at him evenly.
It'd be a shame to lose Goku again, or either of his sons, or Trunks," Yajirobe observed.
Yajirobe was right, the beans don't work on poison," Krillin's voice was thin with disappointment.
mywebpage.netscape.com /ArtificialMan12/TBF2-3.txt   (4172 words)

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