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Topic: Yellow card

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  Questions and answers on Yellow Card data
The Review was stimulated in part by increasing numbers of requests by independent researchers in academia and clinical institutions, who wish to use the data for research and audit purposes and in part by the potential for new uses, for example, in researching the use of genetics to reduce the burden of adverse drug reactions.
There were 24 main recommendations, including a recommendation to open access to the Yellow Card Scheme data, and to maximise the release of data from the Scheme for independent research.
Yellow Card data will be presented on the website in the form of a Drug Analysis Print (DAP) which gives a complete list of all suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs) reported through the Yellow Card Scheme in association with a medicine.
www.mhra.gov.uk /home/idcplg?IdcService=SS_GET_PAGE&useSecondary=true&ssDocName=CON024111&ssTargetNodeId=836&DynamicListQuery=&DynamicListSortBy=xCreationDate&DynamicListSortOrder=Desc&DynamicListTitle=&PageNumber=null&Title=Questions%20and%20answers%20on%20Yellow%20Card%20data&ResultCount=10   (1111 words)

  Updated yellow card launched   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The "yellow card" scheme for adverse drug reaction reporting has been updated to ensure that patients' privacy is protected.
The main change to the yellow card is that a patient's name and date of birth are no longer requested.
This posed a problem for the yellow card scheme because 50 per cent of reports were submitted up to two weeks after a patient had been seen by a doctor.
www.pjonline.com /Editorial/20000916/clinical/updatedyellowcard.html   (512 words)

 "Yellow Card Man" by Paolo Bacigalupi
He tells us the pitiless future of the “Yellow Card Man” was “an outgrowth from an aborted novel.” In his latest story, Tranh, who began existence as one of the book’s supporting characters, must use any means available to survive in this ruthless and precarious future.
Yellow card people as far as the eye can see: an entire race of people, fled to the great Thai Kingdom from Malaya where they were suddenly unwelcome.
Yellow card people as far as the eye can see, and all of them looking at him now.
www.asimovs.com /_issue_06122/yellowcard.shtml   (2192 words)

 Yellow card was for fun, red for real - National - smh.com.au
Yellow card was for fun, red for real - National - smh.com.au
Friends then foes...Sheik Hilaly hands a yellow card to Dr Jamal Rifi during a friendly match last week.
IT was a yellow card in jest, but one week later the roles were reversed and the card was an angry shade of red.
www.smh.com.au /news/national/yellow-card-was-for-fun-red-for-real/2006/10/30/1162056926613.html   (610 words)

 The Communication Initiative - Experiences - Yellow Card - Africa
Yellow Card takes teen pregnancy, which is often thought of as a girl's problem, and explores what happens when a boy is held accountable for his actions.
Yellow Card is a light, comic story that avoids lecturing youth by using the image of "a young guy playing football with a baby on his back".
Yellow Card's Director John Riber explains, "For a lot of producers, traditionally the thinking was: 'If we make a good film, it is going to sell.' That is not true On Yellow Card, the breakthrough is (that) we are spending half the budget on a distribution effort."
www.comminit.com /experiences/pds11-2001/experiences-377.html   (1096 words)

 Urban Dictionary: yellow card
If you are searching for the band in google, do not type in yellow card because it will bring up soccer sites.
Deriving from the automatic yellow card given to soccer players if they slide tackle with their studs (cleats) showing.
This expresses a lesser degree of shock or disgust that a red card.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=yellow+card   (308 words)

 Jamaica Gleaner News - FROM THE BOUNDARY - The very dreaded yellow card - Tuesday | July 18, 2006
Today, however, players are blown for fouls, they are issued yellow cards for, among other things, dangerous tackling and by way of a red card, they are sent packing for vicious tackles - among other things.
A player with two yellow cards in separate matches is forced to miss the next match and a player with two yellow cards in one match is sent off the field and is forced to miss his team's next match.
Faced with such a situation, he may not have an alternative, but to issue a yellow card.
www.jamaica-gleaner.com /gleaner/20060718/sports/sports5.html   (453 words)

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 Radio - News - Ofcom issues "yellow card" to Time 107.3 - Digital Spy
Time 107.3 in Lewisham has been issued a "yellow card" by the broadcasting regulator Ofcom because it failed to broadcast within its defined format.
The "yellow card" acts as a warning; if the station amends its output, further sanctions are unlikely.
Time told the regulator that it is making programming changes "designed to bring the music output on the station closer to the community." Ofcom concluded that the "yellow card" will remain in place on the station's record until future monitoring determines that the station is now broadcasting within its format.
www.digitalspy.co.uk /article/ds37079.html   (264 words)

 Yellow Card
The cards are hung on the wall, the participants go round the cards and the confusion does no abate.
After five to ten cards have been displayed, the Mediator asks whether the participants can group the cards and place them in such a way that the ones which are nearest in their content be nearest to one another on the board.
The placement of the cards on the board can be very unsatisfactory and suddenly one of the participants will propose a replacement.
mpr.jag-minns.com /id113.htm   (1203 words)

 What is the Yellow Card scheme? - Health Questions - NHS Direct
The Yellow Card scheme allows you to report suspected side effects from any type of medicine you are taking.
Download and print off a patient Yellow Card form from the MHRA website and complete it by hand (no postage stamp is needed).
If you are completing the form for someone else, the MHRA will send an additional copy for that person to pass on to their doctor if they want to.
www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk /articles/article.aspx?articleId=1962   (338 words)

 Information For Health Professionals And Patients On IT Developments For The Yellow Card Database, UK
All previous Yellow Cards have been transferred from the ADROIT database to Sentinel.
The Regional Monitoring Centres are now called Yellow Card Centres and their role focuses on follow-up of reports in their areas as this has been shown to improve follow-up rates.
The Yellow Card Centres will continue their valuable work in education, communication, and in promotion of adverse drug reaction reporting amongst local health professionals.
www.medicalnewstoday.com /medicalnews.php?newsid=45667   (547 words)

 Reporting suspected adverse drug reactions and suspected defects in medicinal products
The Yellow Card Scheme is run by the MHRA and the Commission on Human Medicines (CHM).  The Scheme is used to collect information from health professionals and patients on suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs). 
Yellow Card Centre  Wales, Freepost, Cardiff, CF4 1ZZ.
Yellow Card Centre  Scotland, 51 Little France Crescent, Old Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh.
www.mhra.gov.uk /home/idcplg?IdcService=SS_GET_PAGE&nodeId=286   (831 words)

 Yellow Card - Moviefone
Yellow Card - Trailer - Showtimes - Cast - Movies - New York Times Yellow Card received its American premiere at the 2000 Mill Valley Film Festival.
Yellow Card - Rotten Tomatoes YELLOW CARD reviews from the nation's top critics and audiences.
Yellow Card (2000) Yellow Card on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more...
movies.aol.com /movie/yellow-card/11432/main   (149 words)

 phpBB • View topic - [FINAL] yellow card (+ card ban system)
I have a little bug which allows the same post to get multiple yellow cards and if a mod clicks on the yellow card on the same post multiple times, it issues multiple yellow cards.
If 10 different mods were to click the yellow card on one post, it issues 10 yellow cards.
It is though a litle complicated to solve, becuse it is intended that a user can get/have more than 1 yellow card, before banned - witch users gives the warning the MOD doesen't handle (and have never done).
www.phpbb.com /phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=18246&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=yellow+card&start=15   (1310 words)

 Peter Miller - Artist - Filmmaker - Magnetic Yellow Card - Films
With thoughtful contemplation and reverence for humanity, we can adjust our behavior to allow for all people to live life.
This project is open source, which means that I am supplying everyone with the means to make their own magnets.
His film and photographic work is preoccupied with magic and generally investigates the phenomena of the cinema and its constituent, irreducible elements: lens, light, flicker, audience, projection, etc.
petermiller.info /yellowcard.html   (262 words)

 Soccer: Oh, That's A Yellow Card, Sugar - Deadspin   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Soccer: Oh, That's A Yellow Card, Sugar - Deadspin
I'd be on the ground laughing as soon as he pranced over.
BY haagels AT 02:05 PM God, there's something about the way he thrusts he pelvis when issuing a yellow card that makes me want to play soccer
www.deadspin.com /sports/soccer/oh-thats-a-yellow-card-sugar-157357.php   (600 words)

 phpBB • View topic - [BETA]Black Card Mod (Addon for Yellow Card Mod)
This is an ADDON for the Yellow card mod.
The fl card has it's own permissions settings that can be set so that users have a "vote to ban" against any offending users.
When the admin-set fl card limit is reached by any offending poster, they're automatically added to the banlist (banned).
www.phpbb.com /phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=101518&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=   (1503 words)

 Yellow Card | Artist Search
Results for 'Yellow Card' in Polyphonic Ringtones are shown below.
Results for 'Yellow Card' in Ringtones are shown below.
Results for 'Yellow Card' in Stereo Tones are shown below.
www.mobilepda.com /artist_Yellow+Card.php   (57 words)

 View topic - Yellow card credits?
I have been watching shaolin123's posts for the past couple of weeks and i have noticed that he's credits are not rising.
Shaolin123, I assume you were givin a yellow card for 'credit posting'.
There were many times I saw you post for the same topic 3x in a row, sometimes the post would consist of one word, if you want to adjust a post, then click the edit button in the message box.
www.cyberkwoon.com /forum/viewtopic.php?t=16105&sid=501772347077fc548e7a40c8e3783954   (492 words)

 ABC Sport - Rugby Union - Connolly rues Elsom yellow card
ABC Sport - Rugby Union - Connolly rues Elsom yellow card
Wallabies coach John Connolly said the yellow card given to number eight Rocky Elsom was the turning point in last night's 32-12 loss to New Zealand in the opening match of the Tri-Nations.
Referee Jonathan Kaplan sin-binned Elsom in the 27th minute for his third successive infringement at the breakdown, and while he was off the field, New Zealand hooker Keven Melamau scored two tries.
www.abc.net.au /sport/content/200607/s1681969.htm   (563 words)

 Simply Yellow Phone Card   (Site not responding. Last check: )
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 Yellow Card Way Away Lyric
This page will give you the best Yellow Card Way Away Lyric websites online to help you in your search for Yellow Card Way Away Lyric.
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www.lyric-lyrics.biz /yellow-card-way-away-lyric.html   (259 words)

 Yellow Card Lyric Ocean Avenue
This page will give you the best Yellow Card Lyric Ocean Avenue websites online to help you in your search for Yellow Card Lyric Ocean Avenue.
We have given you a choice of the most popular Yellow Card Lyric Ocean Avenue sites online and hope you have found the Yellow Card Lyric Ocean Avenue you were looking for.
If you did not find what you needed by clicking on the Yellow Card Lyric Ocean Avenue button above we recommend planetsearch.info which has loads of sites relating to Yellow Card Lyric Ocean Avenue.
www.lyric-lyrics.biz /yellow-card-lyric-ocean-avenue.html   (259 words)

 Kino Orient, Wettingen / Yellow Card - Gelbe Karte   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Der amüsante Liebesfilm "Yellow Card" hat mit seinem Charme im Nu die HerzenafrikanischerJugendlicher erobert.
Aber, so führt uns "Yellow Card" vor Augen, so einfach kann das auch nicht immer gehen, es gibt Momente, da man Verantwortung für das übernehmen muss, was man angestellt hat.
Zum Besonderen von "Yellow Card" gehört, dass er in Simbabwe entstanden ist, in einem Land im südlichen Afrika.
www.orientkino.ch /filme.php?id=116   (286 words)

 Yellow card situation
Here is a list of players who have yellow cards going into this match.
Men on yellows need to be extra careful.
Collecting cards are unavoidable..sometimes referees issue cards under suspect circumstances.
www.socawarriors.net /forum/index.php?topic=3057.0   (447 words)

 Reporting suspected adverse drug reactions
The Yellow Card Scheme is run by the MHRA and Commission on Human Medicines (CHM).
The Scheme is used to collect information from health professionals and patients on suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs).
The continued success of the Yellow Card Scheme depends on the willingness of people to report suspected adverse drug reactions.
www.yellowcard.gov.uk   (372 words)

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 Soul Beat Africa: Communication for Change - Impact Data - Yellow Card - Africa
The movie has been shown in cinemas in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe and is coming soon to theaters in Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, The Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa.
Traveling road shows bring the movie to 66,000 viewers in hard-to-reach areas each month.
An initial survey of the film in Chitungwiza, a city of high-density, low-income neighborhoods just outside of Zimbabwe's capitol city, found that the film is reaching low-income teens.
www.comminit.com /africa/printversion.cgi?url=http://www.comminit.com/africa/evaluations/id2003/sld-2682.html   (361 words)

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