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Topic: Yew

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In Irish mythology, the yew is one of the five sacred trees brought from the Otherworld at the division of the land into five parts.
The yew trees were usually planted in a deliberate manner: one beside the path leading from the funeral gateway of the churchyard to the main door of the church, and the other beside the path leading to the lesser doorway.
Branches of yew were borne in Palm Sunday processions instead of palm or olive and the altars of many churches were traditionally decked with branches of yew on Easter Day.
www.druidry.org /obod/trees/yew.html   (1247 words)

  Notes on The Yew
The yew tree is held sacred by the Druids because of its symbolism of death and rebirth.
The Yew is sacred to the goddess Hecate, and the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess; both are guardians of the Underworld, death and the afterlife.
Yew wood was regarded as especially magical to the Celts, due to its connection with the dead and the ancestors, which were deeply respected.
www.druidnetwork.org /articles/theyew.html   (3281 words)

 Yew Tree
Yew wood has long been prized for its durability and is decorative for cabinet-making.
Yew grows to be a large spreading tree or shrub up to twenty five metres tall with reddish peeling or flaking bark.
The yew is rare in the wild and occurs mainly in woods and rocky places and cliffs in the west, especially the Burren and Kerry and in the north.
www.irelandseye.com /aarticles/travel/nature/trees/yew.shtm   (215 words)

 Pacific Yew, Inc. - - Maker of fine yew longbows
Pacific Yew, Inc. - - Maker of fine yew longbows
Pacific Yew Classic fiberglass and yew laminated Longbows
Pacific Yew Classic Longbow - fiberglass and yew laminated
rd.business.com /index.asp?epm=s.1&bdcq=yew&bdcr=1&bdcu=http://www.selfbow.com/&bdct=20071111191147&bdcp=&partner=2662601&bdcs=nwuuid-2662601-16D53D88-DAFF-D63D-0D24-04EB98CE8C5A-ym   (180 words)

 The Yew
Then, with the coming of the Druids, yew trees were integral in many of their sacred sites, and yew was chosen for their wands and staffs because of the wood’s extraordinary power of resisting decay when seasoned and polished.
Yew sticks were used for divination through reading the signs formed as they were cast onto the ground (rather like reading tea leaves).
Yew rods were inscribed with the scared characters of the ogham script and these rods were cut at Lughnasa, the feast of the god Lugh, the ancient sky god.
www.cvni.org /stories/yew/yew.html   (1130 words)

 yew tree facts   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Yew was also employed as a poison, used for assassination, suicide, as an arrow poison, and to poison fish and mammals.
The wood of the English Yew was used for bows by Celtic and Teutonic warriors, a practice which eventually led to the demise of the great Yew forests of Western Europe.
Yew was one of the "nine sacred woods" used in the ritual fires of the Celts.
www.shee-eire.com /Herbs,Trees&Fungi/Trees/Yew/yew1.htm   (1183 words)

 Yew Tree
The wood of the Yew, which, from being susceptible of a high polish, used to be much valued in cabinet-work, is not, as is often thought, exceptionally slow in forming.
The contrary opinion has been formed from a consideration of the slowly-increasing girth of those charge trunks of aged Yews which are so disproportionately large, as compared with the extent of bough and leafage, that the formation upon them of the very thinnest growth of wood represents really a very fair total cubic amount.
This belief in the fatal effect of even sleeping under the boughs of the Yew dates from Galen and Dioscorides; whilst Caesar records the death of Catibulus, king of the Eburones, from drinking its juice.
www.2020site.org /trees/yew.html   (1199 words)

 Yew Tree Gallery ~ Morvah, Art Galleries in Cornwall
YEW TREE GALLERY, on the West coast of Cornwall, is set among fields and gardens facing the broad Atlantic against a backdrop of the ancient moors of Penwith.
Biddy’s collection spans a lifetime of painting and ranges from early abstracts, monoprints, stylized oils of the Penwith peninsula, still life, pen and wash harbour scenes to her current pen drawings of young women.
Uplifting and colourful, Yew Tree Gallery’s opening show of the season ‘UPRISING’ is many faceted ~ including paintings, sculpture, textiles, ceramics, glass and jewellery in its two exhibition rooms.
www.yewtreegallery.com   (460 words)

 Adventure Locales: The Yew Tree
Like the oak, the yew lives for hundreds and even thousands of years, and it can grow to be 10 or more feet in diameter.
Yew trees produce red berries, which are not poisonous, but all other parts of the tree are.
However, if one shows no intent to harm any trees (especially hers and the yew) and if one greets her with the proper fey greeting upon arrival, she is more amenable to being approached.
www.wizards.com /default.asp?x=dnd/al/20041208a   (1843 words)

 Yew Dell Plants
Yew Dell Gardens is committed to offering visitors and members, the best the plant world has to offer for the nursery and garden.
Yew Dell's European Beech collection is among the most diverse in the region.
Yew Dell Gardens is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
www.yewdellgardens.org /yew_dell_plants   (343 words)

 BBC - Health - Ask the doctor - Yew poisoning   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Although poisonous, the chemicals in yew have been used for their medicinal effects, and have recently hit the news as a very promising drug against cancer, Taxol, which is being used in breast, ovarian, lung and melanoma cancers.
Taxol is derived from the bark of Pacific yew trees, an environmentally protected species, found mostly in old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest (that is, not the English yew).
Yew wood was much valued in archery for the making of long bows, and is very hard.
www.bbc.co.uk /health/ask_the_doctor/yewpoisoning.shtml   (540 words)

 Yew House
Yew House is a detached property offering a flexible range of bed and breakfast accommodation (BandB).
Yew House BandB is located in the Sussex town of Crowborough, making it the ideal center for visiting the Ashdown Forest and the High Weald Area Know for its outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) also famous for its Whinnie the pooh and friends connection.
Yew House BandB is ideally situated visit home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle creator of the Sherlock Holmes novels
www.yewhouse.com   (211 words)

Yews are very popular needled evergreen multi-stemmed shrubs and trees that are grown in residential yards throughout the eastern and midwestern regions of the United States.
Yew trees are native to Britain and particularly common in England and Wales, where they have been planted in many churchyards.
While there is a Yew that is native to the U.S. (Taxus canadensis), the most common yews used in the home landscape are the Japanese Yew, the English Yew, or a hybrid of the two.
www.yardener.com /Yew.html   (335 words)

 The yew - sacred tree of transformation and rebirth
The Yew is sacred to Hecate, and the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess; both are guardians of the Underworld, death and the afterlife.
Because the Yew is poisonous, there re no herbal remedies, although it was sometimes called the forbidden tree as it was used to stimulate abortions.
One of the most valuable abilities of the Yew is to provide the opportunity for people to turn and face death, to progress beyond fear to a communication wtih what is beyond our reality, which will bring understanding, clear insight, enriched by a deeper experience of life.
www.whitedragon.org.uk /articles/yew.htm   (2581 words)

 Yew Tree Landmarks
Yew Hill is at Compton, south west of Winchester and the hill is topped by a fenced copse of yews.
It is apparent that most yew tree road names are relatively recent, due to the huge growth in house and road building in the 20th century.
Whilst measuring such yews in a road at Horndean, a house owner came out because she thought I was sizing up the tree to fell it.
www.ancient-yew.org /yewtree2.shtml   (1153 words)

 Taxus brevifolia Nutt
Although yew trees are reported to have typically fluted, ridged, and asymmetrical trunks, often with tightly spiraled grain (6,11,23,37,44), yew cutters in southwest Oregon reported that many yew trunks were round and unfluted above the base section, and straight-grained (7).
Yew was valued as an item of trade and used in making instruments for hunting, fishing, and warring; tools, such as mauls and splitting wedges; household utensils, such as bowls and spoons; and medicine for a broad range of ailments (23,29,44).
Pacific yew is browsed by moose in the South Fork of the Clearwater River basin in Idaho, where the tree is considered critical to the animals' survival (36).
www.na.fs.fed.us /spfo/pubs/silvics_manual/Volume_1/taxus/brevifolia.htm   (3868 words)

 Yew Tree   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Yew wood is amongst the densest of all conifers and is elastic so was once used for making long bows, spears and dagger handles.
The yew trees were usually planted in a deliberate manner: one beside the path leading from the funeral gateway of the churchyard to the main door of the church, and the other beside the path leading to the lesser doorway.
Branches of yew were borne in Palm Sunday processions instead of palm or olive and the altars of many churches were traditionally decked with branches of yew on Easter Day.
www.3pintsgone.com /StValery/YewTree.htm   (1449 words)

 Yew   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A yew growing at Tandridge Church, in Surrey, England, measures 45' in diameter, and experts estimate it to be 2,500 years old!
At times, yew became scarce, and the English had to import their bow wood from Spain and Italy.
At the Battle of Crecy on August 26, 1346, the English devotion to yew longbows became well-justified.
www.woodmagazine.com /wood/story.jhtml?storyid=/templatedata/wood/story/data/438.xml&catref=wd43   (315 words)

 Problems with Yew
Yew (Taxus) is one of the most popular evergreens used in landscaping.
In many cases, yew plants are set out along with members of the heath family, such as laurel, rhododendron and azalea.
When the yew is planted as a hedge on a sloping area, wet feet usually appears first at the lower end of the row.
www.wvu.edu /~agexten./hortcult/treeshru/probyew.htm   (916 words)

 Yew - Plants Shopping at dooyoo.co.uk
Yew trees grow slowly but are long-lived and only moderately susceptible to attack by pests.
Yew wood is hard, fine-grained, and heavy, with white or creamy sapwood and amber to brown heartwood.
Yew tree The Common Yew - Taxus baccata, the Irish yew Taxus baccata Fastigiata' Family : Taxaceae There are several other species of Yew too.
www.dooyoo.co.uk /plants/yew   (222 words)

Botanically the Yew family is seen as a distinct evolutionary branch of the Conifer family, which seems to have reached its peak in the Tertiary and is today represented by 6 species found across the Northern Hemisphere.
The Totteridge Yew in Herefordshire was measured in 1677 by Sir John Cullum as having a girth of 26 ft at 3 ft from the ground.
Yew were also often planted at the centre of a tribal territory, which often served as a gathering place for clan meetings.
www.the-tree.org.uk /BritishTrees/yew.htm   (10177 words)

 Pacific Yew: Ecophysiology of Pacific Yew   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The capacity of Pacific yew foliage to tolerate shade and exposure to full sun was investigated.
The foliage of Pacific yew also has the capacity to produce pigments which apparently act to protect the foliage from high levels of sunlight.
Although Pacific yew has hitherto been thought intolerant of water stress because it was found primarily in valley bottoms and riparian (stream side) environments, we have found it in very dry ecosystems that have profound seasonal water deficits.
www.pfc.forestry.ca /ecology/yew/ecophys_e.html   (507 words)

 The Ancient Yew Tree   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Yew trees and churchyards are a well-known combination.
Other explanations include the possibility that a protected planting prevented the trees being damaged by archers hacking off branches to make arrows, or that their presence within churchyards prevented farmers from using the grounds for grazing.
Whatever much of the myth and legend surrounding the yew tree is encouraged by their common location.
www.geocities.com /ancientyew2003/why_are_yew_trees.html   (150 words)

 Chay Yew   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Yew provides a simple solution to these unanswered questions hovering in his head.
Born of Chinese parents and raised in Singapore, it was no surprise that Yew, who grew up with American pop culture, decided at age 16 to attend Pepperdine University after his father suggested that he study abroad.
Yew has also been the recipient of several prestigious awards for his prolific contributions to theatre.
home.comcast.net /~gayle.mayor/Porcelain.htm   (908 words)

 49. ENGLISH YEW JAPANESE YEW   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Toxicity is compounded by the apparent palatability of yew.
Many animals are poisoned accidently when yew trimmings are thrown into the pasture or when yew is planted as an ornamental within browsing reach.
Toxicities in dogs occurred when puppies were confined to a pen with yew and chewed the plant out of boredom.
www.vet.purdue.edu /depts/addl/toxic/plant49.htm   (363 words)

 Lee Kuan Yew Summary
The eldest child of Lee Chin Koon and Chua Jim Neo, Lee Kuan Yew was born at 92 Kampong Java Road in Singapore, in a large and airy bungalow.
Lee Kuan Yew signed a separation agreement on August 7 1965, which discussed Singapore's post-separation relations with Malaysia in order to continue co-operation in areas such as trade and mutual defence.
In 2002, Lee Kuan Yew was formally admitted to the Fellowship of Imperial College London in recognition of his promotion of international trade and industry, and development of science and engineering study initiatives with the UK.
www.bookrags.com /Lee_Kuan_Yew   (6708 words)

 Yew Leaves and Wood from Alchemy Works - Herbs for Witchcraft and Magick
Yew branches are laid upon the graves of the dead to remind us that death is a door.
In some types of Christianity, yew is planted around graveyards not only to remind visitors of eternal life but to keep the dead from wandering from their graves before Judgment Day.
Yew is also connected to Mercury, the teacher/trickster, especially in his capacity to travel between.
www.alchemy-works.com /herb_yew.html   (369 words)

 YEW   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Taxol is extracted from yew clippings and is a complex substance with antitumour activity used in the treatment of breast cancer.
The timber of yew trees is remarkably strong and durable and was once highly prized in the British Isles for indoor fixtures and fittings.
Yew seeds require lengthy scarification and so cultivation by seed is not easy, but good seedlings are possible from seed eaten by birds [2].
www.nnfcc.co.uk /crops/info/yew.htm   (843 words)

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