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Topic: Yoghurt

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  BBC - Food - Glossary - 'Y'
Yoghurt can be made from the milk of cows, sheep, goats, even mares, camels and female yaks; each has its own flavours and cooking properties.
Yoghurt can be used as a replacement for cream or crème fraîche in most recipes.
Yoghurt with a very low-fat content has a tendency to curdle when used in hot dishes, though, so allow the dish to cool first and don't let it boil once the yoghurt is added.
www.bbc.co.uk /food/glossary/y.shtml?yoghurt   (233 words)

 Yoghurt | definition | composition | Method of manufacture
The transformation in the image of yoghurt from strictly a health food to one that has been promoted as fun to eat dessert with various flavours and aroma additives has been a phenomenal one.
An increase in the total solids content, particularly the proportion of casein and whey protein results in a firmer yoghurt coagulum and the tendency to whey separation is reduced.
The stability and the consistency of the yoghurt are improved by the homogenization of milk.
www.dairyforall.com /yoghurt.php   (330 words)

  Hot slimming tip: eat yoghurt!
In the study, researchers compared the effects of adding yoghurt to a reduced-calorie diet on weight loss in 34 healthy obese adults who were divided into two groups.
Yoghurt is a source of protein with a high calcium content.
Yoghurt as a food may also be beneficial in more ways than one.
in.rediff.com /getahead/2005/mar/21yoghurt.htm   (429 words)

 Yoghurt Summary
Yoghurt remained primarily a food of India, Central Asia, Western Asia, South Eastern Europe and Central Europe until the 1900s, when a Russian biologist named Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov theorized that heavy consumption of yoghurt was responsible for the unusually long lifespans of Bulgarian peasants.
Nutritionally, yoghurt is rich in protein as well as several B vitamins and essential minerals, and it is as low or high in fat as the milk it is made from.
Yoghurt is often sold sweetened and flavored, or with added fruit on the bottom (sometimes referred to as fruit bottom), to offset its natural sourness.
www.bookrags.com /Yoghurt   (2412 words)

 Yoghurt - CopperWiki
Yoghurt is a dairy product that is made by fermenting milk with certain bacteria (or a culture) to set it into a mildly sweet-sour, semi-solid substance.
So inclusive is yoghurt in the daily diets of people across the world that the consumption of the substance, especially in its drinkable form, popularly called a 'smoothie' has been the fastest growing beverage since 2005.
The microorganisms in yoghurt are broadly called probiotics, and continue to live in your intestine, countering the negative effects of harmful bacteria.
www.copperwiki.org /index.php/Yoghurt   (1319 words)

 Goodness Foods - Yoghurt Factsheet
The British are generally more conservative in their use of yoghurt, but it is quickly becoming a very popular dessert or accompaniment to breakfast cereals and is with the increasing trend towards healthier eating, it is at last being recognised and is gradually being used in an increasing variety of dishes.
Yoghurt can be helpful in restoring the digestive tract to its normal condition after a course of antibiotics which are liable to indiscriminately destroy all intestinal bacteria, both good and bad.
Yoghurt can be tolerated by some people who are unable to digest dairy products where the condition is due to the loss of the enzyme lactose during adulthood.
www.goodness.co.uk /cgi-bin/page/yoghurt.shtml   (727 words)

 Welcome to FAGE USA
The active properties of yoghurt, (Its light taste and the fact that it is one of the most easily digested foods), allow it to be consumed at any time of the day.
FAGE yoghurt is produced at one of the most modern dairy production plants in Europe and is subject to the strictest physiochemical, microbiological and organoleptic processing controls.
Total Greek Yoghurt is made with live cultures Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus Thermophilus at a concentration of 106 109 per gram of yoghurt.
www.fageusa.com /faq.html   (773 words)

 Wikinfo | Yoghurt   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Nutritionally, yoghurt is rich in protein as well as several B vitamins and essential minerals, and it is as low in fat as the milk it is made from.
Yoghurt is often sold sweetened and flavored, or with added fruit on the bottom, to offset its natural sourness.
Yoghurt remained primarily a food of central and eastern Europe until the 1900s, when a Russian biologist named Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov theorised that heavy consumption of yoghurt was responsible for the unusually long lifespans of the Bulgar people.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=yoghurt   (1013 words)

 Welcome to FAGE USA
Yoghurt is one of the oldest foods known to man and has been a basic nutritional product in south-eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and parts of the Far East for thousands of years.
Nevertheless, the authentic recipe is quite removed from the yoghurt of today: the milk from the cow, the ewe or the buffalo was well boiled (until it lost 30% of its water) and was left to ferment naturally in clay vessels for a period of time.
Thus yoghurt came to be considered as a medicine for dealing with the bacteria that cause this specific problem.
www.fageusa.com /health_facts.html   (1617 words)

 yoghurt- FREE yoghurt Information | Encyclopedia.com: Facts, Pictures, Information!
Cheers to a healthy market: the yoghurt drink sector is now worth 244m [pounds sterling] and the emphasis on vitality and wellbeing is helping fuel growth as more and more consumers knock it back.(focus on...
The yoghurt drink sector has been the most exciting part of the total yoghurt market over the past few years and one of the...
Yoghurts with no fat would be a good source of calcium, but...
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=yoghurt   (1172 words)

 Yogurt Yoghurt
Following the "breaking" of the coagulum the yoghurt is concentrated by boiling off some of the water, this is often done under vacuum to reduce the temperature required.
This is often called strained yoghurt due to the fat that the liquid that is released from the coagulum upon heating used to be "strained" off in a manner similar to making soft cheese.
A traditionally produced natural yoghurt will require no stabilisers to produce a firm, fine gel, however commercially produced yoghurt that has to be pumped, stirred, fruited and filled will often break down to a runny liquid without the addition of stabilisers.
www.dairyconsultant.co.uk /pages/yoghurt.htm   (2064 words)

 Nature's gift Yoghurt
Yoghurt is soft, smooth, and slightly sour in taste, refreshing to the palate as to the brain.
Yoghurt is made at home by adding a little old yoghurt to milk as a culture.
Again from Larousse Gastronomique we learn that yoghurt first arrived in France in the time of Francois I. During the Ottoman period an Istanbul Jewish doctor is known to have used yoghurt to treat this French king’s intestinal complaint and to have returned to Istanbul without divulging the secret formula.
www.lahana.org /blog/Yoghurt.htm   (727 words)

 How to make Yoghurt
Yoghurt (or curds) is widely used in Indian foods.
Yoghurt is also good for your skin when mixed with a little turmeric and besan flour.
The yoghurt that is bought in the shops tends to be very salty and most of it, in the States at least, is revolting.
members.tripod.com /curry_karma/yoghurt.html   (471 words)

 alg. info yoghurt
Yoghurt is een gefermenteerd melkprodukt: het is melk die door de werking van bepaalde bacteriën tot stremming wordt gebracht.
Dit is nodig een een steviger yoghurt te bekomen.
Yoghurt wordt al meer dan 4000 jaar gemaakt door verschillende volkeren in verschillende delen van de wereld.
www.schoolmelk.be /alg-info/info-yoghurt.htm   (367 words)

 Strat's Place - Daniel Rogov - Israel - the advantages of eating yoghurt
For breakfast there is yoghurt to which he adds a spoonful of honey; for lunch, bread with olive oil and raw garlic; and for dinner, unflavored yoghurt.
In some parts of the Mediterranean basin yoghurt with chopped garlic is considered a sure defense against tuberculosis, in some hospitals yoghurt is given to patients as a matter of course and in many places lactating women add yoghurt to their diets in the belief that it will increase their milk output for their babies.
Add small amount of this mixture and the yoghurt to the butter mixture, mixing well at each addition and continue this process until all of the ingredients have been combined and the mixture is completely smooth.
www.stratsplace.com /rogov/israel/advantages_yoghurt.htm   (1130 words)

Generally, yoghurt is being perceived as a kind of health food which is high in protein, low in fat and rich in vitamins.
Present days, most yoghurt are manufactured by either using special lactic acid producing organism or by direct acidification of milk with acidulant such as gluconodelta lactone.
According to Biblical records, Abraham once gave a treat of yoghurt to three angels and that he owed his fertility and longevity to daily consumption of yoghurt.
www.eltean.com /yoghurt.htm   (1273 words)

 Yoghurt, Lactic Acid Bacteria & Probiotics
Yoghurt and other fermented dairy foods have shown to be protective against colon cancer in a handful of case-control studies.
Another case control study in France found that yoghurt was the only food found to decrease the risk of colon adenomas (precancerous tumours) in a comparison between 208 cases and 462 controls.
For those who wish to add more yoghurt to their diet, Alice Henneman MS, RD has published a series of "9 delicious recipes" using yoghurt, which can be found on the University of Nebraskas "Cook It Quick" website.
nutra-smart.net /yoghurt.htm   (7359 words)

 Yoghurt - Ingredients - Celebrities and articles - Food - Waitrose.com
It's ironic that, although Greek yoghurt is ideal for cooking (its relatively high fat content - around 10 per cent - means it won't split when heated), it has not been much used by cooks there in the way it has in, say, India, where it is known as dahi.
Yoghurt has always been the clichéd dieter's best friend, good for all manner of dips, relishes and side dishes which add interest to plain grilled meats or fish.
Strained yoghurt can also be used in place of some of the fat and liquid when making cakes and muffins, stirred into soups and stews and makes a wonderful instant sauce when added to cooked pasta.
www.waitrose.com /food/celebritiesandarticles/ingredients/0104064.aspx   (865 words)

 Campina: Yoghurt production   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Yoghurt and yoghurt products are available in many varieties: as solids or drinks, in 'fresh' forms or products that can be kept outside the refrigerator, and either with or without fruit.
Once the culture has been added, the yoghurt matures in large tanks for about ten hours, at a temperature of 30°C. This is an ideal climate in which the lactic acid bacteria can develop further.
Yoghurt bacteria do ensure that yoghurt can be kept for fairly long periods, but only in a refrigerator.
www.campina.com /?selected=camcom.engels.products.thedairychain.yoghurt&l=en   (479 words)

 Yoghurt Production (Practical Action Brief) - Appropedia: The sustainability wiki
Yoghurt is produced by the controlled fermentation of milk by two species of bacteria (Lactobacillus sp.
A commercial yoghurt maker of kitchen size may be purchased, but these tend to be rather expensive for what they are.
Set yoghurt is made by pouring the inoculated milk into pots and fermenting it in the pot.
www.appropedia.org /Yoghurt_Production_(Practical_Action_Brief)   (897 words)

 Asia Food Glossary Page
To emulate Indian yoghurt, add one part cream (35 per cent butterfat) to three parts of whole milk and heat to blood heat, then stir in the yoghurt culture or 2 tablespoons commercial yoghurt mixed with a little of the warm milk.
Yoghurt is used in cooked sauces of both meat and vegetable dishes, to enrich and thicken; mixed with spices and used as a marinade; folded into rice for a south Indian specialty; combined with tamarind chatni or finely chopped herbs and used as a sauce or dip.
Yoghurt (dahi) is served at almost every meal, sometimes as a raita and often as a drink called lassi.
www.asiafood.org /glossary_1.cfm?alpha=Y&wordid=3187&startno=1&endno=25   (359 words)

 health benefits of yoghurt
Frozen yoghurt is not the same product and will not yield the same health benefits; even if they specify live cultures they will have only a fraction of the beneficial bacteria of fresh yoghurt and they will not enhance lactose tolerance.
Yoghurt is one of those foods that you can eat to enhance your HCL production thus improving your digestion, vitamin and mineral absorption, and your bodies general well being.
Yoghurt starter [Natren makes an excellent yoghurt starter -- Mega dophilus, if using this add 5 teaspoons to 2 quarts of milk, they also have a product called "Yoghurt Starter" both of these will be found in the refrigerator section of your local health food store, at home store them in your refrigerator].
www.leaflady.org /yoghurt.htm   (3026 words)

 Production of sterile yoghurt - Patent 4235934
However, irrespective of whether or how the yoghurt product is adjusted for aesthetic improvement, the outstanding shelf stability and sterility of the yoghurt product of the present invention is achieved only by appropriate modification of the milk prior to culturing and by adherence to the essential processing steps and parameters described herein.
The shelf stable, sterilized yoghurt of the present invention may be prepared from milk having a fat content ranging anywhere between full cream and skim with or without added dry milk products, although generally full cream and milk standardized to a content of 3.5% fat by weight is used.
The sterilized yoghurt product should be cooled to increase its firmness and, to that end, the sterilized containers may be refrigerated at about 4°-6° C. for at least 24 hours or for as many as a few days, e.g., 2 to 4 days, depending upon just how firm a product is desired.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4235934.html   (3332 words)

 Mountain High Yoghurt
Yoghurt is very user-friendly, but it does ask that you treat it as gently as it treats you.
In addition to destroying yoghurt's beneficial cultures, high heat may cause curdling and separation (although flavor won’t be affected).
Alternatively, to avoid curdling, you may also fold yoghurt into a recipe at the end of its cooking time, after turning off the heat, simply warming the yoghurt to serving temperature.
www.mountainhighyoghurt.com /html/cooking_with_yoghurt.htm   (382 words)

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