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Topic: Yuri Andropov

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Yuri Andropov - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Andropov was the son of a railway official and was probably born in Nagutskoye, Stavropol Guberniya, Imperial Russia.
Andropov was one of those responsible for the Soviet decision to invade Hungary during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.
Andropov returned to Moscow to head the Department for Liaison with Socialist Countries (1957-1967) and was promoted to the Central Committee Secretariat in 1962, succeeding Mikhail Suslov, and in 1967 he was appointed head of the KGB.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Yuri_Andropov   (809 words)

 Yuri - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Yuri language, a language isolate spoken in Colombia.
Yuri (Russian: Юрий, alternatively spelled "Yury" or "Iouri") is a Russian male name, a variant of name George.
Yuri Sakazaki, a character in the Art of Fighting and King of Fighters series; younger sister of Ryo Sakazaki.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Yuri   (236 words)

 CNN Cold War - Profile: Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov
Born June 15, 1914, in Russia, Andropov left school when he was 16, holding a variety of jobs before entering Komsomol (the Communist Youth League) in 1930.
Following Stalin's death (March 1953) Andropov was demoted to Budapest as a counselor in the Soviet Embassy (1953) but promoted to ambassador to Hungary in 1954.
Andropov returned to Moscow to head the newly created Central Committee Department for Liaison with Socialist Countries (1957-1967), was elevated to the Central Committee Secretariat (1962) and was appointed head of the KGB in May 1967.
www.cnn.com /SPECIALS/cold.war/kbank/profiles/andropov   (454 words)

 The KGB File of Andrei Sakharov--List of Documents
Andropov to the Central Committee; On the Western reaction to the expulsion of Solzhenitsyn.
Andropov to the Central Committee; The reaction of the Italian ambassador to Solzhenitsyn's expulsion.
Andropov, Gromyko, and Rudenko to the Central Committee; A bomb in the Moscow subway and the expulsion of George Krimsky.
www.yale.edu /annals/sakharov/sakharov_list.htm   (2313 words)

 RUSNET :: Encyclopedia :: A :: Andropov, Yuri
The August 1991 Coup resulted in a minimal loss of life (3 deaths in Moscow and 3 in the Baltic States), the end of the CPSU's dominance, and hastened the disintegration of the Soviet Union.
Differing circumstances and times as well as using the KGB to its maximum allowed Andropov to succeed where others, notably Lavrenty Beria and Alexander Shelepin, had failed before him in making the cross from the Lubyanka building, the headquarters of the KGB, to the Kremlin.
Yuri Andropov was born 1914 in Nagutskoye near Stavropol in southern Russia (Mikhail Gorbachev was born in the same area).
www.rusnet.nl /encyclo/a/andropov.shtml   (403 words)

 Известия Науки - THE ENIGMATIC ANDROPOV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Yuri Andropov, a sovereign and a reformer, casts a huge shadow (or a bright light?) on his heirs including Gorbachev and Yeltsin.
I was instructed by Andropov to put together and head a team of experts-advisers for dealing with issues relating to reforms in the Communist bloc, primarily in the Soviet Union, and to the principles of relations between the two superpowers.
Andropov, a WWII veteran, could have never got over the destruction of the state that was defended at the cost of nearly 30 million lives.
www.inauka.ru /english/article47631/print.html   (3123 words)

 In Stalin's Footsteps Yuri Andropov: Rise of a Dictator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Andropov, head of the KGB until June 1982, was given little chance, because (according to these Kremlinolo-gists) other Politburo members would not, could not support the idea of turning so much power over to the recent head of the feared KGB.
For Andropov, this was the climax of a pattern throughout his rise - a pattern woven from the support of important and influential friends at each stage of his career, from his own intellectual strength, from years of careful and clever maneuvering.
Andropov may be deliberately making things tougher to foment reaction and thus justify a widespread purge of those whom he sees as threats to Soviet internal stability.
www.libertyhaven.com /countriesandregions/exurss/stalinsfootsteps.shtml   (3945 words)

 Boston.com / News / World / Europe / Russia unveils monument honoring Andropov   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Authorities in Yuri Andropov's home region Tuesday unveiled a monument to the former Soviet leader and secret-police chief, hailing his work in keeping the country under control.
Andropov hailed from the region before moving to the capital where he headed the KGB for 15 years before becoming Soviet Communist Party boss in 1982.
Andropov was Soviet ambassador to Hungary and oversaw the Moscow-ordered invasion of the country that crushed the 1956 uprising.
www.boston.com /news/world/europe/articles/2004/06/08/russia_unveils_monument_honoring_andropov   (313 words)

 Gorbachev, Mikhail Sergeyevich - MSN Encarta
Brezhnev, who died in November 1982, was briefly succeeded by Yuri Andropov and then by Konstantin Chernenko.
Andropov, the more dynamic of the two, made Gorbachev his second-in-command, and Gorbachev took on an increasingly active role within the Politburo.
Although Andropov saw Gorbachev as his heir apparent, the Soviet leader was unable to move Chernenko out of the line of succession before his health gave out in February 1984.
uk.encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761552563/Gorbachev_Mikhail_Sergeyevich.html   (797 words)

 The Andropov Hoax
Andropov's accession to power last November was accompanied by a corresponding ennoblement of his image.
Soon there were reports that Andropov was a man of extraordinary accomplishment, with some interests and proclivities that are unusual in a former head of the K.G.B. According to an article in The Washington Post, Andropov "is fond of cynical political jokes with an antiregime twist....
According to The Washington Post, Yuri Andropov is "a perfect host." On some occasions, he would invite "leading dissidents to his home for well-lubricated discussions that sometimes extended to the wee hours of the morning," after which he would send his guests home in his own chauffeured car.
edwardjayepstein.com /archived/andropov.htm   (2327 words)

 KGB Back at Power: The Spies' Coup in Russia
In autumn of 1956, during the popular uprising in Hungary, Andropov was the ambassador of the USSR in Budapest, and Kriuchkov was his assistant.
Yuri Andropov realized that the decaying, corrupt leadership of the communist party was not capable of saving the country from this crisis.
Vladimir Kriuchkov, a long-term assistant of Andropov and his successor in the post of head of the KGB, was not at all suited to occupy the post of head of state.
www.axisglobe.com /article.asp?article=450   (2879 words)

 Search Results for "Yuri"
...1961, April 12 Maj. Yuri A. Gagarin, in the spaceship Vostok I, became the first man successfully to orbit the earth; he circled the earth for 108 minutes at a maximum...
Konstantin Chernenko was elected to succeed Andropov as...
ATTRIBUTION: On Ambassador Yuri V Andropov s pretense of peace while Soviet forces were preparing...
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=&query=Yuri   (269 words)

 Soviet-Empire.com - Andropov, Yuri Vladimirovich
Andropov tells subordinates "Khrushchev was not removed because of his criticism of Stalin's cult of personality and his policy of peaceful coexistence.
Ustinov nominates Andropov as General Secretary and the majority is in favor.
Andropov agrees that writers should be given some freedom but also argues that literature has the duty to help the Party and state in its struggle for order.
www.soviet-empire.com /ussr/ussr_leaders/andropov.php   (809 words)

 KGB chief Yuri Andropov ordered 4 million soldiers to keep watching the skies for UFOs - UFO Evidence   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Summary: Yuri Andropov, the former Soviet leader and long-time head of the KGB, had an acute personal interest in UFOs and ordered a 13-year programme that required every soldier in the military to monitor sightings over Russian territory, according to new revelations.
Yuri Andropov, the former Soviet leader and long-time head of the KGB, had an acute personal interest in UFOs and ordered a 13-year programme that required every soldier in the military to monitor sightings over Russian territory, according to new revelations.
Andropov shunned the splendour enjoyed by many Soviet leaders to live in a sparse flat throughout his 15 years as KGB chief and one year as Secretary-General of the Communist Party.
www.ufoevidence.org /documents/doc444.htm   (580 words)

 Only Trotskyism Can Defend the Gains of October
In 1982 and in the capital city of American imperialism the "Yuri Andropov Brigade" was not to be taken by anybody (not even your goodselves) as a symbol of capitulation to imperialism or oppressor of proletarian uprisings.
Andropov is known as a decisive and efficient administrator who used the KGB not only to persecute dissidents but to fight crime and corruption in the highest levels of the bureaucracy, including Brezhnev’s immediate family.
You can’t have it both ways—either Andropov was a big improvement over Stalin and was capable of effectively organizing the defense of the USSR or he was qualitatively the same as Stalin and was, therefore, in the final analysis, an obstacle to the defense of the Soviet degenerated workers state.
www.bolshevik.org /TB/TB1_ALL.html   (11060 words)

 Yuri Andropov
Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov served as his country's Ambassador to Hungary from 1954-1957.
With the death of Brezhnev, Andropov became General Secretary of the USSR in 1982.
Andropov was, however, in poor health, and died in 1984, without any significant accomplishments during his brief rule.
www.multied.com /bio/people/andropov.html   (114 words)

 Yuri Andropov   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Yuri Andropov, the son of a railway official, was born in Nagutskoye, in the Soviet Union.
Andropov attempted to introduce a series of reforms but he died in 1984 before he could complete his programme.
Andropov's tough, and sometimes exaggerated, attitude to these problems instilled hope that an end would at last be put to all the outrageous practices, that those who had alienated themselves from the people would be held responsible.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /COLDandropov.htm   (540 words)

 Andropov, Yuri Vladimirovich articles on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Yuri Gorbachev Whatever you're looking for you can get it on eBay.
Andropov, Yuri Vladimirovich ANDROPOV, YURI VLADIMIROVICH [Andropov, Yuri Vladimirovich], 1914-84, Soviet Communist leader (1982-84).
Look up Andropov, Yuri Vladimirovich on HighBeam Research.
www.encyclopedia.com /articles/00509.html   (83 words)

 FTM Archive
The move also may help the process of forgiveness between old time rivals Red Liberator and Yuri Andropov as their respective political parties will be merged with the C.P.S.U. and thus no longer be in competition with each other.
Andropov posted an apology earlier in the week following his conviction, which was broadly welcomed by all.
Yuri V. Andropov will be placed on a probationary period, which will be effective starting immediately.
www.soviet-empire.com /ftm_news/arc3-2002.php   (1840 words)

 Commentary Magazine - Andropov: New Challenge to the West, by Arnold Beichman and Mikhail S. Bernstam   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Yuri Andropov's accession to power in the wake of Leonid Brezhnev's death on November 10, 1982, has understandably resulted in the appearance of several English-language books sketching out the career of the new Soviet leader.
...Andropov's one significant assignment outside of his main career as party bureaucrat and secret policeman was in Hungary, where he spent some years on the staff of the Soviet embassy and served as Soviet ambassador in Budapest during the fateful days of the Hungarian revolution in the fall of 1956...
...Andropov's successful progress through the Communist party's labyrinths of power was facilitated, Beichman and Bernstam suggest, by a powerful protector, the late Mikhail Suslov, long known as the guardian of Stalinist doctrinal purity...
www.commentarymagazine.com /Summaries/V76I6P87-1.htm   (1282 words)

 Scotland on Sunday - Opinion - He may be an economic liberal, but Putin is an Andropov at heart   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Earlier this month, to mark the 90th anniversary of Andropov’s birth, a symposium was held in his honour, a school renamed after him and a 10ft statue of him unveiled.
Yuri Andropov, known as ‘The Butcher of Budapest’ for his ruthless suppression of the Hungarian uprising in 1956, was head of the KGB for 15 years.
According to this ‘spin’, Andropov was the first Russian ruler since Nicholas II to speak fluent English; he loved jazz and enjoyed anti-régime jokes.
scotlandonsunday.scotsman.com /opinion.cfm?id=735672004   (1115 words)

 Soviet-Empire.com Archive :: View topic - The People .vs. Andropov
As such, all charges against Yuri V. Andropov have been dropped and he is unconditionally free and free to post on this board as he pleases, with no restrictions.
Comrade Andropov should be able to live free of the effect of any preconceived notions a person may have; free of any kind of discrimation, defamation, or belittling; and free of any assault, verbal or otherwise, based on the accusations brought forth.
Yuri has already served 17 days banishment without a trial thus I belive that time served is reasonable restribution for the situation.
www.politicsforum.org /soviet/viewtopic.php?t=134   (3313 words)

 The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Russian Roulette
For days, Andropov was nervous True, he reasoned, he had recently spent the weekend at Brezhnev's dacha on the Baltic.
Andropov and Chernenko waited in apprehension for their boss to continue.
Andropov excused himself and rushed home to tell his wife the good news.
www.thecrimson.com /article.aspx?ref=224835   (623 words)

 Ion Mihai Pacepa on Vladimir Putin on National Review Online
Andropov was that other KGB chairman who rose all the way up to the Kremlin throne, and who was also once my de facto boss.
In the West, if Andropov is remembered at all, it is for his brutal suppression of political dissidence at home and for his role in planning the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia.
In actual fact, Andropov did not drink, as he was already terminally ill from a kidney disorder, and the rest of the portrayal was equally false.
www.nationalreview.com /comment/pacepa200409200814.asp   (1615 words)

 National News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Andropov, who was in charge of the KGB for 15 years and then headed the USSR from November 1982 until his death in February 1984, concealed his Jewish background after he entered the Communist Party as a young man, according to the reports.
Andropov's mother, Yevgeniya Faynshtein, was a music teacher in southern Russia.
Andropov's role in Soviet history is still open to a debate 15 years after his death.
www.jewishtimes.com /scripts/edition.pl?now=5/25/1999&SubSectionID=31&ID=131   (306 words)

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