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Topic: Yusef of Morocco

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Role Of The Atlasic Trends In The Neotectonic And Present Evolution Of The Rif And Its Foreland (Morocco) In Structure And Evolution Of The Atlas Mountain System In Morocco, Berlin, 1990, 42.
Latest Developments Of Seismology In Morocco In Mednet: The Broad-Band Seismic Network For The Mediterranean, E. Boschi, D. Giardini, And A. Morelli (Editor), Intituto Nazionale Di Geofisica, 1991, 502-510.
Hydrocarbon Generation In The Essaouira Basin Of Western Morocco, American Association Of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, 77, 999-1015.
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 Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
A spirit of freedom allowed Jews, Christians, and Muslim to work side by side." (by Francis Ghiles, "What is Wrong With Muslim Science", Nature, 24 March 1983.) According to some historians, the Golden Age ended in 1090 by the invasion of Almoravides, a puritan Muslim sect from Morocco.
Even under the Almoravides, some Jews prospered (although far more so under Ali III than under his father Yusef I bin Tashfin).
Among those who held the title of "vizier" or "nasi" in Almoravide times were the poet and physician Abu Ayyub Solomon ibn al-Mu'allam, Abraham ibn Meïr ibn Kamnial, Abu Isaac ibn Muhajar, and Solomon ibn Farusal (although Solomon was murdered May 2, 1108).
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 El Cid
In 1086, the great Almoravid invasion of Spain through and around Gibraltar began.
The Almoravids, Berber residents of present-day Morocco and Algeria, led by Yusef I, also called Yusef ibn Tushafin, were asked to help defend the Moors from Alfonso.
A great battle took place on Friday, October 23, 1086, at Sagrajas (in Arabic, Zallaqa).
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 WLUML: News and Views   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
On 18 March 2005, a female African-American professor, Amina Wadud, led a group of New York Muslims in the obligatory Friday congregational prayer.
L’Association Démocratique des Femmes du Maroc (ADFM) held workshops with women activists in rural areas of Morocco in which participants developed a plan to set up a crisis center for women and create a regional network of women’s rights NGOs in the region.
9/09/2003: Empowering Girls and Young Women at Risk in Morocco is intended to be a comprehensive and practical guide to working with girls and young women at risk from a human rights based approach.
www.wluml.org /english/newsbytheme.shtml?cmd[54]=c-1-Empowerment   (9274 words)

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