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In the News (Fri 20 Apr 18)

  ZDTV Captures Top Honors for Television in Computer Press Association Awards
The accomplishment is noteworthy as ZDTV was just two years old on May 11 and the award was for news coverage in the network's first full year, 1999.
ZDTV is one of the fastest growing cable networks -- currently available in more than 18 million U.S. households and distributing content to 64 countries around the world.
ZDTV is owned by Vulcan Ventures, Inc., which purchased it from ZD Inc., on January 21, 2000.
www.victoriarecano.com /zdtv-articles/zdtv_captures_top_honors.html   (585 words)

 ZDTV starts broadcasting | CNET News.com
Frank N. Magid Associates that found that two out of three adults in households with cable or satellite TV have expressed interest in the type of content ZDTV is offering.
Still, Hardie pointed out that creating 24 hours of programming and trying to sell the channel to cable providers is "very different from creating one show and selling it to a station," adding that others doing that, such as CNET: The Computer Network, have struggled to gain viewership.
Advertisers that have signed on for ZDTV include Barnes & Noble, Canon, Charles Schwab, Dell, EarthLink, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Sprint, according to Ziff-Davis.
news.com.com /2100-1023-211074.html   (676 words)

 G4 - Feature - ZDTV Celebrates One Year On the Air and Online
ZDTV is also distributed by many of the largest multiple system operators in the U.S. cable industry, and its programming is available in more than 25 countries.
ZDTV has proven itself to be a pioneer in the convergence of television and the Internet in its first year.
ZDTV invites viewers to send in video emails, or vmails, thereby encouraging everyone to become ZDTV "correspondents." No other television entity has integrated breakthrough technology in such innovative ways.
www.g4tv.com /techtvvault/features/11130/ZDTV_Celebrates_One_Year_On_the_Air_and_Online.html   (998 words)

 ZDTV Appoints Larry Wangberg CEO
ZDTV's growing executive team, working in tandem with our existing base of technology experts, will build a compelling, informative new channel and companion website which we expect will advance the understanding and use of technology." In commenting on his appointment, Wangberg stated: "Ziff-Davis is known worldwide as the premier computer and Internet information company.
ZDTV is not only important to this viewership, but also the cable television industry at large." With the appointment of Wangberg, former HBO veteran Richard Fisher, who founded Ziff-Davis' television division and has served as interim CEO of ZDTV, will continue to run ZD Television Productions and will be executive vice president of ZDTV.
ZDTV will reach the large and growing audience of viewers interested in computing -- from beginners to computer aficionados -- with simultaneous programming designed for both television and the Web.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=105&STORY=/www/story/9-15-97/317220   (587 words)

 justin @ "web workshop" @ zdtv   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
zdtv is a cable channel entirely dedicated to computing.
), turn it in by 2pm and travel to the zdtv studios by 3pm for a 4pm live taping of my first call for help segment.
i auditioned for zdtv and they decided i might be a good teacher.
www.links.net /vita/web/zdtv   (435 words)

Finally, ZDTV and Symantec will maintain the information for the entire first year of the program so viewers can see how security threats are increasing as more people flock to the Web and as broadband adoption grows.
ZDTV is a 24-hour cable television channel about computing, technology, and the Internet designed to appeal to viewers from the computer novice to the technology expert.
ZDTV is a unit of Ziff-Davis, Inc. (NYSE: ZD, ZDZ), and is one-third owned by Vulcan Ventures.
www.delrina.com /press/1999/n991109.html   (806 words)

 RGB Scan Converter Chosen by ZDTV - Application Story
ZDTV is a 24-hour cable channel dedicated to computing, technology and the Net.
For ZDTV (and many other 1700 customers) it was the 400% smooth zoom that sealed the deal and made this product the right solution for its scan conversion needs.
ZDTV is a unit of Ziff-Davis (NYSE: ZD, ZDZ), and is one-third owned by Vulcan Ventures.
www.rgb.com /en/News/ViewNews.asp?page=News%2FApplicationStories%2FZdtv   (745 words)

 The New York Times: Search > Topic: ZDTV
ZDTV, a cable channel devoted to technology news and features, said it had signed an affiliation agreement with Time Warner's cable operations.
The pact allows ZDTV, which is owned by Vulcan Ventures, to pursue arrangements with individual Time Warner cab...
Credit ZDTV, a fledgling 24-hour cable channel with programming focused on computer issues, for using the Net to make a virtual com...
query.nytimes.com /search/query?ppds=org&v1=ZDTV&sort=newest   (327 words)

 TheStreet.com: Vulcan Ventures Buys Remaining Stake in ZDTV From Ziff-Davis
The sale means Vulcan furthers its massive expansion effort into cable TV as it now owns nearly all of ZDTV -- Vulcan bought 33% of the company nine months ago.
Under the direction of Allen, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft (MSFT:Nasdaq - news), Vulcan has made its name acquiring a wide variety of companies in multiple industries, but a strong focus has been cable TV businesses like Charter Communications (CHTR:Nasdaq - news), the fourth largest in the nation.
"ZDTV is a tremendous addition to Vulcan's portfolio of companies," William Savoy, president of Vulcan, said in a statement.
www.thestreet.com /brknews/media/823612.html   (365 words)

 Allen Wants All of ZDTV
ZDTV is not Allen's first foray into cable.
Ziff-Davis says ZDTV is distributed to more than 14 million U.S. homes via cable and satellite.
Although it has yet to reach profitability, ZDTV reported that for the first eight months of 1999, it saw revenues of $9.3 million.
www.thestandard.com /article/0,1902,7774,00.html   (362 words)

 I want my ZDTV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The sound of that ZDTV slogan - and the sight of the crowd - surpassed the wildest dreams of the stations leaders at Ziff-Davis Inc. Since the opening broadcast May 11, 1998, they have run on raw instinct to develop entertaining presentations of technological news, gizmos, gadgets and computing advice.
Drebin and the other ZDTV whiz kids have melded the interactive potential of online chat and viewers who own Net cameras with the parent company's respected history in electronics and computer publishing.
In January, ZDTV's cutting-edge animations received the Bronze World Medal for development of Tilde and her counterpart, Dash.
www.dougbedell.com /zdtv.html   (1614 words)

 ZDTV - the marrying of two media's
ZDTV is to technology what MTV was back in the early 80's to music.
Even from the beginning, ZDTV had a strong focus in helping to integrate television with computers and the Internet.
Currently, ZDTV is owned by Paul Allen's Vulcan Ventures.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/internet_society/37320   (403 words)

 Ziff-Davis launches technology cable channel - May 15, 1998
     One of the ways Wangberg believes ZDTV can help drive the industry is by showcasing emerging technologies, such as cable modems, and detailing the benefits they provide to those who rely on the Internet.
What will work in its favor, she believes, is the fact that an increasing number of people want to learn about technology.
     "We see ZDTV as being a channel for those people who have an interest in computing and the Internet just like ESPN is for sports and CNN is for general news enthusiasts," he said.
money.cnn.com /1998/05/15/technology/zdtv   (811 words)

 Prepare for Tax Day the High-Tech Way With ZDTV's ``Tax Week'' Business Wire - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
"ZDTV's `Tax Week' is a one-stop television and Web resource for anyone interested in managing taxes using their computer," said Greg Drebin, senior vice president of Programming and Production for ZDTV.
ZDTV's "The Money Machine," the television show that helps viewers make, manage and save money using computers and the Internet, is also celebrating "Tax Week" with tax-related programming.
ZDTV appeals to a wide range of viewers, from the computer novice to the technology expert.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_1999_April_1/ai_54274460   (497 words)

 14 september, 1998
today at zdtv i discovered that what i had thought was wrong
and i guess as he explained it some, zdtv is more for beginners, maybe up to intermediate.
so zdtv is more interested in speaking to them, and getting all high flying geek chiqy makes computers an alienating experience for the newbie, right:
www.links.net /daze/98/09/14   (530 words)

 3 posts tagged “zdtv” - Leo Laporte’s Blog on Vox
I don't want to be a tease, but there's some interest in putting together a TechTV reunion show for the net.
I was going through some old photos and stumbled across this picture.  That's Scott Herriott and Michaela Pereira of the old Internet Tonight show on ZDTV (which later became TechTV) mugging with their shiny new Emmy.
That's sometime before ZDTV fired all the makeup artists and made us do it ourselves.
leoville.vox.com /library/posts/tags/zdtv   (636 words)

 Wired News: Paul Allen Invests in ZDTV
Ziff-Davis (ZD), the world's largest publisher of computer magazines, also said it had exercised its option to purchase all of ZDTV from MAC, an affiliate of Softbank, a Japanese software and publishing house.
ZDTV, a 24-hour cable channel that broadcasts programs about technology and the Internet, fits into Allen's vision of a "wired world," where cheaper processing power and bandwidth make information more widely available, said William Savoy, president of Vulcan Ventures.
ZDTV's San Francisco-based slate of 12 original programs about technology and the Internet reaches more than 9 million homes through 20 cable affiliates, DirectTV, and EchoStar.
www.wired.com /news/business/0,1367,16314,00.html   (558 words)

 ZDTV Appoints Veteran CBS News Executive Harry Fuller
Most recently, he served as Vice President and General Manager of CBS New Media, where he was the first to manage Web-site development for all CBS-owned and -operated television stations.
I am excited about my new role, and look forward to helping ZDTV bring the convergence of television and the Internet mainstream." Launching at the end of first quarter 1998, ZDTV: Your Computer Channel is the 24-hour cable channel dedicated exclusively to providing information, news and entertainment about computers and the Internet.
ZDTV will reach the large and growing audience of viewers interested in computing and the Internet by providing simultaneous programming designed for both television and the Web.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/2-3-98/408231&EDATE=   (567 words)

 ZDTV cooking up customized cable for computerniks
He says ZDTV's television unit will be tightly integrated with its on-line arm (www.zdtv.com), the better to speed audience participation.
ZDTV plans to shoot 30 hours of original programming per week there.
News director Fuller says ZDTV will be able to go beyond two-minute tech news reports on general TV.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/examiner/archive/1998/03/29/BUSINESS3989.dtl   (1671 words)

 Symantec Security Analyzer Debuts Today on ZDTV's Cybercrime Website
Running a security assessment tool on a computer can help consumers determine if they are at risk for a variety of potential computer threats, including contributing to the malicious hacking that recently crippled several of the world's most popular Web sites.
"We are very pleased that Symantec is teaming up with ZDTV to increase awareness of and provide solutions to Internet threats and safety," said, Joe Gillespie, ZDTV's executive vice president and chief operating officer.
"ZDTV's CyberCrime television show and website are doing a great job of creating awareness for the new threats computer users now have to face on a daily basis, " said Steve Cullen, senior vice president of Symantec's consumer products division.
www.mountainwave.com /region/can/eng/press/2000/n000303.html   (711 words)

 ZDTV, er techtv, is a Hot Potato   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
ZDTV, recently renamed techtv, is on a roll.
By YE ‘00, AT&T expects to make techtv available to over 220K households, bringing techtv's total Bay area households to 500K+.
Paul Allen’s Vulcan Ventures purchased Ziff- Davis’s last stake in ZDTV for $205 mil.
www.kagan.com /archive/kagan/2000/08/21/zdtv.shtml   (127 words)

Publisher Ziff-Davis Inc said that its ZDTV unit has received an investment of $54m from Paul Allen's Vulcan Ventures Inc. Ziff bills ZDTV as the first 24-hour cable channel focused on the internet and related technologies.
The $54m makes Vulcan Ventures a one-third partner in ZDTV, which claims to have 20 cable affiliates in the fold, allowing it to reach nine million homes.
Ziff had said it would exercise an option to purchase the cable concern from MAC if it had access to eight million homes by the end of the year.
www.cbronline.com /article_cg_print.asp?guid=1253C0A6-3FA7-42F4-A500-654450010F1F   (169 words)

 ONSALE/ZDTV Ads Integrate Internet and Television
ZDTV, an affiliate of Ziff-Davis and Internet auction house ONSALE Inc. launched television advertising that features technology that lets live online auction information be presented in a television commercial.
The commercials will air daily during ZDTV's Money Machine television show, a program on how to make, manage and save money using computers and the Internet.
During the 10-second introduction of the commercial, a signal is sent to a computer that collects live auction information directly from ONSALE.
www.clickz.com /showPage.html?page=13981   (387 words)

 InfoDense - Web - ZDTV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
CNET news article regarding the 1998 launch of ZDTV which was later renamed TechTV.
It originally was called ZDTV by its founder, Ziff-Davis, when it debuted on May...
On August 21, 2000, ZDTV was renamed TechTV, and a new on-air strategy was...
www.infodense.com /topic?i=ZDTV   (171 words)

 News Burst: Paul Allen to invest $54m (£33m) in ZDTV - Print this article - ZDNet.co.uk   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The investment, which will make Vulcan Ventures a one-third partner in ZDTV, is part of the company's "wired world" strategy, according to a statement from Vulcan Ventures officials.
Ziff-Davis officials said ZDTV is expected to reach 9 million U.S. homes by year's end.
Meanwhile, Ziff-Davis said it will exercise its option to purchase ZDTV from Softbank subsidiary MAC.
www.zdnet.co.uk /print/?TYPE=story&AT=2069928-39020645t-10000019c   (146 words)

 G4 - Feature - DirecTV Signs TechTV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
ZDTV, an affiliate of Ziff-Davis, is a 24-hour TV channel dedicated to providing viewers with entertainment, education, and information about computing, technology, and the Internet.
ZDTV produces original television programming with simultaneous content on its companion website, ZDTV.com.
In addition to the distribution agreement, DirecTV will work with ZDTV on the development of new interactive content that may be combined with DirecTV digital video and audio programming to create a whole new experience for DirecTV subscribers.
www.g4tv.com /techtvvault/features/1721/directv_signs_techtv.html   (372 words)

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