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Topic: Zamboni

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  Zamboni Rodeo
Writer Jason Cohen joined the team in the locker room between periods, suffered through every bus ride and even spent a night in the penalty box as he came to know life in desert-style hockey.
The Central Hockey League, the Austin Ice Bats and eyond.
Zamboni and the likeness of the machine are registered tradmarks of Frank J. Zamboni and Co., Inc. www.zamboni.com.
www.zambonirodeo.com /index2.html   (177 words)

  Zonker's LEGO Zamboni Page
I decided to build the yellow zamboni in 1995, while the Sharks were having their outstanding year.
In the second shot, I built a LEGO arena for the Zamboni, and populated the seats with minifigs.
It was such a hit that I made a small diorama for the Zamboni, and brought it to the end-of-the-season party.
www.baylug.org /zonker/ZZamboni.html   (524 words)

Shortly after completing his studies in the seminary at Verona, Abate Zamboni was appointed to the chair of physics in the lyceum of that city.
Zamboni is known to students of physics by the "dry" pile which he invented in 1812, and which consists of a number of paper discs coated with zinc foil on one side and manganese binoxide on the other, the moisture of the paper serving as conductor.
The Zamboni pile is not, however, a perpetually-going motor, as all action when the zinc is completely oxidized or the manganese exhausted.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/15747b.htm   (261 words)

 Encyclopedia: Frank Zamboni   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In 1940, the brothers, along with a cousin, opened the Iceland rink, which proved very popular, in no small part because Frank had devised a way to eliminate rippling caused by the pipes that were laid down to keep the rink frozen.
The Zamboni company, which has sold over 7000 of its signature machines in its history, is still owned and operated by the Zamboni family, currently by Frank's son and grandson.
Zamboni is a registered trademark of Frank J. Zamboni and Co. Inc.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Frank-Zamboni   (858 words)

 Welcome to Zamboni®!
In fact, ice resurfacers like the one he developed for his own rink in Southern California have had a tremendous impact on skating and ice sports throughout the world.
Frank Zamboni's belief in ongoing product improvement and innovation lives on today in the company he founded.
ZAMBONI® and the configuration of the Zamboni® ice resurfacer are registered trademarks of
www.zamboni.com /welcome.html   (247 words)

 Zamboni Facts and Photos
Workers would first scrape the ice with shovels and finish the job with squeegees.
Frank J. Zamboni changed all that with an idea to better serve his Paramount Iceland Skating Rink.
With 20,000 sq ft of ice, it took Frank and his brothers over an hour to resurface the ice by hand.
www.dochertyfamily.com /zamboni.htm   (145 words)

 Wanna drive a Zamboni? Winnipeg rinks want you
Manitoba's labour shortage has hit an unlikely occupation: Zamboni driver.
A number of community clubs in Winnipeg are scrambling to deal with a shortage of arena attendants, who not only drive the ice-surfacing machines but maintain the arena as a whole.
Joey Flack, who drives the Zamboni at the Dakota Community Club, has had to clock 10-hour days as his club tries to find more workers.
www.cbc.ca /sports/hockey/story/2006/12/21/zamboni-drivers.html   (1350 words)

 Ice Skating Accessories Galore - Zamboni ® Items
Zamboni ® 50% Wool/ 50% Polyester Baseball Caps
"Zamboni", "Hot Ice" and Logos Are Registered Trademarks of Zamboni Merchandising Co., Inc.
I know you will be pleased with the quality of the merchandise that you have ordered and I want to thank you for helping with my skating career.
www.icesk8.com /access9.htm   (778 words)

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