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In the News (Mon 24 Sep 18)

  Urban Dictionary: zeke
zeke's a badass and i wish i was him
Disco Legend Zeke made a brief appearance and i danced with him.
zeke is also an actual guy who resembles the other defenition actually i'm kidding, i dated him and he's pretty ok
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=zeke   (249 words)

  Details for Zeke at PUNKROCKNIGHT.com.
Zeke hit the road the spring of 2003 hitting all the major cities on both the east and west coast's, also covering some key mid west cities.
Zeke has also played everything from Stadiums with 50,000 people, to bars with 10 people, but the spirit has remained the same, rock like this might be the last show ever.
Zeke as a band plans on delivering what one might expect, a very fast, live, prolific, punk rock show that leaves you salivating for more.
www.punkrocknight.com /disp/band_detail.php?band_id=NDU=&band_name=WmVrZQ==   (316 words)

Zeke has been touring a bunch, they finnished a mid west tour with RC5.
The Offical Zeke Site: seems like its been over a year, but its finally up, complete with lyrics, and a chatroom.
A Zeke Page: it has a discography, lyrics, pictures, mailing list info and a huge bootleg section.
www.angelfire.com /sk/seattlebands/zeke.html   (456 words)

 Zeke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Zeke is a hardcore punk band from Seattle, USA.
They are known for their extremely high-powered, driving guitar sound, mixed with blues influences.
Zeke released their first single, West Seattle Acid Party, in 1993; after several album releases on indie label Scooch Pooch Records, they signed with Epitaph in 1998 which led to nationwide fame in punk rock circles.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Zeke   (107 words)

 Culture Info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Zeke became furious, and pulled his gun to shoot his brother-in-law, but Polly jumped in the way and was killed by the bullet meant for Jim.
Zeke then went home to his farm on Flint Creek, and after saying goodbye to his family and redressing his wound, headed into the hills to hide from the Becks and the federal officials who soon would be after him.
Zeke was considered a hero by the Cherokees but an outlaw by the United States.
www.cherokee.org /Culture/CulturePage.asp?ID=61   (1265 words)

 Zeke --- Official Relapse Records Band Page
ZEKE then set out to bring their energetic recordings to the stage and established a more than formidable reputation as "the live band to beat" via concentrated regional touring.
ZEKE then signed to Epitaph Records in 1998, releasing, 'Kicked In The Teeth.' 'Kicked In The Teeth' was mixed and engineered by Jack Endino and the album’s increased distribution and availability found the band legions of white-knuckled new followers.
ZEKE set the cruise control to "white hot" on their Relapse debut, ''Til the Livin' End.' A relentless ride of rock and roll abandon, ZEKE's ''Til the Livin' End' mixes punk nihilism with a hard hitting metal extravagance.
www.relapse.com /artist/artist.aspx?ArtistID=10118   (809 words)

 Zekes page - In memory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
"Zeke" was lying on the ground in a ball next to an apartment building, he was covered in bugs and very hurt.
I rushed Zeke to the critical care where they found he was having kidney failure (I had noticed too late).
Zeke spent the next 3 days in the vets office on an IV trying to start his kidneys back up again.
www.ohv.8m.com /photo6.html   (580 words)

Zeke (we're guessing about 3 years old) has had a tough life up until now.
Zeke's beginning was obviously painful and difficult, but regardless of his hardships, he grew into a loving, friendly dog.
Zeke is one of the nicest dogs you will ever meet.
www.ragom.org /updates/Zeke04225.htm   (1308 words)

 Zeke CD Reviews
Basically, it's like you're a member of the Zeke family, the band has just returned from being on tour and now they want to show you where they were and what they did during their summer vacation.
Zeke is rough and raw punk metal that will probably make you hurt yourself if you listen to it often.
On "Dirty Sanchez," Zeke does what Motorhead are the masters of: They combine raging thrash metal with the simplicity of punk rock and deliver a listening experience that is as brutal as it is fun.
www.roughedge.com /cdreviews/z/zeke.htm   (982 words)

 MySpace.com - Zeke - Seattle, WASHINGTON - Rock / Punk / Metal - www.myspace.com/zeke
Zeke hit the road the spring of 2003 hitting all the major cities on both the east and west coasts, also covering some mid west cities.
Zeke has also played everything from Stadiums to bars with 10 people but the spirit has remained the same, rock like this might be the last show ever.
Zeke as a band plans on delivering what one might expect, a very fast, live, prolific, punk rock show that leaves you salivating for more.
www.myspace.com /zeke   (681 words)

 Banishing Verona, by Margot Livesey, Reading Group Guide, Henry Holt and Company Publishers of Quality Books
Zeke is twenty-nine, a man who looks like a Raphael angel and who earns his living as a painter and carpenter in London.
Zeke's father has had a heart attack and his mother is threatening to run away with her lover, all of which puts pressure on Zeke to take over the family grocery business.
Zeke often feels ill at ease with other people yet in less than forty-eight hours he falls in love with Verona.
www.henryholt.com /readingguides/livesey.htm   (910 words)

 Golden Stories - Success Story - Zeke
Zeke wasn't feeling well and he wasn't used to cars, so the ride home was a little rough.
Zeke's having a blast playing with the other dogs in the local parks, chasing tennis balls in Golden Gate Park, and trying his best to demolish any kind of bone we put in front of him.
Zeke is very loving and follows us around the house whether we're watering the garden or relaxing on the couch.
www.homewardboundgoldens.org /golden_stories/success_stories/zeke.htm   (308 words)

 Zeke   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Zeke is a 6 month old 75% golden / 25% yellow lab mix.
Zeke is very alert and gaining in confidence every day.
Zeke is certainly ready for his forever home.
www.ragom.org /updates/zeke02126.htm   (434 words)

 Kidsreads.com - THE ZEKE ARMSTRONG MYSTERY Series by Daniel J. Hale and Matthew LaBrot
Zeke Armstrong, who was born in an African jungle treehouse and made his home in seven exotic countries, has moved to Texas to live with his uncle while his parents work in India.
Zeke's fears that the true shooter may take further action spur him to race through a maze-like path of clues, with many dead ends and false turns.
Zeke Armstrong and his buddy, Pow Wow Gao, are in New York to compete in the Big Apple Inline Skate-Off when they meet a very nice elderly woman at a concession stand.
www.kidsreads.com /series/series-zeke-titles.asp   (406 words)

 Zeke's Story
Horribly emaciated and very sick, Zeke received medicines and special vet care and soon this very large boy was full of vim and vigor - a pony size power house with lots of drive, insatiable curiosity and heart full of love.
Lilly had already been adopted when Zeke returned [he seemed to look for her] but he was whole heartedly welcomed by other Labs that greatly enjoyed his ball play and chase games.
Zeke is an alpha, Zeke is a five year old 100 pound puppy, Zeke is the best.
www.lilrr.org /ZekeG'sStory.htm   (513 words)

 Ezekiel Webber Memorial
It is with great sadness that I inform you that Ezekiel (Zeke) Webber, one of the most active UCLA School of Law students with the Williams Project and a member of the School's Program in Public Interest Law and Policy, passed away last week.
Last summer, Zeke was awarded a Williams Project Summer Fellowship to do LGBT legal rights work with the ACLU of Southern California.
Zeke also served as the Managing Editor of the Dukeminier Awards law journal for the past two years, putting in countless hours to publish the journal's first three volumes.
www1.law.ucla.edu /~williamsproj/programs/Webber.html   (619 words)

 Bright Eyes -- book review
Zeke Coulter is a contented man. The owner of a ranch supply store, he has recently bought a new home and has settled into a familiar domestic routine.
Zeke confronts Natalie with her son’s misdeeds, and when she calls on Chad to confront him, he freely admits he’s responsible for the damage.
Zeke slowly and steadily changes her mind about a possible relationship as he gains her trust with his honesty and his steady presence in her life and the lives of her children.
www.curledup.com /brightey.htm   (816 words)

 Zeke's Landing Marina - Orange Beach, Alabama   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Zeke's Landing Marina is a six-acre complex located on Cotton Bayou in Orange Beach, Alabama, less than ten minutes by boat from the Gulf of Mexico.
Zeke's Landing was the first marina in Alabama and Mississippi to receive the "Clean Marina" designation.
Zeke's Landing Marina is conveniently located 1 mile West of Perdido Pass Bridge, just 10 minutes by water to the Gulf of Mexico, in beautiful Orange Beach, Alabama.
www.zekeslanding.com /marina   (687 words)

 Zeke and Ned by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana
Set in the Cherokee Nation not Jong after the Civil War, Zeke and Ned is the story of Ezekiel Proctor and Ned Christie, the last Cherokee warriors, living men whose story is not merely legend, but history -- their fates a consequence of the brutal policies which produced the Trail of Tears.
As a child, Zeke Proctor walked the Trail of Tears from Georgia to the Indian Territory west of Arkansas, acquiring through that bitter struggle a fierce loyalty to the Cherokee way.
Though a family man and a respected member of the Cherokee Senate, Zeke the man is an adventurous charmer, with a family roving eye.
www.fantasticfiction.co.uk /m/larry-mcmurtry/zeke-and-ned.htm   (302 words)

 zeke Mp3 Albums Review
The interesting thing about Zeke is they always manage to sneak in some big change to their sound almost every album yet keep true to their core.
I've also thought Zeke is at their strongest when they slow it down a little which is the prevailing approach on this record.
Zeke is one of those bands that I've always read about and seen their CD's and heard about them from other people, but I've never actually heard their music.
www.full-albums.net /albums_review-zeke.asp   (2165 words)

 Allisonlives.com: The life and times of Zeke
No. To keep Zeke from cowering under my wheelchair, I leave him off the leash and, amazingly enough, he seems to stick with me fairly well.
Zeke had a great time sniffing the bird poop, the geese poop, the rabbit poop, and all other forms of poop.
Fortunately, Zeke's doggie-paddling skills are as brilliant as his computer skills.
www.allisonlives.com /mtarchives/000783.html   (699 words)

 Road to Romance -- ZEKE'S HANDS by Madison Hayes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
But when she has to work hip-to-hip, toe-to-toe, and all other close proximities with Zeke Rutherford, Sara’s life is shaken as some of the concrete she tests for her job.
Zeke gets roped into going with her, and in part he’s glad so he can keep her safe.
Zeke’s Hands at times was the POV switches that happened frequently within the first few chapters.
www.roadtoromance.dhs.org /reviews0412/reviewzeke.htm   (478 words)

 Slake Archive - Bright Eyes
Zeke Coulter has no intention of getting married—until he buys a ranch next door to Natalie Patterson, a sexy divorcée with two kids, a zany family, and a philandering ex-husband involved in shady business dealings.
When Natalie's twelve-year-old son vandalizes Zeke's property and she is unable to pay for the damages, Zeke offers to let the boy work off the debt.
As Zeke struggles to instill a sense of responsibility and self-worth in the troubled youngster, he finds his life being turned upside down by Natalie, whose sultry singing voice and striking eyes disguise her underlying lack of belief in herself or in her dream of becoming a professional singer.
www.slake.com /rnd/book.asp?bid=10514   (357 words)

 Zeke and Megan's Disney Homepage
Although we try to provide valid up to date information, Zeke and Megan's Homepage and it's authors are not responsible for inaccurate information.
Zeke and Megan's Homepage is intended for public non-commercial use and may be redistributed, freely printed, or electronically reproduced in it's complete and unaltered form provided distribution is done at no charge to the receiver.
All references to resorts, attractions, characters within the text or the display of graphics, logo's or pictures are the respective property of The Walt Disney Company.
members.aol.com /eznm/home1.html   (518 words)

 Welcome to the Best of New Orleans! Restaurant Review 04 16 02
Zeke's charbroiled oysters are something like a Pittsburgh-style steak: wrinkled and seasoned with grill char outside, jiggly and rare inside.
But Zeke's kitchen also prepares an extraordinary fried oyster amandine meuniere that somehow defends the oysters' crunch while they suffocate beneath a showering of slivered nuts and butter sauce with dark whispers of Worcestershire's citrus peel and ale.
The rest of Zeke's long menu, which is standard in some places and inspired in others, further extends the New Orleans neighborhood restaurant spirit.
www.bestofneworleans.com /dispatch/2002-04-16/restreview.html   (841 words)

 Zeke's Island NERR
The lagoon-like complex at the Zeke’s Island site is one of the most unusual areas of the North Carolina coast.
Zeke’s and No Name Island have elevations of only a few feet; North Island has several scattered dune systems, one of which reaches to twenty feet above sea level.
The expanse of intertidal flats in the Zeke’s Island vicinity is the single most important shorebird habitat in southeastern North Carolina.
www.ncnerr.org /pubsiteinfo/siteinfo/zekes/zeke_s.htm   (487 words)

 Art Junkies - Zeke
Zeke Estep has been studying people and drawing what he sees since the sunny days of Bert and Ernie.
Arther Grunmann taught Zeke to shout out with his paintings and Zeke's work continued to grow with each new breakthrough until his life was changed forever.
After a tense twenty hours, where Zeke's life was in question, he was given a second chance.
www.artjunkiesgallery.com /artist/zeke/zekeOpen.htm   (221 words)

 Pet Diabetes - Zeke has Canine Diabetes
Zeke, my Maltese, was diagnosed with diabetes in Oct 1998.
March 2001, the vet changed Zeke insulin to Humilin U. I believe he was very unregulated when he was on Humilin U. I don't remember why we changed.
Zeke is now starting to show signs of Cushings, hair loss and thinning of the skin.
www.caninediabetes.org /zeke.html   (483 words)

 Screenwriter Community
Zeke gets up and the bus stops in front of them.
Zeke waits for her to leave, then raises the phone number in
Zeke is only paying attention to the phone number.
www.scriptbuddy.com /published/?p=4291527995&t=&pg=1   (466 words)

He "talks" all the time -- when he doesn't like one of my kids' friends, when he doesn't want to go to bed, when I come home from work.
The most fun thing about Zeke is his tail which curls in a complete circle.
We have used it as a handle so often that it is now probably the strongest muscle on his body!
www.angelfire.com /oh/gidi2/zeke.html   (227 words)

 ZEKE - Resound Magazine Article --- Relapse Records / Release Entertainment
“Ride With Zeke” has quickly become the mantra for music fans who have accepted the invitation brought by on Heckler Magazine when they said, “Welcome the new monsters of rock.” And believe me, West Coast punk/thrashers ZEKE are monsters.
ZEKE recorded with Jack Endino on ''Til the Livin' End,' even though some think that 'Death Alley' is your best sounding record (opinions vary).
What are the band's plans for the remainder of 2004 and where would you like to see ZEKE as a band by the end of the year.
www.relapse.com /content/resound.aspx?EditorialID=89   (863 words)

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