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Topic: Zeljko Raznatovic

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  Free Serbia - Other voices from Serbia - FS specials | Top spot
Zeljko Raznatovic was born in Brezice, Slovenia, on April 17th 1952 in a family of senior officer of Yugoslav Army Air force Zeljko Raznatovic.
Inauguration of "state killer" - Zeljko Raznatovic - is tied to the name of Stjepan Djurekovic, former CEO of INA [state oil company in Croatia] as a victim, and the aforementioned Stane Dolanc (police minister of SFRY in early eighties) as the order issuer.
Meanwhile, Raznatovic has, succesfully using the media who were spreading the nationalist hysteria, become a symbol of a Serbian hero, among those Serbs who were in moods for a war.
www.xs4all.nl /~freeserb/specials/topspot/e-16012000.html   (2487 words)

 ‘Arkan’ — a most charming war criminal [Free Republic]
While details of the charges still are not fully known, Raznatovic was likely fingered for his role in the 1991 massacre of 250 men taken from a hospital in Vukovar, Croatia, as well as for his leadership of Arkan’s Tigers, the paramilitary group he led during both wars.
We found that in Raznatovic, who was one of the most articulate proponents of the government’s policy of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.
What Raznatovic may have never known was that the slice of the aircraft’s wing was likely toxic — and he carried it right over his heart.
www.freerepublic.com /forum/a38820cde721e.htm   (968 words)

 The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - World
Raznatovic (47) was shot in the left eye and died later at a city hospital.
In September 1997, Raznatovic was secretly indicted for crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina between 1991 and 1995 by the International Tribunal for former Yugoslavia at the Hague.
Raznatovic, known as "Arkan", was wanted for some of the worst atrocities committed during the wars in ex-Yugoslavia.
www.tribuneindia.com /2000/20000117/world.htm   (3011 words)

 Taipei Times - archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Raznatovic secretly indicted in 1997 by the international war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, accused of crimes against humanity in both Bosnia and Croatia.
Raznatovic thought to be dangerous to Milosevic and other key members of the government because of what he knew about the killings and atrocities of the war in Bosnia.
The father of nine children and husband of Yugoslavia's top folksinger, Svetlana Velickovic, Raznatovic robbed numerous banks, escaped from European prisons and, as head of the Tigers, led what was considered the most brutal and efficient paramilitary force during the wars in Croatia and Bosnia in the early 1990s.
www.taipeitimes.com /News/archives/2001/07/23/0000020287/wiki   (652 words)

 BBC News | EUROPE | Gangster's life of Serb warlord
The career of Zeljko Raznatovic - alias Arkan - has encompassed all the above, his rise and fall a mirror of the last 20 years in Yugoslav society itself.
Raznatovic was born in Slovenia in 1950, the son of a senior Yugoslav air force officer.
In fact, Raznatovic escaped from jails in Belgium and Holland, an achievement which many feel was linked to his employment by Yugoslav state security.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/europe/605266.stm   (708 words)

 World: `Arkan' sought refuge in Belgium
The inquiry by ``Arkan,'' whose real name is Zeljko Raznatovic, may indicate he fears the downfall of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, his longtime ally and political protector.
Raznatovic, who has a daughter living in Brussels, had a lawyer, Pierre Chome, contact the prosecutor's office June 25 to find out what would happen if he moved to Belgium, said Jos Colpin, the prosecutor's spokesman.
Raznatovic was indicted for war crimes in Bosnia in September 1997, but the indictment was kept under wraps until the NATO air campaign in the Balkans began in March.
www.seacoastonline.com /1999news/7_14_w3.htm   (393 words)

 Is Christianity a Confidence Trick?
Zeljko is not the sort of man the public usually associates with Christianity.
Zeljko Raznatovic is also responsible for the deaths of hundreds of criminals.
Arguably Zeljko Raznatovic had greater justification for the deaths he instigated than George Bush, since the men he executed were traitors rather than murderers.
www.students.org.au /Christianity   (3037 words)

 CNN Transcript - WorldView: Zeljko Raznatovic, Serb Leader Indicted For War Crimes, Shot in Belgrade Hotel - January ...
According to two independent news agencies, Zeljko Raznatovic, better known as Arkan, was killed by one or more masked gunmen in the lobby of a Belgrade hotel.
Raznatovic was under indictment by the United Nations International War Crimes Tribunal for alleged atrocities in Croatia in 1991, and then again during the Bosnian war that followed.
Zeljko Raznatovic, shot to death in a Belgrade hotel Saturday.
transcripts.cnn.com /TRANSCRIPTS/0001/15/wv.06.html   (387 words)

 BBC News | Europe | Arkan back in Belgrade
The Serb guerrilla leader Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan - whose Tiger commandos took part in some of the worst massacres in recent Balkan conflicts - has put his men at the disposal of the Yugoslav Army and of the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Mr Raznatovic told Jagodina's Palma Plus TV: "A large number of people have volunteered to defend Kosmet [Kosovo] and we will have a first meeting in Belgrade tomorrow to choose people with military experience so that they can immediately join the army or police.
Zeljko Arkan was one of the first perpetrators of "ethnic cleansing" of ethnic minorities in that area.
news.bbc.co.uk /hi/english/world/europe/newsid_304000/304559.stm   (354 words)

 Guardian | Why Serbia stopped dancing to turbo-folk
After police arrested Ceca on March 17 in the grand Belgrade villa built by her husband, Zeljko, they found as many as 88 illegal weapons and items of military and police equipment.
Better known by his nom de guerre Arkan, Zeljko Raznatovic was a key figure in the Serbian mafia and a major paramilitary leader in Bosnia and Croatia in the early 1990s.
Indicted by the Hague tribunal in 1999 for war crimes in Bosnia, he was assassinated in the lobby of a Belgrade hotel in 2000.
www.guardian.co.uk /print/0,3858,4661028-104090,00.html   (595 words)

 Salon Feature | Who killed Arkan?
Highlighting the degree to which ordinary Serbs perceive their government to be intimately linked with Belgrade's criminal underworld, speculation in the Serbian capital on who ordered the assassination of notorious warlord and war crimes suspect Zeljko "Arkan" Raznatovic in a Belgrade hotel lobby Saturday immediately centered on Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.
Born in 1952 in Slovenija, Zeljko Raznatovic was reportedly a delinquent teenager whose father -- a senior air force officer in Tito's military -- asked if the Yugoslav security services could put him to work.
Raznatovic reportedly became a professional hit man for the Yugoslav Interior Ministry, assassinating Croatian nationalists in Europe who were considered enemies of the state.
archive.salon.com /news/feature/2000/01/17/arkan/print.html   (1533 words)

 Zeljko Raznatovic -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ron Haviv, an American photographer, described yesterday the handiwork of the Serb whose name chilled the hearts of Croatia and Bosnia during the bloodiest carnage to blight Europe since the Third Reich.
He was feared and hated from neighboring nations as a butcher.
Before worst unrests began, Arkan visited Kosovo on several occasions as government official, trying to pacify Albanians and to give sense of security and hope to local Serbs.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/Z/Ze/Zeljko_Raznatovic.htm   (3031 words)

 Arkan´s Murder Convenient for Milosevic?
In Serbia, speculation is rife following this weekend's assassination in a Belgrade hotel of Zeljko Raznatovic, better known as `Arkan´: king of the Serbian underworld and commander of `Arkan's Tigers´, the feared paramilitaries who committed countless acts of ethnic cleansing during the wars in Croatia, Bosnia and in Kosovo.
Of course, the 38 bullets that killed Raznatovic and his trusted friend `Manda´ Mandic, fired by two (or more) gunmen who may - or may not - have been wearing masks, may have been fired in the course of a simple Mafia killing: a long-overdue settling of scores in the Belgrade underworld.
From a bunch of football rowdies, young Raznatovic turned them into the Serbian Volunteer Guard, better known as the Tigers; from then on Zeljko would be known as Arkan.
www.rnw.nl /hotspots/archive/blk/html/serbia000117.html   (583 words)

 Serb Volunteer Guard [SDG / SSJ] "Arkan's Tigers"
During the war in Bosnian the White Eagles paramilitary formation, Zeljko Raznatovic [better known as Arkan] organized a private army, the Serb Volunteer Guard [SDG / SSJ] "Tigers" in 1992.
Arkan's men were in the beginning incorporated in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (the Krajina police owns the training center in Erdut in eastern Slavonia which was Arkan's main operating location) but with time they became a special unit with the Srem-Baranja corps.
In January 1998 unconfirmed reports placed paramilitary forces led by Zeljko Raznatovic-Arkan and Captain Dragan in the Skenderaj [Srbica] county in Drenice, Kosovo.
www.fas.org /irp/world/para/sdg.htm   (910 words)

 ASNE High School Journalism -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This is where I met Zeljko Kopanja in a small building next to the house that was converted into offices for his newspaper.
Late last month, Bosnian newspaper editor Zeljko Kopanja was shredded in a blast of smoke and steel when he turned the ignition of a BMW parked outside his house.
Since DeVoss sent me his story, Zeljko Raznatovic (Arkan), was assassinated by two masked gunmen on January 16, 2000 in a hotel in Belgrade.
www.highschooljournalism.org /Students/Ask_A_Pro/Article.cfm?articleId=187   (1252 words)

 Historical Bios   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
As a young boy Zeljko would always run away from his home and cause mischief.
Zeljko “Arkan” Raznatovic was buried on January 20
If the abuse was so traumatic, the aggressive need to kill or act out could stay with some one for life.
www.fine-whatever.com /page8.html   (1043 words)

 Washingtonpost.com: U.N. Investigating Milosevic for War Crimes
Louise Arbour, chief prosecutor of the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal, revealed Wednesday that there is a long-standing indictment against the notorious Serb paramilitary leader Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan for Bosnia war-era atrocities.
Milosevic and other members of the Serb-led Yugoslav government and military could be charged, she said, because they had knowledge of atrocities or failed to stop them.
Arbour also revealed the existence of an 18-month-old indictment against one of Milosevic's longtime disciples, Zeljko Raznatovic, a Serbian nationalist better known by his nom de guerre of Arkan.
media.washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/inatl/daily/april99/warcrimes040199.htm   (557 words)

 Raznatovic - Vreme 628 - Zeljko Raznatovic, 1949—2000: Posmrtni zivot Komandanta   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Raznatovic - Vreme 628 - Zeljko Raznatovic, 1949—2000: Posmrtni zivot Komandanta
Odgovor Na Poruku: ceca raznatovic ili lepa brena Hana 14/08/04 (1).
The rise and fall of Zeljko Raznatovic symbolizes how corrupt and morally bankrupt Serbia has become under Slobodan Milosevic.
smuch.com /smh/raznatovic.html   (600 words)

 World Briefs - 1/16/00
Serb paramilitary commander Zeljko Raznjatovic was killed Saturday by masked gunmen.
Raznatovic, better known as Arkan, 47, and his paramilitary forces have been accused of involvement in atrocities during Serbia's war with Croatia.
Arkan was indicted for war crimes in Bosnia in September 1997.
www.detnews.com /2000/nation/0001/16/01160097.htm   (431 words)

 Who Will Manage to Save His Neck   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
If they are authentic, these documents lead to Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan, Jovica Stanisic, head of the Serb State Security Service, and all the way to the President Milosevic himself.
It turned out later that the originals were "mislaid" somewhere between the Tribunal and the Dutch police, which does not deprive the story of any of its seriousness or authencity, but "aggravets" it by the awareness that one cannot get away from "higher causes" either at home or abroad.
And Mihajlovic claims that the "Tigers" of Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan, who is mentioned in most of the documents handed over to the Hague Tribunal as the person who carried out direct orders of the SDB, are directly responsible for the death of Risto Djogo.
www.freeserbia.net /Archives/1995/Neck.html   (1868 words)

 [No title]
News of the arrests came as around 500 mourners gathered for a memorial service in Belgrade for Arkan, whose real name was Zeljko Raznatovic.
The 47-year-old Serb warlord was gunned down, along with two other associates, in the lobby of a Belgrade hotel on Saturday.
The 47-year-old warlord, whose real name is Zeljko Raznatovic, was gunned down with two associates in the lobby of a Belgrade hotel on Saturday.
www.greatestcities.com /users/cbray5003/469943.html?mode=reply   (410 words)

 Mirrors of Taste and Deep Pockets   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
On Ljutice Bogdana Street, in an exclusive spot on the Topcider hill, the house of Zeljko “Arkan” Raznatovic--former president of the Football Club Obilic and commander of the Serbian voluntary guard paramilitary formation--combines the monumentality of sacred buildings and the functionality of the (big) family house.
The house is now at the center of attention due to the arrest of the late Raznatovic's wife Svetlana, and also due to the hunch that it may be confiscated or even destroyed since Raznatovic did not have the proper permit to build such a huge construction.
If we wished to be more open, we would claim that the building, the fortification with the elements of the temple, represents a “mirror of the soul” of the owner and his desire to support his life work with something he considered to be in the glorious knightly tradition of the Serbian Middle Ages.
www.tol.cz /look/wire/article.tpl?IdLanguage=1&IdPublication=10&NrIssue=702&NrSection=1&NrArticle=9479   (1841 words)

TEXT: His real name was Zeljko Raznatovic and before the Balkans fell apart into various civil wars with the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, he ran an ice cream parlor.
The militia leader, suspected of mass murder in Croatia and Bosnia dating back to 1991, was indicted by the war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in 1997.
His Serbian National Guard, known as the Tigers, was notorious for its "ethnic cleansing" campaigns in both countries, but especially for one in Vukovar, Croatia, in which 250 Croats were removed from a hospital and murdered.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/library/news/2000/01/000118-arkan1.htm   (954 words)

 Stanisic and Simatovic - Amended Indictment
Members of the TO of the SAO SBWS led by Zeljko Raznatovic, shot eleven detainees and buried their bodies in a mass grave in the village of Celije.
On 10 December 1991, members of the TO of the SAO SBWS led by Zeljko Raznatovic and members of the Militia of the SAO SBWS arrested five non-Serb villagers from Erdut.
From 22 December 1991 to 25 December 1991, members of the TO of the SAO SBWS led by Zeljko Raznatovic, and members of the Militia of the SAO SBWS arrested seven ethnic Hungarian and Croat civilians in Erdut and took them to the TO training centre in Erdut.
www.un.org /icty/indictment/english/sta-ai031209e.htm   (3222 words)

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