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  Zend Technologies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Zend Technologies Ltd. is a world wide web infrastructure software company with headquarters in Cupertino, California, USA and has offices in Israel, France, and Germany.
Zend Open Source Systems Japan, currently owned by Turbolinux, is a representative of Zend Technologies in Japan.
Zend is best known for its founders Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski who, along with other Israeli graduates of the Technion and Rasmus Lerdorf, have created PHP.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Zend_Technologies   (286 words)

 Zend-Avesta - LoveToKnow 1911   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
ZEND - AVESTA, the original document of the religion of Zoroaster, still used by the Parsees as their bible and prayer-book.
The language of the Avesta is still frequently called Zend; but, as already implied, this is a mistake.
We possess no other document written in it, and on this account modern Parsee scholars, as well as the older Pahlavi books, speak of the language and writing indifferently as Avesta.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Zend_-_Avesta   (3653 words)

 PHP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
They also founded Zend Technologies in Ramat Gan, Israel, which is actively involved with PHP development.
While running the PHP parser with a web server and web browser, the PHP model can be compared to other server-side scripting languages such as Microsoft's ASP.NET system, ColdFusion, Sun Microsystems' JSP, Zope, mod perl and the Ruby on Rails framework, as they all provide dynamic content to the client from a web server.
To more directly compete with the "framework" approach taken by these systems, Zend is working on the Zend Framework - an emerging (as of June 2006) set of PHP building blocks and best practices; other PHP frameworks along the same lines include CakePHP and Symfony.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/PHP   (1819 words)

 ONLamp.com -- Looking into Zend Studio 3.0
In early September, Zend launched the new version of their PHP development environment Zend Studio 3.0, which, by many accounts, is a drastic step forward in PHP development technologies.
The Zend Server Center is a very useful PHP application which, when installed on your server, allows you quick and easy access to all of the configuration settings available in PHP, the Zend-Studio-specific configuration options, and a wealth of information regarding the server itself.
Zend Studio also comes with the Zend Information Center, which serves as an online reference manual for the studio and can be accessed by any modern web browser.
www.onlamp.com /pub/a/php/2003/10/23/zend_studio_review.html   (2147 words)

 Quick Zend Framework review - ATK rules...
The first thing I've noticed is that authors of frameworks can sleep soundly again :-), as the zend framework is not yet a framework (in the wikipedia sense of the word).
Also, the concept of a singleton's getInstance() method ('give me an instance or create one of there isn't an instance yet') seems to be lost in the zend framework registry, as there is no such method and the application author needs to define his own 'if it's not in the registry yet, add it' logic.
Zend Framework is a high quality and open source framework for developing Web Applications and Web Services.
www.achievo.org /blog/archives/29-Quick-Zend-Framework-review.html   (1048 words)

 NewsFactor Network   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Zend, an Israel-based company that plays a central role in maintaining the open-source version of PHP, is using the language to build support and development tools.
Zend's powerful applications focus on improving the security and performance of PHP, and they are helping the server language make headway into the enterprise.
Zend also sells the Zend Safeguard Suite, which enables the protection and mass distribution of commercial PHP applications, and the Zend Performance Suite, which features dynamic content caching, code acceleration and file-compression technologies.
www.newsfactor.com /perl/story/21795.html   (645 words)

 Reviews - Zend Studio 4.0
Zend Studio provides browse and fetch access to Code Snippets from the Zend site, which may help less experienced developers learn how to execute common tasks, so they do not feel lost when they find a problem that they never solved before.
In Zend Studio, all source files that a developer is working on at a given moment can be grouped in a project.
It includes special PHP extensions that come with a separate package named Zend Studio Server, which needs to be installed on the server side to control the execution of PHP scripts running on a server controlled by the developer.
www.phpclasses.org /reviews/id/B0009JKH8M.html   (1434 words)

 Zend Improves Universities Performance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
In this iSeminar Zend addresses the application and uses of PHP in the academic forum and unfold Zend's education initiative.
Zend has partnered with universities using opensource PHP-based web mail applications such as SquirrelMail and Horde/IMP to provide them with the best solution to increase their server's performance.
Additionally, Zend has launched the Zend University Sponsorship Program providing universities that teach PHP with free copies of the Zend Studio for their computer labs.
zend.interwise.com /zend/OnDemand/DP5751   (160 words)

 Zend scripts industry PHP push | The Register
Zend Technologies is rallying vendors and the open source community to promote industry wide consistency in PHP and promote greater developer uptake.
Zend has also joined the Eclipse Framework as a strategic developer to mesh further development of PHP with the open source community.
Zend is home to two of the founders of PHP who developed Zend's open source Zend Engine, while the company also provides PHP services.
www.regdeveloper.com /2005/10/20/php_zend_project   (559 words)

 Zend Core for Oracle FAQ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Zend Core for Oracle is a pre-built stack for PHP developers that makes it easier for them to develop and deploy applications on a robust, scalable and reliable infrastructure.
Zend Core for Oracle is available as a free download from Zend via Oracle Technology Network.
Zend is responsible for creating and maintaining the Zend Engine, the heart of PHP and the critical element of each PHP distribution.
www.oracle.com /technology/tech/php/htdocs/oracle_zend_faq.html   (835 words)

 Zend Testing with Pearson VUE
Zend PHP Certification provides industry recognition of your knowledge and proficiency with PHP.
Zend’s PHP certification exam encompasses curriculum criteria specified by the Zend PHP Education Advisory Board as essential to demonstrate expert proficiency in PHP.
Schedule, reschedule or cancel your Zend exam appointment with your Pearson VUE username and password.
www.vue.com /zend   (312 words)

 Zend buffs up corporate open-source effort | Tech News on ZDNet
Zend Technologies released on Monday a tool set intended to ease the administration of applications written with the open-source development language PHP, as part of Zend's bid to appeal to corporate customers.
Zend is trying to introduce features to make the language more popular within corporations, where Java or Microsoft.Net tools are commonly used.
Zend's business model is to give away an open-source scripting engine, the software required to run PHP applications, and to sell products and services for a "closed source" line of PHP development tools.
news.zdnet.com /2100-3513_22-5519175.html   (515 words)

 IBM System i and Zend PHP
Zend Core for i5/OS is a fully tested and enhanced version of the open source PHP runtime environment.
Zend is the company that invests in open source PHP, as well as in significant additional open source PHP projects such as Zend PHP Framework and Eclipse PHP IDE.
Zend Platform is the first integrated software platform for PHP to support the reliability, scalability, monitoring and interoperability requirements of business-critical PHP applications.
www-03.ibm.com /systems/i/software/php   (872 words)

 IBM eServer - Linux on POWER - IBM and Zend Extend PHP to New Core SMB Audience   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
To that end, IBM and Zend, which fashions itself as "the PHP Company"—not hyperbole given that the company's founders are also the creators of PHP3, which transformed PHP from a tool to a full-fledged scripting language—to offer Zend Core for IBM.
Zend Core is an extension to the PHP language and Zend Engine.
Zend Core is fully supported and quarterly releases will be made available free to the community.
www-03.ibm.com /servers/eserver/linux/power/features/zend.html   (1207 words)

 MySQL AB :: MySQL, Zend Join Forces to Strengthen Open Source Web Development
In addition to availability from the Zend Web site, Zend Studio and Zend Encoder can now be purchased directly from the MySQL AB Web site at www.mysql.com. A commercial license for the MySQL database server can now be purchased from the Zend Web site at www.zend.com.
Zend’s founders are the designers of PHP and the Zend Engine, on which all PHP sites and applications are run.
Zend’s products are available at www.zend.com, or by contacting a Zend representative by phone at 1-877-ZEND-PHP or by email at sales@zend.com.
www.mysql.com /press/release_2004_05.html   (703 words)

 WDVL: Zend Unveils New Face of PHP Encoding
Zend Encoder 2.0 was introduced to address this need and further enhance the commercial viability of PHP.
The Zend Encoder is also seamlessly integrated with the Zend Studio, enabling developers to encode their applications directly from the industry's premiere PHP development tool.
The Zend Optimzer, a completely cross-platform deployment tool, is used to run PHP applications encoded by the Zend Encoder 2.0 and greatly enhances the application's response time as well.
www.wdvl.com /Times/zend021402.html   (611 words)

 Zend Framework
Use this to stay on the cutting edge between Zend Framework releases.
As we release code during the previews, we need your help to identify bugs and ways the code can be improved.
The Zend Framework provides wrappers for service APIs from three major providers to make the as simple to use as possible.
framework.zend.com /download   (649 words)

 Andi Gutmans' Weblog
Not only is it great to see a large-scale PHP and Zend user such as Schematic on the list, but also having industry thought leaders such as r0ml and Chris Andersen volunteering their time to address the PHP community.
Zend is a commercial company working in the open source PHP community, as are Yahoo, IBM, Oracle and many others.
Even at Zend, we have some apps which don't need to be maintained anymore, so we still run PHP 4 for those.
andigutmans.blogspot.com   (1587 words)

 Review: Take Your PHP Web Pages Pro with the Zend IDE
As Zend prepares to release version 4 of its PHP IDE, Zend Studio, we check in to see if this RAD tool is ready to meet the needs of serious enterprises that are building out their Web application infrastructure on the low-cost LAMP platform.
Zend is attempting to change all that with the latest version of its IDE, Zend Studio Version 4.
Zend is a firm supporter and believer in PHP, having been both a creator of PHP and an ongoing innovator.
www.devx.com /webdev/Article/26852   (579 words)

 Zend Optimizer / Products / Zend.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Zend Optimizer is a free application that runs the files encoded by the Zend Guard, while enhancing the performance of PHP applications.
Zend Platform's Performance Enhancement Technology was specifically created to help optimize the responsiveness and processing efficiency of robust, high traffic PHP-based sites.
At the same time, Zend Platform's PHP Intelligence Module provides insight into performance bottlenecks and run-time errors.
www.zend.com /products/zend_optimizer   (142 words)

 Zend Technologies Boasts New Zend Studio; Zend Studio 4.0 Designed for Robust, Enterprise Application Development   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Zend Studio 4 is the latest in development solutions from Zend Technologies, delivering a robust development environment useful for both beginning and advanced programmers.
Zend Studio 4 Professional Edition is seamlessly integrated, providing quick identification of run-time problems and giving the developer instant access to source code reducing the time to fix and test.
Zend, Zend Technologies, Zend Store, Zend SOS, Zend.com and/or the logos and icons associated with each of these names are trademarks of Zend Technologies, Inc. and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.
www.tmcnet.com /scripts/print-page.aspx?PagePrint=http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/2005/feb/1117012.htm   (990 words)

 Ben Ramsey
The Zend PHP Collaboration Project, often referred to as the “Zend Framework,” was on the minds of many of the attendees as the interview began, and Marcus Whitney dove right into it, asking Andi why Zend decided to undertake this project.
Yet, agree with me or not, Zend is committed to the PHP community and the PHP Group, while, at the same time, their corporate goal is to encourage and drive PHP adoption in the Enterprise.
Herein lies the core of what Zend is about: Zend wants to remain true to the community, and by connecting the community to the Enterprise with this collaborative project, they solidify the relationship between the community and the Enterprise and ensure a future job market for PHP developers.
benramsey.com /tag/zend   (2728 words)

 Understanding the Zend Framework, Part 3: The feeds
This "Understanding the Zend Framework" series chronicles the building of an online feed reader, Chomp, while explaining the major aspects of using the recently introduced open source PHP Zend Framework.
In parts 1 and 2, we discuss the goals behind the Zend Framework and show you how to use it to create the beginnings of our online feed reader, creating a form and adding information to a database while getting to know the MVC pattern.
Ultimately, you will be able to use the Zend Framework with any database for which an adapter exists, and the database functionality will work the same way.
www.ibm.com /developerworks/opensource/edu/os-dw-os-php-zend3.html?S_TACT=105AGX59&S_CMP=GR&ca=dgr-lnxw13ZendFramePart3   (561 words)

 Zend Unveils PHP Enterprise Platform
Roussos explained that Zend Platform was developed as the result of feedback from clients who needed greater control over their PHP deployments across the enterprise.
Among the Zend Platform features is Zend Central, a central management console for users to manage all of their PHP servers from both a configuration and performance point of view.
Zend Platform also integrates with Zend's PHP IDE product called Zend Studio, which is intended to make it easy for developers to develop code that works on the enterprise platform.
www.internetnews.com /dev-news/article.php/3456771   (664 words)

Zend Core for Oracle also delivers an updated PHP "OCI8" driver, the interface used by PHP developers to connect with Oracle Database, and provides enhanced reliability, stability and performance for Oracle Database-driven web applications.
Zend's founders are the architects of PHP, which is used by more than twenty-two million Web sites and has quickly become the most popular language for building dynamic web applications.
Zend, headquartered in Cupertino, California, is privately held and venture funded with investments from Azure, Index, Intel Capital, Platinum, SAP Ventures and Walden Israel.
www.oracle.com /corporate/press/2005_oct/10112005_oraclegawindows_finalsite.html?=http://www.sqlsummit.com/new.htm   (856 words)

 Dr. Dobb's | Zend Studio 2.0 | June 1, 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Zend Studio is logically divided into client and server-side components with separate installs for each.
Zend has ported Studio 2.0 to Linux, BSD, and versions of Windows already, and it has a version for Mac OS X near release at the time of this writing.
Zend Studio 2.0 has a Web-based interface called the Server Center that lets you view and manage many of the debugger and PHP settings.
www.ddj.com /dept/architect/184411663   (2137 words)

 Zend Studio 3.5 Plus - Professional PHP Development   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Designed for professional developers, Zend Studio 3.5 is the only PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that encompasses all the development components necessary for the full PHP application life cycle.
Zend Studio 3.5 Plus saves time and resources by providing a rapid code development and deployment environment that enables the creation of bug-free, robust php code with the aid of sophisticated analytical and optimization tools.
Zend Studio incorporates the latest PHP 5 features and support and is designed for team-oriented development by enabling remote team environments and code management via CVS.
www.psreporter.com /zend_studio.html   (277 words)

 Zend Brings PHP to The Enterprise
A core component of Zend's strategy to expand PHP as a platform is its new Zend Studio 3.5 enterprise-grade integrated development environment (IDE) (define).
Zend's new Performance Suite 4.0 is also looking to ease one of the most common pain points for Web developers, namely application performance and security.
Zend Performance Suite 4.0 targets that with a combination of file compression, content caching and code acceleration in order to improve PHP application performance for business critical environments.
www.internetnews.com /dev-news/article.php/3383111   (881 words)

 Zend Core for IBM - A guided tour for PHP developers
Support for Zend Core is available from Zend Technologies, a leading provider of PHP products and services, but it is a free download and a time saver for any PHP developer who wants to build web applications for IBM Cloudscape or DB2 UDB.
Zend Core for IBM is a product that has been jointly designed and developed by IBM and Zend Technologies.
It is important to download the proper binary version of Zend Core for IBM for the operating platform you are using.
www-128.ibm.com /developerworks/db2/library/techarticle/dm-0507hutchison/?ca=dgr-lnxw07ZendCoreIBM   (1901 words)

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