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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Zenith International - specialist consultants to the food and drink industries worldwide
Zenith International - specialist consultants to the food and drink industries worldwide
Specialist consultants to the food and drink industries worldwide
Zenith International provides a full range of specialist consulting services to the food and drink industries worldwide.
www.zenithinternational.com   (38 words)

  Zenith: About: Corporate History: Remote Control
Zenith's Dr. Robert Adler suggested using "ultrasonics," that is, high-frequency sound, beyond the range of human hearing.
He was assigned to lead a team of engineers to work on the first use of ultrasonics technology in the home as a new approach for a remote control.
Zenith's development of cable-compatible tuning and teletext technologies in the 1980s greatly enhanced the capabilities and uses for infrared TV remotes.
www.zenith.com /sub_about/about_remote.html   (919 words)

  Zenith Watches - Orolus.com
Zenith is best known for the high beat El Primero movement - revolutionary when first created, and still powering some of the finest watches ever produced.
Zenith has received over 1500 first prizes from observatories for the precision of its timepieces.
Zenith watches are warranted by Zenith to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of three years, the COSC-certified models have five years from the date of purchase.
www.orolus.com /zenith.shtml   (104 words)

 Welcome to Zenith Bank > About Us > Corporate Information
Zenith Bank Plc was incorporated (under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990, as amended) on May 30, 1990 as a private company limited by shares.
Zenith Bank Plc has continued to pioneer the introduction of e-solutions products to meet and surpass customer needs, anchored on its in-depth knowledge and extensive financing experience of the public and private sectors in Nigeria.
Zenith Bank Plc is one of the largest and most profitable banks (post consolidation) in Nigeria with total assets plus contingents of over N714.5 billion as at 30 June 2006.
www.zenithbank.com /corporateinfo.cfm   (842 words)

 Zenith Photos
Zenith's famous "Big Black Dial" was introduced with the 1936 model line, though Zenith originally called it "Black Magnavision Dial." It was a striking departure from the small, hard to read dials that proceeded it.
The tube count was increased to six, although Zenith did this by replacing the duplex diode-triode (6Q7) with separate first audio amp (6F5) and a dual diode (6H6) so performance is about the same as the 1937 version.
Zenith's 10 tube chassis for 1940 was offered in many different cabinets but certainly the most attractive was the chairside model.
www.radioblvd.com /ZenithPhoto.htm   (1807 words)

 PlasmaTV Buying Guide: Zenith Plasma TV Review   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Zenith has also added a DVI digital input to this plasma display.
The Zenith P60W38 must be evaluated in a couple of different viewing distances while utilizing different input signals.
Overall the picture from the Zenith P60W38 is acceptable from the 15 to 20 foot distance arena.
www.plasmatvbuyingguide.com /plasmatvreviews/zenith-plasmatv-review.html   (1387 words)

 Zenith® Product Line & Services
To support our customer base, Zenith offers two world-class service and repair facilities strategically located in Aberdeen, NC and Warwick (UK).
Zenith Pumps offers the broadest range of precision gear metering pumps and systems of any company in the world.
To support our customer base, Zenith offers two a world-class service and repair facilities strategically located in Aberdeen, NC and Radolfzell, Germany.
www.zenithpumps.com /product.htm   (877 words)

 Zenith DVB216 Reviews. Video Players and Recorders Reviews by CNET.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Like Zenith's DVD/VCR combo, the, this unit has a bright, shiny, silver finish and sports a mirrored faceplate that you could literally shave in front of.
In fairness to Zenith, this is an all-too-common problem, even in much pricier players.
In the final analysis, the Zenith DVB216 is a stylish-looking, competent, progressive-scan DVD player that's a bargain, even at its list price of $159.
reviews.cnet.com /Zenith_DVB216/4505-6463_7-9939614.html   (762 words)

 Ship Detail   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Zenith, by name, is the culmination of cruising elegance and comfort.
Her air of intimate ambience is what makes Zenith a unique ship.
And while Zenith is a member of our smallest class of ship, her power to transport her guests, as well as their cruise experience, to a whole other level of comfort and luxury, cannot be overstated.
www.celebrity.com /plancruise/ships/ship.do?shipCode=ZN   (228 words)

 SmartCruiser.com || Zenith : Cruise Ship Photos, Schedule & Itineraries, Cruise Deals, Discount Cruises   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Zenith features over 100 original works of art by contemporary artists such as David Hockney and Christo.
Zenith is a culmination of cruising elegance and comfort.
Her air of intimate ambience is what truly makes Zenith one of the most unique ships in the Celebrity fleet.
www.smartcruiser.com /travel/cruise/ship.rvlx?ShipID=36   (957 words)

 zenith — FactMonster.com
zenith, in astronomy, the point in the sky directly overhead; more precisely, it is the point at which the
The angular distance from the zenith to a celestial body is called the zenith distance.
The nadir, directly opposite the zenith, has a zenith distance of 180°; the celestial horizon has a zenith distance of 90°.
www.factmonster.com /ce6/sci/A0853348.html   (121 words)

 Techtree.com India > Brands > Zenith
Riding on the success of its laptops, Zenith Computers has announced its foray into the manufacture and delivery of 15-inch and 17-inch LCD monitors for desktops and laptops.
In a recently released IDC-Dataquest Report on the Dataquest Top 20 IT companies in the country, Zenith emerged as the second largest PC manufacturer after HCL Infosystems.
Zenith Computers today launched the 'Infotainer - The Complete Digital Home Entertainment PC', with the dual core Intel Pentium D processor.
www.techtree.com /techtree/jsp/list.jsp?list=brand_cathome&brand_id=144   (84 words)

The H-89 was sold under the two names: Heathkit H-89 and Zenith Data Systems Z-89.
It originally came with 16 KB of memory, later versions provided up to 48KB on the main CPU board (in groups of 1 KB chips).
Zenith and Heathkit offered a 16 KB expansion card ($120) for a total of 64 KB when using CP/M. The system was identical to the H-19 video terminal but had an additional CPU board between the CRT and the terminal board.
www.old-computers.com /museum/computer.asp?st=1&c=135   (476 words)

 Zenith Aircraft Factory Workshops
With an emphasis on gaining hands-on building experience, the informal workshops are coordinated by Zenith Aircraft staff and held right in the factory.
Zenith Aircraft Co.’s factory workshop is structured as an informal “hands-on” workshop, to allow participants to gain introductory hands-on building experience using standard kit parts, drawings and manuals, and basic sheet-metal tools.
SportAir's president Ron Alexander and EAA president Tom Poberezny pose behind an assembled STOL CH 701 rudder tail section (at the occasion of the SportAir workshops joining EAA).
www.zenithair.com /workshop.htm   (872 words)

 New Genuine Zenith® Watches from About Time
Whether it's a Zenith Reserve De Marche, a Zenith Dual Time, a Chronomaster Platine, or any other current model, all About Time® timepieces are brand new, in the box, with all appropriate papers and serial numbers.
In the unlikely event that the Zenith watch you receive is defective upon receipt, we will replace the Zenith watch with a correctly working watch of the same model at no additional cost to you.
Remember, if you don't see the exact Zenith® watch that you are interested in on our Zenith® page, it doesn’t mean that we can’t quickly obtain the Zenith watch you desire.
www.abouttime.com /abouttime/zenith.invtc.html   (616 words)

 Zenith Laptops
Thank Zenith, as they helped establish this design with a series of laptops.
Click here to view all comments for the Zenith Laptops and to leave your own.
Click here to view comments about other Zenith computers.
www.obsoletecomputermuseum.org /zenith_l   (431 words)

 Amazon.com: Zenith - Flat-Panel TVs / TVs & HDTVs: Audio & Video   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Zenith L27W46 27" Widescreen Flat Panel HD-Ready TV
Zenith Z42PX2D 42" Flat Panel ED-Ready Plasma TV
Zenith Z15LA7R 15" Flat Panel HD-Ready LCD TV
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&rh=n:1203578,p_4:Zenith&page=1   (197 words)

 zenith - Definitions from Dictionary.com
The highest point above the observer's horizon attained by a celestial body.
The point of culmination; the peak: the zenith of her career.
Example: The sun reaches its zenith at midday.
dictionary.reference.com /browse/zenith   (263 words)

Zenith ZDS-5200 RG6 Quad-Shield Cable with F Connectors
Zenith ZDS-5204 RG6 Quad-Shield Cable with F Connectors
Zenith ZDS-5206 RG6 Quad-Shield Cable with F Connectors
www.ambientweather.com /zenith.html   (32 words)

 Kit Airplanes for Sport Pilots from Zenith Aircraft Company
Kit Airplanes for Sport Pilots from Zenith Aircraft Company
Zenith Aircraft Online provides detailed information and resources on sport (experimental) aviation and our exciting line of homebuilt kit planes for sport pilots.
ZODIAC CH Zenith Aircraft Company · Mexico Airport, PO Box 650, Mexico, Missouri 65265-0650 USA · Tel: 573-581-9000
www.zenithair.com   (70 words)

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