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Topic: Zeptometre

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Here you will find more informations about Zeptometre.
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Zeptometre (American spelling: zeptometer, symbol: zm) is an SI measure of length that is equal to 10
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An electron's radius is thought to be about 1 am.
Zeptometre (American spelling: zeptometer, symbol: zm) is equal to 10
Yoctometre (American spelling: yoctometer, symbol: ym) is equal to 10
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terametre Tm 10 –12 picometre pm 10 15 petametre Pm 10 –15 femtometre fm 10 18 exametre Em 10 –18 attometre am 10 21 zettametre Zm 10 –21 zeptometre zm 10 24 yottametre Ym 10 –24 yoctometre ym [ edit ] See also Metric system SI SI...
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10-24 m 1 yoctometre (ym) 10-21 m 1 zeptometre (zm) 10-18 m 1 attometre (am) size of a quark sensitivity of the LIGO detector for gravitational waves 10-15 m 1 femtometre (fm) size of a proton classical electron 10-14 m 10 fm scale of the atomic nucleus range
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