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Topic: Zero-configuration

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 Electron configuration - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch
This is the fundamental basis of the configuration of electrons in an atom: once a state is occupied by an electron, the next electron must occupy a different quantum mechanical state.
Electron configuration is the arrangement of electrons in an atom, molecule or other body.
Because of the importance of the outermost shell, the different regions of the periodic table are sometimes referred to as periodic table blocks, named according to the sub-shell in which the "last" electron resides, e.g. /electron_configuration.htm

 Configuration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In communications or computer systems, a configuration is an arrangement of functional units according to their nature, number, and chief characteristics.
In sociology, the word "configuration" has been used as a synonym of "figuration".
In mathematics, especially geometry, a configuration is an arrangement of points in a certain way. /wiki/Configuration

 NRAO Very Large Array: Configurations
The size of the array gradually decreases with the B and C configurations until, in the D configuration, the telescopes are all placed within.6 kilometer (.4 mile) of the center.
In the smaller configurations, scientists can study the overall structure of the source they are observing.
When they are in the A configuration, the telescopes extend over the 21 kilometer (13 mile) length of each arm. /genpub/configs

 Configuration - Configuration
Configuration began life in the Commons as a Sandbox component, and was promoted to the Commons Proper in late 2003.
Commons Configuration provides a generic configuration interface which enables an application to read configuration data from a variety of sources.
After Jakarta Turbine, this configuration interface moved to Jakarta Velocity and underwent various improvements. /commons/configuration

 Configuration management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
After establishing a configuration, such as that of a telecommunications or computer system, the evaluating and approving changes to the configuration and to the interrelationships among system components.
KONFIG CM, [1]the total configuration management solution for software, hardware, data and all physical items.
In distributed-queue dual-bus (DQDB) networks, the function that ensures the resources of all nodes of a DQDB network are configured into a correct dual-bus topology. /wiki/Configuration_management

 RFC 3139 (rfc3139) - Requirements for Configuration Management of IP-based
Configuration management data models are not fixed for all time and are subject to evolution like any other management data model.
Configuration Data Translator A function that transforms Configuration Management Data (high-level policies) or Network-wide configuration data (middle-level policies) into device local configurations (low-level policies) based on the generic capabilities of network devices.
A configuration data translator could take the topology independent behavior description such as high-level policies (first input source) combine it with topology information (second input source) as well as status/performance/monitoring information (third input source) to derive device-local configurations. /rfcs/rfc3139.html

 Cisco - Configuration Management: Best Practices White Paper
Configuration management is a collection of processes and tools that promote network consistency, track network change, and provide up to date network documentation and visibility.
Configuration management performance indicators provide a mechanism to validate and audit network configuration standards and critical success factors.
The configuration integrity check should evaluate the overall configuration of the network, its complexity and consistency, and potential issues. /warp/public/126/configmgmt.html

 Serial Configuration Devices
The new serial configuration devices are an ideal complement to both the Cyclone™ and Cyclone II FPGA families in addressing high-volume, price-sensitive applications.
The serial configuration device family includes the EPCS1 and EPCS4 devices, which are optimized for Cyclone devices and utilize memory densities at 1 Mbits and 4 Mbits, respectively.
Configuration devices have traditionally been relatively expensive compared to inexpensive FPGAs, costing between 30 to 50% of the FPGA cost. /products/devices/serialcfg/scg-index.html

 IJCAI-03 Workshop
Configuration is more than ever a challenging area for applying novel AI techniques since more and more sophisticated reasoning tasks are delegated to the configurator software; the software must thus integrate product-assembly knowledge along with customer classification, adaptive sales strategies, and customer assistance.
The goal of this IJCAI workshop on configuration is to promote high-quality research in configuration and to strengthen the interaction between industry and research.
Today, the number, the diversity and the complexity of configurable products available on the market is growing, expanding from conventional equipment configuration to software configuration, or service configuration, such as loans, insurance, travel packages, and so forth. /ijcai-03

 FOP: Configuration
The FOP configuration file is an XML file containing a variety of settings that are useful for controlling FOP's behavior, and for helping it find resources that you wish it to use.
The general structure of the configuration file is a series of tags, each containing a and a .
Font configuration information is included in the FOP configuration file, but is documented at FOP: Fonts. /fop/configuration.html

 UNIX Configuration Guidelines
This document describes commonly exploited UNIX system configuration problems and recommends practices that can be used to help deter several types of break-ins.
Use the showmount(8) utility to check that the configuration of the /etc/exports files on your hosts are correct.
It is important to follow the instructions provided with the operating system to properly configure the files and directories available through anonymous FTP (for example, file and directory permissions, ownership and group). /tech_tips/unix_configuration_guidelines.html

 Configuration Sections - Apache HTTP Server
Directives in the configuration files may apply to the entire server, or they may be restricted to apply only to particular directories, files, hosts, or URLs.
The most commonly used configuration section containers are the ones that change the configuration of particular places in the filesystem or webspace.
To find out what directives are allowed in what types of configuration sections, check the Context of the directive. /docs/2.0/sections.html

 Chapter 7. Advanced Topics
Registry-based configuration options are parsed before their file-based counterparts, so are overridden by values found in the configuration files.
configuration area is a two-tiered hierarchy of option names and their values.
In addition to the per-user configuration area, Subversion also recognizes the existence of a system-wide configuration area. /en/1.0/ch07.html Cryptosystems: Configuring SSH
The very first time I changed an SSH configuration file, I mistakenly added a server line to the client configuration file and scratched my head in puzzlement when it had no effect on my system.
Since SSH is composed of a client and a server, there are two configuration files.
Also, if you are a lazy typist and always end up using the same switches, you can create a customized configuration file in your home directory. /pub/a/bsd/2002/11/28/FreeBSD_Basics.html Configuration Handlers in .NET
Configuration files are meant for application-level settings that rarely change after installation, not user-level settings like window placement or favorite color.
Either way, configuration files are meant to be read-only, and you'll find nothing in the configuration framework that helps you write to configuration files.
The error may or may not be due to a misconfiguration of your portion of the configuration file, so catching it and eating it wouldn't really be safe. /pub/a/dotnet/2003/01/01/configsections.html

 ht://Dig: Configuration
Fortunately, when ht://Dig is installed, a very reasonable configuration is created and in most cases only minor modifications to the files are necessary.
The file is fully described in the Configuration file manual.
This is the main runtime configuration file for all programs that make up ht://Dig. /config.html

 =8> OpenBSD - General Configuration Aids for newbies
This is because mount doesn't actually configure the device, but attempts to find the file-system on the device, and mount the filesystem.
Details for configuring the network card are read from the /etc/hostname.interface file during the boot sequence.
Although the CDROM device is detected by the kernel during each boot, and during installation the device is not automatically configured for use. /bsd/installation.htm

 Configuration Devices
Serial configuration devices, ranging from 1 Mbit to 64 Mbits, serve as the perfect complement for the Cyclone II and Cyclone device families, which address high-volume, price-sensitive applications.
Altera's serial configuration devices are also an optimal choice for the Stratix II device family.
The feature-rich enhanced configuration devices enable remote system upgrades, provide in-system programmability (ISP), utilize unused memory for general-purpose memory tasks, and dramatically reduce configuration times. /products/devices/config/cfg-index.html

 Syntax of W3C httpd configuration (rule) file
features are also put into the configuration file, as well as protection configuration.
so after startup it cannot reload configuration files that were specified with relative filenames.
The configuration file (often referred to as the rule file) defines how /Daemon/User/Config/Overview.html

 Practical Configuration Management
Its numerous Figures and Templates assures the reader of a failsafe means to plan and execute his or her own Configuration Management program while maximizing control and accessability of data and minimizing risk and cost.
This easy to follow 'how-to' guide was authored by David D. Lyon, the internationally acclaimed authority in the field of Configuration Managment.This book will provide you with the complete process and methodology for the establishment of 'best CM practices' plus the planning, implementation and integration of an automated Configuration Management system within your business.
Beginning with a clear examination of the conventional, classical Configuration Management process in a manufacturing environment, the author then proceeds to describe the step-by-step implementation of the new Configuration Management process using well-adapted software tools such as PDM systems. /practica.htm

 Configuring a virtual machine
Changing the configuration of a virtual machine between boots can be inconvenient because of the need to change config files in the root filesystem that boots the machine.
For example, if you want to change the filesystems that are mounted, you need to change the kernel command line to pass in the new filesystems, but you also need to change /etc/fstab to mount them.
With this in place, it is possible to arbitrarily reconfigure a virtual machine without booting it up or loopback mounting its root filesystem beforehand. /config.html

 IBM Personal computing support - ServeRAID - Configuration overview
The IBM ServeRAID Configuration Utility programs enable viewing of the current disk array configuration, the changing or deletion of existing arrays, the creation and initialization of new disk arrays, and the performance of many other configuration and maintenance tasks.
If the configuration program detects that all ServeRAID adapters or controllers in the server are configured, the program starts in the Information mode and a screen similar to the following appears.
The PC ServeRAID Adapter stores its ServeRAID configuration in its NVRAM (Battery-Backup Cache), FLASH (EEPROM), and on all physical hard disk drives that are part of a logical drive. /pc/support/site.wss/MCGN-44HMRM.html

 Configuration of NCSA HTTPd
Configuration means customizing HTTPd's configuration files to reflect your system and how HTTPd should act on your system.
There are three main configuration files you must edit.
Please read this general information which applies to all of HTTPd's configuration files. /docs/setup/Configure.html

 Configuration (Hibernate API Documentation)
Might be overridden by subclasses to allow the configuration to be located by some arbitrary mechanism.
, using the properties and mappings in this configuration.
Use the mappings and properties specified in the given application file. /hib_docs/api/net/sf/hibernate/cfg/Configuration.html

 The Slackware Linux Project: Configuration Help
You can use the configuration utilities or edit the files by hand.
Trying to configure a Linux system can be a trying process if you are not very familiar with the way it is setup.
Covers configuring Xorg as well as selecting window managers and desktop environments. /config

 Chapter 3. SessionFactory Configuration
The XML configuration file is by default expected to be in the root o your
Because Hibernate is designed to operate in many different environments, there are a large number of configuration parameters.
An alternative approach is to specify a full configuration in a file named /hib_docs/reference/en/html/session-configuration.html

 Configuration Management Overview
Extending the scope of Configuration Management functionality beyond the traditional development support to address releasing and deploying software.
In particular, we are addressing these issues in a global setting, i.e., where a group of software development organizations is participating in a physically distributed and decentralized effort to create one or more software systems.
We have developed a number of technologies to address the issues that arise in such a setting. /~serl/cm

 Pusher configuration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An aircraft constructed with a pusher configuration has the engine mounted with the propeller facing backwards such that the aircraft is "pushed" through the air, as opposed to the tractor configuration in which the aircraft is "pulled" through the air.
The disadvantage of the pusher configuration concerns safety of the occupants in a crash or crash-landing.
With the widespread adoption of interrupter gear, the benefits of the pusher configuration were lost and the tractor configuration was favoured. /wiki/Pusher_configuration   (394 words)

 Electron configuration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the ground state of an atom (the condition in which it is ordinarily found), the electron configuration generally follows Aufbau principle.
In atomic physics and quantum chemistry, the electron configuration is the arrangement of electrons in an atom, molecule or other body.
The chemical properties of an atom are largely determined by the arrangement of the electrons in its outermost ("valence") shell (although other factors, such as atomic radius, atomic mass, and increased accessibility of additional electronic states also contribute to the chemistry of the elements as atomic size increases). /wiki/Electron_configuration   (1109 words)

 Configuresoft: Security, Compliance, Control.
Configuresoft offers Enterprise Configuration Manager, an enterprise configuration, policy compliance and remediation product that spans both operations and IT security.
ECM enables cross platform management and can control and automate the tasks of monitoring, managing and auditing both hardware and software configurations for both the servers and clients that comprise the organization."
ANALYST REVIEW "The challenge for enterprise IT departments is to keep system configurations consistent..."   (1109 words)

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