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Topic: Zhu Jiang

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  CNN - Zhu - June 2, 1999
ZHU (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): Well, I've already said that if China were going to get into giving campaign contributions because we felt that those contributions were effective, we would certainly never be so stupid as to limit the contribution to a mere $300,000.
ZHU (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): We are against any kind of ethnic killings, regardless of who is engaged in it, and this is provided, of course, if this has been going on.
ZHU (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): Well, I think that in the current anti-China sentiment in the United States, the people whose voices are loudest, the ones who lack the understanding of China the most and oftentimes they are the ones who've never been to China who raise their voices the most.
www.cnn.com /WORLD/asiapcf/9906/02/tiananmen/MacKinnon/zhu.script.html   (3504 words)

  Jiang Zemin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jiang was elevated to national politics in 1987, automatically becoming a member of the CPC Central Committee because it is customarily dictated that the Mayor of Shanghai would also have the Central Committee position in Beijing.
Jiang has come under quiet criticism from within the Communist Party of China for focusing on economic growth at all costs while ignoring the resulting environmental damage of the growth, the widening gap between rich and poor in China and the social costs absorbed by those who economic reform has left behind.
Jiang's Theory of Three Represents justified the incorporation of the new capitalist business class into the party, and changed the founding ideology of the CPC from protection of the peasantry and workers to that of the "overwhelming majority of the people", a euphemism aimed at including the growing enterpreneurial class.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jiang_Zemin   (2518 words)

 Former Research Fellows Charged with Theft of Trade Secrets from Harvard Medical School (June 19, 2002)
It is alleged that although ZHU and KIMBARA reported the discovery of four genes as a result of the genetic screenings performed by them in the Harvard professor’s lab, that, between February 1999 and August 1999, at least seven additional genes had been derived from preliminary genetic screenings performed by ZHU and KIMBARA.
ZHU accepted the position with the University of Texas, both to run his own lab and to teach.
ZHU and KIMBARA announced they were resigning their positions at Harvard and relocating to other research positions.
www.usdoj.gov /criminal/cybercrime/zhuCharges.htm   (1228 words)

 Pearl River (China) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Zhu Jiang, (珠江 Pinyin: Zhū Jiāng), or Pearl River, is China's third longest river (2,200 km, after the Yangtze River and the Yellow River), and second largest by volume (after the Yangtze).
The Pearl is also known as Yue Jiang (粵江 "Guangdong River").
It is formed by convergence of the Xi Jiang ("the West River"), the Bei Jiang ("the North River"), and the Dong Jiang ("the East River").
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pearl_River_(China)   (241 words)

 China's Zhu Vows to Tackle Poverty, Eradicate Graft - Global Policy Forum - Nations and States   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Zhu, in a speech to parliament, highlighted the biggest threats to the Communist Party's grip on power as China braces for its first full year in the World Trade Organization in the run-up to a sensitive leadership change.
Zhu, Jiang and NPC chief Li Peng are expected to step down from their Communist Party posts at a five-yearly congress later this year and leave their government jobs at the NPC in 2003.
Zhu said the key to growth in 2002 was boosting domestic demand by raising the incomes of rural and urban poor.
www.globalpolicy.org /nations/corrupt/2002/0305zhu.htm   (1026 words)

 Online NewsHour: Chinese Premier Zhu -- April 9, 1999
Jiang Zemin, has repeatedly stated the Chinese position, namely that we object to taking military action in the former Yugoslavia because this is interference in their internal affairs.
PREMIER ZHU: First of all, it would be wrong, or at least inaccurate, to refer to the government of China as the Communist government, because we are not looking at this issue from an ideological viewpoint.
PREMIER ZHU: Well, as to the type of relationship that China and the United States seek to build between them, I think that this was made very clear in the exchange of visits between President Jiang Zemin and President Clinton, namely a relationship which is a constructive strategic partnership.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/asia/jan-june99/zhu_4-9.html   (2817 words)

 Zhu Jiang - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Zhu Jiang, river in China, flowing southeast from Guangzhou to the South China Sea.
The upper Zhu Jiang extends from the northern part of Guangzhou...
Jiangmen, city in southeastern China, in Guangdong Province, located on the south bank of the Xi Jiang in the Zhu Jiang (Pearl River) delta....
ca.encarta.msn.com /Zhu_Jiang.html   (92 words)

 Lei Zhu's homepage - Publications
Zhu, L.*; Huang, P.; Chen, W. Y.; Cheng, S. D.; Ge, Q.; Quirk, R. P.; Senador, T.; Shaw, M. T.; Thomas, E. L.; Lotz, B.; Hsiao, B. S.; Yeh, F.; Liu, L. Plastic deformation’ mechanism and phase transformation in a shear-induced metastable hexagonally perforated layer phase of a polystyrene-b-poly(ethylene oxide) diblock copolymer.
Zhao, B.*; Zhu, L.* Nanoscale phase separation in mixed poly(t-butyl acrylate)/polystyrene brushes on silica nanoparticles under equilibrium melt conditions.
Cui, L.; Zhu, L.* Lamellar to inverted hexagonal mesophase transition in DNA complexes with calamitic, discotic, and cubic cationic lipids.
www.ims.uconn.edu /~lzhu/publication/publication.htm   (1580 words)

 RunRyder Model killed woman in china   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Zhu Jiang tells reporter, he except meeting "driving" mockup, but also meets own to make this kind of mockup, sells for the person which likes the mockup, he plays the mockup divides two kinds, one kind is "the airship", another kind is this kind of remote control which yesterday had an accident "the airplane".
Zhu Jiang is the mockup amateur which the corn field village became famous, therefore usually always has the villagers to watch him to his family to make "the airplane", sometimes also has the villagers to follow him to arrive wildly 外放 "the airplane" together, everybody same to you with is together happy.
Zhu Jiang tells reporter, he passes was only thinking put "the airplane" nearby village this field to be convenient, neglects around the village all possibly to have the situation as necessary which the villagers appeared, later he certainly will not put "the airplane" nearby the village.
www.runryder.com /helicopter/t250615p1/?highlight=woman   (3860 words)

 CNN.com - Jiang bids to retain power - August 19, 2002
He said Jiang would offer "impressive inducements" to Zhu and Li, both of whom were until recently expected to retire from the Politburo along with Jiang.
He added while Zhu had said he wanted no post-retirement jobs and Li had indicated his desire for the state presidency, the senior minister's post might appeal to both politicians and their followers.
Indeed, Jiang feared an explicit avowal of his intentions could trigger an avalanche of opposition from Politburo members and party elders bent on preserving the party's tradition of rejuvenation.
edition.cnn.com /2002/WORLD/asiapcf/east/08/18/china.jiang/index.html   (908 words)

Jiang, by contrast, is as reassuring as warm rice porridge on a cold day--comfort food for party elders who are nervous about threats to their power in the face of China's growing diversity and modernization.
With Jiang having already re-established a new consensus about WTO in his own party, by the time the talks opened in Beijing more than a week ago it was no longer a matter of political will on either side, merely a question of hammering out the details.
Jiang's first job was in a confectionery factory in Shanghai, and he rose steadily through the ranks until he was made mayor and then party chief of China's most outward-looking city.
taiwansecurity.org /News/TIME-991129-Son-of-Heaven.htm   (1795 words)

 InBev.com - Media - Press Releases Archives
Zhu Jiang Brewery is preparing for an IPO in 2003.
The Zhu Jiang brewery is the market leader in the Guangdong Province with an approximate 50% market share and its leading brands are Zhu Jiang, Supra and Zhu Jiang Draught beer.
In the past 18 years, many Chinese professionals from the Zhu Jiang brewery have participated in internships with Interbrew in Belgium and benefited from the transfer of technical brewing know-how.
www.inbev.com /press_releases/ZhuJiang.cfm   (476 words)

 HARIAN UMUM SUARA MERDEKA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The controversial notion is at the core of Jiang's attempts to modernize the Communist Party.
There, a series of top leaders including Jiang and Zhu had been expected to step down from their party posts as part of a general handover to a so-called "Fourth Generation" of leaders.
Zhu also used his speech to touch on the issue of Taiwan, warning the island's leaders that any attempts to push for independence would be "doomed to failure.
www.suaramerdeka.com /harian/0210/02/eng2.htm   (480 words)

 CNN.com - Get behind Jiang, party cadres told - August 20, 2002
The analysts said Wei's giving of top billing to Jiang's teachings could be an indication the president was gaining an upper hand in factional infighting in the run-up to the 16th party Congress slated for early November.
It is understood that Jiang, who wants to preserve his predominant role beyond the 16th congress, is unhappy with criticism against himself and his faction coming from non-mainstream cliques in the party.
Since Zhu, a former protege of Premier Zhu Rongji, had been subject to CCDI and police investigations since 1999, the timing of his trial was seen as indicative of the rivalry between Jiang and Zhu.
archives.cnn.com /2002/WORLD/asiapcf/east/08/20/china.wei/index.html   (370 words)

 Buy Ming Jiang Zhu Violins & Violas at Fiddleheads.ca: Fair Prices, Ethical Shop
Zhu is not selling the actual instruments which won the VSA Medals.
Zhu has since won an impressive sixteen awards over the past 20 years, on the way winning an enviable reputation internationally which earned him an interview with Time Magazine in 1996.
Zhu's workshop violins are comparable to instruments by other award-winning makers in the same Gold Medal class which are quite easily three or four times the price.
www.fiddleheads.ca /shop/zhu_violins.htm   (1176 words)

 Washingtonpost.com: China Special Report
Overall, however, Zhu said his goal in making the trip, scheduled to begin April 8, is to "resume the good momentum" in U.S.-China relations.
Zhu echoed a line common in China today -- that the problems between Washington and Beijing are caused by an "internal struggle" in the United States and that a small group of Americans are plotting to ruin U.S.-China ties.
Today, Zhu was frank in his opinion that the time had come for China and the United States to agree on terms of China's entry into the World Trade Organization -- apparently the only possible area of breakthrough between the countries.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/inatl/longterm/china/stories/zhu031699.htm   (1000 words)

 NBR Report
Zhu wanted to concentrate his attention on reforming domestic industry, particularly the state-owned enterprises (SOEs), and felt that external pressure would be too much to bear.
Zhu’s claim that he did not want to come to the United States but was asked to come by Jiang was similar to what Zhao Ziyang had done in 1989 when he said Deng Xiaoping was the man in charge—namely deflect blame onto Jiang.
Jiang has spent the last two years trying to solidify China’s relations with the major powers of the world, and this agreement will allow him to say—correctly—that China has now been recognized as one of the great powers.
web.nps.navy.mil /~relooney/3040_1096.htm   (6160 words)

Zhu, the third-ranking official in China, risked his reputation during an April visit to the United States by abruptly conceding almost all of Washington's demands for quick and substantial cuts in tariffs on everything from telecommunications to agricultural products.
Zhu paid the price when he was branded a traitor by party hard-liners for his WTO concessions.
On the one hand, Jiang and Zhu must legitimize themselves in the eyes of the communist hard-liners — like Jiang's influential second-in-command, Li Peng — and their party must do the same in the eyes of the Chinese people.
taiwansecurity.org /News/Newsweek-A-Goose-Step.htm   (1394 words)

 China News: Asia Times Online is a quality Internet-only publication that reports and examines geopolitical, political, ...
Jiang, concerned that social instability would require a solid central military structure, feared the possible fragmentation of the PLA as regional leaders maintained and protected their own business empires, rather than the interests of China.
Zhu and Jiang disagreed on the divestiture of businesses by the PLA over concerns that the central government would not be able to absorb the costs incurred by the military [ http://www.stratfor.com/SERVICES/GIU/090399.ASP ].
Jiang's moves against Zhu may be an attempt to appease the military, perhaps as part of a deal to maintain power while keeping the military in its barracks.
www.atimes.com /china/AI22Ad01.html   (1076 words)

 Sentences of two to three years in brothel, escort operation
Zhu then paid to be smuggled back into the U.S. where, with the help of Kang, he set up an escort service by placing ads in The Stranger and Seattle Weekly.
During their 21-month investigation, investigators followed Zhu and Kang as they picked up and dropped off women at the Sea-Tac airport and local hotels, documented Jiang's work as a secretary and manager of a brothel, put GPS tracking devices on vehicles and paid a former customer of Kang's more than $30,000 for information.
Zhu and Jiang will most likely not be reunited with their 2-½-year-old son until they are back in China, said defense lawyer Paula Deutsch.
seattlepi.nwsource.com /local/304908_brothel23ww.html?source=rss   (725 words)

 ASIANOW - Asiaweek
Zhu's boffo speech and press conference last March, in which he accepted the central government's top post, is out on videocassette and videodisk.
Zhu's grassroots popularity is a blessing for the party's propagandists, who are now trying to highlight a compassionate side of the man nicknamed "Iron Face." In one recent broadcast, Zhu is seen chatting with a laid-off worker who has opened a food stall at a Beijing factory.
If Zhu sometimes seems uncomfortable in the spotlight, it is partly because he must be careful not to upstage his boss, Jiang.
www-cgi.cnn.com /ASIANOW/asiaweek/98/0626/cs_2_zhu.html   (1043 words)

 The Telegraph - Calcutta : International
Zhu, Jiang, parliament chief Li Peng and other senior leaders are expected to relinquish their party posts at the 16th Party Congress scheduled to begin on November 8 to make way for a younger administration.
Seated at the head table with Jiang, Zhu, Li and the other older leaders were several of the figures expected to take over from them, including Vice-President Hu Jintao and Vice-Premiers Wen Jiabao and Wu Bangguo.
Zhu highlighted Jiang’s headline political theory, the “Three Represents”, which aims to modernise the party by formally allowing private entrepreneurs in for the first time and is expected to be enshrined in the party charter at the Congress.
www.telegraphindia.com /1021001/asp/foreign/story_1251173.asp   (302 words)

 phorum - Chinese Culture Forum at Asiawind - Chinese idiomatic story (12)
Angered by the action of Jiang Zhu Er, the Zhou Court threatened to teach the State of Qi a lesson by military force.
Coinicently, Jiang Zhu Er was eating his favourite melon dessert when the messenger from General Lian arrived and handed him the message.
Jiang Zhu Er was killed by the troops of General Lian.
www.asiawind.com /forums/read.php?f=2&i=764&t=760&v=t   (751 words)

 Brothel leaders sentenced
Kesheng Zhu, 38, Rujing Jiang, 36, and Yong Jun Kang, 36, who are all Chinese citizens and in the U.S. illegally, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transport individuals for prostitution and conspiracy to launder money.
Zhu, Jiang and Kang weren't charged with a crime then, but Zhu was deported to China.
Zhu and Jiang will most likely not be reunited with their 2 1/2-year-old son until they are back in China, said defense lawyer Paula Deutsch.
seattlepi.nwsource.com /local/305006_brothel24.html   (697 words)

 BW Online | July 30, 2001 | For China's Economic Reformers, the 2008 Olympics Are Gold
Jiang and Zhu will have their first big opportunity to exploit Beijing's Olympic victory during August's Beidaihe policy confab, an annual event at a seaside resort where top Communist Party leaders make key decisions for the year ahead.
Jiang and Zhu are now likely to hold sway in a battle expected to erupt over their controversial proposals to modernize the Party.
For Jiang and Zhu, the Olympic win is sweet justification for their advocacy of a strengthened relationship with the U.S. The Bush Administration's decision not to oppose Beijing's Olympic bid eased strains that had developed in the wake of the U.S. spy plane incident in April.
www.businessweek.com /magazine/content/01_31/c3743078.htm   (956 words)

 Asia Sentinel - Hu’s Hit List Grows   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Nine years on, Zhu and Jiang have retired and Jia, 66, ranks fourth on the nine-member standing committee of the party’s ruling Politburo.
The news item, without context and inexplicable to most viewers, was aimed at the small number of people in the Party nomenclature who knew of Jia’s showdown with Zhu and believed that he may have divorced her to save his job.
Jiang summoned Jia to Beijing to serve as its party chief after he dismissed and arrested the incumbent, Chen Xitong, and needed a loyal confidant to control the city.
asiasentinel.com /index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=311&Itemid=31   (1125 words)

 Outlaws of the Marsh: A Somewhat Less Than Critical Commentary
The chieftains of the bandits of Mount Shaohua are Zhu Wu “the Miraculous Strategist”, Chen Da the “Gorge-Leaping Tiger”, and Yang Chun the “White-Spotted Snake”.
Zhu Family Village is headed by Lord Zhu and three sons: “Dragon”, “Tiger”, and “Tiger Cub” and an Arms Instructor, Luan Tingyu “Iron Staff”.
Zhu Tong is arrested and sent to Cangzhou, where the Prefect recognizes his merit and has him work as his attendant.
clausius.engr.utk.edu /planetc/books/outlaws/text/outline.html   (13669 words)

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