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Topic: Zoning

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  Zoning, CDFS-1265-99
It is the township trustees (or county commissioners in the case of county zoning) who initiate the zoning process in an unincorporated area by adopting a resolution declaring their intention to proceed with zoning (zoning legislation in townships is called a resolution, and in municipalities it is called an ordinance).
The zoning inspector is responsible for the day-to-day administration and enforcement of the zoning regulations.
He/she is appointed by the township trustees, county commissioners (in the case of county zoning), or the municipal legislative or administrative body.
ohioline.osu.edu /cd-fact/1265.html   (1944 words)

 City of Austin - Zonginfo1
Zoning districts are established to promote compatible patterns of land use within the city limits.
As part of the zoning process, appropriate land uses for an area are identified based on such factors as the intensity, density, height of a proposed project, surrounding land uses, traffic impacts and access to a site, environmental concerns and overall compatibility.
Zoning changes may be required for a change of land use or alteration of a building or site within the city limits.
www.ci.austin.tx.us /development/zonginfo1.htm   (2645 words)

 Zoning - Boston Redevelopment Authority
Zoning maps for the City of Boston may be obtained at the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s Planning and Zoning Department during regular business hours.
The Boston Zoning Code requires that the Boston Redevelopment Authority review, through a public process, the design of real estate developments and their effect of the surrounding community and the City as a whole, and requires appropriate conditions for approval of such projects.
The Zoning Board of Appeal hears appeals for varying the application of the Zoning Code and determines when it is appropriate to grant deviations from Code restrictions.
www.cityofboston.gov /bra/zoning/zoning.asp   (1288 words)

 Zoning Department
Zoning of property must be verified along with verification that proposed use is allowed in zoning district.
Preparation of a Landscape Ordinance for the zoned portions of Horry County.
The zoning department does not enforce deed restrictions that are placed on properties by the developer or owner.
www.horrycounty.org /depts/econdev/zoning.html   (955 words)

 Zoning Ordinance - Cambridge Massachusetts
The Cambridge Zoning Ordinance is supplemented by several sets of area specific guidelines and design guidelines used to implement various parts of the zoning code.
The Zoning Ordinance describes when a variance or special permit is required and whether the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) or the Planning Board is the granting authority.
Zoning maps may also be purchased at the Community Development Department offices, located at 344 Broadway.
www.cambridgema.gov /cdd/cp/zng/zord/index.html   (1315 words)

 Pahrump Regional Planning District Comprehensive Rezoning - Home
Zoning, which was either Open Use or Highway Frontage, was not consistent with the Master Plan.
In order to implement the Master Plan Update, rezoning of properties within the Pahrump Regional Planning District was necessary.  Rezoning allows Nye County to address Pahrump's development pressure in a proactive manner so that future growth reflects the goals of the Master Plan and the residents of the community.
The Comprehensive Rezoning Project utilized zoning districts established by the Pahrump Regional Planning Commission.  Additionally, several other zones were developed, including a Town Center Zone, several new zones to implement specific areas of Mixed Use designated properties, a Commercial-Manufacturing (C-M) zone, a Community Facilities (CF) zone, and an Open Space, Parks, and Recreation (OS) zone.
www.pahrumpzoning.com   (342 words)

My Neighborhood: Zoning uses the same data contained in the County's GIS databases and was designed to provide citizens access to similar information used by County agencies.
My Neighborhood: Zoning will allow you to become familiar with the zoning and land use in your neighborhood.
For zoning certification and the official, legally established zoning designation for a private property, please contact the Departments of Permits and Development Management.
www.co.ba.md.us /Agencies/myneighborhood/zoning.html   (238 words)

  Zoning - New York City Department of City Planning
Zoning determines the size and use of buildings, where they are located and, in large measure, the densities of the city’s diverse neighborhoods.
The text establishes zoning districts and sets forth regulations governing their land use and development.
Open space is the part of a residential zoning lot (which may include courts or yards) that is open and unobstructed from its lowest level to the sky, except for specific permitted obstructions, and accessible to and usable by all persons occupying dwelling units on the zoning lot.
www.nyc.gov /html/dcp/html/subcats/zoning.shtml   (772 words)

As it was first prescribed, zoning was envisioned as a tool primarily to protect the health and safety of residents of single-family homes.
The product of this reassessment, the 1957 zoning ordinance, marked a critical moment in city planning history and became nationally known for its emphasis on floor-area ratios, industrial performance standards, and other “scientific” measures to assess the desirability of developments.
In more than 90 percent of municipalities in Cook, DuPage, and Lake counties, zoning is established in accordance with a comprehensive plan, which outlines a municipality's goals and concerns for the quality of life.
www.encyclopedia.chicagohistory.org /pages/1401.html   (827 words)

 Zoning   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Zoning is commonly controlled by local governments such as counties or municipalities.
The zoning ordinance of Euclid, Ohio was challenged in court by a local land owner on the basis that restricting use of property violated the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
Zoning has long been criticized as a tool of racial and socio-economic exclusion and segregation, primarily through minimum lot-size requirements and land-use segregation (sometimes referred to as "environmental racism").
www.searchdoppler.com /zoning.htm   (2542 words)

  Modernization of Zoning: A Means to Reform
German zoning had its roots in the desire of residents of an increasingly crowded country to conserve unspoiled land and to protect residences against noxious industrial and commercial uses.
For example, when a government zones a parcel of property in such a way that all uses are barred, and as a result the property loses most or all of its value, the government is engaging in a taking of property.
Zoning statutes should permit home offices and telecommuting in residential zones, which are growing rapidly with the telecommunications revolution.
www.cato.org /pubs/regulation/reg19n2f.html   (3681 words)

 BrainDex the knowledge source - Free Online Encyclopedia - Zoning   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Zoning is a system of land use regulation which designates the permitted uses of land based on mapped zones, which separate one part of the community from another.
Zone 4 is an area that only requires input occasionally, maybe it is a 'wild patch' which you harvest for mulch, or a quiet space at the back of your garden where 'wild' berries are harvested.
Zone 5 is commonly regarded as 'wilderness' where neither input or yield is sought, it is left entirely to nature.
www.braindex.com /encyclopedia/index.php/Zoning   (1475 words)

 Zoning - Voyager, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Zoning is commonly controlled by local governments such as counties or municipalities.
In addition, if undeveloped land is zoned to allow development, that land becomes relatively expensive, causing developers to seek land that is not zoned for development, and then seek rezoning of that land themselves.
However, a single-family home and car are major parts of the "American Dream" for nuclear families, and zoning laws often reflect this: in some cities, houses that do not have an attached garage are deemed "blighted" and are subject to redevelopment.
voyager.in /Zoning   (1773 words)

 Co Zoning   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Zoning is the classification of land into districts for the purpose of regulating the use of land; placement, size of buildings, and activities associated with property.
Zoning is the primary means of ensuring that nearby lands are compatible, and the public health, safety and welfare are protected.
Zoning is used by communities to ensure that land uses are properly situated in relation to one another.
www.pottcounty.org /Zoning/co_zoning.htm   (1012 words)

 Blair Belton's DeKalb Zoning Site
The County Planning Department now posts agendas for current and past rezoning applications, special land use permits, and zoning appeals.
For more information on zoning in DeKalb County call the DeKalb Planning Department at 404-371-2155.
There are two development overlay districts proposed for the current zoning cycle, one for the Brookhaven MARTA area and one for Emory Village.
www.dekalbzoning.com   (879 words)

 Welcome to Arzel Zoning Technology, Inc.
Whether it’s being added to a home or building’s existing equipment, or if it’s a part of an HVAC system in a new structure, Arzel
has the ideal zoning system for contractors looking to take their sales to new heights.
With over 15 years of zoning experience, we are the ones to turn to when your customers complain about a bedroom that’s too hot or a basement that’s too cold.
www.arzelzoning.com   (142 words)

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