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Topic: Aloe vera

In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Aloe Vera Studies Organization: Nutrition, Health, FREE ALOE SAMPLES
Aloe Lips: A rich formula of 100% stabilized Aloe Vera, jojoba, protectants and luxurious moisturizers for the lips.
The good news is that with 100% stabilized, fresh, potent aloe vera drinks recommended here, just two to four ounces, twice a day is sufficient for the daily vitamins, enzymes and minerals your body needs.
Many people drink aloe vera as well as use it on their skin, gums, hair and scalp, for a number of reasons.
www.aloe-vera.org   (604 words)

  Herbs - Aloe Vera
Aloes may have purgative affects; it is a common, but unsubstantiated belief that overdoses of strong purgatives will cause abortions as they tend to cause everything in the body to be expelled.
Aloe vera, due to its cathartic activity, may potentiate anticoagulant therapy by reducing absorption of Vitamin K from the gut.
Laxative induced diarrhea caused by aloe vera may result in the decreased absorption of isoniazid; the same is true of sulfisoxazole, however this appears to be a clinically unimportant interaction effect.
www.springboard4health.com /notebook/herbs_aloe_vera.html   (893 words)

  Aloe Vera
Aloe (aloe vera) gel or mucilage is a thin, clear, jellylike material obtained from the so-called parenchymal tissue making up the inner portion of aloe leaves.
Aloe gel (mucilage) is used both externally and internally for its wound-healing properties and as a general tonic or cure-all.
Aloe gel (often incorrectly designated "juice") is described in the popular literature as a cleanser, anesthetic, antiseptic, antipyretic, antipruritic, nutrient, moisturizer, and vasodilator and is also said to possess anti-inflammatory properties and to promote cell proliferation.
www.herbs2000.com /herbs/herbs_aloe_vera.htm   (2110 words)

 Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera: Use Aloe in the pure gel; or as a liniment for sore muscles; or as a soothing and moisturizing cream that doubles as a first aid cream for minor skin problems which is also ideal for use under make-up.
Aloe is one of the oldest healing plants known to mankind.
With the impressive elements found in Aloe that work in synergy with one another, it's no wonder that Aloe Vera is so effective in the nutritional assistance and supplementation of the human metabolism.
pages.prodigy.net /naturedoctor/aloe.html   (1257 words)

 Aloe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aloe flowers are tubular, frequently yellow, orange or red and are borne on densely clustered, simple or branched leafless stems.
Many species of Aloe are seemingly stemless, with the rosette growing directly at ground level; other varieties may have a branched or un-branched stem from which the fleshy leaves spring.
Aloes is the expressed juice of the leaves of the plant.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Aloe   (850 words)

 Aloe vera
Aloe vera contains naturally occurring antioxidants in the form of vitamins B complex, C and E, plus beta-carotene which is converted by the body into vitamin A.
Aloe vera juice can be produced from either liquid or powdered Aloe, but it is only recommended and advisable to buy juice made from the liquid extract.
Aloe vera gel is primarily used externally for skin conditions such as acne, sunburn, psoriasis, cuts, bruises and stings.
www.natural-woman.com /aloevera.htm   (1325 words)

 Aloe Vera Leaf Herbal Supplement from Herbal Extracts Plus
Aloe Vera is a natural source of beta-carotene, minerals, amino acids and the important antioxidant vitamins (A, C, E and B1, B2 and B3).
Aloe Vera is a powerful laxative and known to be one of the finest body cleansers, removing morbid matter from the stomach, liver, kidneys, spleen and bladder and is considered to be the finest colon cleanser known.
Aloe Vera is an astringent and emollient; it is antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial.
www.herbalextractsplus.com /aloe-vera-leaf.cfm   (975 words)

 Aloe (Aloe vera)
The use of aloe on surgical wounds has been reported to slow healing and, in one case, to cause redness and burning after aloe juice was applied to the face after a skin-peeling procedure (dermabrasion).
Aloe vera dermal wound gel is associated with a delay in wound healing.
Aloe vera extract 0.5% in hydrophilic cream versus aloe vera gel for the measurement of genital herpes in males: a placebo-controlled, double-blind, comparative study.
allnutritionals.com /natural-products/aloe-aloe-vera.shtml   (2424 words)

 Aloe (Aloe vera) - MayoClinic.com
The use of aloe on surgical wounds has been reported to slow healing and, in one case, to cause redness and burning after aloe juice was applied to the face after a skin-peeling procedure (dermabrasion).
Although topical (skin) use of aloe is unlikely to be harmful during pregnancy or breastfeeding, oral (by mouth) use is not recommended due to theoretical stimulation of uterine contractions.
Aloe vera extract 0.5% in hydrophilic cream versus aloe vera gel for the measurement of genital herpes in males.
www.mayoclinic.com /health/aloe-vera/NS_patient-Aloe   (2221 words)

 Aloe vera L.
Aloe vera gel did not significantly reduce radiation-induced skin side effects of breast cancer patients where as aqueous cream was useful in reducing dry desquamation and pain related to radiation therapy Heggie 2002
[Aloe mannan, a ploysaccharide, from Aloe arborescens var.
A formulation of squalene, vitamin e, and aloe vera was able to prevent the development of chemically induced cancer (95%) and to cause regression of tumors (33.34%) in already formed in a mouse skin model.
www.herbmed.org /Herbs/Herb3.htm   (4737 words)

 Aloe vera
Aloe vera linne or Aloe barbadensis Miller is a succulent from the Aloe family, its origin being in the African continent.
Aloe vera gel is comprised of more than seventy-five compounds, such as polysaccharides, steroids, organic acids, enzymes etc. When the parenchyma of the leaves, which is a mucilaginous material, is removed it is ground and removed of its fibers.
Aloe's anti-inflammatory effects may be due to a bradykinin-degrading glycoprotein (Yagi et al., 1987), and mannose-6-phosphate may have a role in the wound healing process (Davis et al., 1994).
carbon.hampshire.edu /~cjarvis/NS120/projects/aloe_vera.htm   (3758 words)

 Some Notes on Aloe Vera
Aloe vera gel is the leaf pulp or mucilage, a thin clear jelly-like substance obtained from the parenchymal tissue that makes up the inner portion of the leaves [1].
Aloe latex, commonly referred to as "aloe juice," is a bitter yellow exudate from the pericyclic tubules just beneath the outer skin of the leaves.
The anthroquinones and anthrones in the aloe latex probably produce their laxative effect by increasing colonic peristalsis and increasing the intestinal water content by opening chloride channels of the colonic membrane to cause a net reduction of liquid absorption by the colon [4].
www.quackwatch.org /01QuackeryRelatedTopics/DSH/aloe.html   (1063 words)

 Guide to Growing Aloe Plants
Aloe vera is a succulent, and as such, stores a large quantity of water within its leaves and root system.
Aloes have a shallow, spreading root system, so when it is time to repot choose a wide planter, rather than a deep one.
Aloes are propagated by removing the offsets which are produced around the base of mature plants, when they are a couple inches tall (or larger).
www.thegardenhelper.com /aloe~vera.html   (631 words)

Aloe vera's Acemannan, the active ingredient in cold-processed, whole leaf aloe, has been demonstrated in laboratory testing and clinical use to be effective on all levels of this therapeutic program.
Aloe vera has been found to be the most concentrated plant source of these largest known and most profound health supporting polysaccharides - the beta-glucomannans (also known as mucopolysaccharides, Acemannan, and acetylated polymannose).
The aloe works its way to special receptor sites in the digestive tract that ingests the aloe led by the largest polysaccharides and brings it in its whole form into the lymph system where it is then available to move throughout the body and know exactly where to go.
www.hepatitiscfree.com /aloe_vera_book.htm   (4992 words)

 Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is a popular herbal remedy, but only limited research evidence of benefit is available as of June, 2004.
Oral administration of aloe vera might be a useful adjunct for lowering blood glucose in diabetic patients as well as for reducing blood lipid levels in patients with hyperlipidemia.
Gastric Acid Secretion and Mucosal Injury Reduced by Aloe Vera: The effect of varying doses of ethanol extract of Aloe vera (Liliaceae) on acute gastric mucosal lesions induced by 0.6M HCl and acid output was studied in the pylorus ligated and lumen perfuse rats, respectively.
www.modern-psychiatry.com /aloe_vera.htm   (684 words)

 Herbal Descriptions - Aloe Vera - Aloe barbadensis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Aloe Vera is an exceptional healing plant with an extensive history of use covering 18 centuries.
Aloe Vera gel, derived from the "mucilaginous cells" contained inside the leaves, is widely used in a variety of forms such as lotions, moisturizers, cosmetics, and shampoos.
Aloe powder, derived from the tough outer leaf of the plant, is a strong 'cathartic' consumed internally as a cleanser, and often touted as a treatment for a variety of health conditions.
www.viable-herbal.com /herbdesc/1aloever.htm   (642 words)

 Aloe Vera   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Vitamark's Aloe Vera is grown in soils not tainted with herbicides, insecticides and harmful fertilizers.
The result is that the patent pending Time, Temperature and Sanitation (TTS) Aloe Process addresses the importance of the use of time and temperature with sanitary manufacturing procedures to preserve the beneficial properties of the Aloe Vera and in retaining the biological activity of the finished product.
The Active Aloe® is standardized to a specified polysaccharide level, the purity and quality is verified by scientific analysis and it is certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC).
www.vitamarkeurope.com /products/aloevera.asp   (716 words)

 Aloe vera
The Aloes are members of the Lily family (Liliaceae) and, therefore, are relatives of such common plants as tulips, Easter lilies, and asparagus.
vera is a leafy succulent that grows in a rosette fashion on hot, well-drained soils.
vera makes a sturdy, long-lived houseplant as long as it is given plenty of sunlight and is not over-watered.
faculty.ucc.edu /biology-ombrello/POW/Aloe_vera.htm   (492 words)

 Aloe Vera, health supplements, natural gels, juices, skin creams and lotions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Aloe is a genus of plants belonging to the Asphodelaceae family, and is related to onions and asparagus.
Aloe Vera is a succulent plant with thick fleshy leaves, which conceal an inner gel,it has been used for centuries to maintain health and enhance beauty.
The Aloe Vera benefits are some that you may find you need more than you thought, and once you get used to having one in your home, you may not know what you did without it.
www.purealoeveraonline.co.uk /site/1591021/page/45029   (1902 words)

 Aloe Vera
The best source of aloe vera is a freshly cut leaf from an organically grown aloe vera plant.
Aloe powder is a strong purgative and can be effective with constipation.
Davis, RH: Aloe vera, hydrocortisone, and sterol influence on wound tensile strength and anti-inflammation.
www.wellvet.com /aloe.html   (276 words)

Aloe latex is the sticky residue left over after the liquid from cut aloe leaves has evaporated.
Aloe has been historically used for many of the same conditions for which it is used today—particularly constipation and minor cuts and
The constituents of aloe latex responsible for its laxative effects are known as anthraquinone glycosides.
www.evitamins.com /healthnotes.asp?ContentID=2036003   (851 words)

 Aloe vera juice : Aloevera gel : benefits & products
Aloe Vera is a semi-tropical plant which looks more like a cactus and a member of lily family which usually grows in the African continent.
A vast research has been done on aloe vera and proved to be very effective and significant in the treatment of various ailments, skin disorders, hairs, cosmetics and beauty.
Aloe vera plants are the members of lily plants and look more like a cactus and are described as succulents.
www.mauritasaloevera.com   (223 words)

 What is Aloe Vera?
Aloe Vera has Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E. Vitamins cannot be manufactured within the body, and some cannot be stored by the body, so it is necessary for the diet to sustain a continuous supply.
The reason is because Aloe Vera oxidizes within four hours (much as an apple or potato turns brown when exposed to the air for a period of time) from the time the gel is exposed to the air.
It is aimed fairly and squarely at the scientific/medical researcher with an interest in the uses of Aloe Vera in particular, or complementary therapies in general.
www.curezone.com /foods/aloevera.html   (1030 words)

 MedlinePlus Herbs and Supplements: Aloe (Aloe vera)
The use of aloe on surgical wounds has been reported to slow healing and may cause redness and burning after aloe juice was applied to the face after a skin-peeling procedure (dermabrasion).
Due to lowering of potassium levels that may occur when aloe is taken by mouth, the effectiveness of heart medications such as digoxin and digitoxin, and of other medications used for heart rhythm disturbances, may be reduced.
Aloe vera extract 0.5% in hydrophilic cream versus aloe vera gel for the measurement of genital herpes in males.
www.nlm.nih.gov /medlineplus/druginfo/natural/patient-aloe.html   (2164 words)

 Aloe Vera
From 6 to 60, Aloe Vera should be apart of your life and diet for a better tomorrow.
Of the known medicinal Aloes, Aloe Barbadensis Miller has the Greatest medicinal activity and is the only Aloe baring the botanical name Aloe Vera, Vera meaning true in Latin, Thus "True Aloe" or "Aloe Vera".
Aloe Farms' Aloe Vera is organically grown and certified by the
www.aloeverafarms.com /id4.html   (1021 words)

 Aloe Vera - Nature's Miracle
Eastern women value aloe for the "beauty of their skin." Nomadic people would dig up thin valuable aloe plants and carry them live to every new campsite for fear that they might not find them growing in their new location.
Some bottlers of Aloe Vera label their products 98%, 99% and even 100% aloe vera, yet when tested, few, if any, of the active ingredients needed to potentially benefit the body are found.
An Aloe leaf contains more than 200 different constituents, which points to the fact that the leaf should be harvested and processed to assure that the active constituents are present in satisfactory amounts and are not adversely altered by the method of preparation.
www.hsu.com /aloe_vera.htm   (737 words)

 Nature's Sunshine Aloe Vera - Nature's Remedy To Soothe Internal Tissues by Natures Sunshine
Aloe vera is a member of the lily family and is only one of about 300 known species of aloes.
Aloe makes an easy-to-care for house plant and looks similar to the cactus, though it is related to lilies, hyacinths, onions and asparagus.
Although a native of southern Africa, today aloe vera is primarily grown in the West Indies and the American Southwest.
www.theherbsplace.com /aloe.html   (881 words)

 [No title]
Aloevations Aloe Vera Tablets combine the unparalleled synergies of Aloe Vera and the amino acids L-Glutamine, L-Glycine in a convenient tablet form.
As a Dietary Supplement, many individuals will find Aloe Vera to be of interest in maintaining normal healthy stomach lining, digestion, cell growth, and as a general overall tonic.
The ancient Egyptians referred to aloe as the "plant of immortality" and included it among the funerary gifts buried with the pharaohs.
www.lycos.com /info/aloe-vera.html   (727 words)

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