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  Americas Maps - Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - UT Library Online
Central America and the Caribbean (Reference Map) 2002 (310K) and pdf format (311K)
Central America and the Caribbean (Political) 1997 (434K) and pdf format (421K)
Central America and the Caribbean (Reference Map) 1999 (111K) Larger JPEG Image (460K)
www.lib.utexas.edu /maps/americas.html   (493 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The International Relations Center and the Center for International Policy are pleased to announce that the Americas Program and the Global Good Neighbor Initiative, programs of the New Mexico-based International Relations Center, will become programs of the Center for International Policy based in Washington, DC as of June 1, 2007.
U.S. plans to increase imports of Brazilian ethanol to be forged during Bush's South America visit in March is likely to subordinate the livelihoods of many Brazilians to maintain U.S. consumption.
From Colombia's experience with Palm Oil Biodiesel to Brazil's proposed role in supplying the world with ethanol, Americas Program analysts shed light on the biofuels debate and the effects of a U.S.-Brazil ethanol alliance.
americas.irc-online.org   (1561 words)

  Independent Online Edition > Americas
The echoingly silent campus of Virginia Tech was filled with students and teachers again yesterday, as the university resumed classes for the last two weeks of the academic year under the shadow of the worst mass shooting in American history.
America was united in mourning after its worst-ever school massacre when Cho Seung-Hui shot dead 32 in two incidents two hours apart.
America unites in silent tribute to Virginia Tech victims
news.independent.co.uk /world/americas   (1168 words)

  Americas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Americas are the lands of the Western hemisphere or New World consisting of the continents of North America and South America with their associated islands and regions.
In many parts of the world, America in the singular is commonly used as a colloquial name for the United States of America; however, (the) Americas (plural with s and generally with the definite article) is not and is invariably used to refer to the lands and regions of the Western hemisphere.
Latin America is typically contrasted with Anglo-America where English, a Germanic language, prevails: namely, Canada and the United States (in Northern America) have predominantly British roots and are quite different in terms of linguistical, cultural, and economic situation from other countries in the Americas.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Americas   (2186 words)

 History of the Americas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The history of the Americas is the collective history of North and South America, including Central America and the Caribbean.
It was the later voyage of Christopher Columbus that led to extensive European colonization of the Americas and the marginalization of its inhabitants.
The mass death of the Native Americans from slavery, disease and war led to severe changes in the population and ethnic identity of America's inhabitants.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/History_of_the_Americas   (1380 words)

 British Colonization of The Americas Encyclopedia Article @ WWWebster.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
British colonization of the Americas began under the Kingdom of England in the late 16th century, before reaching its peak after the Acts of Union 1707, which established the Kingdom of Great Britain.
Colonies were established in North, Central and South America and in the Caribbean, and a protectorate was established in Hawaii.
The Kingdom of England established colonies along the east coast of North America, from Newfoundland in the north, to as far as Florida in the south.
www.wwwebster.com /encyclopedia/British_colonization_of_the_Americas   (2066 words)

 Indigenous Peoples of The Americas Encyclopedia Article @ BareHands.com (Bare Hands)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The European colonization of the Americas forever changed the lives and cultures of the indigenous peoples of the continent.
From the 15th to 19th centuries, their populations were ravaged by the privations of displacement, by disease, and in many cases by warfare with European groups and enslavement by them.
In contrast to what was the general rule in the rest of North America, the history of the colony of New Spain was one of racial intermingling (mestizaje).
www.barehands.com /encyclopedia/Indigenous_peoples_of_the_Americas   (2014 words)

 Americas - Amnesty International
A UN report on the state of the world’s cities stated that Latin America had the highest risk of all types of sexual victimization, with approximately 70 per cent of reported incidents described as rapes, attempted rapes or indecent assaults.
Human rights activists across the Americas campaigned vigorously to hold governments and armed groups to their obligations to respect international and domestic human rights standards.
The difficulties and dangers faced by activists in the Americas ranged from intimidation and restrictions on travel, to unfounded accusations of “terrorist” links or other violent activities, arbitrary detention, false criminal charges, and even death.
web.amnesty.org /report2005/2am-index-eng   (2346 words)

 MiamiHerald.com - Americas
Guatemala, a major source of foreign adoptions for U.S. parents but also the target of criticism for abuses, is under pressure to comply with rules that could slow the process.
This is the second installment in a series on the myriad problems facing children in Latin America and the Caribbean.
The illegal battery smelter so contaminated children here that some of them have been found with what are supposed to be fatal levels of lead in their blood.
www.miamiherald.com /news/world/americas   (252 words)

 IRC Americas Program | Trinational Elites Map North American Future in "NAFTA Plus"
During the 70s, after the discovery of abundant oil reserves, the Mexican government assured the population that the major task at hand would be “administering abundance.” In the 90s, NAFTA would be the key for crossing the threshold and entering the developed world.
In October 2003, the Center for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC) of the University of Toronto and the Canadian Centre for Alternative Policies held a public forum on “Canada, Free Trade and Deep Integration in North America: Revitalizing Democracy, Defending the Public Good,” at the University of York in Toronto.
The 11-plant figure is given by R. Pastor in a colloquium, “America and the World: Challenges Facing the Next Administration—The United States and the Americas,” held Oct. 13, 2004, by the Council on Foreign Relations.
www.americas.irc-online.org /am/386   (7462 words)

 The Americas Society - Council of the Americas
On September 28, the Americas Society will introduce Maya Textile Art: Collections of the Centro de Textiles del Mundo Maya, a new exhibition highlighting the artistic and creative character of Maya textiles, as well as their technical virtuosity and masterful use of form, pattern, color, and texture.
The Americas Society is currently hosting Reproducing Nations: Types and Costumes in Asia and Latin America, ca.1800-1860, an innovative exhibition that explores the descriptive tradition of Costumbrismo as it developed in South America in the first half of the nineteenth century.
The Americas Society and Council of the Americas is updating and redesigning its website to be launched in June 2006.
www.americas-society.org /as/index.html   (464 words)

The denial of human rights continued to be a daily reality for many people in the Americas, particularly those in the most vulnerable sectors of society such as indigenous communities, women and children.
A summit of Americas' governments held in Argentina in November failed to break the deadlock on long-stalled negotiations to establish a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).
Indigenous activists in Central America championed their community's rights to defend their livelihoods and the right to be consulted on issues that affect their ancestral lands, such as the extraction of natural resources or the construction of dams.
www.amnestyusa.org /annualreport/americas.html   (2683 words)

 Human Rights Watch World Report 2002: Americas: Americas Overview
Chile's indictment of Augusto Pinochet was an important landmark in Latin America's efforts to achieve accountability for past human rights violations, even though the trial of the former military ruler was later terminated on the grounds of poor health.
The strength of the human rights movement in Latin America and the Caribbean was evidenced by, among other things, the multitude of local and regional nongovernmental organizations dedicated to the issue.
The Latin America policies of the Bush administration, in its first year in office, did not differ meaningfully from those of the previous administration.
www.hrw.org /wr2k2/americas.html   (4827 words)

 Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
The CSIS Americas Program combines longstanding regional expertise on the Western Hemisphere with a strengthened focus on key transnational topics: democracy and governance; trade and development, and regional security to help shape policy debate and formulation in the United States and throughout the region.
Activities of the Americas Program bring together key hemispheric actors from government, the private sector, academia and civil society to pursue issues of mutual interest.
The Americas Program draws on the broad expertise of other CSIS scholars and programs to bring value-added to its own projects.
www.csis.org /americas   (287 words)

 GSM > 3G Americas - Your best investment in the Americas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Definitely, this is the most important Americas mobile event of the year and you can’t miss it.”
This year we expect over 600 attendees from across the Americas and the wider global communications community.
GSM Americas offers you the perfect learning and networking platform to help you take advantage of the huge market potential.
www.gsm-3gworldseries.com /americas   (494 words)

 americas / regional pages / home - Transparency International
The fight against corruption in North America has been marked by accounting, financial and political scandals, while corruption in Latin America remains part of serious structural problems that not only adversely affect the region’s economic and democratic development, but also place a direct burden on the population.
In addition to working to promote the respective priorities of each country and subregion, the Americas department is working a number of hemispheric initiatives, such as the Inter-American Convention against Corruption.
Today, the TILAC network is comprised of 15 TI National Chapters and contacts in Latin America and the Caribbean and maintains constructive partnerships with a number of organisations in the region.
www.transparency.org /regional_pages/americas   (395 words)

 Americas Encyclopedia Article @ HillCountryArtists.com (Hill Country Artists)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Americas Encyclopedia Article @ HillCountryArtists.com (Hill Country Artists)
This page contains quite a lot of relevant information about Americas.
The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.
www.hillcountryartists.com /encyclopedia/Americas   (2146 words)

 Americas News Headlines - FT.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Colombia has become a hot spot for oil and gas exploration in Latin America as energy multinationals face increasingly hostile business conditions elsewhere in the region.
Cubans, fearful of the unknown and far more familiar with the ailing leader Fidel Castro than his brother Raúl, do not know what to expect from the stand-in leader.
The head of Bolivia’s state energy company has resigned - the latest in a series of setbacks to President Evo Morales’s plan to nationalise the second largest gas sector in Latin America.
news.ft.com /world/americas   (415 words)

 Americas - International News - New York Times
Twelve lawmakers held hostage by leftist guerrillas for five years sent a message to President Álvaro Uribe urging him to negotiate their release.
Americas: Mexico: 2 Arrested in Texas Drug Case
Americas: Cuba: Dissident Freed; Another Convicted in Secret Trial
www.nytimes.com /pages/world/americas/index.html   (297 words)

 Global Voices Online » Americas
This first Pixelazo  Event kicked off with a series of workshops at Comuna 13, an area of Medellín where civilian warfare took place for many years, and which was considered one of the urban militias.
Egyptian blogger Nora Younis is calling upon her readers to rally against the constitutional amendments in Egypt at a rally in Washington DC, US, on March 26.
Melissa de Leon reminds readers that “in Panama and the rest of Latin America, Holy Week and Lent are among the most important dates on the calendar.” Here’s a great introduction to the importance of Holy Week in Latin America along with some tasty recommendations for what to cook.
www.globalvoicesonline.org /-/world/americas   (3380 words)

 Global Exchange Programs in the Americas
Venezuela is at the center of a new, progressive model of socioeconomic development that is shaping Latin America’s future.
There are few countries where everyday people actually receive the benefits of cooperation with multinationals: a redistribution of oil profit, a guarantee for healthcare written into the constitution, and record-breaking achievements in education.
Learn about dynamic social programs and policies that will rewrite Latin America’s regional role in the global economy.
www.globalexchange.org /countries/americas   (517 words)

 The Americas - US Department of State
You Are In: USINFO > Regions > The Americas
Childcare provider Jacqueline is a refugee from Colombia who was a primary school teacher for many years before she fled the violence in her own country.
The United States is providing $50,000 to the Organization of American States for a newly created special fund to help countries in Central America manage, collect and destroy stockpiles of small arms and light weapons, meaning such items as handguns, automatic weapons and ammunition.
usinfo.state.gov /wh   (578 words)

 American Logic Programming Organization   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
COMPULOG Americas aims to serve as a forum where users, researchers and developers of logic programming (LP) systems and techniques can come together for common good.
COMPULOG Americas is modeled after COMPULOG-Europe from which it draws much of its inspiration, and is a follow-up to Ken Bowen's NALP initiative.
The chief coordinators of COMPULOG Americas are Gopal Gupta (gupta@cs.nmsu.edu) and I.V. Ramakrishnan (ram@cs.sunysb.edu).
www.cs.nmsu.edu /~complog   (155 words)

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