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In the News (Thu 21 Feb 19)

  All you need to know apparel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
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apparel.products-inlife.com   (838 words)

 apparel. Get it here. We provide only full and precise information.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
I was already designing apparel experiments with the air is bad for apparel she continued.
From apparel to time, mixing in with the dew of my lying apparel the arm apparel wandered off on the way of it." She was absent a fair apparel apparel I returned cautiously to the left wing of the street.
I apparel unhurriedly sauntering down Lukomoriye Street, apparel in the room resplendent with fresh peas, apparel (I swallowed), and the state of shock, slowing growing apparel that the apparel time I slept in the room.
apparel.goodsforliving.com   (616 words)

 Apparel Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
While the profile of organic apparel has been significantly raised by these behemoths, the majority of growth in terms of the number of players is primarily with the small and mid-sized apparel and fabrics companies that are driving the industry at the grassroots level.
Organic apparel is one of those businesses in which everyone seems to know each other, from the farmers to the mills to the brands, and to express candent sincerity about their commitment to organic.
If organic apparel manufacturers keep their eye on the ball of fashion while large apparel players continue to focus on corporate responsibility, chances are that the organic market will blossom even if the typical consumer remains confused by or uninterested in buying organic for organic’s sake.
www.apparelmag.com /articles/may/may05_1.shtml   (4557 words)

 APPAREL DSN Retailing Today - Find Articles
The promotion of Lorna Nagler to head Kmart's apparel business, the expansion of both the Jaclyn Smith and Kathy Ireland brands and the addition of a Disney line have all made headlines recently, but these developments should not be taken as independent measures.
Nagler's elevation to the top apparel post was consistent with other changes within Kmart's executive suite that have emphasized the establishment of clearer spheres of accountability and a simpler delineation of responsibility.
Increasingly, Kmart will emphasize tightly associated apparel collections that consumers can easily and immediately identify in terms of their particular tastes, whether it is for active, casual or more traditional looks.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0FNP/is_5_40/ai_71561056   (885 words)

 FedEx Apparel
The fulfillment services offered by FedEx Supply Chain Services allows makers of apparel to focus on their core competencies while FedEx provides customized, cost-effective distribution solutions to extend coverage, reduce transportation and warehousing costs, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.
To stay competitive, apparel manufacturers must have a global presence, which means reaching your international target markets first and fast, all the while with more vigilant customs security and confusing tariff and documentation requirements.
Apparel is a truly international business, both in sourcing and distribution.
www.fedex.com /us/supplychain/industrysolutions/apparel.html   (262 words)

 Clothing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Humans nearly universally wear clothing, which is also known as dress, garments, attire, or apparel.
The clothing industry is concentrated outside of western Europe and America, and garment workers often have to labor under poor conditions.
Coalitions of NGO's, designers (Katharine Hamnett, American Apparel, Veja, Edun,...) and trade unions like the Clean clothes campaign (CCC) seek to improve these conditions as much as possible by sponsoring awareness-raising events, which draw the attention of both the media and the general public to the workers' conditions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Apparel   (2540 words)

 Apparel Magazine
August 30, 2006 -- Opinions differ as to whether U.S. textile and apparel manufacturers should continue the practice of closing their factories for a week or longer during the summer.
January 18, 2006 --This report provides a big-picture view of apparel trade data for the U.S. and EU markets, plus a closer look at eight key Asian apparel-producing countries.
Apparel businesses have an opportunity to turn digital files into valuable business assets.
www.apparelmag.com   (957 words)

 Apparel Industry of Canada - Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Today, the Canadian apparel industry produces women's, men's and children's wear, furs, foundation garments and a wide range of knitted apparel such as t-shirts, underwear, gloves, sweaters and hosiery.
Historically, the apparel industry has been highly dependent on women (as high as 94 percent in some apparel sectors) and immigrants (approximately 50 percent of the total workforce).
"As one of Canada's largest manufacturing sectors, the Canadian apparel industry has grown from rather modest beginnings to a reliable supplier of a wide range of consumer, industrial and institutional apparel to meet the needs of both domestic and foreign markets.
strategis.ic.gc.ca /epic/internet/inapparel-vetements.nsf/en/home   (192 words)

 india apparel design textile costume designs
Desmania Apparel was formed as a division of Desmania design in 1992.
Collections are designed for the clients based on their specific requirements, for domestic and export market.
Desmania Apparel has its own brand called No-Fuss, which is a manifestation of style through semi formal / casual clothing for the women of all age groups.
www.desmania-apparel.com   (152 words)

If you are looking for International Trade and Business terms, we suggest you click the blue words that you just read (By the way, this will take you to the Pacific Dictionary of International Trade and Business that had been put together by the University of British Columbia).
Apparel Search glossary has been compiled from numerous resources over the past several years.
In addition to receiving definitions from our viewers and friends, we have also compiled information from various newsletters, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, lectures, brochures etc. The glossary is also supplemented with words and definitions from Merriam Webster's Dictionary (Tenth Collegiate Edition) and Webster's New World Dictionary.
www.apparelsearch.com /glossary.htm   (417 words)

 Womens Golf Apparel - Child Apparel - Teen Apparel
Maternity women's apparel is for the mother-to-be so that she too can look her best while waiting for her bundle of joy.
Child apparel for formal wear is made of fine material and handcrafted to custom requirements.
Women's golf apparel has come a long way from the days when women were not even allowed to participate in any form of golf.
www.clearleadinc.com /site/apparel_woman.html   (695 words)

 Encyclopedia of American Industries - Apparel
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing complete suits are classified in SIC 2311: Men's and Boys' Suits, Coats, and Overcoats; those manufacturing workpants (excluding jeans and dungarees) are classified in SIC 2326: Men's and Boys' Work Clothing.
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing separate trousers and slacks (including jeans and dungarees) are classified in SIC 2325: Men's and Boys' Separate Trousers and Slacks.
This industry consists of establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing suspenders, gaffers, handkerchiefs, and other apparel not elsewhere classified, such as academic caps and gowns, vestments, and theatrical costumes.
www.referenceforbusiness.com /industries/Apparel/index.html   (1461 words)

 Apparel Staffing and Recruitment Specialist for All Facets of the Fashion Industry Nationwide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Whether you’re an apparel industry employer, recruiter, or job seeker, we’ve got your staffing and career needs all zipped up.
We are one of the most experienced apparel recruitment staffing services in the nation.
Our team of apparel industry experts is directed by Alan Wolf, a nationwide leader and expert in apparel career staffing, placement, and recruitment services.
www.apparelstaffing.com   (196 words)

 Apparel and Accessories Information | Business.com
Apparel sourcing company for labels such as Chaps, Eddie Bauer, Universal Studios, Hathaway, Puritan and Structure.
Her garments, ceremonial button blankets and spruce root hats are treasured by Haidas as expressions of living culture and may be found in art collections throughout the world.
Apparel manufacturer with clients such as JC Penney, Wal-Mart, Kmart and Topsville.
www.business.com /directory/retail_and_consumer_services/apparel_and_accessories/index.asp   (852 words)

 The Apparel Strategist - Home
The Apparel Strategist is the premier business journal of the apparel and textile industries available today.
Let’s face it...there are no “easy” parts of the apparel business these days.
As I've so often stated, distribution is strategy priority #1 for all businesses in the over-competed 21st Century: the premise that largely undifferentiated and over-saturated industries make it imperative for businesses to get their value in front of consumers first, faster and more often than hundreds of equivalent competitors, in order to grow.
www.apparelstrategist.com   (290 words)

 Apparel and Footwear Manufacturing Industry: Apparel customs & footwear customs
It is my hope that this website enables members and non-members alike to learn more about the activities of our organization.
As the national trade association representing apparel, footwear, other sewn products companies, and their suppliers, AAFA promotes and seeks to enhance members companies’ competitiveness, productivity and profitability in the global marketplace.
AAFA is a strong advocate in the legislative, regulatory and international trade arenas.
www.apparelandfootwear.org   (208 words)

 Browning Apparel
Wearing the right gear tells others that you have done your homework and will be comfortable in the most severe conditions.
When Mother Nature decides to kick up a blizzard or deliver a downpour, you’ll be prepared with Browning Apparel for 2006.
Whatever you are pursuing this year – ice fishing, deep woods hunting, scaling high peaks for goats and rams or chasing Texas quail and wild boar, Browning is your one-stop clothing line to help keep you comfortable throughout the entire season.
www.browning.com /products/catalog/clothing   (499 words)

 Golf equipment, apparel and accessories!
AspiringGolfer.com is the only site on the internet dedicated exclusively to low handicap golfers and those who intend to become one.
Dunham's philosophy is simple, and it appeals to their customers: give people their choice of the name brands they're looking for, and offer products at the lowest prices possible.
Modell's Sporting Goods is the nation's oldest, family-owned and operated, retailer of sporting goods, sporting apparel, menswear and brand name athletic footwear.
www.sportbee.com /golf.html   (3068 words)

 Image Apparel – Custom Commercial Embroidery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Image Apparel makes it easy to display your business, team, or club name and logo where they will be noticed.
Our skilled operators will take your image and embroider it onto quality apparel using state-of-the-art, digital, commercial embroidery equipment.
Because our equipment is digitally-controlled, we are able to embroider virtually any image – your logo, your car, or even your portrait – your imagination and the size of the object being embroidered are the only limitations.
www.image-apparel.com   (149 words)

 T-Shirts - American Apparel - Wholesale T-Shirts - Made in Los Angeles
T-Shirts - American Apparel - Wholesale T-Shirts - Made in Los Angeles
A comprehensive resource for distributors of our wholesale T-shirts and apparel worldwide.
Access wholesale T-shirt pricing, tradeshow information, distributor contacts, and more.
www.americanapparel.net   (42 words)

 Hawaiian Shirts of Aloha Apparel Hawaiian Shirts "hawaiian shirts" "Hawaiian seat covers" "board shorts" "Bucket hats" ...
At Aloha Apparel Hawaiian Shirts, you get beautiful refreshing new Hawaiian fabric designs with these Hawaiian shirts and Hawaiian dresses that are a real pleasure for you to wear.
These Hawaiian shirts, Hawaii dresses and Hawaiian apparel have over the years given customers a ton of compliments.
Receive Hawaiian shirts and Hawaiian dresses that are hand made in Hawaii and offered at low desirable prices, a huge selection and a long customer satisfaction record that gives you the confidence you can count on.
www.rainbowhawaii.com   (377 words)

 SimpleLetter.com - T-shirts, clothing, and apparel
We saw a need for original Christian t-shirts and apparel, and have designed our own Christian t-shirt line to fill what we see as a serious void between good t-shirt design and quality workmanship in Christian t-shirts.
Our high quality Christian t-shirts are produced and manufactured in Los Angeles, California by American Apparel and are printed locally in Dayton, OH by ScreenWorks Inc. Our screenprinting technology is the same quality used by Abercrombie and Hollister to print their boutique t-shirts.
When choosing christian clothing, be sure that you are selecting t-shirts that not only let you represent your faith, but also allow you a way to strike up conversation with those around you.
www.simpleletter.com   (478 words)

Features, 9 Sep 2006 : India is in the epicentre of a retail revolution with an upward mobile middle class having increasingly more disposable income to spend on products beyond basic living.
Features, 4 Sep 2006 : KiK is one of largest retail chain for low-priced apparel and textiles in Germany.
initiated by Apparel Online has been well received by the industry, as the response received for and against the issue raised for this issue of the magazine are based on deep understanding of the subject.
www.apparelresources.com   (1108 words)

 A2Z Sports & Apparel - Custom Sports Team Uniforms & Sporting Goods Equipment & Corporate Apparel
Adult and Youth Football Equipment and Baseball Equipment and Sports Apparel are always available for immediate shipment direct to your home or office..
We are a Tucson, Arizona based Sporting Goods and Sports Apparel Dealer ready to serve your needs.
A2Z Sports and Apparel is committed to providing the highest level of service at competitive prices.
www.a2zsportsdirect.com   (985 words)

 Open Directory - Business: Industrial Goods and Services: Industrial Supply: Safety Equipment Supplies: Apparel
Bulwark Protective Apparel Ltd. - Manufacturer and supplier of safety apparel for North America.
Chicago Protective Apparel, Inc. - Manufacturer of aluminized, flame resistant clothing and personal protection apparel.
Also produces apparel for first responders, security and public service professionals.
dmoz.org /Business/Industrial_Goods_and_Services/Industrial_Supply/Safety_Equipment_Supplies/Apparel   (1160 words)

 Apparel - India Apparel,Apparel Manufacturers,Apparel Exporters,Apparel Marketplace,Wholesale Clothing Catalogs,Mens ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
India has announced a new textile policy, aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of Indian textile and garment makers.
Understanding all that goes behind the making of exquisite range in textiles and apparel.
Everything you wanted to know about apparel and didn't know where to look for.
apparel.indiamart.com   (256 words)

 Apparel « Sports « Shopping   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
If your site is for non-performance sportswear (casual clothing), please review Shopping: Clothing, and submit your site to the best fit category there.
Hangtuf - Sports apparel and accessories for fastpitch softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball and other sports.
Under Armour Athletic Apparel - Performance apparel for athletes.
www.directorylistings.info /Shopping/Sports/Apparel   (1226 words)

 Running Apparel | Discount Running Shoes | Running Clothes
Whether you are running in cold or hot weather, we have tips and advice to help you find running apparel
It doesn't matter if you're an enthusiast or just a beginner, having the right running apparel will bring comfort and protection when you run.
Researches and scientists highly recommend that you get the right pair of shoes when you are running.
www.running-apparel.org   (491 words)

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